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Miscellaneous documents relating to WorldsAway can be found here. These might take the form of files uploaded to the WorldsAway forums on CompuServe for example. Some of these are official communications from the WorldsAway team, but not all of them are. If it's not immediately obvious, then it will be noted if it comes from another source. The dates of these communications are either mentioned in the original document, or taken from the date the file was last modified.




FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS in the WorldsAway(TM) Community Forum
Community Forum
				Updated May 8, 1995


The best way to start finding your way around in any 
forum is first to use the GO PRACTICE forum first -- 
where connect time is *free* and there are some very 
helpful files in the library for those who are just 
starting out. 


If the Door icon with the character coming out of it is 
available, you can click on that one and select which 
room you’d like to enter. Clicking on the room only once 
will tell you how many members are currently using that 
room.  If the door icon is greyed out, it means that no 
one is currently in a conference. To start one, you’ll 
need to go up to the Conference pull-down menu and Enter 
Room. You get the same list of choices this way and can 
enter any room you like.

If you have other questions, the Help Desk message 
section is the place to post them-- just reply to other 
messages if you want.  At times there are also sysops 
online in the Help Desk conference room (#1) to answer 



You can change your name for the current time you’re in a 
forum by choosing Set Nickname from the Conference pull-
down menu. To permanently change your name (for your 
forum membership listing and your profile) in our forum, 
you’ll need to send a message to *sysop requesting your 
change. Please include the full name that you previously 
used and also your new name. 



When it comes to rates, both the forum and the WorldsAway 
Community are extended services. There is information 
about this in our Press Releases found in the News & 
Promotions library #3. Also, the GO AWAY menu page should 
have info about rates and prices. GO CHARGES for a 
complete listing and comparison of rates.



Beta Testing of the WorldsAway service will require that 
you connect via CompuServe. If you become a beta tester 
you will be provided the necessary software that is 
needed.  Beta software availability will occur when Beta 
Testing begins.

Beta Testers will be given the access required to 
participate in the beta test of the service, including 
access to a specific section in the WorldsAway Forum to 
provide feedback. This will remain in effect for the 
duration of the WorldsAway beta test as long as you are 
an active Beta Tester of WorldsAway.  Let us know if can 
no longer be a Beta Tester.

So sit tight and stay tuned!

Please direct your specific questions about beta testing 
to the Beta Test Program at CompuServe email account 


What you'll need to do is carefully read the Tester.txt 
file in our News & Promotions Library (#3).  Look for 
"How to be a Beta Tester" in that library.  The 
instructions included will give you the specific format 
that you need. Send a *private* message to 75371,3506 in 
the News & Promotions message section. You’ll need to 
choose News & Promotions from the "Section" box.

Good luck, and if you have any further questions, just 
post them in the WorldsAway forum Help Desk message 
section, so others can read the replies too.

All chosen beta testers for WorldsAway will be given 
access to the Beta Testers section #18 as soon as the 
software is sent out. This is where you will be logging 
your feedback to us.


A beta tester is someone who agrees to test, give 
comments and provide input for a new program, game, or 
for a virtual community like WorldsAway.  The testing 
lasts for a specified amount of time, depending on many 

"Beta" is a term usually used in companies for the phase 
of testing that a product goes through right before it 
gets released to the public. 

"Beta Testing is taking time to find bugs on a product 
that is not open to the general public. ... it can be 
frustrating at times especially on online games when a 
bug can potentially lock your computer and the only way 
out is a disconnect ;D.

"Why would anyone want to do something like this? It is 
the satisfaction of helping a company put out a great 
product without the problems and hassles. A good BT can 
make or break any product. Take some of the games that 
are out there right now! Think if some of them had great 
BTers than that would have meant  less fixes and patches 
to their game.
You have to be willing to spend time and effort into 
this. The MORE the better.  You don't find problems by 
staying out of the product. This is what a Beta Tester 
does. :)"  

--WorldsAway forum member


If you would like to gain access to the Adults Only or 
Teen Spot sections, first read the Closed Section 
Agreement located in our Help Desk Library (#1). This 
file will tell you all you'll need to know about sending 
a message to *sysop (don’t forget the asterisk, it’s the 
shift-8 key.) *Sysop makes the message Private, so no one 
else will see it except the Wizop of our forum.

Make sure and include your age, full name, and what 
sections you'd like access to (Adults or Teens) to this 
address.  Also, make sure that if you are using someone 
else's account that they either don't have access to one 
of the closed section already, because only one section 
is allowed per account. 


If you’ve been sent a message telling you that you now 
have access to one of our closed sections, but you can’t 
see the section yet, you may need to delete the forum 

If you are on a PC running WinCIM previous to version 
1.4, you may not be able to see the sections. You'll need 
to exit the forum, choose the Special pull down menu then 
choose Forum Database.  A window full of all the forums 
you've ever entered will appear. Select "Community+" and 
delete it. When you re-enter the forum the new 
information will be downloaded to your computer.


