Meeting with Tony Christopher - June 1996

From Reno Project
A screenshot of the meeting, featuring Sa-Neheset, Tony and Sa-Paneshe at the Starway Cafe stage in Dreamscape.
Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?><Blipdom bleep blip?> 
            <Behlp?> <shrug>
            <Bleepdol Tony Christopher?>
            <Bleep?> <shrug>

Sa-Paneshe: <bleeepdol Christopher Tony>

Tony: What's going on?
      Who are you?
      where am I?
      I fell asleep on the sofa
      watching ....

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <shrug>

Tony: is this a dream?
      WHO ARE YOU?????

Sa-Neheset: <BLEEP! BLEEP BLIPDOL!> <frown> 

Tony: I feel sick
      did you give me some drug?
      let me out of here

Sa-Neheset: <BLEEP! BLEEP BLIPDOL!> <frown> 

Tony: I am out of control

Sa-Neheset: <Blip bleepdol!  Blehpdom blibdollop!> <grin>

Sa-Paneshe: <BLIP BLUB!> <frown>

Tony: they have captured me and I have no control over them

Sa-Paneshe: <Blip bleepdol!  Blehpdom blibdollop!> <grin>

Tony: What do you want from me?
      I can't understand you?

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <shrug>

Tony: So the least you can do is get me  acup of coffee!
      WHat is that thing ... a coffee maker?

Sa-Neheset: <BLIP?> <shrug>

Tony: I could use a cup of coffee

Sa-Paneshe: <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>

Tony: oh,  you don't know what coffee is

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep blip!>

Tony: this thing if pretty cool, 
      I guess it is a translator

Sa-Paneshe: <Bleep.>
Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <shrug>

Tony: now I can talk to  you wierdos

Sa-Neheset: <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>

Tony: do you really think that I can do that for fyou?
      no way!!

Sa-Paneshe: <Blip bleepdol!  Blehpdom blibdollop!> <grin>

Tony: I don't like you guys

Sa-Neheset: <Blip bleepdol!  Blehpdom blibdollop!> <grin>

Tony: I will not answer that questioin!!!

Sa-Neheset: <BLEEP! BLEEP BLIPDOL!> <frown> 

Sa-Paneshe: <BLEEP! BLEEP BLIPDOL!> <frown> 

Tony: Very funny! I don't think so!!!
      you need to learn some manners
      thanks for backing off

Sa-Paneshe: <Blop.> <bow>  <Blippleblop bloop!> <grin>

Tony: OK, I have been informed that Ihave been
      captured and brought here to be observed and answer questions
      My name is Tony,
      I am the WorldsAway Executive Director
      I wiish I was back at work and not here 
      these guys are not too firendly
      I am under their control
      they are preventing me from ESPing in or out
      The item in my hand is a translator 
      it doesn't make coffee, it allows me to understand my alien captors
      it is apparently quite fragile
      excessive use will overload it ....
      actually I think they are easily overloaded
      they will let me go if they like my answers to the questions
      Maybe they are writing a book
      I don't think anyone will ever beleive this
      You can ask questions through the aliens
      Avatars with names A through M please ESP sa-neheset
      Avatars with names N through Z please ESP sa-paneshe
      They will collect the questions and decide which to give me . ... be
easy on me
      this is a funny translator
      my only chance to escape this neightmare is your questions
      Here goes

Sa-Neheset: <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>

Tony: Q: will new locales be opened?
      Yes, we have  many planned .... 
      and we are currently working on interior and outdoor locales
      the world will keep growing

Tony: Q: what are the next objects?
      We are continuing to improve turfs as a priority
      with imporvd security, furniture and wall hangings
      note that wall hangings will include glue to put them on the wall

Tony: Q; Will there be more Oracles and Acolytes?
      Yes, there will be
      we continue to grow the Acolyte staff with the Dreamscape community
      There are currently over 20 Acolytes
      We will be adding oracles and Acolytes to cover European times

Tony: Q: will Tony be an Oracle?
      Tony type fast enougth to be an Oracle
      errr, Tony can't type fast enough to be an Oracle

Tony: Q:  there are a lot of questions about sitting?
      Yes, we are adding additional animations to the avatars
      including sitting
      Hi mom, they captured me!

Tony: Q: Will there be new body types and will body prices come down?
      Yes, there will be new body types introduced along with new outdoors
      Body prices will fluctuate with the market

Tony: Q: will there be new clothes and accessories?
      There will not be new clothes for quite a ong time
      long time
      however accesories will be available soon ... sorry,
      I can't give an exact date
      but, they will be cool!
      these aliens could use a few accessories
      they didn't like that answer!

Tony: Q: will there be a teleporter near turf building?
      Absolutely, we are workign on that right now
      It takes me a long time to get to my apartment, so I guarantee it has
      NOTE for those who have recently arrived
      ESP your questions to the aliens
      The aliens tell me that I have been invited to a wedding .. thanks!!

