VZSciFi Semi-Fictional Timeline

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This is a semi-fictional timeline that was written as a series of news posts on the original VZSciFi website. They often retell actual events that happened in VZSciFi but with fictional embellishments. The original site and posts will be added in their original form at a later date. The year 3046 seems analogous to the year 2000, so April 25th 3046 actually means April 25th 2000.




Dimensional barrier to Vzones opened by T'Chell Scientists. Teleports sabotaged by Luddite reversionists, trapping thousands of colonists in their orbiting spacecraft. Twenty-first century comics artists Gary Frank and Hunt Emerson appear in Space City and chat briefly with visitors. Rumours of sightings of Steve Conley, the legendary creator of Astounding Space Thrills click here, now syndicated in vidpapers in 450 Human colony systems.


Dropzone barman Victor Sanderson Snr. sacked for dealing in dangerous relics. Stig Redfin drinks 22 pints of Charossian wine in protest.


Comics2000 Tribute Festival ends with comics artist Honj Niggihs disappearing into a Technosian temporal fracture on his way to the toilet. The 'Shop Til You Drop' Pressure Group demands more vendos in the Expressways.


Attempts to simplify teleport immigration procedures result in appearance of Lagrossian Mind Hoppers in the ventshafts of the Harvaxian sub section of Expressway Two. Robo-drones quickly expunge the menace.

Welcome to Space City!

Space City News welcomes newcomers to Orell and our solar system! We hope you enjoy your stay! Don't worry about what the locals think or say to you! Orell and the planets our world is linked to could do with a bit of livening up, and that feeling was born out in an Insta-Poll carried out when the dimensional barrier between your cyberworld and our existence was opened by T-Chell scientists experimenting with ancient Chi'kkren relics.

Space City News knows that you'll bring new perspectives and a healthy boost to our world's economy! And to make you more than welcome, we'll be laying on several events to keep you entertained, organised by our fine Welcome Party Guides and friends!

So what are you waiting for? Activate your LogIns and visit us today, along with several twenty-first century comics artists making their first temporal jump to our world!

This newsfeed was brought to you by Arko Grimfold, sponsored by Comics 2000 – the Orell System's greatest Comics Tribute Event!


Stig Redfin briefly arrested for his protest at Victor Sanderson Snr.'s sacking. Released after payment of 2000T fine for lewd behaviour.


Solar Engineer TonyC2 makes rare appearance outside of Club Connection. Meets the elusive Mr. Templeton, rumoured to be the brains behind many of the more dangerous developments in completing the star system's Dyson Sphere.

Victor Sanderson Fired!

Wednesday 26 April, Space City: Legendary Dropzone barman Victor Sanderson was sacked by his own son in a dramatic incident during last weekend's Comics2000 celebrations! Space City News can report that undercover Space City police operative Cuz discovered Sanderson senior selling rare Chi'kkren artefacts to gullible visitors to Orell's capital city!

Victor Sanderson Jr working at the DropZone bar

The artefacts -- drinks that would have turned the slimmest figure into a burgeoning mass of unappealing fat -- were confiscated by authorities and a devastated Sanderson Jnr. had no option but to dismiss his father from the bar job he has held for nearly 24 years.

"I can only guess he was overawed by our city's new visitors. The place has gotten downright busy, " commented the new 26 year-old bar manager. "It was like he went into culture shock from meeting so many new people, and started to do some crazy things." Sanderson Snr. has reportedly taken a long vacation to Charan on the advice of Archivist T'Chell.

"Give the guy a break!" wailed well-known bar crawler, Stig Redfin. "He was just doing his job, you know? "Sure, he ran things to the wire, but don't we all now and again." Asked by this newspaper if this was Redfin's defence for last year's release of Aquan Seepweed into Expressway One -- still running riot in some parts of the Aquan sub section -- Redfin disappeared into a crowd of VZoners celebrating their first visit to Space City.

This newsfeed was brought to you by Arko Grimfold -- sponsored by Sanderson's Brandy Snaps!


Technos Opening

Access to the Technosian Archaeological dig was finally carried out by Mr. Templeton after Archivist Shiren cried off claiming a Charanian head cold. First to arrive in the famous Black Hole Bar was galactic traveller Essex. "What is this?" she asked when a Technosian Organix tried to bond with her earlobes.

