VZones Dreamscape First Community Brainstorming Meeting Minutes

From Reno Project

Original article by Voodoo Cat, courtesy of the Virtual Planet newspaper.

On Friday, September 17 1999 at 3 p.m. WAT, a large group of avatars met in the Dreamscape Library Auditorium to discuss the creation of a Town Council. Following is the complete transcript from that meeting.

HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: Hi shell
Sly StarDust: Hello Shell<jump>
Yummy: hi  shell
Jewell: hi ya Shell
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: Hi shell<wave>
Yummy: This is easy enough to deal with... and I would hope that the name is not as important as the function.
Yummy: The Major function as I see it...would be to be able to have GROUP discussions as a COMMUNITY regarding the needs and wants of Kymer as a whole.
Yummy: Right Now...as it stands, you as individuals email Managment with your comments and suggestions.  Sometimes getting a result, sometimes not..
Yummy: This Group, shall we call it a Brainstorming Committee, would discuss a topic, Such as  Vendo Items, Parking Problems, Newbies, Turfs, etc... and come up with suggestions as a GROUP.
Yummy: This Group would then send a accumulative request to management.  I can only hope that this would acheive at least two things..
Yummy: First freeing up Management from dealing with 200-300 pieces of Email requests each day and thus giving Management more time to visit with us inworld,and to resolve our needs.
Yummy: Second,  the discussion its self would generate community sprirt and open discussion.
Yummy: How many times have  you sent a request to management and NOT received a reply.
Yummy: How many times have you wanted to talk with Management about a suggestion and for whatever reason, didnt.
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: often <g>
Sly StarDust: <g.
Spiderwoman: more than I want to
Yummy: What I am proposing Now... IS NOT a form of Kymer Goverment.
Yummy: It will have no Powers over the citizens in Kymer.  It is mearly a way
Yummy: for the people to unite, Discuss and Suggest...
Yummy: as a GROUP
Yummy: What I am proposing Now... IS NOT a form of Kymer Goverment.
Yummy: It will have no Powers over the citizens in Kymer.  It is mearly a way
Yummy: I  would Now like to Open the floor for discussion.
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: token cap
Yummy: as you can see.. I am STRESSING.. NOT a form of government
Jewell: So basically what you are saying is that instead of individuals emailing their wants and needs , they go through this "commity"
Jewell: ?
Yummy: and from talking with Michael..  this group IF  formed.. will have an impact
Evil Shell: I still don't feel that the committies you propose would be beneficial to the majority of Kymerians
<system>: There are 11 ghosts.
Jewell: I agree Shell
Evil Shell: because it will only represent a small group
Jewell: exactly
lil helper: i agree
Evil Shell: it will become like another GK group or some such
Evil Shell: <shiver>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: well if they wanna be here
Yummy: BUT.. it will represent a group that are interested in the community
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: they will come
Jewell: Unless you get every citizen in on every meeting of the commity
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: a small group is bigger than one person???
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: if they want a grip on their own future
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: they better be a part of it
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: this is their chance
Jewell: you will be speaking for those who have not had a say
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: it doesent have to be a small group
lil helper: lol
Spiderwoman: I think the way things are going in world...we might should try anything
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: or i should say....does one person become bigger than a group......?
Evil Shell: but it will be a small group
Spiderwoman: maybe something will work
Spiderwoman: who knows
Evil Shell: 50 people commenting individually
Spiderwoman: better than just sitting and being mad and upset
Jewell: We can't force people to come to a meeting for fear something will be said in their name
Evil Shell: will have a greater impact than 1 avatar representing 50
Yummy: not anymore Shell
Jewell: I agree Shell
Evil Shell: oh, maybe not for the first couple of weeks
Evil Shell: but it will die out once again
Yummy: Hopefully.. IF  this is formed.. our Group.. will have more impact that one individual
Evil Shell: there is no denying that there is greater impact in numberse
Sly StarDust: I think 50 e-mails saying no about something...would have more impact than 1 e-mail saying 50 people said no<shrug>
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: 50 people wanting the same thing.......doesn't out weigh one persons idea of the same thing.....
Yummy: because of the wants of a GROUP
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: i guess if we can get a group to work on the problems we can compress informations for DS management to have these probs fixed<shrug>
Jewell: whethere you intend for this to be a form of government or not, it will turn into that
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: come on....
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: why are we having this discussion
Evil Shell: come on, what?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: if you dont wanna be part of this group
Jewell: WHO will be the GROUP?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: leave now
Evil Shell: yes, Jewell, I agree
Yummy: and with  prior advance posting of Meeting and the subject prior  posted.. more will be able to attend
Evil Shell: I will not leave, BL <s>
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: a group's voice is always stronger than the single person...
Evil Shell: this is to discuss whether or not a group should even be formed
Yummy: Everyone who attends the meeting will be part of the group
Sly StarDust: So you just a small group can decided things BL?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: <sigh>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: i thought we went over this
Jewell: see, it has already started.  If Shell and I disagree we are said to not to want to participate ......
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: for like...4 hours
lil helper: No one should be excluded from having themselves heard <shrug>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: that day
Evil Shell: not stronger than the individual voices of 50
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: lol
Yummy: thank you Michael
Sly StarDust: I know Ziggy started it
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: Hi<wave><grin>
Jewell: <wave>Michael
Michael (World Manager): Hello!  Just listening. <grin>
Evil Shell: hiyas Michael
Spiderwoman: Hello Big M
Evil Shell: actually, I have a question for you
Evil Shell: what did you mean when you mentioned a "village council" in your statement
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: but that's what the problem is now........MIcheal tries to answer 300 peoples voices and spends his time doing that and nothing else
Evil Shell: last weekend?
Yummy: the forming of this group... will bring those who are interested in a topic together
Evil Shell: what was your intention?
Sly StarDust: I am totally interested in expressing my ideas...but not like this
Evil Shell: I agree, Sly
Michael (World Manager): I think a community, virtual or not, should gather to
Jewell: me too Sly
Michael (World Manager): discuss matters and issues that affects the members of this
Michael (World Manager): very community ...
Sly StarDust: But we are together Michael..we are seprated from you
Michael (World Manager): to exchange ideas, feelings and in order to brainstorm together.
Yummy: but  this is a way to bring him closer to us also
Evil Shell: I think that, on the surface, is a wonderful idea
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: let me ask you.......If Michael says........."I'm not going to answer and one person request.........Then what do you do???
Michael (World Manager): It's not so much that we want or need "one contact" inworld,
Michael (World Manager): it does not matter if we talk to groups or individual people.
Evil Shell: then I cancel my account
Evil Shell: because management doesn't care about me as a person <shrug>
Jewell: Then I would leave as I would feel my presence in the community was not noticed
Michael (World Manager): No, that will never happen.
lil helper: That doesnt make sense..having to be in a group to have yourself heard
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: yeah if i cant do any good im gone
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: so that means......that you are for you and you alone......and the rest can just go do whatever......??
Michael (World Manager): as I said several times, the opinion of an individual is no less valueable
Michael (World Manager): than the opinion of a group.
Yummy: but.. the point still remains  of those who dont make themselves heard.. it does not mean that do not have ideas to share
Sly StarDust: right...Michael you said each indivdual still has impact..this all just sounds like people deciding things without everyone else knowledge
Evil Shell: then they *need* to make themselves heard
lil helper: So they have to be in a group to make themselves heard?
Evil Shell: I think that a group will *misrepresent* the citizens of Kymer
Yummy: why cant we support all as a group shell?
Michael (World Manager): But gathering and brainstorming, and discussing new ideas before
Jewell: It is already too common that a select few are the voice of the many......
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: and as a "group" they can.....
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: yes
Michael (World Manager): presenting them to us, is something that would benefit everyone.
Evil Shell: yes, as a group they can, and will, misrepresent the citizens of Kymer
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: mhm mhm
Jewell: And again, WHO will this group BE?
Evil Shell: Michael, I would not be opposed to such brainstorming meetings
Evil Shell: held by you and Delilah
Michael (World Manager): why by us?
Evil Shell: but not some avatar run group, which will in the end end become like the GK's
Evil Shell: no offense again, Betha <G>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: yeah a power struggle
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: oh come on shell.......you know that is not the case......
Jewell: How many citizens are in Kymer and will they all be present to have a say before the "council" presents an idea? Or do the silent become forgotten ?
Yummy: why.. are the citizens to be mistrusted
Evil Shell: but a clique
Evil Shell: favatars
Evil Shell: brownnosers
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: elite groups
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: ugh
Evil Shell: elitest
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: any and all that attend
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Hello everyone <wave>
Evil Shell: and not representing us all
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: Hello everyone
Yummy: We  already  stated... SHell.. that The NAME  is incorrect
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: ello betha
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: Hi Betha<wave><grin>
Jewell: hi
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I'm behaving Shell <grin>
Sly StarDust: Then name it something else
Evil Shell: what name is?
Michael (World Manager): Shell, I think that is the actual misunderstanding: I don't
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: Hi Mrsshark<wave>
Jewell: It isn't about the name
Evil Shell: heheh Betha, I'm trying to <S>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Tom <grin><grin>
Sly StarDust: Brainstorming Avatars<shrug>
Michael (World Manager): think the council was supposed to represent "all of you".
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: Hi Tom
Yummy: it should not be a city coucil with  memebers... BUT  a brainstorming COMMITTEE
Michael (World Manager): just a gathering of concered avatars.
Jewell: it is about giving a select few the power to speak for many
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: we will not have a council here
Yummy: with all kymer citizen representing themselves in the meeting
Sly StarDust: Okay...one sec...if this is going to happen
Sly StarDust: then can we see the ideas
Evil Shell: Let me try an example
Evil Shell: you have a council
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: No one is saying that a council will be formed.......
Duckolyte Milo: What?