Tony: Q:
      Q:  will the theatre be a real theatre?
      Yes, it will be designed to be able to more easily
      hold events like this ... thes aliens are a hassle!
      and also the theatre will be used for plays and other theatre type events

Tony: Q: will there be towels in the Dreamscape?
      A; yes (but, just for the athletic bodies and space travelers)

Tony: Q:  will there be music?
      eventually, but it will be quite a long time

Tony: Q: What about in-world documents and a message center/post-office
      We are working on both of these ... we really want them and are
working hard to
      create them
      save me from these creeps!!

Tony: Q: will we be able to kiss?
      As I mentioned, we are adding animations ... we will put that on the list
      Hugs is already on the list

Tony: Q: what kind of games will be available in Harlequin Game area?
      like turfs so that avatars can rent private game spaces
      Next we will add board game type entertainments
      including dice games
      Heh aliens, am I doing good?

Sa-Neheset: <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>

Tony: Yeah, they are beginning to like me

Sa-Neheset: <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>
            <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>
            <Bleep?> <shrug>

Tony: Harlequin will also include multiplayer games ... 
      everything we do will be multiplayer
      Q: how do I get a job at WA?
      We are working on a Web page to collect this information

Sa-Neheset: <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>

Tony: We will post this in  the forum when it is ready

Sa-Neheset: Bleeeeeeeeeep

Tony: Q; what are we going to do about the thieves?
      Gee, I got stolen right out of my bed by these aliens!
      I think we should take care fo these aliens
      But, reagrding normal avatar thieves in Dreamscape, we are
      adding Acolyte powers so that Acolytes can
      better handle thefts and harassment when it occurs
      we are currently testing these powers
      I wish an Acolyt had them to save me from being stolen from my bed

Sa-Neheset: <frown><frown><frown><frown><frown><frown><frown>bleeepnik

Tony: wo what are you so upset about?

Sa-Neheset: <frown><frown><frown><frown><frown>bleeepzingableopzingarbleepoela

Tony: These guys are really creepy

Sa-Paneshe: <Blop.> <bow>  <Blippleblop bloop!> <grin>

Sa-Neheset: Blorp

Tony: Also, regarding theft, we will be adding the 
      'ability to remove items from a chest without

Sa-Neheset: Gorpbleep   zing zing bleeeeeep <frown><frown><frown><sigh><sigh>

Tony: removing them from your pocket

Sa-Paneshe: <Behlp!> <sigh> <Bleep blipdolplip!> <shrug>

Tony: Q; Do Avatars ever die?
      Yes, if you do not use them for 3 months
      For the new arrivals, I am holding a translator

Sa-Neheset: bleeep zingarelaaaaaaa blorp>>>>><<<<<jump><jump>

Tony: to translate the beeps and burps from these creepy allines

Tony: Q: when will you fix the ESP bug?
      Its fixed
      you should see it with the next update

Tony: Q: what is the purpose of the "How Healthy Am I" status?
      When Avatars are able to enter dangerous areas (new)
      they could come down with diseases and other afflictions
      the "How Healthy am I " status will provide a medical diagnosis

Tony: Q: will there be an adult area in the Dreamscape?
      Ahem, the aliens are wondering what an "Adult area" means

Sa-Neheset: <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>
            <Bleep?> <shrug>

Tony: Answer is that there will most likely not be
      there will not, in the near future, be any adult or kid focused areas

Tony: Q: why not any adult or kid focused areas?
      Because we protect your identity and we don't know what you are
      We'd rather concentrate on making the Dreamscape fun for everyone

Tony: Q: will there be selective blocking of ESPs available?
      No, I won't do that
      these guys are rude .... 
      You got no manners!
      Back to the discussions here

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <shrug>

Tony: Selective blocking of ESPs will be availble, but I can't say when

Tony: Q: will there be new heads in vendos
      Yes, there will be new heads in vendos by July 19th ....
are Vaz and Teresias!
      Sorry, can't say which will be removed .... 
      For new arrivals, i will answer questions that you ESP to 
      these creeps on my right and left

Tony: Q:
      Q: pets, will there be pets?
      THere already are fuzzies that you can get in V-Mart
      and, we are planning other types of animated pets

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <shrug>
            <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>

Tony: Can
      Pets will most likely follow new locales

Tony: Q: Why are new items only given to a few avatars?
      It is because we are introducing them as prizes
      some prizes will be introduced to vendos
      and we will also new items to vendos beyond the prizes

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <shrug>

Tony: come on .... ask more questions,
      these guys are giving me a hard time

Tony: Q: will there be rainbow head spray?
      I can't imagine ... it would look hideous!
      if you really want it ... well, no, can't make promises

Tony: Q: Will the stick in the turf building ever grow leaves?
      We are working on 16 bit fertilizer as we speak!
      Has anybody been watering it?

Tony: Q: will there be more inegration between the Dreamscape and forum?
      As we get in-world documents, some topics from the forum
      will come into the world

Tony: Q: where does FCT stand on add-in products for WA software?
      Programs like Bing0, trivia and poker are cool

Tony: Q: will there be TV in WA?

Sa-Neheset: <BLEEP! BLEEP BLIPDOL!> <frown> 

Tony: but WA is so much better than TV ...

