WorldsAway Wedding Registry

From Reno Project

This is a list of avatars who were married in WorldsAway with information taken from various archives such as CompuServe forum postings, Kymer Clarion back issues, internal e-mails and wedding certificate images.


Names of avatars who married Marriage Officiant Date Notes
Acolyte Data & Acolyte Indigo Oracle Vaserius 16th September 1995 This is the first official public Dreamscape wedding held
Osiris & Tanaka Oracle Uni 23rd September 1995 The couple privately exchanged their vows on September 23, 1995
Jackal & BB Oracle Uni 4th November 1995
MadDogJ & MsDar(MrsMadDog) Acolyte Electra 30th November 1995
Mellow-d & Dawnfire Acolyte Nicci 1st December 1995