Sly StarDust: and the RESULTS of these meetings
Evil Shell: <waiting>
Jewell: shhh Let Shell speak
Yummy: It was already DECided.. NO  Council.. NO  member..  a mere moderater.. to take notes and report
Evil Shell: am I done waiting, Yummy? <G>
Yummy: with a URL  placed in the city to see what exactly was presented
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: who decided that?
lil helper: it was ?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: we didnt decide that
lil helper: I dont remember being asked<g>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: fer real mon
Evil Shell: ok, my example
Yummy: and MAYBE even a general meeting with Management to disucss the results
Evil Shell: you have this group meet
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: shell do go on
Yummy: AS A  Group
Evil Shell: to discuss the fate of, let's say
Evil Shell: the ugly sign at the Magic Shop
Yummy: IT NOT  to discuss a FATE
Jewell: heheheh
Evil Shell: but, the group is comprised of mainly "bright persons"
Evil Shell: not the usual inhabitants of that area
Evil Shell: so they decide they like the sign
Yummy: Shell.. that is soo  negative.. to discuss a FATE
Evil Shell: and report back to management
Sly StarDust: it would be about "fate" what else are you going to discuss?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: thank you sly
Evil Shell: that the sign should stay
Yummy: Why would the Inhabitants of the area not attend Shell
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: we would but we would also be outnumbered
Evil Shell: yet that didn't respond to any of the needs of the people it would most affect
Evil Shell: thanks, that's what I was going to say
Evil Shell: we'd be outnumbered
Jewell: exactly
Evil Shell: and some people just don't like vampires/darksiders/togas
Evil Shell: for whatever reasons, just on sight <shrug>
Yummy: IF.. there was a meeting on the SIGN...  WHY would they not attend to speak their minds
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Or GKs <eg>
Sly StarDust: Just plain dead here<wave>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Gotcha Shell <grin>
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: or GK it seems<G?
Evil Shell: LOL Betha <G>
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: lol
Evil Shell: or, yes, just plain dead <react>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Couldn't help it <grin>
Yummy: Shell...
Grace: I have just joined and so far all I can see is that you argue regarding whether there should be a council or not<shrug>
Jewell: OH pulleeeezz, you can not force people to a meeting for fear they will have decisions made without them
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: yummy we would attend of course
Jewell: that is wrong
Evil Shell: well, that is the purpose of this meeting, as I understand it
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: but if we are outnumbered what good does it do us
Yummy: then I dont see a problem
Evil Shell: but that is *exactly* what will happen
Michael (World Manager):  Question, Shell -- why do you assume we would value proposals from a group/council more than suggestions from an individual avatar?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: as the main inhabitants of that locale
Evil Shell: I *do* see a problem
Grace: thought it was to do with issues?
Sly StarDust: See Michael that is our fear
Yummy: Why would someone come to a meeting to JUST  tear DOWN something.
Yummy: that is Childish
Evil Shell: perhaps I'm mostly responding to those who feel that it is just that which will happen
Sly StarDust: we are afraid you will tell us to pass through the coucncil
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: yummy its an example..
Evil Shell: that a council is to be formed in order to "report" to management
Evil Shell: what "we" want
Yummy: and to even consider that ADULTS  have that mentality.. is insulting
Evil Shell: Yummy...........that is an important issue to me
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: as well as to myself
Yummy: Then Im sure you would attend
Jewell: It seems to me that if this time of group, council, brainstorming committee was to work, the ENTIRE community would have to approve. There are a handful here and some are opposed, therefore it has already failed.
Evil Shell: and this meeting, as I understood it, was to discuss the possibility  of even having a council
Yummy: and all those who it was important too would attend
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: i ahve another idea<grin>
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: have
Evil Shell: agreed, Jewell
Evil Shell: please share <S>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: <listening>
Yummy: why would someone who has NOOO concern about the sign at all even sit though this
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: I has not failed........because you are here.......
Jewell: See, Yummy by you saying that you are focing members of the community to conform with your idea and saying then they would attend......that is wrong
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: what if we set up a bulletin board with suggestions and anyone can reach and discuss?
Evil Shell: because they want to influence management, they want to brownnose, they want to be an aco in the future, a favatar <shrug>
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: who is forcing????
Jewell: Good idea
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I was going to ask that Michael ?
Evil Shell: I like that idea!
Yummy: I never said that
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: sounds good
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: How many use the feedback pages ?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: i dooo
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: A lot , Seldom ?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: a lot
Jewell: I do
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I'm curious
Michael (World Manager):  <don't underestimate this management, Shell <grin>>
Sly StarDust: Right like just a total brainstorm thread
Yummy: seldom
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: well i will offer webspace if you all want and see to get it to work
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: never get a response
Jewell: when there is a serious issue at hand
Evil Shell: <G> Michael, you're right
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: If the meeting is posted.....and the subjects are posted for the meeting......only the people who CARE about the subjects would attend........
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Are the feedback pages supposed to be answered personally ??
Evil Shell: but if I have an issue to discuss with management
Michael (World Manager): Okay, look - let me explain something ...
Evil Shell: I go directly to the source
Yummy: why..
Yummy: shell
Michael (World Manager): we get about 300-500 mails a week with suggestions from
Michael (World Manager): members.
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: thats what i do too
Evil Shell: well, it makes the most sense <shrug>
Yummy: why
Michael (World Manager): many have similar ideas, yet with slight differences.
Evil Shell: I don't trust someone else to relay what I have to say
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: because u get answers a little quicker
Yummy: maybe  I have the same opinion
Evil Shell: I go to the source
Michael (World Manager): if some of these people met before and worked together on their
Evil Shell: so, view it
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: too
Evil Shell: you have the right
Michael (World Manager): ideas, and then sent their proposals, we would get
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: It would to you shell......and your one of the 300-500 emails that management recieves....
Michael (World Manager): more detailed suggestions.
Yummy: why should they have to read  50 of the same thing... If you can produce on letter from 50
Michael (World Manager): If only two people come together to discuss and ponder
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: sublte differences
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: can make all the difference yummy
Michael (World Manager): a proposal before sending it, the quality of this proposal will
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: subtle too
Michael (World Manager): be "better".
Sly StarDust: Okay, then it should NOT be called a city council
Evil Shell: I agree with that, Michael
Evil Shell: but I don't think it should be so formal
Evil Shell: perhaps
Yummy: CORRECT.. NOT.. city council
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: right
Evil Shell: if I have an idea
Yummy: and that is what I said in starting the meeting
Evil Shell: I start talking about it IW
Evil Shell: and gather those who are interested
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: If Micheal.....Doesn't have to spend half of his day going through all of the mail......then he has the time to take care of other things in Kymer
Evil Shell: and discuss
Jewell: yes Michael, but a GROUP  has no business speaking for this community
Sly StarDust: <your macro said city council>
Evil Shell: but not anything official
Evil Shell: yes
Yummy: if does if the Group wants it too
Evil Shell: and don't forget, 79% of the respondents to the survey said NO
Michael (World Manager): A group, of two people or one hundred, is part of this community and
Yummy: No..that is not true
Michael (World Manager): they have the right speak for themselves.
Evil Shell: what does if the group wants it to??????
Yummy: I had  3  people  VOTE  63 times
Michael (World Manager): No one can speak for everyone - obviously.
Evil Shell: hey Michael......what can we do about that sign? <G>
Yummy: that is why I took the poll out
Jewell: Ok- so I say I begin a group that says I want NO more prize heads ever, do I get to speak for everyone because I want to?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: <g>
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: lol
Michael (World Manager): Try sending a cheque, Shell. <grin>
Evil Shell: how many tokens? <G>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: LMAOFFF <G>
Yummy: what is the group that you are speaking for.. names... and send a proposal
Sly StarDust: lol
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: roflmao
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: so basically we have no choice on the sign thing eh?
Yummy: sure you do
Evil Shell: ok
Yummy: everyone has a choice
Evil Shell: the vamps, darksiders, et.a.
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: magic shop sign
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: the tacky one
Sly StarDust: Sign at magic SHOP
Evil Shell: et.al.
Jewell: If you start a group you need to have a disclaimer that the GROUP does not represent the all the citizens of Kymer but it speaks for a select few
Evil Shell: don't like the "Magic *Den*" sign
Evil Shell: and would like to see it down
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: well it was originally magic den...
Evil Shell: our committee has spoken <G>
Michael (World Manager): Will think about the sign.
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: I agree Shell<grin>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: but the sign is still ugly
Evil Shell: yes, but only on the original maps
Evil Shell: thanks Michael <bow>
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: <jump>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: exactly
lil helper: yep sign sux
Jewell: And Michael, decisions or suggestions by this group should not be put into place if it affects the whole community
Michael (World Manager): Let's focus on the meeting's topic, please. <grin>
Yummy: the proposals sent to management would have the names of the avatars that attended that meeting
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: its always been referred to as magic SHOP
Jewell: I don't like the sign either
Sly StarDust: Okay, will your "discussions" be easily reachable...incase you are discussing a fate I feel strongly about?
Yummy: yes
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: yeah that would be good
Evil Shell: I'm worried about power
Sly StarDust: I don;t want to miss you talking about fixing the turfs up!
Jewell: me too Shell
Yummy: a url will be posted  PRIOR  to the meeting
Michael (World Manager): I have a comment regarding the foum/board, etc.
Sly StarDust: Yes I am afraid of power to Shell
Michael (World Manager): from a community development perspective, I think it would be
Michael (World Manager): better to discuss issues inworld.
Michael (World Manager): Let's face it, most of the time the boards and lists are
Michael (World Manager): more entertaining and more interesting than the
Michael (World Manager): discussions and conversations inworld.
Evil Shell: yes
Evil Shell: and for the mailing list, see my URL <vbg>
Sly StarDust: cause they are ll in NRW
<system>: There are 9 ghosts.
Michael (World Manager): we will lower the price for DS.
Michael (World Manager): do not ask for details yet!
Evil Shell: *great* ! <jump><jump>
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: woohoooooo<jump>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: <jump>
lil helper: So couldnt u post something on the board saying I would like to gather some people to talk about this idea i have
Yummy: I really do think this can work...
Michael (World Manager): we will release details next week.
Evil Shell: what about marketing?