Question:  What computer requirements will you need for 

For a Macintosh, you will need the following:
mouse and keyboard
2400 baud Hayes compatible modem (recommended 14,400 baud 
Hayes compatible modem)
3.5" floppy drive
System 7.1 or better
68030 CPU or better (color Classic or higher)
8mb RAM minimum (recommended 16mb RAM)
Hard disk with min. 20mb of free space
Color monitor with 256 colors
For a PC using Windows, you will need the following:
mouse and keyboard
2400 baud Hayes compatible modem (recommended 14,400 baud 
Hayes compatible modem)
3.5" floppy drive (recommended CD-ROM drive with MSCDEX 
386 or better
Windows 3.1 or higher
8mb RAM minimum with Virtual Memory OR 16mb RAM
Hard disk with min. 20mb of free space
SVGA monitor, 640 x 480, 256 colors
Recommended sound card Sound Blaster compatible

Question:  Am I right to assume that the software for 
WorldsAway will be downloadable through Compuserve?  Will 
you only have to register?

Answer:  Half and Half. The policies on packaging have 
not been totally settled in our company just yet. I was 
told today that it looks like initially you will ORDER 
online and then receive a package in US Mail that has the 
WorldsAway client software.  WorldsAway actually runs on 
your home computer and our server (larger mainframe). All 
the graphics of the product are there on your home 
machine within our software. But our larger service is 1) 
the software and 2) a network connection when you move 
around the world and interact with other Avatars. Your 
computer contacts our company SERVER via CompuServe.   
Also, you have to use the latest version of MacCIM or 
WinCIM in conjunction with our product. The CIM software 
version needed comes with the WorldsAway package. (Also 
the manuals and stuff come with the software:)



To download a file from one of our libraries, first pull 
up the library section from the Library icon or from the 
Library menu at the top menu bar and choose Browse. Once 
you see the listings of files available, click once to 
select the section the file is in. Then press "Retrieve," 
(or a similar choice listed) which will bring up a window 
to designate where you want the file to be saved.  



New to zipped or stuffed files? The first time can be 
confusing, so make sure and take a look at the file 
called "README on how to use .SIT and .ZIP files" in our 
Help Desk library (#1). 

About PKUNZIP and Windows:

"My understanding with PKUNZIP and Windows is, you can 
browse to find the EXE in Windows to associate other 
files with the same extension (.ZIP). When you search 
for the associated EXE, did you look for the PKZIP files 
in the right directory? You need to associate your ZIP 
files with PKUNZIP."

There are also some helpful hints and tips for PC users 
in the PC Forum (GO PCNEW). They have a ziphelp file in 
their Help Library #1 called "Intro to ZIP files for both 
DOS and Windows."

A member request: Jens Stark, aka Jens (MoPH), would like 
to let everyone know he is an adult male, so please don’t 
assume his name is female. He is from Germany.




WorldsAway Community Forum members who are interested in 
beta testing WorldsAway, and who have not previously 
received and responded to the Non-Disclosure Agreement 
(NDA) can apply. Please read all instructions thoroughly.

WorldsAway is an animated on-line community that adds 
graphics to real-time, text-based communication.  In 
WorldsAway, you will be able to meet other CompuServe 
members, interact and join together to build a virtual 
community. You will be able to create and control your 
on-line identities called avatars and take part in a 
variety of activities as well as convey emotions through
facial expressions, gestures, and "talk" to one another 
in real-time text  and "thought balloons".

We will be testing both the Windows and Macintosh 
versions of WorldsAway.  The new service will be 
available to all in late 1995.

Beta Testing of the WorldsAway service will require that 
you connect via CompuServe. If you become a beta tester 
you will be provided the necessary software that is 
needed. Beta software availability will occur when Beta 
Testing begins. 

Beta Testers will be given the access required to 
participate in the beta test of the service, including 
access to a specific section in the WorldsAway Forum to 
provide feedback.

There will be no connect-time charges for approved 
WorldsAway Beta Testers during beta testing of the 
WorldsAway service. That is, approved beta testers will 
not be charged connect-time while testing the WorldsAway 
service (product) and the time they spend in the 
WorldsAway Forum providing feedback. This will remain in 
effect for the duration of the WorldsAway beta test as 
long as you are an active Beta Tester of WorldsAway.

All other costs you currently incur using CompuServe do 
not change; this means, whatever you are paying 
CompuServe for the service you are using will be your 
responsibility.  This includes any local phone connect 

We are opening the beta test program to a limited number 
of participants.  We reserve the right to include your 
participation in the software review.  

TO BE CONSIDERED as a WorldsAway Beta Tester you will 
need to meet the following requirements:

1.  You should have a CompuServe account.

2.  You should be willing to provide five hours of 
dedicated testing time each week and document your 
experiences, especially any problems or difficulties. 