Technos Dig Opening Date Nears

Friday 28 April, Technos: T'Chell archaeologists have been working through the night to open parts of the bio-organic planet Technos to the general public! The famous excavations, closed for many months due to concerns at the number of visitors getting lost on this strange planet, will hopefully be opened sometime today, Friday.


"There are certain issues outstanding," commented Archivist T'Chell, speaking exclusively to Space City News. "We had hoped to be able to open the Chaosium Depths, but the Bio-spiderz persist in creating problems with that. After we lost 12 RoboDrones, and Xenobiologist Ashe disappeared who knows where, we reluctantly closed off that section." However, the locales on offer include a stunning Chi'kkren Relic Room.

This is where visitors can purchase some exciting Chi'kkren relics; the Chi'kkren Trophy Room, where a T'Chell head scan has just appeared in the last few days; and the Black Hole Bar, a great place for a drink and a chance to chill out.

This Technos newsfeed was brought to you by Tania Rann -- sponsored by Gribbits Crisps


Protestors complain that Aquan "Gribbit Ball" is a dangerous sport -- but not for the furry rodents. "Yeah, catch one of those critters the wrong way and it could have your arm off if it was hungry enough," commented Ukrann gribbit star Orgas Deepvelt.


Technos visitors begin to disappear despite warnings about the Chaosium Depths. "You could solve this system's immigration problems overnight with that place," joked city councillor Bill Hague, shortly before a hungry gribbit ate his foot.



Stig Redfin gets the idea to run system wide tours from Technos visitor Playla, then forgets it for five days after stopping in the Dropzone Bar for a few "Aquan Bodyblasters" with TonyC.


Luddite terrorists hack teleporter systems across the sphere, enabling unpermitted entry to Harvax. Ghoax and T’Chell threaten holy war, and not with each other for a change.


Harvax immigration returned to normal as final unlucky tourists are hunted down and eaten by Ghoax warriors. Allegedly.

Luddites Crash System Teleports

Wednesday 3 May, Harvax: The T'Chell Matriarchs have declared holy war on the Luddite terrorists who hacked the system-wide teleport protocols enabling unauthorised access to Harvax yesterday. The illicit opening of the teleport system, allowing access to Harvax for the first time in 30 years to non residents other than military personnel, has sent shockwaves through both Ghoax and T'Chell community on the planet.

Sacred items, rare fauna and flora: nothing seemed safe from the Luddites who invaded the planet. Innocent travellers found themselves at the mercy of angry T'Chell warriors defending their world from unexpected and, for many, unintentional invasion.

"This intrusion is most unfortunate," commented Archivist Shiren of the T'Chell, whose envoy status on the Space City Council means he is one of the more high profile T'Chell off Harvax. "However, I am sure it will not deter the Matriarchs from the official re-opening of the planet. Diplomacy has prevailed -- though severely tested.

"Unfortunate? It's a kragging squee!" screamed an enraged Ghoax when relayed Shiren's comments. "These off-worlders sweep in here without so much as a by your leave and steal everything -- it's no wonder we haven't let them set foot in the place for so many years."

Despite Ghoax protests, many of them involving heavy weapons, the T'Chell fully expect Harvax Immigration to be open by 13 May. "They'll have everything nailed down by then," smirked resident Dropzone barfly Stig Redfin during a voxpops walk through earlier today.

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Stig Redfin set to begin tours of Space City and beyond. "Hey, it’s a living, he commented."


Redfin given a limited permit to run his tours of Space City and beyond by the Tourism Council. Despite his rough manner Redfin is an accomplished tour guide and his weekly excursions are being laid on for new visitors to Orell from Vzones.

Sacred Grove Speeds Harvax Opening

Monday 8 May, Space City: The T'Chell Matriarchs have agreed to open Harvax to visitors after Space City Council agreed to construct a 'Sacred Grove' area in the Expressway subsection between the T'Chell home planet and Orell. "The T'Chell feel this will prepare visitors for their immersion into Harvaxian culture," commented Council member Tania Ash.

"Yeah, and if that doesn't work the Ghoax will bite their legs off," laughed Dyson engineer expert, Mr. Templeton.