Spiderwoman: wohooo<grin><grin><grin>
Yummy: IF
Evil Shell: yes, you could do that...post to say you want to discuss an idea
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: and perhaps unless we start pulling together as a community..........we all will be in NRW or nowhere.....
lil helper: it doesnt have to be just this one group thing
Evil Shell: and don't forget to post to the list, as well
Yummy: yes
Yummy: most definate
Evil Shell: but that's putting it back into our laps again
Evil Shell: <sigh>
Grace: If you want to make a profit then you need to cut price, allow sponsership and advertise like he**
Michael (World Manager): well, it helps if you have someome who sets up meetings,
Michael (World Manager): so that more than six people come together.
Evil Shell: sponsorship <grimace>
Michael (World Manager): more people means more input.
Grace: yes, if it is necessary
Evil Shell: yes, I agree
Yummy: I am willing to set up meetings...
Evil Shell: more people
Grace: at the end of the day, this place has to make money
Evil Shell: that's it Yummy
Grace: otherwise it goes
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: good idea Mischael but who will do da job? <grin>
Evil Shell: I don't think it should be regularly scheduled meetings
Evil Shell: by the same old people
Yummy: or.. Shell..or  anyone that wants too
Evil Shell: I think it should be nearly ad hoc meetings
lil helper: ok this is starting to sound good
Yummy: ad hoc?
Yummy: changing of moderators
Evil Shell: no
Evil Shell: more or less, on the fly
Evil Shell: no moderators
Evil Shell: just someone to save text
Sly StarDust: Or discuss a subject through out the week so many people can come
Evil Shell: and perhaps summarize
Yummy: who set up the url for the meeting and the results that you want to see posted
Evil Shell: but that's scheduling subjects again
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: maybe post text on onelist... too..
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: that Shell.....is the basic idea....
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: hmm whats about an event 2 or 3 times a week to put all the meanings together ?
Evil Shell: but it is getting mixed in with government
Sly StarDust: right...it tis
Evil Shell: roberts rules of order
Evil Shell: etc.
Jewell: This is a governmental step and it will continue in that direction
Sly StarDust: Oh and Time Zones
Yummy: Shell... a moderator does not have to do that
Evil Shell: but in the end
Evil Shell: it will
Sly StarDust: por euros<sigh>
Sly StarDust: poor even
Grace: Well personally, I think a council for WA is not right.. Councils for different groups, yes.
Evil Shell: human nature is to do just that
Yummy: is that the way you run onelist shell
Yummy: on a government basis
Michael (World Manager): <g>
Evil Shell: absolutely not
Yummy: then why would this be any different
Evil Shell: there has been one instance where someone had to be stopped
Jewell: No council is right in a community -- none of us can attend all the time.... for instance... where are the Euro Avis now?
Evil Shell: and that was a very different situation, due to language used
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: sleeping
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: here<grin>
Yummy: there are times ive seen you need to be stopped too
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: hehe
Evil Shell: yeah, it is after midnite there
Evil Shell: and I've stopped myself
Yummy: BUT..  opinion is opinion
Evil Shell: and apologized to those involved, haven't I?
Jewell: exactly, so the Euro community has no say?
Evil Shell: Michael and Tom and one or two others
Evil Shell: are the only euros here, that I'm aware of
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: There is another meeting at 10 p.m. WAT no ?
Yummy: no..  meeting will be set to accomodate the euorpeans as well
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: No there is a 10p.m. wat meeting tonite yet.....
Grace: with that sort of bickering, then that is another reason why you don't have a council
Evil Shell: let's not forget, the euros are a part of what makes this place so damn special
Michael (World Manager): I think the danger is that we get lost in details.
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: mhm
Evil Shell: yes, 10pm which is 7am in europe
Michael (World Manager): now we have time zones..
Jewell: OK and that is 1am here,
Grace: exactly
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: i agree Micha
Michael (World Manager): next thing we will argue about is
Michael (World Manager): age...
Yummy: and sex
Evil Shell: LOL
Jewell: heheheh
Evil Shell: ok ok
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: lol
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: that's why there were two meeting set up......
Michael (World Manager): sex sounds good.
Yummy: ok.. who likes  sex.. and who dont
Sly StarDust: more sex<jump>
Evil Shell: yeah, the aussies Sha <G>
Grace: yep it does<jump>
Evil Shell: sex <jump>
Sly StarDust: oops
Yummy: hahahah
Grace: <react><react>
Sly StarDust: <react>
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: what's that???
Yummy: ok.. back to the issue
Evil Shell: <been too long since I've seen Grip> <vbg>
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: and at least what about nude patch?????????? <veg>
Grace: you askin Michael?
Michael (World Manager): dunno, it's been a week from hell. <grin>
Sly StarDust: aww shell lol
Grace: lol
Yummy: iam sorry about the times...
Michael (World Manager): well, have to defend Yummy here ..,
Michael (World Manager): there are no times that work for everyone.
Evil Shell: agreed
Yummy: I did not know the times in europe and that was my fault.. and took it from anouther
Michael (World Manager): either its too early for Americans and Australians,
Michael (World Manager): or too late for Euros.
Jewell: I can not agree withh any group that has decided to speak for the community.  No one speaks for me whether I am at a meeting or not and it is not fair to FORCE people to come to a meeting to be heard for fear of the decisions that may be made
Evil Shell: time zones are a PITA, no question about it
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: i guess time shouldn`t eb problem
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: be
Evil Shell: I agree Jewell
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Nobody was forced Jewell <shrug>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I wasn't
Yummy: and Jewll that is your choice
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: maybe......Michael could answer when would be good times to catch both sides of the world....??
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I'm here to listen
Michael (World Manager): But did we (management) ever say we will not listen to individual avatars?
Evil Shell: ok, I think this is something that can be taken at a different time
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: i wasn't either <shrug> I am just here every day <shrug> and want to see Kymer survive<shrug>
Evil Shell: I think what we are most afraid of, Michael
Evil Shell: is that those who participate in this committee
Evil Shell: will overshadow the other avvys
Sly StarDust: right...
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: great idea now <g>
Michael (World Manager): well, as long as I don't give you the "send your feedback to dream@avaterra.com" line, I think you are safe.
Evil Shell: that the avvys who don't agree will feel like they will be spitting in the wind
Yummy: depends on how many attend the meeting I would think
Sly StarDust: God...BE<frown>
Evil Shell: if they oppose something the "council" wants
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: Shell it works both ways
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: committee just does submit to world managers and they have to decide <g>
Evil Shell: and they will give up
Evil Shell: and perhaps quietly leave
Michael (World Manager): <I read dream@avaterra.com, btw!>
Evil Shell: LOL Michael
Jewell: exactly, depends on how many attend
Evil Shell: take care <bow>
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: what about avies you only see on event weekends and meetings like this one<shrug>
Yummy: IF...  300 attend the meeting and say the sign is good.. and you say alone the sign is bad.. what weighs more in your mind
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: should they have a say for others <shrug>
Evil Shell: it would depend who was at the meeting <S>
Michael (World Manager): well, many small meetings with 10-25 people are better than
Yummy: Yes  it would
Michael (World Manager): one meeting with 300 folks.
Evil Shell: LOL at least more manageable <G>
Michael (World Manager): you have seen the town meetings - we are barely able to answer
Michael (World Manager): 10% of the questions.
Sly StarDust: And that is what we are afraid of too Yummy
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: May I ask a question Yummy ?
Yummy: I guess I dont understand why.. IF  you have the same availbiltiy as others to come to a meeting
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: What is this committee , council whateve it's called ....
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Supposed to do ?
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: All ideas ?
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Vendo items ?
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Signs at the magic shop ??<eg>
Evil Shell: perhaps some of us don't like the idea of government
Yummy: Gather information.. and send requests to management
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I'm confused at the specifics
Evil Shell: and in a way that *is* government
Jewell: no we don't
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: What information Yummy ?
Jewell: government here is bad
Yummy: this IS not a a government
Evil Shell: but, in the end, it would be
Michael (World Manager): It's a dictatorship, haven't you noticed yet? <EG>
Evil Shell: LOL Michael
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: lol
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: LOL Michael
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: LOL
Sly StarDust: <react>
Evil Shell: we know you rule with an iron paw <G>
Yummy: LOL
Evil Shell: now where do I send that check to? <G>
Grace: well Yummy, gathering that information could end up being one sided and not a true representation
Yummy: i have heard that enough over the last  3 days
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: lol
Michael (World Manager): Ok, seriously, why is the name of this "project" so important?
Evil Shell: that is my point, one sided
Sly StarDust: Right whoever said that
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: let me ask you Shell......"Who would be the goverment"??
Evil Shell: those who perceive themselves to be in power
Jewell: Well to be honest I would welcome a dictatorship more than I would a "group" trying to speak for me
Jewell: hehehe
Evil Shell: yes, I hate to agree to that concept
Evil Shell: but I do
Yummy: who is in power in agroup with only a moderator to take notes
Evil Shell: this is a business
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: hi trev
Evil Shell: Michael and Delilah both *work* for Avaterra
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: we dont want to be perceieved as a government name  is important
Sly StarDust: as long as it stays that way
Grace: what do you mean by name Michael?
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: what if Michael calls 3 or 4 acolytes who have the job to collect suggestions?
Evil Shell: it is their job to make this a great place
Michael (World Manager): No.
Evil Shell: oh no..........
Evil Shell: no no no
Michael (World Manager): I don't want any filters.
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: heyy... we could call it community project...
Evil Shell: please <G>
Jewell: And we know where they are coming from
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: just leave it at that
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: not as filters
Evil Shell: a rose by any other name is still a rose <shrug>
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: to compress infos only
Grace: Michael, what would the WA like to see??
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Projects are usually temporary <G>
Yummy: correct.. and that is why in the BEGINNING  of this meeting I stated.. that  we call it  a  Brainstorming Commitee
Michael (World Manager): I will always be available for direct communication, BUT
Grace: I think that is just as important
Michael (World Manager): I still think that proposals are of higher quality if
Michael (World Manager): they have been discussed by more than one person before
Michael (World Manager): they are submitted.