3.  You must be at least 18 years old.

4.  Your system must meet the minimum Mac or PC 
requirements noted below :

mouse and keyboard
2400 baud Hayes compatible modem (recommended 14,400 baud 
Hayes compatible 
3.5" floppy drive
System 7.1 or better
68030 CPU or better (color classic or higher)
8mb RAM minimum (recommended 16mb RAM)
Hard disk (with min. 20mb of free space on your hard 
Color monitor with 256 colors


PC Windows Client:
mouse and keyboard
2400 baud Hayes compatible modem (recommended 14,400 baud 
Hayes compatible modem)
3.5" floppy drive (recommended CD-ROM drive with MSCDEX 
386 or better
Windows 3.1 or higher
8mb RAM minimum with Virtual Memory  OR 16mb RAM
Hard disk (with min. 20mb of free space on your hard 
SVGA monitor, 640x480, 256 colors
Recommended sound card Sound Blaster compatible

5.  You agree to read and fully understand the WorldsAway 
Confidential Software Review Agreement set forth in this 
message, as follows:

----WorldsAway Confidential Software Review Agreement ---

This Confidential Software Review Agreement ("Agreement") 
is entered by and between CompuServe Incorporated 
("CompuServe") and the undersigned reviewer ("User"), for 
the benefit of CompuServe and the Service Provider.

For purposes of this Agreement, the "Product" shall mean 
the WorldsAway Program.  The "WorldsAway Program" is a 
graphical, animated, virtual community provided by the 
Service Provider.  The "Service" shall mean the 
CompuServe Information Service.


        A.      User will visit the beta forum at least 
once every week for the purpose of checking for new beta 
versions of the Product.

        B.      User will exercise, test, and review new 
versions of the Product as they are made available by 
Service Provider on the Service.  It is expected that 
User will spend at least five (5) hours a week testing 
the Product.

        C.      User will promptly communicate to Service 
Provider via the WorldsAway Beta Forum any bugs, errors 
or any other deficiencies found in the Product, together 
with any comments that User may have on the operation of 
the program.

        D.      CompuServe or Service Provider may 
terminate this Software Review Agreement without notice 
at any time in their sole discretion.


        Following execution of this Agreement, CompuServe 
and Service Provider will deliver to User diskettes 
containing the software for User's personal computer and 
related documentation necessary to participate in the 
WorldsAway Program, together with license agreements 
governing the use of the software and related 
documentation which is incorporated herein and made part 


        A.      "Confidential Information" means all 
information in any form, including without limitation 
product developments, specifications, protocols, 
processes, formulas, methods, techniques, concepts, 
plans, ideas, business, marketing, and financial 
information, programs, documentation, and the like, 
which has been or may be disclosed to the undersigned in 
the course of the Software Review. User acknowledges and 
agrees that Confidential Information includes without 
limitation the fact of the parties' dealings and the 
nature and substance of such dealings, the existence and 
contents of the WorldsAway program and the identity of 
the Service Provider.

        B.      "Confidential Information" does not 
include: (i) any information that is rightfully and 
lawfully known by the undersigned prior to its dealings 
with CompuServe or Service Provider; or (ii) information 
that is or becomes generally available to the public in 
substantially the same form as disclosed through no fault 
of the undersigned.

        C.      User will hold Confidential Information 
in confidence and will not disclose any of Confidential 
Information for any reason unless pursuant to the prior 
written consent of CompuServe or Service Provider, as 

        D.      Upon request User will return to 
CompuServe and Service Provider all Confidential 
Information, as well as all copies made by User and 
its employees or agents, if applicable.


        A.      All data, discoveries, adaptations or 
developments relating to the Product are and shall be the 
exclusive property of Service Provider.

The Product, Service and computing resources are provided 
by CompuServe and Service Provider on an "AS IS, AS 
AVAILABLE" basis.  User agrees to hold harmless 
CompuServe and Service Provider for any damages resulting 
from use of the Product, the Service or any other 
materials obtained from CompuServe or Service Provider.

        C.      It is acknowledged that a breach of this 
agreement would causeCompuServe and Service Provider 
irreparable injury not compensable in monetary
damages alone. In the event of a breach or a threat 
thereof, in addition to its remedies at law and other 
remedies at equity, CompuServe will be entitled 
to appropriate legal and equitable remedies to enforce 
the terms of this 

        D.      No modification or waiver of any of the 
terms of this agreement will be effective against 
CompuServe unless set forth in writing andsigned by or on 
behalf of an officer of CompuServe.

(Hang in there--please keep reading!)

Only a limited number of people can participate in the 
beta test program. We reserve the right to include your 
participation in the software review.

Confidential Software Review Agreement
2 - May - 1995

WorldsAway is copyrighted 1995 Fujitsu Open Systems 
Solutions, Inc.
Macintosh is  a registered trademark of Apple Computer, 
Inc.  Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of 
Microsoft Corporation.


