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From: "xxxxx xx" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 18:40:05 cdt
Subject: (ct_team 1987) CM 1.0b3 release notes

Title: Release Notes for Release Version 1.0b3
Author: Garth Minette
DocID: reno/unlocked/releases/all.notes.b3
Version: 1.0
Date: 8/14/95

Release Contains: Server, Netserver, World, Resources, Winclient, MacClient.

Common Client Changes:
	BUGFIX: fixed crash during return from prefs dialog before logging in.

	BUGFIX: (#921) Sped up region transitions a lot by not purging
		resources that are common to both regions.

	BUGFIX: (#542/#680)It should now be much easier to select a token
		carried in your avatar's hand.

	BUGFIX: (#968) Walking is now much smother.

	BUGFIX: Avatar correctly holds an object during walking animation.

Macintosh Client Changes:
	CHANGED: sped up menus by 30%.

	BUGFIX: no longer has problems with spaces in disk volume names.

	BUGFIX: fixed some minor memory leaks.

	BUGFIX: cleaned up font.

	CHANGED: Fixed ESP to match the new ESP mods for Windows.

Windows Client Changes:
	BUGFIX: Other user events are blocked while popup menus are up.

	BUGFIX: Sped up menus a bit.

	BUGFIX: Fixed ESP lists.  Send To field no longer changes as you get
		ESP'ed to.

	CHANGED: Assertion errors no longer give you the option to continue.

	CHANGES: Popups no longer cause timeouts if they are left up.

Server Changes:
	ADDED: Login time accumalates Tokens.

	BUGFIX: Fixed banish

	BUGFIX: Fixed teleporting of other avatars.  (Oracle only?)

	BUGFIX: Changing regions should have avatar only walk on one axis.

Network Server Changes:
	BUGFIX: Fixed crash due to wierd X.25 PAD parameters.

Object Class Changes:
	BUGFIX: Both giver and givee should see appropriate messages when the
		Give To... command is used.

	BUGFIX: Avatar's gesture menu should be correct to spec now, including
		the function key ordering.

	BUGFIX: Unswapped mad and sad emoticons in the gesture menu.

	ADDED: Gesture menus now have word names as well as emoticons.

	BUGFIX: No more zero value tokens.

	BUGFIX: Pocket dialog title is more correct now.

	BUGFIX: Wear and Remove ordering fixed in avatar menu.

	BUGFIX: Try to put an object in a full pocket and you'll get an
		appropriate message.

	BUGFIX: Vendroids/head machines/bodychangers should be much cleaner
		now, and work better.  Avatar facing should be correct when
		using them.  Sounds should be correct.  Timing should almost
		match actions.

	CHANGED: Some of the parrot's comments are now different.

	CHANGED: 'Tell me about...' on immobile knick-knacks should no longer
		say that you can pick them up.

	CHANGED: Fiddle wand now uses different permissions than the dog bit,
		so people can use fiddle wands without being ESP'ed to because
		they are acolytes/Oracles/Dog!

	BUGFIX: Fixed bug where machine seemed to eat all an avatar's tokens.

	BUGFIX: ESP is now case insensitive.

	CHANGED: Token accrual is every one hour.

	ADDED: Amulet can now change an avatar's body to be a buff male or
		wholesome female.

World Database Changes:
	CHANGED: Individual pieces of art are slightly smaller due to handling
		flipped artwork.

	CHANGED: Reprocessed all artwork.

	ADDED: Added Bar-L Bar to world.

	BUGFIX: Secured Temple Dungeon a bit.

	CHANGED: Added Chests to Vendroids.

	ADDED: Lots of artwork for later addition of new regions.