Meeting with Tony Christopher - June 1996: Revision history

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25 March 2022

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  • curprev 09:1709:17, 25 March 2022Stu talk contribs 15,838 bytes +15,838 Created page with " <pre>Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?><Blipdom bleep blip?> <Behlp?> <shrug> <Bleepdol Tony Christopher?> <Bleep?> <shrug> Sa-Paneshe: <bleeepdol Christopher Tony> Tony: What's going on? Who are you? where am I? I fell asleep on the sofa watching .... Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <shrug> Tony: is this a dream? WHO ARE YOU????? Sa-Neheset: <BLEEP! BLEEP BLIPDOL!> <frown> Tony: I feel sick did you give me some dru..."