To be considered as an applicant for the beta test 
program, please post a PRIVATE message with the following 
information in the exact format shown below (Incomplete 
or inaccurate posts will not be considered). 


MESSAGE HEADER: Post a PRIVATE forum message to the News 
& Promotions message section (#3) with the following 

FORUM:	Community +
TO:		In the first provided box: BETA
		In the second provided box: 75371,3506
SECTION:	News & Promotions

Be sure to choose the PRIVATE box to mark your message 

MESSAGE BODY:  Information provided in the message body 
should contain NO commas EXCEPT where specified in the 
example below (i.e. 75371,3506 should be entered as 
75371.3506). We suggest copying the text from EXAMPLE 1 
into your message body and replace each field (i.e. Name) 
with your own information (i.e. Joe Smith). NOTE in 
EXAMPLE 2,  where a second line of address information is 
not necessary an additional comma is still inserted 
(Address Line 1,,City). Please do not include any 
additional comments or information in the body of your 


CompuServe ID, Name, Address Line 1,  Address Line 2, 
City, State/Province, Postal code, Country, Telephone #, 
Windows or Mac (W/M), Male or Female (M/F), Agree or 
Disagree to statement below (Y/N)



75371.3506, Joe Smith, 555 California Street,, San Jose, 
CA, 94117-2803, USA, 415-555-5555, W, M, Y



100000.111, Marcia Brady, Engles Weg 7, second address, 
Hamburg,, 22588, Germany, +55 55 666666 -111, W, F, Y


Good luck! See you in the Frontier!
The WorldsAway Beta Program
WorldsAway Community Forum Guidelines for Behavior
WorldsAway Community Forum Guidelines for Behavior    
The WorldsAway Community Forum is a place for everyone to 
enjoy. We promote an atmosphere of good feeling, 
enthusiasm, and genuine concern for members. Open, honest 
exchange is encouraged. Any abusive behavior that 
violates the general positive feeling of the Community 
Forum will not be tolerated.   
The following are a sampling of what will NOT be 
tolerated in the WorldsAway Community Forum:   
* SEXUAL HARASSMENT - any unsolicited comments, messages, 
suggestions, or materials with sexual connotations will 
not be tolerated.   
* FOUL LANGUAGE - offensive or obscene words will not be 
* NICKNAMES - logging in as or changing to offensive or 
obscene names or names comprised of foul language will 
not be tolerated.   
* ABUSIVE FLAMES OR MESSAGE WARS - any form of public 
slander is considered unacceptable.   
* ADULT MATERIALS (graphics and text) posted to 
inappropriate sections - materials intended for adult 
audiences will not be made available in public sections.   
* Users who pose as SYSOPS - only those people listed in 
the SysOp roster (See menu "Special" --> "Notices") are 
official representatives of the WorldsAway Community 
Keep in mind that this forum is for everyone, which 
includes people of all ages. Our Adults Only section is a 
place for members who wish to discuss topics away from 
the younger membership. It is the responsibility of the 
account owner to assure that minor children do not access 
the Adults Only Section in this forum. We ask that you 
follow traditionally accepted rules governing contact 
between adults and minors. Such rules include restraints 
on language and behavior.   
Minors who come in contact with materials which make them 
uncomfortable or who are contacted in a way which makes 
them uncomfortable should contact their parents 
immediately. For more information on "Child Safety 
Online," GO NEWMEMBER to the New Member Forum and 
download the file CHISAF.TXT in Library 1, "General 
In your CIM preferences, you can set your Talks to ignore 
and Invitations to ignore. (See menu "Special" --> 
"Preferences"  --> "Forums" --> "More," or on the 
Macintosh look under the Conference menu.) Also, do not 
hesitate to contact the SysOps in a private message or 
live if they are logged in. Sending a message to *SYSOP 
sends your message directly and privately to a forum 
You can also contact CompuServe directly.  If you feel 
strongly that the nature of someone's transmissions 
warrant such action, report that person to CompuServe by 
calling the customer service department at 1-800-848-8990 
or by sending a Feedback message (go to the FEEDBACK 
Access to the WorldsAway Community Forum is a privilege 
subject to the sole discretion of the forum 
administrators and staff. Failure to comply with the 
guidelines detailed herein can lead to your account(s) 
being denied access to (locked out of) WorldsAway 
temporarily or permanently. Warnings or immediate lockout 
are the sole discretion of the forum administration and 
- WorldsAway Community Forum and Member Support Staff



On Being an Acolyte
On Being an Acolyte		
August 17, 1995

What is an Acolyte?

Phantasus is filled with many wonderful people.  People who help others.  People 
who run events and sponsor activities with their own money.  We are truly 
blessed to have such a caring community.  Within that community, however, it is 
necessary to have several layers of support.