Evil Shell: yanno, many of us do discuss our ideas
Yummy: CORRECT   <clap clap clap>
Jewell: So we don't need a committee then
Evil Shell: with others before they are presented to management
Evil Shell: I know I do
Sly StarDust: I know I discuss my a$$ off here
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: LOL Sly
Sly StarDust: <react>
Jewell: we can as ourselves get with friends and discuss and send ideas
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: lol
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I do too but <G>
Yummy: you have never discusses anything with me Shell
Jewell: no need for a commity
Evil Shell: I even call people to discuss ideas <shrug>
Grace: Michael, what would the WA team like to see happen to further dreamscape?
Jewell: right
Evil Shell: who said that? I don't discuss with them?
Yummy: my phone is  913 262 6750
Sly StarDust: yummy
Evil Shell: ahhhhhhh
Jewell: OMG
Yummy: hahahah
Evil Shell: I have discussed with you LOL
Michael (World Manager): Friends tend to have a similar opinion,
Yummy: well this
Evil Shell: what do you call the other day? <vbg>
Michael (World Manager): which is why they are friends.
Evil Shell: not necessarily, Michael <react>
Jewell: NO - not always
Michael (World Manager): Not always, no.
Michael (World Manager): Not necessarily.
Michael (World Manager): But often times.
Evil Shell: I have friends from many different walks of virtual and real life
Sly StarDust: I like discussing with people who have other opinions..makes it fun<react>
Jewell: Abbi and I are bestest buds and boy do we differ in opinions
Evil Shell: with varied opinions on things
Yummy: Most of the time.. they have similar opinions .. that is why they like each other
Evil Shell: yes, differing opinions make it fun
Evil Shell: and you learn from opinions other than your own
Sly StarDust: yes
Evil Shell: but having a group decide ........
Michael (World Manager): That is the idea of the council.
Evil Shell: I just don't agree
Michael (World Manager): decide?
Yummy: Good Point...  and your opinions and everyone elses
Evil Shell: decide on what to present, how to present it, and what is "right"
Yummy: we dont decide... management does
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Not a group Shell .... a mixed meeting of people as I see it
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Why not just hold open air discussions like this one , once a month ?
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: why set it as a committee ?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: yeah but she means the group would decide what to tell the management about
Sly StarDust: Okay...how many think the turf areas need a face lift <G><wave>
Evil Shell: YES
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: meee
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: yes
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: need some paint mon!
Evil Shell: oops, sorry to yell <s>
Sly StarDust: <G>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: anyone disagree?
Evil Shell: tan and brown are fugly
Jewell: Michael let me ask you this....................
Grace: that is why I am asking what the management would like to see for the future benefit of here
Yummy: now...how is that hard to mis represent
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Needs paint <G>
Sly StarDust: marble floors!
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: maybe wallpaper
Evil Shell: LOL but that is *easy*
Evil Shell: most issues are *not* that easy
Sly StarDust: I know...tryin to lighten the mood
Jewell: If I and some aquaintances here had an opinion on something and sent it to you
Jewell: and the "commity" sent you an opinion on another subject
<system>: There are 13 ghosts.
Grace: at the end of the day it is their decision that is final.
<system>: Trevayne Chief Golden Knight, Marjolein, Grace, Betha - Chief Golden Knight, Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight, Michael (World Manager), ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc, Evil Shell, lil helper, Jewell, Sly StarDust, Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger, Spiderwoman, HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight, Yummy, and 13 ghosts.
Jewell: would you push my opion aside to look at the commity?
Sly StarDust: he is sleeping
Yummy: he is typing
Grace: he is pondering
Yummy: hehehe
Evil Shell: he's prolly being esp bombed <react>
Jewell: yeah
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: hes taking a dump
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: hes ignoring <veg>
Sly StarDust: lol
Yummy: Please DONT  esp him
Evil Shell: <snicker>
Jewell: or my typos confused him
Sly StarDust: lol
Michael (World Manager): No, I'm here.
Evil Shell: he's rolling in catnip
Sly StarDust: I read typonese
Jewell: first time I have been out of bed in three days
Jewell: heheheh
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: catnip rofl
Ðarksider Tom T. Tiger: wow hes living <g>
Sly StarDust: lol
Yummy: he is quiet.. but he hears
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: hes watching us clown around lol
Yummy: big monitor for LOTS  of scrolling
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: thinking how monkey like we are when we are in playful moods
Michael (World Manager): Okay ...
Michael (World Manager): well ...
Sly StarDust: lol
Michael (World Manager): The difficult part of my job is to
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: could be he gets esp from the ghosties  <shrug>
Michael (World Manager): try to consider as many opinions and needs as
Yummy: ghosties... please  come down
Michael (World Manager): possible. Plus the needs and wants of the community.
Grace: which is every commendable of you.
Michael (World Manager): so, I do appreciate different opinions .... but those that
Michael (World Manager): are detailed and already address potential backdraws and
Sly StarDust: this is the first time I think a Manager ever showed interest in our ideas<shrug>
Spiderwoman: yes..but it also should be a positve decision for the community Michael..not just for a few of avies
Michael (World Manager): flipsides, and provide suggestions how to deal with those disadvantages,
Michael (World Manager): are making our job easier.
Yummy: that is what the committee would have to address to submitt to management
Yummy: ooopss  poof
Yummy: ?
Sly StarDust: yeah Jewell
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: eep
Grace: so what are you suggesting then Michael, for that statement?
Grace: from even
Spiderwoman: maybe instead of working on many issues at onces..maybe a good option would be adressing a few problems
Sly StarDust: All I know is I am bursting with ideas...I oftern bring them to the forum...and I e-mail em to Michael....<shrug>
Spiderwoman: and work on them first
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: You have to remember folks.......the easier we can make Michaels job.....the more time he can spend making Kymer more fun for us......
Yummy: correct.. a topic or TWO  max  would be poosted  for  disucssion  with times for meeting
Evil Shell: <sigh>
Grace: what would you and your team like to see that would help even more?
Michael (World Manager): as I said earlier, I think a committee/council/gathering/<fill-in-your-favourite-name-that-doesn't-offend-you> would improve the
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: say thank you to the nice people<react>
Michael (World Manager): proposals and suggestions from that particular
Michael (World Manager): group of people.
Evil Shell: my opposition is to an *organized* set of meetings
Evil Shell: leaders, moderaters, whatevers
Jewell: Its too much like a government
Dutchess Mary J: yeah<shrug>
Jewell: We dont' need tha there
Jewell: here
Evil Shell: it sits on the line of government
Evil Shell: even in the beginning
Yummy: its not like government at all
Evil Shell: with time, the "leaders" would attempt to gain power
Evil Shell: and power corrupts <shrug>
Yummy: if it were...  we would not need your opinion
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: they way I see it the "committee" would just be the voice of the community <shrug>
Yummy: What leaders
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: Shell.......you keep saying Leaders........who's the leaders?????
Evil Shell: in the beginning, it would be the voice of whomever attended
Evil Shell: whomever designates themselves as leaders
Jewell: You are going to have this "council" without leaders?
Sly StarDust: It would start to get organized..and who decides what gets talked about?
Yummy: who is the leader  onelist?
Yummy: oops  in onelist
Evil Shell: we are *all* "leaders" on onelist
Yummy: ahhh...  the same here
Evil Shell: I happen to be a moderator
Evil Shell: but I don't enjoy that job
Grace: if you had a council, it would have to be very well organised
Yummy: ahhh....  and one will happed to save text
Evil Shell: and that is *not* the same as a council
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: so then you are a leader <shrug>
Grace: you would need to have a committee
Yummy: and put into URL form
Grace: minutes of meeting
Evil Shell: fine, call me a leader
Grace: etc etc etc
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: all symantecs <shrug>
Evil Shell: but the onelist is a list for avatars to discuss avatar/real life
Evil Shell: it is *not* at *all* a forum for us to go and get together
Evil Shell: present ideas to management
Evil Shell: and make decisions
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: and the council would be to discuss kymer  <bow>
Evil Shell: it is an open list
Yummy: we are NOT  discussing a city council....  we already decided that the NAME  is what offends and the actions they perform in RW
Evil Shell: no, the concept itself offends
Jewell: NO its not just the name
Evil Shell: not just the name
Yummy: I said and the actions they perform
Jewell: its that the "group" would have a voice that would affect all of Kymer
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: hummmmm there's an echo in here......
Jewell: THAT is what is offensive
Yummy: what we are proposing is no more than a brainstorming
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: So what do we do Jewel ?
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: and ALL of Kymer can speak at any time........
Grace: Yummy, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what it is called... it will still basically be the same thing.
Evil Shell: yes
Yummy: i dont think it will be
Evil Shell: it will be the henchmen reporting to the dictator <vbg>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: seems to me all that wanted to have a voice would and could.......is up to the avatars if they want to attend............no?
Evil Shell: no
Grace: names etc are not important issueat this point
Yummy: how...where the people who attend it .. do NOT  make the decision
Evil Shell: let's say I could never attend a meeting
Evil Shell: due to a RW schedule
Evil Shell: my voice would *never* be heard
Jewell: First of all we do not "threaten" anyone that if they do not attend the meeting that the 'group' will proceed without hearing from EVERY voice in Kymer
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: then ask someone to present your views ?
Yummy: all the people are doing is getting together and discussing a common subject
Jewell: Michael, how many citizens do we have?
Yummy: neither did I
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: good question
Evil Shell: I don't trust anyone to present my views for me
Michael (World Manager): Shell, you can apply this statement to most everything
Evil Shell: they are mine, not anyone else's
Spiderwoman: yes, Michael how many members do we have in DS
Michael (World Manager): inworld.
Jewell: Me either shell
Michael (World Manager): If you work on weekends, you can never attend
Jewell: Yes Inworld or over all
Michael (World Manager): weekend events.
Evil Shell: yes, true
Jewell: How many citizens are in Kymer?
Evil Shell: but the game events don't impact the world
Spiderwoman: on week end we have a lot of alts in world
Evil Shell: like a committee/council/whatever meeting
Yummy: they sure do...
Spiderwoman: doing games
Spiderwoman:  on event days
Yummy: have you seen our economy lately
Yummy: heheheh
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Yes we do Spider woman
Spiderwoman: so we cannot consider
Evil Shell: what's funny about our economy?
Michael (World Manager): But you don't want 300 people at the gatherings.
Sly StarDust: events have nothing to do with tokens...