There had been concerns that the opening of Harvax to explorers and tourists would be delayed beyond next weekend as a result of Luddite hacking of teleport protocols last week, causing mayhem on Harvax. Several sacred relics remain unaccounted for after explorers accessed the planet in error.

Tour Permit Agreed
Stig Redfin, well-known barfly on both Orell and Technos, has been given a limited permit to run tours of Space City and beyond by the Tourism Council. Despite his rough manner Redfin is an accomplished tour guide and his weekly excursions are being laid on for new visitors to Orell from Vzones.

Silicone Lifeforms Donate Lava Pool
Three intrepid silicone lifeforms from a star system in the Ungaran Sector have donated a working lava pool as a rest stop decoration near Vulka Immigration.

Decked in protective armour to prevent erosion, the Ungaran visitors assured Space City Council the lava pool would become a major tourist attraction.

"We'll see how it goes," commented Councillor Arno Ghelflin. "If the temperature levels in the sub section get too high we may just have to move this gift for the comfort of our humanoid tourists."

This newsfeed was brought to you by Arko Grimfold -- sponsored by Stig Redfin's Space City Tours!


Grigor of the Ukrann arrested for illegal gribbit breeding.


Silicone lifeforms from a star system in the Ungaran Sector donate a working lava pool as a rest stop decoration near Vulka Immigration. Decked in protective armour to prevent erosion, the Ungaran visitors assure Space City Councillors the lava pool would become a major tourist attraction.


The T'Chell Matriarchs agree to open Harvax to visitors after Space City Council agreed to construct a 'Sacred Grove' area in the Expressway subsection between the T'Chell home planet and Orell.


Archie the Android begins his holy quest to help others, to bemusement of many visitors.


Science fiction TV guru Lee Whiteside drops in from the twenty-first century to discuss classic and historical television drama.


Stig Redfin's Space City City Tours begin.

Harvax Immigration Controls Lifted!

Thursday 11 May, Space City: Space City Council confirmed to day that immigration controls to the planet Harvax could be lifted sometime soon, announced Council member Tania Ash. In the run up to the opening diplomatic negotiations conducted via Archivist Shiren nearly foundered after Luddite sabotage resulted in the theft of sacred items from the planet. "We have ways of recovering them," Shiren muttered darkly, believed to be a hint that the T'Chell have access to Chi'kkren technology still undiscovered by Human scientists.

Tours Go Ahead
Thursday 11 May, Space City: Stig Redfin's tours begin today. The well-known barfly on both Orell and Technos, has been given a limited permit to run tours of Space City and beyond by the Tourism Council. Despite his rough manner Redfin is an accomplished tour guide and his weekly excursions are being laid on for new visitors to Orell from Vzones.

Archie the Android

Visitors ponder Archie's Quest
Meet Archie the Android -- a mech life form in serious need of a lube job, you'd think, judging by the way he's been seen apparently begging in the Expressways and Space City. But Archie isn't begging for himself -- he's on a quest to help others! Simply touch him on the shoulder and you'll soon find out which charity the android is asking you to help. In just the past week he has suggested March for Dimes, Breath for Life, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and the Red Cross.

Despite his good intent, Archie's demeanor and trance-like state has bemused many who've come across him. "He would scare me to death if he got up and moved," said one tourist from the Vzones dimension. Said Guide Moon Dancer: "I think he is on another plane."

This newsfeed was brought to you by Arko Grimfold -- sponsored by Stig Redfin's Space City Tours!


Harvax: Military Chiefs Delay Opening


Friday 12 May, Space City: First it was the T'Chell who foundered the opening of Harvax to visitors, now it's the Humans -- the Human Military that is. "The T'Chell may be as friendly as pie, but we still haven't had any assurances that the Ghoax are going to be when we open the gates," snapped Space Commander Mackie.

A veteran of three campaigns against Ghoax uprisings on Harvax in the last two years, Mackie urged Space City Council to hold off the eagerly-anticipated beginning to a new era in relations between Human culture and a deadly alien one. For once, Space City Council listened to their most decorated commander but on condition that the delay be short. Observers predict immigrations controls could now be lifted as early as noon on Tuesday.