Acolytes are those avatars who take an active role in orienting new arrivals, 
helping other avatars, and supporting and motivating the community on an ongoing 
and consistent basis.

In truth, avatars become Acolytes by *being* an Acolyte.  In fact, those who are 
Acolytes would continue doing the same kinds of things even if they weren't made 
Acolytes--and they do so out of a desire to help others and to make Phantasus a 
more enjoyable place to live.

The title "Acolyte" brings with it a wealth of responsibility--and not much 
else.  Beyond being able to receive Pages from other avatars, Acolytes have no 
special powers.  On the other hand, they are expected to be "On Duty" at 
scheduled times, to work the Help Desk, and to sponsor (and help with) 
activities and events.  Sometimes Acolytes have access to special or unique 
items--but not for long.  Usually they are simply "showing off" the prize for an 
upcoming event.

Acolytes are not a special club or "clique."  They are, however, organized and 
do hold a title.  However, that title doesn't give them anything they didn't 
already have or earn.  The Acolytes do have a private place to go in order to 
organize themselves, find out who is on duty, etc.  All of the Acolytes’ 
"benefits" are geared toward helping others.  A common misconception is that 
Acolytes have advantages over other avatars.  This isn't true.

Acolytes must mediate disputes.  They handle conflict resolution and more.  As 
the code of conduct of the community evolves, it is up to the Acolytes to 
provide the first level of support (or enforcement).  An analogy might be 
Oracles are judges while Acolytes serve as agents of the court.

Do you want to be an Acolyte?  If so, asking to become an Acolyte isn't the way-
-acting like an one is.  Through a continuous display of the efforts described 
above,  the Oracles will come to recognize those who fulfill the role of 
Acolyte.  Although it may not happen immediately, given time and help from the 
Acolytes and the rest of the community, it will happen.

"In your training do not be in a hurry, for it takes a minimum of ten years to 
master the basics and advance to the first rung. Never think of yourself as an 
all-knowing, perfected master; you must continue to train daily with your 
friends and students and progress together in the Art of Peace."

       - Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969)
         Excerpted from The Art of Peace translated by John Stevens.


The WorldsAway Oracles



WorldsAway Inworld Guidelines
Thank you for downloading this first draft of the WorldsAway Inworld Guidelines! 

These guidelines were developed by the committee members identified at the
end of the document, and incorporate suggestions and recommendations from
the entire WorldsAway community in the past two months.

We invite your comments and suggestions for improving these guidelines,
keeping in mind that these *are* guidelines, and not "laws" or rules. 
Keep in mind, there is really no official vehicle for enforcement at the
present time--we tried to design the Guidelines to reflect the technology
currently incorporated in the Dreamscape. 

We hope to host a forum conference to discuss the Guidelines during the 
weekend of November 14-15; please watch forum messages and the forum Newsflash
for more news.

November 1, 1995


WorldsAway is a Social Habitat. Keep in mind that the avatars are real 
people, not programmed opponents. During your first several hours in 
WorldsAway you should proceed cautiously, as you would up on entry to any 
other established community. We wish to provide a friendly, supportive 
atmosphere where avatars may comfortably explore unfamiliar roles and 
expand their circle of friends. 
These Guidelines provide some insight concerning inworld community
expectations, and will ensure that your initial visits to Phantasus are 
enjoyable not only for you, but for all with whom you interact. WorldsAway 
is a unique community, and these guidelines reflect that uniqueness. These 
are the lessons that we have learned over the past several months..

Worlds Away is a dreamscape and a growing social habitat.  You may be
whomever you wish or dream to be.  Each CIS account sponsors two avatars.
If you are aware of the linkage between any two avatars other than your
own, or between an avatar and a CIS ID, you should treat that information
as personal and confidential. 



Use speech as you'd use it in real world. A short "hello" when entering a
locale and a "see you!" when leaving is appropriate.  If there are several
Avatars in the locale, you might address your speech to an Avatar by
including a name.  You can get the name by clicking on an avatar, or by
clicking on yourself, then STATUS, then WHO IS HERE.


Use "Thought" for a remark that doesn't need to be replied to or as an
inworld rhetorical way of expressing yourself. Be aware that this "thought"
can of course be read by anyone in the same locale.  For private
conversation, you should use ESP.

3.  ESP 

For private communication only. Too many ESP senders at one time are
distracting, so use it with care.  "ESP overload" is an accepted response
if someone is too busy in ESPs. 

If you are handling a lot of ESPs, as an avatar, be sensitive to the
conversational void that you are creating for other avatars in the locale.
You should consider ghosting and allowing someone else to materialize if
there is a cloud.


Since many avatars with 8MB RAM are in danger of crashing when there are
too many gestures, please follow their wish to stand still when their system
isn't stable.


The Guidelines for acceptable behavior and conduct established by the 
CIS-ToS, and the WA Forum apply inworld as well.