Michael (World Manager): more than 20 and it gets chaotic.
Spiderwoman: the numbers real numbers we see in status
Jewell: YES
Evil Shell: yes, look at this
Jewell: Why not
Jewell: ?
Yummy: your comment is funny.. not our  economy
Evil Shell: nearly impossible to follow <s>
Grace: I understand what you are getting at Michael and why you feel it should be tailored
Evil Shell: ah, ok
Michael (World Manager): How about frequent "Community Hours" ...
Michael (World Manager): three a week ...
Evil Shell: hmmmmmmm
Evil Shell: <interested>
Michael (World Manager): where avatars come together to discuss issues,
Michael (World Manager): if they want to.
Yummy: tailoring to 20 per meeting also means  more meeting... more chances for everyone to attend the meeting of their choice
Jewell: No one should claim they are going to be the voice of the people
Grace: Do you and your team have time for that?
Michael (World Manager): do you need us?
Spiderwoman: I believe any kind of meetings in any form to express how we feel about DS would help
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: I agree
Grace: personally, I think not
Spiderwoman: why not??
Yummy: Im not saying I will be the VOICE of the community... the people that attend the meetings are the voices of themselves in a group
Grace: the more meetings you have the more people will give suggestions etc
Evil Shell: I have to say
Evil Shell: I like Michael's idea
Evil Shell: it could work
Grace: because I don't think a lot of the issues that are raised are THAT important
Jewell: We need you, Michael to support those of use who disagree with this "group". Those of us who do not wish to be spoken for by anyone
Spiderwoman: yes ..and sooner or later we will find out what is important to avies
Evil Shell: have a locale designated for such discussions
Evil Shell: with certain hours
Evil Shell: anyone can drop in
Evil Shell: bring up whatever they want
Evil Shell: no leaders
Grace: and there is no point in asking someone to give time that they can ill afford
Evil Shell: no rules
Evil Shell: no organizers
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: who is speaking for you???? your here now aren't you?
Spiderwoman: we all think first what is important to US..but  with the community we should think WE
Evil Shell: who is speaking for us?
Yummy: and how does management get the results of this meeting
Jewell: To try to stop your group from becoming the "voice" of the people
Evil Shell: think of this
Spiderwoman: as a hole
Evil Shell: if Michael wasn't here
Evil Shell: who would report back to him? and what would you report?
Evil Shell: that the whole idea was trashed, accepted, what??
Michael (World Manager): These Community Hours would be about the community...
Evil Shell: another ideas for these "open hours" would be to have reps from the newspapers
Michael (World Manager): for you, from you.
Yummy: No one ever said it would be the voice of the people
Evil Shell: come and cover the meetings
Michael (World Manager): it's not for the mnagement ...
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: the group would decide who would report the concerns to Michael....
Michael (World Manager): someone can send me a transcript if the
Michael (World Manager): avatars present think I should read it.
Yummy: no.. cant do that... they might misrepresent it
Michael (World Manager): I don't "have" to read or see it ..
Grace: It's something you could try if you were keen and see how it progressed
Evil Shell: ok
Evil Shell: so how about this
Michael (World Manager): I want you to talk, to brainstorm ... I want the community to grow up.
Evil Shell: Michael's idea
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: can it hurt to try this?  <shrug>
Grace: see if it was a viable proposition<shrug>
Evil Shell: in fact........Michael
Michael (World Manager): None of this requires management's help.
Evil Shell: you were looking for a use for Regency
Evil Shell: make it into a meeting area
Evil Shell: maybe a couple of rooms like this
Evil Shell: large avatar numbers on the floor
Michael (World Manager): <cringe> I don't get the resources for even more locales,
Michael (World Manager): let's use what we already have.
Evil Shell: and *informal* meetings
Michael (World Manager): for now.
Evil Shell: hmmmmmmm
Evil Shell: ok
Evil Shell: well, it is something to keep in mind for the future <G>
Michael (World Manager):  No one uses the library...
Grace: does it matter where it is held?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: we use the library..
Yummy: we are using it right now
Spiderwoman: well CC has a few rooms
Michael (World Manager): and I like the walls in here <g>
Spiderwoman: empty 99% of the time
Evil Shell: bah
Grace: and one can sit down and rest LOL
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: should be a public locale I assume <shrug>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: bleh
Evil Shell: don't like the ad <G>
Evil Shell: but this is a good locale
Michael (World Manager): CC as in community center?
Grace: althought I think maybe cushions should be supplied
Spiderwoman: yes as in Comm. Center
Evil Shell: yeah, my butt is numb <react>
Michael (World Manager): community center is, um, I feel trapped in there.
Sly StarDust: 20 down is nice
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: i think we should have a room that holds more avvies for meetings like this...
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: but thas meh
Grace: well, lets start small and see how it goes
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: good idea
Grace: if it succeeds then we grow
Grace: <shrug>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: i agree
Evil Shell: yes, but no leaders
Michael (World Manager): yes, let's use what we have, and go from there/
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I think it should be possibly outside too so those passing could stop and watch if they wanted <shrug>
Evil Shell: no facilitators
Grace: yep
Evil Shell: yes
Sly StarDust: exactly Shell
Evil Shell: Michael
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Why in a room ?
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: I agree.....we have to take small steps......this was just the first one......
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: good point .......outside
Evil Shell: how difficult is it to enlarge the number down in a locale?
Spiderwoman: yes even better I dea outside
Michael (World Manager): The advantage of this room here is that it has chairs .. in an
Evil Shell: and it should be a *traveled* locale
Michael (World Manager): order that allows everyone to speak without
Michael (World Manager): covering someone else..
Spiderwoman: more folks can listen and participate
Grace: true
Evil Shell: more will stumble on
Evil Shell: if in public tho
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: true
Grace: but numb bums are on the agendy
Grace: agenda
Grace: even
Evil Shell: LOL
Michael (World Manager): we can do a broadcast ... <shrug>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: thats how i end up in most conversations<react>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: possible to glue a bunch of chairs in the park maybe?
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Give us an outside arena <grin> add some benches around the fountain ??<eg>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: or rock seats?
Michael (World Manager): so much for "let's use what we have" <g>
Evil Shell: LOL
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: lol
Sly StarDust: lol
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: well
lil helper: LOL
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: <grin>
Evil Shell: but these are minor changes, no?
Sly StarDust: never Michael
Michael (World Manager): do you really want 50 people?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: we trying to be resourceful here
Evil Shell: and at least we are kind of agreeing <G>
Evil Shell: I don't
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: outside is a good idea though
Grace: If you were to have regular meetings, would you like to see them on the same days and same times, Michael?
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: yeah outside
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: 50 is a bit much though
Evil Shell: I think the locale should just be renamed
Evil Shell: to "Speakers Corner" or something
Yummy: this isnt for Michael.. its supposed to be for us
Evil Shell: like that location in London
Evil Shell: and have a 10 avvy down
Evil Shell: perhaps some benches or chairs
Evil Shell: where you can go by
Evil Shell: see a conversation and join in
Evil Shell: or watch
Sly StarDust: yeah
Evil Shell: or stand there until someone else joins you
Evil Shell: and try to talk
** At this point Michael creates a locale as discussed, called Speaker's Corner**
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: WHOA
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: morpheus statue area holds 8 or 10 I believe
Dutchess Mary J: ack
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: wooooooooo hooooooo
Sly StarDust: cool
Evil Shell: ask and ye shall receive <G>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: <react><react>
Grace: lol
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: hehe
Sly StarDust: <jump>
Dutchess Mary J: that was very odd
Grace: thought I had transported for a moment
Evil Shell: now if the sign could only change so quick <vbg>
Grace: or maybe it is just the drink
Grace: <react><react>
Yummy: I still think this is a good place to meet  and gives lots of people a way to come down
Evil Shell: it is the drink <react>
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: kewl.......and we have room for 18 seated......right here.....
Grace: hehehe
Evil Shell: only issue is the lack of passers by
Sly StarDust: yeah
Michael (World Manager): I think tht is an advantage.
Grace: well, we could all carry a seat out with us
Evil Shell: noone ever comes in here
Dutchess Mary J: Well.........word of mouth works wonders at times<shrug>
Michael (World Manager): you want people who care enough to
Michael (World Manager): come to the community hours..
Michael (World Manager): not static noise
Evil Shell: ok
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: Then.....let your alts.......stand outside and advertise your in here..........
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: I agree <grin>
Evil Shell: then how about an outside locale
Evil Shell: like an "auxillary speakers corner"
Evil Shell: to spur conversation
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: baby steps one step at a time eh?
Evil Shell: when people aren't in here?
Evil Shell: you could make it the locale one left of the VMart
Evil Shell: does anyone else think that is a good idea??
Michael (World Manager): I like this locale here <g>
Sly StarDust: I do
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: <grin>
Grace: and would you have the community hours on the same day and time etc, so that people could relate to that?
Evil Shell: ok
Evil Shell: then if people want discussion, it is up to them to start it on the street <G>
Michael (World Manager): we can always move the location later.
Evil Shell: no rules
Evil Shell: no leaders
Dutchess Mary J: I agree...........if people truly care they will make the time to be here if at all possible
Evil Shell: and we don't even have to report to management <react><react>
Grace: yes, why not, at the end of the day it is not the locale you are discussing but other more important matters
Michael (World Manager): I just would like to see how it goes before we
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: it works better if meetings are held at the same times and same places......
Michael (World Manager): provide additional support.
Evil Shell: btw, I do like the broadcasts to announce things going on
Grace: I think that is very wise Michael
Grace: tread slowly
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: broadcast is a great idea
Grace: I'm sure everyone else feels that too.
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: everyone will know
Evil Shell: yes
Michael (World Manager): broadcast for the first few times only ..
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: What if 100 show up , how will the ghosts be moderated , Yummy ?
Michael (World Manager): as I said, you want people that have something to
Evil Shell: then in the future, can be done as necessary
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: a world broadcast should be used......It affects all who live here......
Michael (World Manager): say, not those who get good feelings when they see a
Michael (World Manager): robed figure.
Grace: if you have it on regular days and times then people will remember!