Mackie denied there was any other motive behind the continuing delays, refusing to be drawn on allegations by Luddite sympathisers that the military needed more time to seal off areas featuring recently-discovered Chi'kkren technology. Indeed, the Luddites have further claimed that all Ghoax have withdrawn from Chaross, the only city visitors will be permitted access to, in order to defend these ancient secrets, which they see as sacred relics.

Baines disease outbreak: epidemic spreads
Aquan colonists are still being denied any emigration permits from their homeworld as the Baines Disease epidemic has now spread to all five undersea colonies. The disease causes abnormal skin discolouration and an obsessional disorder for thumping repetitive noise, believed to be caused by Aquan krietworms penetrating sufferers inner ear while sleeping.

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Official opening of Immigration to Harvax planned.


Harvax opens on schedule despite Ghoax protests

The T'Chell Debating Arena on Harvax

17 May 3046, Chaross, Harvax: They came, they saw, they bought -- and this time with the blessing of the T'Chell Matriarchs.

Thousands of visitors poured into the city of Chaross yesterday as the dominant race on the planet, the T'Chell, finally lifted immigration controls.

Despite fears of a Ghoax uprising, the presence of a formidable military force under the direction of Space Commander Mackie outside the city appears to have disuaded this violent people to remain in their jungle hideaways. According to Mackie, this is in effect the strongest protest the Ghoax could make against the new arrivals, effectively denying their existence to their kind.

This form of protest rather than anything more unsettling came as some relief to all, particularly Aquan visitors after stories circulated that Ghoax were fond of drinking the undersea reptiles fresh blood. The story was later ascribed to a 'joke' told by Archivist Shiren. "He should get out more," snapped tour guide (and Aquan) Stig Redfin, "That kind of thing just isn't funny."

One puzzle on the first day of this new era in inter-planetary relations was the sudden disappearance of an artefact being sold in the T'Chell Market. According to some visitors this "Lost Stone" suddenly vanished from the stalls, prompting speculation that this was an example of T'Chell majick. However, Space City police are believed to be working with the T'Chell authorities after reports that a well-known smuggler, Grigor of the Ukrann, had been seen trying to sell a consignment of "Lost Stones" on Charan. The Lost Stones could be some form of device enabling access to Chi'kkren technology. More news as we get it!

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Transwarp technology nets first guests!

Human author Steve Conley

Space City, 3 June 3046: T'Chell scientists have perfected adaptations of Chi'kkren 'timetrawl' technology, it was announced today. The technology, discovered in the bowels of Technos, means that Space City residents and visitors will be able to meet some of the greatest science fiction creators of the twenty-first century. The Timetrawl Project's first capture is expected to be comics creator Steve Conley on Thursday 8 June.

Utilising Chi'kkren advanced technology, T'Chell scientists will literally pull Conley, creator of the Astounding Space Thrills comic online strip and subsequent comic book, from his home in the ancient United States and into the Space City conference room. Temporal field technology should enable an appearance of "at least an hour", before energy demands are exceeded and Conley is snapped back to his own time frame. "Hopefully all of him, both ways," muttered temporal engineer Isaac Allison.

The T'Chell are delighted with results of their project so far, claiming to have already brought even twentieth century personalities into our time zone, including Elvis Presley. However, no Human scientist was on hand to witness this earlier experiment, or verify claims by Aquan Stig Redfin to have seen Presley in Expressway One late last week.

Seepweed spreads
Expressway engineers are frantically trying to combat a renewed spread of seepweeed in Expressway One's Aquan sub-section, which is affecting some visitors' enjoyment of their passage to Technos via this longer Expressway to the Orell system's outermost planet. "Every time we get rid of it in one sub-section it just pops up somewhere else," commented Engineer Barcas. "It's like it knows we're coming at it with weedkiller, and hides."

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Astounding Space Thrills! - Temporal visitor to release souvenir badge

Temporal engineer Mr. Templeton wearing the commemorative badge

Space City, Monday 5 June 3046: As excitement builds in Space City over the fast-approaching apperance of comics creator Steve Conley this Thursday (8 June), news has reached us that the event will be marked by the release of a special commemorative badge.