Avatars should conduct themselves with decency and common courtesy.  They
should remember that the Dreamscape is open to all:  families, children,
individuals.  It is a shared world and dream.  As such, there is no place
in it for profanity, threats, harassment or abuse of others.

Avatars should refrain from (and be free of) verbal and physical assaults,
including -- but not necessarily limited to -- lewdness, yelling, cultural
or racial remarks, sexual advances. 

Under the Terms of Service, no Avatar name is to be used that the average
person would find abusive, profane or sexually offensive.  Messages 
transmitted in public are to follow the same guidelines; also, language
that imparts information for, or that encourages the commission of, a crime
is not permitted.  Behavior that is disruptive to others is not permitted; 
neither is out-world business advertising.

Avatars should exercise restraint and good judgment in all public areas
of Kymer.  A public area is any common locale where all Avatars may
congregate.  Until private turfs/apartments become available, the element
rooms in the temple (Air, Fire, Water, Earth), which are restricted to two
or three Avatars only, are the only private areas in Phantasus.

Caution:  Don't think that your avatar can commit a crime, and then escape
the consequences by changing the avatar name. The reputation you establish
will follow you from name to name, and the cost of changing your name
doubles each time.

D.  TOKENS (inworld currency) - An Avatar collects TOKENS by:

1. Withdrawing earned tokens at Automatic Token Machines (ATM).  Logging
time in WorldsAway at the following rates --
     60 tokens/hr 
     30 tokens/hr while ghosted.

2. Winning Tokens as prizes in games (see "Events/Games/Entertainment"). 

3. Selling objects or heads at a Pawn machine, at 80% of purchase value. 

4. Running a business or becoming employed in a business 
     (See "Business and Charities") 



Since WorldsAway is a social habitat -- a virtual community of people -- each
object  belongs to somebody.  An object or head was either purchased from a
vendroid  machine or won as a game prize. Therefore, when you see any
objects lying on  the ground or on a table, clicking on them and selecting
"Get" could be considered stealing.

If you find an object, the most likely explanation is that somebody crashed
after setting it down, or lost the object accidentally.   Page Acolyte to
see if the item has been reported as lost, or check to see if you have found
the prize in a current game or treasure hunt.   If you cannot locate the
rightful owner, you may contribute the object as a prize in a scheduled

Sometimes items such as spiders, lanterns, and/or inexpensive heads are
purposely left (or hidden) in a game or treasure hunt - or just to brighten
up your day. If you are uncertain, the best course is to Page Acolyte, as 
described above.  

See also "Events, Games & Entertainment."


Chests allow you to carry many more objects, but they must be placed on the
ground while you are using them. The safest approach is to go to the temple
with a trusted friend, and use one of the avatar only element rooms for
sorting out your possessions. If you crash, your friend can pick up your
belongings and wait for you. Elsewhere, any object on the ground may be
picked up by anybody, including that ghost that you didn't notice.  The
pawn machines are especially dangerous as thieves know that people are
sometimes lazy. Some miscreants will exploit every technical possibility,
so your chest, and the objects therein, might STILL BE STOLEN if you are
careless or unlucky.

WorldsAway is a social habitat. The general mood is friendly and trusting.
If an Avatar is on a crime spree, he or she is missing MOST of the fun and
very likely making some powerful enemies.  We are very protective of new
avatars who have not yet learned all of the little tricks and traps. It is
never permissible to cheat when exchanging items with an apparent Newbie;
charitable contributions are the norm.

If several experienced avatars determine that an avatar is hazing Newbies,
reneging on agreements, lying, or stealing objects, the avatar may suddenly
find him/herself on the short end of several business deals.  Some favorite
counter measures are selling a key to a locale that is not open, selling
defective objects (such as an EPROM that is only worth 10T, rather than
1000T), fake chests, sending them on a wild goose chase, chorused responses,
excluding them from games, and other cooperative actions that are
coordinated through ESP.

On the other hand, experienced avatars may make any kind of deal that is
mutually agreeable. It takes around 40 hours in world to establish your
persona and your circle of friends, and get a good feel for the ethics of
various situations. 


All games and most entertainment events are timed and carefully planned,
meaning that the locale is not a general chatting area.  If you should
unknowingly stumble into an ongoing game, you may therefore be asked 
by the host(s) to ghost.  Occasionally, such as in dance contests, you 
will be asked to ghost before you enter the game locale.  Most events 
are created, sponsored, and prepared by the hosting avatar(s).  As such, 
these host(s) spend considerable effort and time to prepare and *run* 
events, and to finance the prizes.   The host(s) do this voluntarily.

Each event will have its own format, so try your best to get there on time 
and learn how the game is played.  If the game requires that all players 
remain as ghosts, then please stay in the ghost cloud unless instructed 

Please refrain from over-ESPing a host as it tends to slow the game down 
while the host tries to sort out answers from jokes.  (A quick joke to the 
co-host while they are not the one asking the questions is okay and may 
liven up the game.)  

