Help Needed

From Reno Project

Currently, Reno Project is a mostly solo endeavour to document everything about WorldsAway, Habitat and other related worlds. Although these virtual worlds were in their prime anywhere from 20 to 40 years ago, there is still a surprising amount of work to be done to document things. If you have a passion for any of these places and you'd like to volunteer to help, here are some things that we need help with. See beneath the table for more detailed notes about these things if applicable.

If you'd like to volunteer to help in any other way you think might be useful, get in touch with us. Our Discord is on the front page of the site and an email address.

Project Description
Video Transcription Although there isn't a lot of video footage related to all of these virtual worlds, there is some and we would like to transcribe them for the wiki. It's less necessary for the English video footage as this is easier for us to transcribe, but specifically the Japanese and Korean footage would be great to have transcribed. This will allow us to make an English translation a lot easier. See below for an example.
Writing articles We have a page for each of the virtual worlds this site covers, but each individual world has their own history which needs to be written about. Currently, only the WorldsAway, DreamScape and MetroWorlds pages have anything substantial and they are very incomplete also.
Finding materials Contacting former members of these virtual worlds spaces, researching via Google and digging into the Internet Archive constitute a lot of how the material we currently have was found. There is a lot of material still to cover and lot of things still to be found and this is important work. Finding the right person could lead to a treasure trove of archived screenshots, documents or more.

Video Transcription

A good example of why this would be beneficial would be this video of the Founding ceremony in Fujitsu Habitat from February 1990. Having this transcribed from the video back into the same Japanese characters they used in the video would allow us to translate the ceremony into English, as well as document the original ceremony in Japanese.