Evil Shell: or bad feelings, Michael <G>
Sly StarDust: <react>
Michael (World Manager): I'll probably attend some of these meetings as
Michael (World Manager): regular avatar.
Michael (World Manager): No robe. No title.
Grace: incognito??
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: u'll have to be reeeally sneaky
Grace: <react><react>
Michael (World Manager): No.
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: <react>
Michael (World Manager): Plain old "Michael".
Grace: just teasing
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: we kymerians catch on quick
Grace: I know
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: then u bombarded with esps of
Michael (World Manager): Gee, thought someone finally figured out that Shell is my alt.
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: " arent you....??"
Michael (World Manager): <g>
Spiderwoman: lol
Dutchess Mary J: lol
Evil Shell: ROFL <react><react>
lil helper: LOL
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: ROFL !!
Grace: hehehe
Sly StarDust: lol
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: lol
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: lol
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: thats a scary thought
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: hehe
Evil Shell: ya let the cat out of the bag, Michael!!
Dutchess Mary J: lol
Spiderwoman: yep you both sound alike<v bg>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: i sure hope not
Evil Shell: ya, but his german is much better than mine <G>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: i tell shell my most inner secrets <sinking into chair>
Dutchess Mary J: lol
Evil Shell: heheheh BL
Spiderwoman: lets hope so shell
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: while Michael is here should WE decide when the next meeting will take place...so he can announce it??
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: We can suggest , but the other meeting is at 10 ??
Michael (World Manager): how many community hours per week?
Michael (World Manager): two?
Michael (World Manager): one early, one late?
Evil Shell: yes
Grace: yes, good idea
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: sounds good
Evil Shell: one for US, one for euros
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: to start with.......i agree....
Spiderwoman: yep and see how that goes
Evil Shell: when is the best time for Euros, Michael?
Spiderwoman: we always can chage to improve
Evil Shell: you decide that one <G>
Michael (World Manager): Perhaps this locale will become a spot for community related conversations over time.
Michael (World Manager): hmm... noon WAT, I guess.
Evil Shell: that would be a good thing
Evil Shell: 6pm
Evil Shell: ya
Evil Shell: 9 oops
Grace: How long to you think you would like to give this trial, or do you prefer to see how it goes first?
Michael (World Manager): 1pm is better for the UK
Michael (World Manager): but that is 10pm in central europe..
Evil Shell: personally, I think play it by ear for now
Evil Shell: well, 12:30?
Evil Shell: wat
Michael (World Manager): lol
Grace: Yes, I agree to that coming from UK
Michael (World Manager): deal.
Grace: okay 12.30
Evil Shell: and 5 WAT for the other?
Michael (World Manager): Fridays?
Evil Shell: how would that work for the aussies??
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: hate to say this but my sinus infection is draining me of energy getting dizzy and spacey here so im gonna take a nap now...
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: hugzzz all around
Evil Shell: huggggggggggggggggs BL
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: <wave>
Evil Shell: feel better, hon
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: cya bl
Grace: yep, if that suits your team?
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Night
Dutchess Mary J: hugggggggggs
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: <wave>
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: thanx=)
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: take care <wave>
Sly StarDust: hugggss
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: hugggsssssss
ßlack £ace - Goddess of Havoc: take care alls
Dutchess Mary J: you too
Sly StarDust: you too
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: <bow>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Our team Grace if we're involved
Evil Shell: there should be no team <G>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Well gathering <G>
Grace: think it takes all teams really
Evil Shell: it should just be whomever cares enough to show up
Grace: but... I think it is more important that management are there
Evil Shell: no teams, no us vs. them
Grace: otherwise there is no point in having meeting LOL
Michael (World Manager): I disgree <grin>
Michael (World Manager): disagree.
Dutchess Mary J: I agree Shell
Evil Shell: agreed, m
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Ideas are presented Grace
Evil Shell: you said, this is for us
Evil Shell: not for you
Michael (World Manager): right.
Evil Shell: I see that you're trying to bring us together as a community
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Not overseen <G>
Grace: let me look back
Evil Shell: a council idea is going to divide us
Evil Shell: but informal meetings won't, I hope
Michael (World Manager): The purpose is to develop community sense,
Michael (World Manager): to bring you closer,
Grace: didn't think it was a council meeting
Yummy: Geezx  Shell.. Igive up
Evil Shell: no, we're beyond that now <G>
Grace: guess I must have typed something wrong LOL
Michael (World Manager): we will stop by every once in a while..
Michael (World Manager): won't announce it in advance ...
Grace: by the team, I meant WA representatives, that was all.
Michael (World Manager): I don
Michael (World Manager): er, I don't want people to come just because of me.
Dutchess Mary J: shoot brb
Evil Shell: and they will.....you know the types <G>
Michael (World Manager): Yes, we are such control freaks here at Avaterra <g>
Evil Shell: sometimes I"m much too honest for my own good
Dutchess Mary J: back sorry
Evil Shell: brb a sec
Yummy: like me.. I only came because Michael was here
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Yummy <grin>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: lol
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: lol
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Do you have any closing remarks before we leave <grin>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: not true yummy
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: You got us here
Michael (World Manager): well, I do consider myself part of the community ....
Grace: wonder if she fancies him!!
Spiderwoman: I came because CATS RULE
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Please <grin>
Michael (World Manager): ... and was that before I became an acolyte.. and before
Michael (World Manager): accepted the job offer.
Yummy: No.. I think i fancy my hubby sitting next to me here
Grace: bet he wishes he hadn't at times!!
Michael (World Manager): I'm a bit trapped between the different sides... community and company,
Michael (World Manager): community needs and business requirements..
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: mmmmmm
Michael (World Manager): I know what the people want, I know what the company wants - it isn't always compatible.
Grace: well you should be able to give lots of input from both sides then Michael!!
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: you are kinda cute.....doing anything later baby......<grin>
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: lol
Sly StarDust: Okay question Michael
Michael (World Manager): yes?
Dutchess Mary J: lol awwwwwwwwww........ thats sweet <gag>
Grace: At the end of the day, it is a business and you will never please everyone
Sly StarDust: Lets say we all discussed an idea in great detail, and sent it to you...would you please answer the e-mail?
Evil Shell: back
Michael (World Manager): I will always try, yes.
Sly StarDust: or Delilah<shrug>
Grace: no that could be the biggest problem yet, Michael replying to e-mail
Grace: <grin><grin>
Dutchess Mary J: Hey Michael I got a question for you
Sly StarDust: But if we never hear his side..we will keep talking about the subject
Sly StarDust: sending more e-mails to him
Michael (World Manager): I'm listening to Abba... I think I'm getting old.
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: ROFL !
Evil Shell: ack
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: the gold album?
Michael (World Manager): Yes <g>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Abba never gets old does it ??<eg>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: oops .......ehehe
Evil Shell: du är dumma katten <react>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: my fav hehehe
<system>: There are 8 ghosts.
Grace: why does he need to listen to abba when we are all here?
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: lol mary
Dutchess Mary J: feeling younge have no idea who abba is
Sly StarDust: LOL
Evil Shell: ja, det du <react>
Michael (World Manager): Hey, I have an announcement!
Dutchess Mary J: well good lord, they tore the leaves off the house plant
Yummy: well.. Im glad that some are willing to try...  and I wish everyone luck.....
Evil Shell: Abba is a Swedish band from the 70's
Grace: announce away<jump><jump> you have the floor
Dutchess Mary J: then the wall paper off the walls
Evil Shell: which is why I call him a silly cat in Swedish <G>
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: go ahead michael
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: yes michael do<grin>
Michael (World Manager): Are you not totally tired of the brown, boring, blah'ish elevator lobby?
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Yes Michael ?
Yummy: well.. abba was popular in the US  too
Dutchess Mary J: yes, I am
Evil Shell: oh my
Sly StarDust: god it is terrible Michael
Spiderwoman: yes
Evil Shell: yes, but they are a Swedish band
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: oh god yes
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Uh huh <grin>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: yup it's blah
Michael (World Manager): enjoy the last 2-3 days of it. <grin>
Evil Shell: I think Michael's trying to tell us sumptin <react>
Dutchess Mary J: hmmmmmmm....... someone send me a tape of abba
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: WOOOHOOO <grin><jump>
Grace: great
Spiderwoman: most stuff looks like East germany in the lobby
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: <jump><jump> YAY
Dutchess Mary J: great<jump><jump>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: wooooooo hoooooooo
Evil Shell: thanks Michael <bow><bow>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: YES <grin>
Sly StarDust: wooohooo<jump><react><jump><react>
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: woooooohoooooo<jump><jump><jump>
Michael (World Manager): How would you like ...
Michael (World Manager): windows...
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Thank you Michael <grin><bow>
Dutchess Mary J: thank you Michael
Sly StarDust: YES!
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: YES <grin>
Michael (World Manager): plants....
Dutchess Mary J: windows too?
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: yeah that would be nice
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: YES <jump>
Michael (World Manager): views ....
Sly StarDust: YES!
Spiderwoman: yes windows plants
Dutchess Mary J: oh my god
Spiderwoman: we want it all
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: ohhhhhhhhhh very nice
Sly StarDust: Organize those thinsg ont he wall
Michael (World Manager): and no clustered walls with event markers <g>
Evil Shell: and???
Evil Shell: annnnnnnnnd?
Sly StarDust: so they aren;t just hanging there
Dutchess Mary J: hmmmmmmmm pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming
Grace: ummmmmmmmmm
Sly StarDust: LOL
Evil Shell: <crossing fingers>
Grace: ummmmmmmmmm.
Sly StarDust: Marble<jump>
Michael (World Manager): Prolly Sunday ...
Sly StarDust: so we all can feel fancy
Michael (World Manager): Maybe Monday.
Evil Shell: might we also find something missing on a certain corner? <G>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Very nice Michael <grin> Good sign
Sly StarDust: LOL
Grace: I don't want to feel fancy and I'm sure she doesn't want to feel me either
Michael (World Manager): Oh yeah, and name registry in private elevator.
Evil Shell: LOL
Sly StarDust: LOL
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I saw that this afternoon <G>
Yummy: Michael.. PLEASE... get rid of that sign.. tired of hearing about it
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Someone testing ? <grin>
Michael (World Manager): yes, it's there already.