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <shrug>

Tony: answer is no, there willnot be TV in WA
      What ... you want me to go where with you?

Sa-Neheset: <Behlp?>  <Bleep blipdolplip?> <shrug>

Tony: these guys have very little patience
      Okay, okay, I'll answer more questions

Tony: Q: when will the crashes and pauses stop?
      When Bill Gates fixes Windows
      Actually, we will be releasing version 1.2 which will fix more of the 
      causes of crashes and slow response

Tony: Q: will we have more than 2 avatars per account?
      Most likely not ... is your name Sybil?

Tony: Q: will you conintue to support the Mac platform
      The last two programmers we hired are Mac programmers 
      I think that says it all
      They said I can go home soon!!

Tony: Q: Will we be able to keep extra bodies in a chest?
      that sounds pretty grizzly to me ... do you own a chainsaw too?

Tony: Q: how about putting a warning in the promenade to teach newbies about
      GREAT idea ... we'll do it ... look for it in the update after the next

Tony: Q: will there be any special pricing for WA users? and will Compuserve
be the 
      only provider?
      Compuserve is and for the forseeable future will remain the
distribuotr of the 
      Dreamscape.  Compuserve pricing is out of our control ... 
      You can let us know what you think priciing packages should be and we 
      will pass the suggestions on to the folks at Compuserve ... send to
      the WA Team account: 76710,162
      Hi everyone, ... thanks, your questions are keeping these creeps off
my back

Tony: Q: whys is WA not available on WOW!
      WOW! has a new/unique client structure which is not compatible  with
WA client
      The WOW! service is delivered through a single window ... even web access

Tony: Q: will the number of tokens earned per hour increase?
      For newcomers, this thing in my hand is a translator so I can
      understand what the alien creeps on both sides of me are saying

Tony: Q: why is there a different rate of token earning for ghost

Sa-Neheset: blorp grrrr

Tony: Because we want to encourage you to have an Avatar presence in the

Sa-Neheset: Rowrbleeeep!

Tony: and to interact with others and to get known

Sa-Neheset: Bleeep oooga ogga blehpppp<frown><frown>

Tony: Q:
      will turfs be for sale?
      Well, then they would become condos -- right?
      If we get in a real cash crunch we'll sell the turfs and make them condos
      Keep your eye on Fujitsu stock!

Tony: Q:  Will experienced avatars be able to go to the Argo and help train
      As we recruit Acolytes we will look for experienced avatars
      Someone doesn't like my outfit
      The question is where did I get my outfit
      the answer is from Passion's Fashions
      She really likes pink .. don't you like it??

Tony: Q: will there always be a 6 avatar limit per locale
      No, as we increase performance we will be able to increase number
      of avatars per locale

Tony: Q: where do I sign up for the next beta test?
      Send your request to WA Team, 76710,162

Tony: Q: Will we be able to put more things in their pockets?
      we won't be increasing the number of items you can have in your 
      pockets, but you will be able to take things out of chests which are in
      your pocket without having to remove the chest .. of course, this will
       cause a very unattractive bulge!

Tony: NOTE: there will be a transcript of this session in the forum ... as
long as I 
      am returned safely to my home
      if the transcript is not there, pleas send help!!
      Help me get out of h ere
      these guys are getting wierd on me

Sa-Paneshe: bleepdom.> <Bleep?>
            <Blipdom <Bleep?> bleep blip?>
            <Behlp bleepdom.> <Bleep?> <Blipdom bleep blip?>
            <Blipdom bleep blip?>
            <Bleep.> <Behlp bleepdom.> 
            <Behlp bleepdom.> <Blipdom bleep blip?>
            <Behlp bleepdom.> <Bleep?> <Blipdom bleep blip?>

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?>

Sa-Paneshe: <Bleep?> 
            <Bleep.> <Blehp!> 

Tony: No, no, I am not trying to escape

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep?> <Blipdom bleep blip?><Behlp bleepdom.> <Bleep?>

Sa-Paneshe: <Bleep?><Blipdom bleep blip?> 
            <Behlp?> <shrug>

Sa-Neheset: <Bleep.><Blipdom <Bleep?> bleep blip?>
            <Behlp bleepdom.> <Bleep?> <Blipdom bleep blip?>
            <Blipdom bleep blip?><Bleep?> 
            <Behlp bleepdom.> <Bleep?> <Blipdom bleep blip?><Bleep?> 
            <Bleep.> <Blehp!> 
            <Bleep?><Blipdom bleep blip?> 
            <Behlp?> <shrug>

Tony: You want the translator back??

Sa-Neheset: <BLIP?> <shrug>

Sa-Paneshe: <Bleep.>

Sa-Neheset: <BLIP?> <shrug>

Tony: what assurance do I have that you will not harm me?

Sa-Paneshe: <Blip bleepdol!  Blehpdom blibdollop!> <grin>
            <Blop.> <bow>  <Blippleblop bloop!> <grin>

Tony: These creeps are telling me that I have to go away with them 

Sa-Paneshe: <Bleep.>

Tony: be sure to look for the transcript