Habitat Reports

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These are reports which were taken from Chip Morningstars Habitat Archives.

I have copied the text as it was and tried to preserve the formatting as best as possible. I have added in links to other articles on this wiki or elsewhere if appropriate, which would not be a part of the original document but it's a useful way to provide extra context.

If you would like to view these in their original PDF form, you can visit the habitatdocs repository on GitHub (It contains development documents from Habitat converted to modern formats).

MicroCosm Reports - November 1985 to April 1986

These reports still use the original MicroCosm name instead of Habitat. They detail the events of the month prior. So, the December 5th, 1985 report actually writes about the development of the project during November 1985.

MicroCosm Status Reports - May 1986

Undated MicroCosm Reports

Habitat Summary Reports - April 1987 to August 1987

These reports were for the team themselves, to help them prioritize what needed to be handled and what issues were still open. This is in contrast to the MicroCosm reports which seemed to be aimed more at upper management.

Miscellaneous Status Reports