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Okay <grin>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: I thought I was nuts
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: It was there then gone <G>
Michael (World Manager): OK, will remove the sign when this meeting is over.
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: I would just like to say: Michael you cannot always do the best to please everyone, but in my opinion you are doing a great job, keep up the great work..I think little by little DS is coming back together
Yummy: Thank you
Evil Shell: Michael, THANK YOU <jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump><jump>
Sly StarDust: LOL
Evil Shell: wooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Sly StarDust: <jump><jump><jump>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: thank you  <bow>
Michael (World Manager): thank you <grin>
Evil Shell: <doing a Darksiders celebratory vampire dance> <G>
Sly StarDust: No more trees blockin it
Yummy: thank you  all for coming...
HandsomeDJ - Golden Knight: Thank you for coming in Michael.........<bow>
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Thank you Yummy
Michael (World Manager): I will replace it with an animated, flashing Coca Cola ad.
Sly StarDust: ROFL!
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: Thank you Michael<bow>
Dutchess Mary J: lol
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: LMAOFFFFFFF Michael <jump><jump><jump><jump>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: lol
Evil Shell: egads <sigh>
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: rofl
Grace: ack how tacky can you get<sigh>
Evil Shell: <stocking up on trees>
Michael (World Manager): <g>
Sly StarDust: LOL
Evil Shell: at least it wasn't a blimp
Sly StarDust: Oh god those blimps
lil helper: <G>
Yummy: have a nice evening all.. and thanks for all the imput
Michael (World Manager): I, um, hate the blimps ... they lag the heck out of me.
Evil Shell: take care, Yummy
Betha - Chief Golden Knight: Night all and thank you again Yummy <grin><wave>
Sly StarDust: Me too
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: nite yummy <wave>
Yummy: bye bye....
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: Thank you Yummy for trying to help our community<grin>
Sly StarDust: Bye<wave>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: thanks
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: bye bye all..hugggggggssssss
Yummy: see those who need to at  10 wat
Michael (World Manager): Bye
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: have a great weekend
Evil Shell: you too!
Beanie Queen Golden Knight: and good luck at the events
Evil Shell: sowwy, no way <G>
Mrsshark Chief Golden Knight: huggs everyone
Spiderwoman: thanks
Michael (World Manager): I actually wish we had Coca Cola .. <g>
Trevayne Chief Golden Knight: bye all <wave>
Sly StarDust: I like coke
Dutchess Mary J: me too I wished I had some right now
Evil Shell: egads no <g>
Michael (World Manager): folks.. I can't meet today, I am late for another meeting <sigh>
Michael (World Manager): I'm not even supposed to be here.
Evil Shell: thank you, Michael
Sly StarDust: I don;t see ya <G>
Sly StarDust: Thanks tho Michael
Dutchess Mary J: thnx Michael
Grace: nice of you to come
Sly StarDust: We need your support too
Spiderwoman: I really  would like to talk to you about games and event Michael
Michael (World Manager): No problem... I think meetings like this one really
Michael (World Manager): add to the WA experience.
Evil Shell: and I have a subject as well, that I emailed you about
Evil Shell: absolutely!
Michael (World Manager): I mean, bingo and the usual chiy-chat gets boring quickly.
Evil Shell: won't take long, I promise <G>
Grace: hope so!
Evil Shell: to say the least
Grace: she means only a couple of hours LOL
Michael (World Manager): That was my problem with WA a few years ago ..
Sly StarDust: What's your idea Shell?
Michael (World Manager): it got shallow ...
Evil Shell: yes, very shallow
Michael (World Manager): no content ...
Evil Shell: well, I think we need advertising
Evil Shell: not IW
Evil Shell: but to *get* people IW
Michael (World Manager): so, that is something I would like to change ...
Dutchess Mary J: Oh yeah, Michael thanks for getting ppl back on the streets<grin>
Dutchess Mary J: Its nice to talk to ppl again
Sly StarDust: This place was a blast 2 years ago
Evil Shell: Michael and Delilah were avatars
Grace: it stills needs more content
Evil Shell: hired by Avaterra
Evil Shell: I think that Avaterra should consider hiring avatars
Grace: people have to have things in common as well as chat to survive
Evil Shell: to work for advertising, searching out places
Grace: and things to do.
Evil Shell: public relations, the like
Evil Shell: yes
Sly StarDust: Ahh interesting thought Shell
Evil Shell: and I'd like to see something like the vampires/sunrays event
Evil Shell: role playing and all
Sly StarDust: Oh me too<jump>
Michael (World Manager): Host them.
Dutchess Mary J: oh yeah, would it be ok if I went to my local high school and advertised DS there?
Evil Shell: <shutting up> <G>
Evil Shell: yes, good point Michael
Michael (World Manager): we are working on some quests ..
Evil Shell: I'm going to look into doing it
Evil Shell: ooooooooh, good idea
Michael (World Manager): approved those yesterday
Grace: action speaks louder than words shell!
Evil Shell: I don't see why not....to advertise at your school
Spiderwoman: lol..so true with most of it
Evil Shell: quests could be fun
Michael (World Manager): just something "to do".
Sly StarDust: I don't understand why you say host them
<system>: There are 5 ghosts.
Michael (World Manager): me?
Sly StarDust: when I can;t even get a bear painted how I wanted<shrug>
Michael (World Manager): well
Evil Shell: hmmmmmmm?
Sly StarDust: for my eventNotes from Meeting at 10pm WAT below...

Yummy: Hello Everyone.... and Thank you for Coming...
Yummy: FIRST  and foremost..I would like to remind everyone here that as of this moment there is no City Council in place.
Yummy: Second.. from the discussion the other day and from  the information attained from the forum results I think the major objection for the opposing side is the NAME.
Yummy: This is easy enough to deal with... and I would hope that the name is not as important as the function.
Yummy: The Major function as I see it...would be to be able to have GROUP discussions as a COMMUNITY regarding the needs and wants of Kymer as a whole.
Yummy: Right Now...as it stands, you as individuals email Managment with your comments and suggestions.  Sometimes getting a result, sometimes not..
Yummy: This Group, shall we call it a Brainstorming Committee, would discuss a topic, Such as  Vendo Items, Parking Problems, Newbies, Turfs, etc... and come up with suggestions as a GROUP.
Yummy: This Group would then send a accumulative request to management.  I can only hope that this would acheive at least two things..
Yummy: First freeing up Management from dealing with 200-300 pieces of Email requests each day and thus giving Management more time to visit with us inworld,and to resolve our needs.
Yummy: Second,  the discussion its self would generate community sprirt and open discussion.
Yummy: How many times have  you sent a request to management and NOT received a reply.
Yummy: How many times have you wanted to talk with Management about a suggestion and for whatever reason, didnt.
Yummy: What I am proposing Now... IS NOT a form of Kymer Goverment.
Yummy: It will have no Powers over the citizens in Kymer.  It is mearly a way
Yummy: for the people to unite, Discuss and Suggest...
Yummy: WOOHOO...  ok.. that brought out  LOTS  of comments
Yummy: the  outcome  is as follows..
Yummy: Good Morning... and thank you for coming....
Yummy: Earlier this evening we had the First  discussion regarding
Yummy: have some kind of committee to get more people
Yummy: involved in talking about what they would like to
Yummy: see happen in Kymer.
<system>: There are 4 ghosts.
Yummy: The meeting went quite well..in that the concenses
Yummy: seems to be that no Formal committee or Council
Yummy: exists..BUT... at this local 2 Fridays a month..WA Managers
Yummy: would make a general announcement for all in world to see
Yummy: that there will be a discussion group here...The meeting
Yummy: times discussed were...  12am  and 3pm wat.. if  I am not mistaken
Yummy: To accomodate  both  Eurpoean and United States citizens...
Yummy: This meeting would have NO leaders.. No Organization of anykind
Yummy: Just a place and time for all to come and discuss.
Evil Shell: 12:30 pm WAT and 3pm WAT
Yummy: At the time of the meeting... people there could decide who,
Yummy: if anyone..  would sumbitt the information to management.
Bodie: sounds like one of my Condo Commandoes...
*~Krysta Too~*: this sounds intriguing Yum..
Yummy: So...  now..is your turn...  that was the discussion of
Yummy: this afternoon...
Bodie: May I speak ?
Evil Shell: may I add a couple of things?
Evil Shell: to what was decided?
Yummy: Im sure you will
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: please<shrug>
Evil Shell: and that means, Yummy?
Ms Slick: yeah
Evil Shell: you invited me down <s>
Bodie: I'll wait
Evil Shell: Michael had said
Evil Shell: that he doesn't want a government, which Yummy did cover
Evil Shell: no leaders, no set agendas
Evil Shell: and this concept is to bring us together as a community
Evil Shell: not to make reports to management
Evil Shell: although that certainly can be done if something comes up <G>
Evil Shell: and he may be attending
Evil Shell: sans robes
Evil Shell: just as plain ole Michael
Evil Shell: but the main thing is that it isn't to be a formal reporting type of thing
Evil Shell: but rather a discussion group to talk about what's on our minds
Evil Shell: kinda like the forum, without posting, live <react>
Evil Shell: thank you for allowing me to speak, Yummy <s>
Yummy: thank you Shell
Yummy: in a nut shell... that is what is before you now
Yummy: open for you to discuss
Bodie: I wish to speak
Yummy: please do
Yummy: all of you please do
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: and then there was silence
Yummy: he is typing.. hehehe
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: Bodie<shrug>
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: hunt and peck<shrug>
Tigress: i think he is filling in all the space he can
Bodie: The concept of our world world has been free play among individuals
Yummy: as long as it come up... thats ok
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: Bodie may be frozen
*~Krysta Too~*: lol let him type ...get his two cents worth in
Yummy: true
*~Krysta Too~*: yes
Yummy: it is still that way
Bodie: I am relegated to one finger..
Ms Slick: so that means no councel right Yummy
Bodie: I will ascede to the chair..