Space City visitors and colonists will be able to buy the badge (pictured here worn by temporal engineer Mr. Templeton) after the special creator event, which sees the trans-temporal appearance of Conley in the Space City Conference Room.

His appearance has been made possible thanks to T'Chell scientists' success with adapting Chi'kkren 'timetrawl' technology.

Second TimeTrawl Experiment Imminent
In a separate announcement, T'Chell scientists have successfully calculated the transference algorithm to bring author Yvonne Navarro to Space City on Thursday 15 June.

The event will coincide with the 1046th anniversary of the release of her work That's Not My Name, the latest in a series of successful original novels from the author in addition to her still popular novelisations of the near-legendary Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series.

Asked why the time trawl technology hasn't yet scooped Buffy from Earth's 21st century, T'Chell scientists said they still doubted the famous vampire slayer was ever a real person.

T'Chell Palace: Opening Imminent
Aware of continued demand from vistors to be able to view the T'Chell Palace on Harvax and purchase its famed ceremonial shields, the T'Chell Matriarchs have said that openings will take place "very soon". "Keep visiting," said Sheera, Matriarch of the Lesser T'Chell.

"What, and put up with more of those bad jokes?" squealed Stig Redfin on hearing this news. His comments are perhaps unfair since Space City tourists have been able to access the Palace as part of his weekly tours, although, as yet, they have not been able to purchase any items.

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Event Success Spurs further guest visits!

A scene from the Steve Conley event

Space City, Tuesday 13 June 3046: T'Chell time trawl scientists are enthused by the successful scooping of comics creator Steve Conley last week. The online strip author delighted crowds of Space City residents with stories of how his comic strip, Astounding Space Thrills, came about and the ensuing discussion on the future of comics. Steve revealed he got a lot of ideas while drinking coffee early in the morning and at one point even produced a coffee machine to prove it!

A transcript of the event has been posted.

This week's event features author Yvonne Navarro, writer of several original novels and licensed works including adaptations of the Species films and Buffy: The Willow Files, released recently.

Guest events are still being planned for the rest of the year: call back for news!

T'Chell Palace Opens
The T'Chell Matriarchs have opened their palace on Harvax, enabling the purchase of some stunning war shields to complement the Ghoax spear already on sale in the T'Chell market on the jungle planet.

Teleport Problems Continue
Temporal engineers are trying to ascertain the cause of recent teleport problems to the system's planets and come up with a more stable solution to continuing access problems. "Luddite damage to the system has caused software glitches across the whole Expressways network," announced Engineer Vorin.

The latest casualties of the ongoing teleport problems were Councillor Mann and Envoy Ash, highly respected members of the Space City administration. The pair were on their way to the Freganian System when a teleport glitch hurled them into oblivion. Engineers are doubtful they can be recovered.

In a separate incident, Engineer Barcas, who had been assigned duties clearing seepweed from the Aquan sub section of the Expressways, has been reported missing after a surprise gribbit migration buried his team for over four hours.

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Googahs Liberated!

Space City, Friday 16 June 3046: Kymerian diplomats successfully negotiated with the T'Chell for the release of their captive Googah late last week.

The Googah, who had been placed in telepath harness and forced to tell terrible jokes to vsiting tourists on Harvax, are now safely on their way back to their native home on Kymer. The Googah were replaced by volunteers from a more mercenary species, who are being paid 500T a month to tell even worse jokes than the traumatised Googah. It is believed that with the increased traffic to the now opened palace, their more impressive stature will better serve to keep order and discipline among the offworld visitors.

Googah Newsfeed Report by: Caretaker Cuz (Ambassador/Hostage Negotiator)

Links: Information on Harvax


Mary Gentle TimeTrawl test goes awry!

Space City, 22 June 3046: T'Chell scientists admitted yesterday that early tests to pull author Mary Gentle from the 21st century, in preparation for next week's event, had mis-fired. Their scoop brought a Terran Kune Kune pig into the Space City Conference Centre, where it worried a lurking polymorph, diguised as a chair, for a few minutes. The pig was safely returned to its correct time period.