2. GAMES (such as trivia, word games, ghost races, treasure hunts, etc.) - 
All will have instructions by the host(s) that are unique to the game.  
At Treasure Hunts honor *one find to an avatar* unless otherwise instructed.  

3. ENTERTAINMENT (poetry reading, plays, comedy skits, etc.)  The performers
are usually in the locale as avatars, not ghosts, while the audience remains
ghosted.  In such entertainment events, it is advisable to have a posted 
avatar outside the locale just to inform incoming avatars to ghost rather 
than interrupt the act (or dance, or talent contestant).  

are usually well advertised ahead of time with any special  instructions.  
Frequently such events involve the whole community, and the best rule is to
be as close to on time as possible, and ghost frequently if there is a 
crowded locale to give others a chance to materialize.  


You are welcome to sponsor ad hoc games at any time, in most locales.  In 
fact you SHOULD test your game informally to work out the kinks and the best
format.  When you are ready to formally announce your game, you should 
review the daily schedule and reserve a time slot by sending your request 
by email to Sabertooth [76645,3012], giving title of event, type of event, 
and 3 choices for time and place.


Feel free to start your own inworld business to increase your income. You 
can also hire other avatars to work for your company. Advertise your service
in one of the publications of Phantasus (for detailed information see Worlds
Away Community Forum, Library 3/Newsstand). Publish also the best way, time
and place to contact you.

Treat your employees and customers as you'd have to treat them in real 
business. Only if you are able to satisfy both you will have a well running
company that earns you additional tokens. Accept a "no" if people are not 

A charity organization must carefully select the avatars in need of support.
Different than an inworld company your goal should not be profit but support
of newbies, victims of inworld crime and others who have any kind of 
material disadvantage. Use the publications and forum messages to ask for 
donations, also mention time and place to contact you inworld.

If you are asked for donations make sure that you are spending your Tokens 
on a charity organization and not on someone who just wants your Tokens.


WA InWorld Guidelines                                   November 1, 1995

Please address all comments and suggestions to the Guidelines Committee:

	Eärendil		72170,2227 
	Elwing		76401,1560          
	GermanGiant	100347,263
	Indigo		75104,3547
	MarvL		75612,3562               
	Zippy		76003,1434
	Angel Gambler	70264,51



The tips given here we consider to be more common sense reminders 
than steadfast rules. Keep in mind however, that if you follow this 
guide you are more likely to be keeping with the forums' rules as stated 
in the WorldsAway Guidelines for Behavior.

We hope that all members practice these manners and alert new 
members to them when needed.  

Remember our Guidelines for Behavior Mission:

The WorldsAway Community Forum is a place for everyone to
enjoy. We promote an atmosphere of good feeling,
enthusiasm, and genuine concern for members. Open, honest
exchange is encouraged. Any abusive behavior that
violates the general positive feeling of the Community
Forum will not be tolerated.

1.  Approach others on-line with the same courtesy and respect that you 
normally would use in real life.

2.  Tolerance of others and consideration of their feelings should be 
observed at all times.

3.  No sends that are just a 'hi' or 'hello', M/F?, "how old are you?, or 
the like.   ("sends" means using the "talk" button)

4.  Never reveal what someone has told you in email or in private sends 
to others in a conference without permission.  People can be 
inadvertently revealing and later regret it.   

5.  When someone replies to a send that they are busy or cannot talk,  
believe them.  Cease sending right away. Also, if someone simply does 
not respond, you should assume that they are busy or have their ignores 
set and cease sending messages. 

6.  Don't invite people you don't know into a group without warning 
them first with a send.  Suggested approach if appropriate:  "I would 
like to get some talking going on in here. Join us if you'd 
like!"  Also, encourage people to use the Avatar's Lounge conference 
room rather than a group chat.  Multiple groups can get confusing.

7.  After getting to know someone over a series of emails and sends,  if 
you subsequently find you're getting cold feet and need to bow  out, do 
so with grace and respect.  Send an email explaining your  position and 
decision to the best of your ability.  Suggested  approach if appropriate: 
"I've been very troubled lately by our  sudden intimacy, and have 
concluded it's too much for me.  I can't do  this any more, but I wanted 
to let you know directly rather than just  disappearing.  I wish you 

8.  Cyber relationships move at lightning speed.  This can make it  
easy to miss important information.  Take your time to get to know  
someone.  Have fun with the intensity, but know that you can't learn  
everything in an hour's talk.

9.  If you see someone on-line that you spoke to in times past, be  gentle 
about reminding them that you've already met.  Women in particular get 
many more sends then they can generally recall. Suggested  approach if 
appropriate:  "Hi, I'm Bob/Michael/David/John/et al. remember me?  
We had a nice conversation a few weeks back about my  [soon to be] 
ex-wife/cats/how to make a good cup of coffee/how good  looking I 
am/diving in Belize/Hillary Clinton. Are you busy?"