Yummy: but as it was pointed out to us this afternoon... we must also grow as a community
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: I still dont see what is the problem is with the world...I came here not knowing, I have made lots of friends...I dont see what is wrong with our world
Yummy: correct...
Yummy: there is no chair here
Yummy: hehehe
Ms Slick: dang and i wanted to run for Mayor
Yummy: my only point to all these meetings was to get poeple to communicate with each other...
*~Krysta Too~*: I think it would be good to get individual requests and suggestions to managers and coming as a group WOULD free up SOME time..<shrug>
Yummy: about things in here that affect us all
Bodie: May I make this comment?
Yummy: yes
Ms Slick: yep
*~Krysta Too~*: please
Yummy: that was my intention also.. to free up Michaels time...BUT...  as long as people are talking.. that is all that counts
Ms Slick: thats what managers get payed to do
*~Krysta Too~*: kinda like a live opinion page?
Yummy: yes... but there is no page
Bodie: years ago this world was so horrific that friends of mine could not bring their daughters online
Terry: really?
*~Krysta Too~*: omgosh how so?
Bodie: For fear of heavy stuff but now I have seen lately,
Terry: that kinda horrific?
Bodie: I can interact as an Z
Tigress: i have a 7 year old that comes here
Ms Slick: well i think they should have a site just for kids
Tigress: and i must say that i have to watch what he does
Bodie: AVI and there is a place for everyone
Tigress: there are alot of kids here like teenagers that there mouth is terrible
Yummy: yes... that is what is nice about WA... there is a place for everyone
Bodie: I am finished thank you all
*~Krysta Too~*: i like this being a family world ...we got citizens in here from ALL age groups
Tigress: and i have called ACO's and nothing was done
Ms Slick: hey thats in rw also
Tigress: i know it is but there are rules here to be followed
Tigress: when you sign up
*~Krysta Too~*: this is true
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: there is rules every where
Ms Slick: they here stuff like that in school
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: and you know when there are rules there are people that will break them
Tigress: if broken there some actions should be taken
Ms Slick: you were young once
Yummy: well... tonight.. this meeting... is to  discuss the possibility of group meetings...
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: DS is just like RW, The way they are In here is an indication what they are like in RW
*~Krysta Too~*: how often would you havve these meetings?
Ms Slick: you so rite king
Bodie: I LIKE BEING able to put my box on the street without fear ..
*~Krysta Too~*: this is true too
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: meetings would be good, but not this late...heheheh
Tigress: soo does that mean i don't leave my son come here
Yummy: If im not mistaken...  2x's a month...  at   12:30pm and  3:00pm  management would announce it... but... you can get people together and have one any time
*~Krysta Too~*: not many thieves or con artists in here anymore...there were a bunch when i first came on
*~Krysta Too~*: that would not be bad....
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: me too
*~Krysta Too~*: 2 x a month that is
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: I got robbed my third month here
<system>: There are 3 ghosts.
Terry: aww
Bodie: unless you wanna give him up to biker ideas m'lady<grin>
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: not as much thefts now
Yummy: i remember that King
*~Krysta Too~*: Biker Ideas?
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: but, cons are still around, just like the RW, it will be hard to stop those
Yummy: biker?   as in Sturgis
Yummy: eheheh
*~Krysta Too~*: what are those?
Bodie: pleading newby probation...
Tigress: i think alot of people are pulling together more so now then when i first came here 2 years ago
Ms Slick: i don't understand how some one could rob ya
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: are the managers going to work more on DS
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: add locales
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: make it nicer<shrug>
Yummy: from what Michael says... yes...
*~Krysta Too~*: just being a silly newbie is how <shrug>
Ms Slick: lower the price
Bodie: checking the shoelaces..
*~Krysta Too~*: they have done SO much since i got here 6 months ago
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: I mean, they put all their eggs into NRW and left us out to dry<shrug>
Yummy: Michael did make an announcement this afternoon that pricing will change....  more will come from him at a later date
Yummy: and....
Tigress: i agree to that one
*~Krysta Too~*: really Mufasa?
Yummy: we will see a new lobby in a few days
*~Krysta Too~*: i went to NRW...and i  like DS better
Ms Slick: well one thing NRW has
*~Krysta Too~*: WOW kewl
Tigress: NRW has alot of things that we don't see here
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: what about pricing, lowering it or raising
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: right
*~Krysta Too~*: this is true...
*~Krysta Too~*: opps brb
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: I saw a snake over there
Yummy: well.. I think we all are hoping lower
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: today
Yummy: but it was not stated
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: and I like the umbrellas
Yummy: Yes Shell
Evil Shell: Michael did say that we'll see a price change
Evil Shell: we don't know what yet tho
Ms Slick: that we don't is avdvertisment
Terry: guess they feel like they aree competing with other virtual worlds
Ms Slick: thar's who they make money
Bodie: I am asking myself..
Terry: City$All, EverQuest, Realm, etc
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: I dont care if they advertise
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: let them
Yummy: well.. Bodie... as us
Terry: city4all even
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: it doesnt bother me<shrug>
Yummy: ask  us
Tigress: don't brother me either
Ms Slick: thats what i say
Bodie: everyone is whacking on a cheaper price..
Evil Shell: it doesn't fit in with the dream
Evil Shell: the mood, the feel of the dreamscape
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: another thing...I think they should go to a system wher you get your 600 t's a day automatically, not  by being in her or trying to keep your computer on to collect the t's
Bodie: I personally am willing to pay knowing thast
Terry: it would be interesting to see what advertisers they chose for here
Terry: or who chose us
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: right, barnes and noble behind us
<system>: There are 2 ghosts.
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: that is advertising
Yummy: well.. all those things.. are also in the minds of others... and Im sure...will be covered when everyone gets together
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: does it bother anyone
Ms Slick: not me
Yummy: Talking to each other was a MAIN goal...
Terry: we do seem to have barnes and noble behind us
Ms Slick: i shop there any way
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: they say we dont talk enough
Bodie: those who are also willing to pay are the ones I prefer to count on when I come online!
Evil Shell: ya, but they don't do anything here
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: I know almost all of you
Yummy: and i think the outcome was great
Evil Shell: and nobody liked it when it was opened
Evil Shell: true, KM
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: and I know a ton more
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: just because they dont see me on the street
Bodie: you want cheap! get the hell out
Terry: i've played lots of event bingo here
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: doesnt mean I am not talking or doing something
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: with someone I know
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: I also enjoy decorating my turfs
Yummy: Shell... it was decided to use this locale for future discussions... correct...
Evil Shell: yes
Yummy: i know it was  discussed tobe on open streets
Yummy: but in the beginning... we will use this locale...
Evil Shell: yes, but Michael felt this was best for now
Yummy: Sooo... when you see that  Broadcast pop up... come on over...
Yummy: everyones opinion is welcome and needed
Bodie: I was here since 93 and I have heard these OH WOE stories so much so, It drove me away.
Evil Shell: 93?
Evil Shell: DS began in 95
Yummy: well.. hopefully these will not be  woe  stores... but  progress  together
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: hehehe
Ms Slick: hehe
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: opppps
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: lol
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: Drinking?
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: hehehehe
Ms Slick: he was here in his dreams
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: lol
Ms Slick: lol
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: his Brainchild
Bodie: money .. I'm surrounded by sussescful puter folks and all I hear is money!
Ms Slick: roflmao
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: Nostradamis
Ms Slick: and
Yummy: so... is everyone in here in agreement... or is there more you would like to see?
Bodie: THANK YOU<bow>
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: Beach
Tigress: yes a Beach
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: this is an island but, we have no beach
Terry: with flying fish
Ms Slick: i'm just saying
Yummy: hehehe.... well... discuss it... heheheh
Cherry Pie: had to come down and say Hi to shell..<react>
Evil Shell: CP <react>
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: and fishing poles
Terry: moving fish
Bodie: go to the realm
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: and fish
Evil Shell: hugggggggggs to ya <G>
Cherry Pie: how ya be?
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: The King loves fish
Tigress: realm is not good
Yummy: OMG... another Wert.. and fish
Cherry Pie: town council AGAIN<grin><grin>
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: hehehe
Evil Shell: I know <react><react><react>
Bodie: that would be better
Tigress: i was there and tried it
Cherry Pie: didn't we do this one already?
Terry: cats like fish
Tigress: i can't fight
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: I am a fisherman, I love fish
Evil Shell: a few times
Evil Shell: <G>
Bodie: yup
Cherry Pie: snicker..<grin><grin>
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: trout
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: hehehe
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: Salmon
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: Walleye
Evil Shell: fish are disgusting <G>
Tigress: i just want some rare heads to come back
Cherry Pie: opakaopaka for fish...<react>
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: you know, the basics
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: lol
Ms Slick: if them in NRW and CC can pay 1 year for what we pay a month
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: yea, fish heads
Tigress: no no
Tigress: cowgirl heads
Ms Slick: that they should be able to give us
Terry: all heads
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: Rare Heads will come back
Tigress: slowly
Ms Slick: some type of break
Tigress: very slow
Terry: except maybe tut and nefertiti
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: they should, I dont know about the other stuff, but heads will, i am sure
Yummy: so... unless someone has more to add...........  Be Watching for the next discussion at either... 12:30pm  or  3:00 pm   in  2  weeks
Bodie: this meeting is cutting into what I had planned for this morning
Terry: ok
Cherry Pie: yeah.....would seem like a bit fairer to me...I am in both worlds...
Tigress: bag heads
Tigress: smiley heads
Terry: sleepy here
Evil Shell: I"m outta here
Terry: nighters
Evil Shell: thank you for your kind response to my esp question, Yummy <bow>
Ms Slick: go to bed thin
Terry: thanks yummy
Terry: <bow><bow>
Bodie: kiss my fishin trip adios..
Yummy: Thank you all again for coming.. and I hope to see you all at the next one...
King Mufasa-Golden Knight: thanks Yummy
Tigress: kisssssssssss goodbye fishes
Bodie: <grin><grin>
Yummy: look for the Broadcast...
Ms Slick: thanx yummy
Tigress: you get to live another day
*~Krysta Too~*: bye fishies
Tigress: lol
Yummy: and this is the local....
Bodie: hehehehe