"We can only assume Mary Gentle was in close proximity to the animal," explained Temporal Engineer Anders. "This temporal science thing is highly dangerous!" protested Luddites terrorists on hering the news, beaming their complaint from somewhere on the planet Charan. "They should leave the 21st century where it is. Before you know it, they will be bringing the infamous crisp stealer and master thief Gary Lineker here, and what influence will that have on our offspring? It will be a disaster for modern morality!"

Links: Mary Gentle Transcript


Makeover madeover!

Space City, 29 June 3046: Space City businessman Gherag Norr announced improvements to his body shop in the Space City Mall today.

The re-vamped store will continue to sell nanotech molecular arranger sprays, enabling visitors to change the colour of their outfits without buying a new one. However, responding to traveller requests for further enhancements, Norr is adding an Aquan-built bodychanger and meeting room. His mallside vending machine will now move indoors to encourage more custom.

Links: Space City Datafile

One of the Expressways

Expressways Redeveloped
Amid last-minute protests from Luddite sympathisers, temporal engineers have made major improvements to the system expressways, re-allocating certain areas to freight only. The change shortens journey times between planets for travellers.

One of the Expressways

Googahs Welcomed!
Kymerian diplomats have welomed the return of their Googah. The Googah, who had been placed in telepath harness and forced to tell terrible jokes to vsiting tourists on Harvax, are now safely back in their native home on Kymer.

Links: Information on Harvax



Immigration Tax Out!

Space City, 4 July 3046: Reflecting the spirit of a day long celebrated as one for independence, immigration taxes to the rest of the Orell System's open planets were today abolished by the Space City Council. Temporal Engineers worked overnight to rtevise entry protocols, enabling free access to the planets Harvax and Technos. "This is a significant blow for free travellers!" commented Councillor Jefferson.

Links: Expressways Datafile

Nexus Time Link Excitement!

Writer Fiona Avery

Hopes are growing that a tenuous inter-temporal link with the 21st century organisation Nexus may enable a visit by a famous SF actor to Space City this coming weekend, utilising time trawl technology.

Among those known to have been at the Nexus event in Bristol in July 2000, according to ancient records, were the legendary Nicholas Courtney, who played the Brigadier in the recently-revived holodrama, Doctor Who ("After over 1000 years it was about time we gave it another try" acknowledged Space City Executive Holo Director Greg Dyke the Twenty-Eighth); and the famous starship commander, Chekov.

T'Chell scientists believe Captain Chekov was making a trans-temporal journey of his own from the United Federation of Planets timeline during of the Nexus event. Why he appeared on 21st Century Earth Prime at this time is a mystery that may be answered this coming weekend.

Some researchers still contend that Captain Chekov is not a real person but also an actor, as is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However these researchers remain a minority voice.

Any additional time trawl activity will not affect plans already in place to bring writer Fiona Avery (picture sourced from 22nd century religious icon) from the 21st century on Saturday 8 July.

Webcast Link: Enter the Nexus


Stig Arrested!

Stig Redfin of the Ukrann

Tuesday 11 July, Charan: Stig Redfin was arrested this weekend for breaching T'Chell Time Protocols.

A shocked crowd of visiting artists watched in astonishment as Stig Redfin of the Ukrann, the popular Space City Tour Guide, was arrested by military officials.

The arrest occurred after the Ukrann time jumped into the crowded Below Zero bar in the Cicely settlement, claiming he was being 'pursued' by angry time travellers from 21st century Earth.

The time jump caused severe local distortion of forward time, causing drinks to last longer and conversation to slow to a crawl. A snow cricket match had to be abandoned because the game started to move too quickly.

According to Redfin, the time travellers hailed from the Nexus convention where he had innocently revealed to Humans there that the television series Doctor Who would never be renewed in their timeline. Outraged, they tried to assault Redfin who time jumped to safety with the 'fans' in pursuit. These fans have not yet appeared anywhere in the Orell System however and it is feared they may have become lost.

Redfin has refused to reveal why or how he was able to travel to the 21st century and this resulted in his arrest. Redfin's antics also disrupted the T'Chell timescoop of author Fiona Avery, causing her to appear one hour later than planned for a carefully organized event in the Space City Conference Room.

Military commander Mackie commented: "Who knows what other affects this time jump may cause? He could have crashed computer systems across three centuries!"

Radian felt sure he would be released in time for his usual Space City tour on Thursday at 9.00am VZT.

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Time Storm wreaks havoc!

Archivist Shiren of the T'Chell

Space City, 18 July 3046: T'Chell scientists continue to work around the clock to restore normalacy to the local time stream after a quantum event corrupted reality throughout the Orell System.

The time storm began shortly after Stig Redfin of the Ukrann illegally used what is believed to have been an ancient Chi'kkren time travel device to vist the 21st century. However, Archivist Shiren feels that this one event is not responsible for the major temporal collapse now being experienced. He told our news team that there had been reports of Luddite terrorist sightings in the depths of the articficial planet Technos, and it was feared they might have accidentally activated some unknown Chi'kkren device that initiated the current crisis. All access to Technos is currently impossible.

While all normal passage of time is almost suspended, the T'Chell fear the reality may significantly warp and our timeline might even be destroyed, removing all trace of the Orell System from the universe.

"It is impossible to say for certain what will happen," Engineer Gheran told us. "There are simply too many variables."

Part of the crisis has been blamed on the disappearance of all temporal engineers from the Orell System, severely hampering research and possible rescue plans. "It's as if they never were," muttered Space Commander Mackie, shortly before his head vanished in an alarming display of the effects of the temporal storm.

Space City News will continue to keep you updated on the situation as long as we can -- or exist...

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Temporal Disaster: Time Guardians Save our Continuum

Stig Redfin celebrates his release

Space City, 25 July 3046: Extra-dimensional beings known only as the Time Guardians suddenly appeared on the planet Technos yesterday and promptly restored order to our ravaged time stream.

All systems are now functioning perfectly and normal time flow has resumed.

Sentients thought lost in the time storm have reappeared as suddenly as they vanished, much to the relief of those nearest and dearest to them. Travel between planets via the Expressways has resumed, although Aqua, Vulka and Charan continue to remain off limits for a variety of domestic reasons.

The Time Guardians are a little known extra-dimensional agency committed to maintaining temporal equlibrium "in our aspect of the multiverse," claimed the Guardian known only as 'W'. Together with fellow Guardians T, A and S the damage caused by what now appears to have certainly been caused by the theft of an ancient Chi'kkren temporal device by Ludditie extremists has been undone.

In an apology to Stig Redfin of the Ukrann, who had originally been accused of initiating the time storm that has ravaged our solar system for just over two weeks, Space City Council also paid tribute to the Guardians' intervention. The Guardians have now returned to their normal dimension.

The stresses caused to the space-time fabric by the time storm will mean a delay to the resumption of T'Chell 'time-trawl' events for a number of weeks. These events previously brough famous creators from the 21st century to meet avid fans here in the 31st, including artist Steve Conley and authors Fiona Avery, Mary Gentle and Yvonne Navarro. Further announcements and additional reports on the time storm will follow soon.

Meanwhile, in the words of Stig Redfin, released from a Charanian prison cell yesterday: "It's good to be back!"

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Stig Redfin celebrates his release

Gribbit Mating Season Warning
Visitors to Space City are advised a Code Red gribbit warning is currently in effect. If you see any of these vermin you are urged to report your sighting immediately to Shiren of the T'Chell.

Stig: Tour License to be revoked?
In shock news for Space City's favourite tour guide, Archivist Shiren recently announced his tour license may be revoked. The shock decsion comes after Stig took the T'Chell envoy on an impromptu tour of the VZones dimension.

"I now see why Stig Redfin has become so corrupted by 21st century foibles," commented Shiren. "I think we will have to re-program him for the 31st as soon as possible!"

Links: September 7 Tour Transcript

Time Trawl Experiment Resume
T'Chell scientists have begun new time travel experiments after it was agreed their ground-breaking work played no part in the temporal rift which nearly destroyed the universe earlier this year. The first guests to be collected from the 21st century will by horror author Yvonne Navarro on 4 October, who has already visited Space City and wowed its residents; and fantasy author Storm Constantine on Thursday 5 October.

"Because we already have Navarro's Timecode Signature her retreival should proceed easily and provide useful callibration information for future trawls," explained chief retrieval expert Saw-Yer of the T'Chell.

Links: Events News