10.  Mom was right. Lying rarely works.  [for exceptions, see 
handbook  on IRS, page  9, sec. 12, line 4, charitable contributions]  
However,  if  you *do* tell a lie, try hard to remember which lie you  
said to whom.  This will make both of us more comfortable, and is 
known  in Lake Forest, Nob Hill, and on the Upper East Side as "social 

11.  If what you truly and deeply in your heart of hearts desire is  "hot 
chat", don't expect a lot of replies to said approach.  CB Simulator is  
probably going to be better for you.

12.  Respect the rules. (see "Guidelines for Behavior") They are pretty 
liberal, and this is a private, for-profit place. If you don't like it, you 
could always leave.  Most people here expect them to be followed, and 
long  arguments about why you can't  have a nickname like Long Dong 
or make offensive jokes are tiresome and a waste of everybody's CI$ 
bucks especially in forum messages.

13.  Don't insult or attack people's religious beliefs, race, creed, color, 
gender, or sexual orientation on-line.

14.  Stay away from generalizations. "The So and bad things 
to  people and mess up their lives" or "those fascists...are all  malicious 
pigs." If you want people to respect your point of view,  you must do 
the same.

15.  No all-cap messages. 

16.  No calling someone a liar on-line. "I disagree" will suffice.

17.  Keep personal messages to email or mark them as "private" forum 

18.  Take the time to read messages from the point of view of the writer.  
Very often a different life, even a different language can add a slant 
which will make the words read entirely differently.

19.  Do not send unsolicited email. If you would like to start an  email 
relationship with someone, ask them first if it's OK.

20.  Everyone here has other aspects to his or her life.  Realize that they 
do not exist solely on-line. Do whatever you can to respect the fact that 
someone real is on the other side of your chat window. 

21.  Above all else, have fun, and watch your ci$ bills!!!

(adopted with permission from the HSX Forum's "On-line Miss 




On Privacy In WorldsAway
On Privacy In WorldsAway 
Posted Friday, March 22, 1996 in the WorldsAway Community Forum

Many questions have been asked about privacy in WorldsAway. 
Here are some explanations from our WorldsAway Team that may 
help clarify things.

Privacy in locales
WorldsAway was designed with the right to privacy as a fundamental
principal.  Each locale is designed so that if you cannot see anyone
else, you can rest assured you are alone.  You cannot hide behind
objects.  You cannot "lurk" without being seen (as a ghost).

The Ghost image cannot be suppressed.  However, failsafes have been
designed into the system for the unlikely event that the ghost icon
cannot be seen (such as a bug).  The ghost icon is a representation of
a user.  That user takes up space whether or not the ghost icon is
there.  So, if indeed the ghost icon does not show up, the user is
still there--simply choose "Who's in here" from your avatar's "Status"
menu and the system will tell you if there are any ghosts in the

It has been asked if the private rooms are truly private.  Yes, they
are.  It is possible for Oracles to become a ghost in those rooms, but
as noted above, it is not possible for *anyone* to not take up space in
a locale.  So, even if it were possible for someone to "hide" in a
MAX=2 private room, only one person would be able to enter.  Oracles
can enter a full locale (including private rooms) but have no way to
hide their entrance.

Again, as noted above, you can always choose "Who's in here," and the
system will tell you who is in the locale.

Oracles can appear to materialize out of the clear blue sky if they
teleport from one location to another.  Similarly, Acolytes can do the
same when responding to pages.  An avatar may seem to appear out of the
clear blue sky if summoned by an Oracle.

There have been many discussions in many places on the reasonable
expectation of privacy.  For the Dreamscape, it might be said it is
reasonable to expect privacy in a private room, but not reasonable to
expect it out on the street.

Monitoring conversations  
WorldsAway is an on-line service.  For communication to be possible,
those conversations need to exist somewhere.  In WorldsAway, they exist
on an FCT server.  It would not be honest to say these communications
could not be monitored.  However, I can assure you that *they are not
monitored.*  Neither are they logged.

ESP cannot be "hacked."  It is private communication between two

Peeking in pockets, hacking
(important note-the term "hack" is not used here as a derogatory term,
but as a way to describe the external modification or addition to the
WA client)

It is possible to monitor the data stream coming through the modem and
see what is in other people's pockets. It is not possible to see into 
a closed container, however. It is possible that the client could be 
hacked to do all sorts of "interesting" things (just as it is
possible to hack any piece of software), but they would only occur
locally--our server does not "trust" the client, and will not allow 
any "illegal" operations to affect other users.

One could write a program that interfaces with the WA client and
distribute it (such as games and host programs that have been written),
but again, the server will not execute operations that would be
detrimental to others.

FCT is not supplying *any* such software. Whether or not there is a
black market for these things (if they exist), we do not know. That
sophisticated software exists to do such things, we sincerely
doubt--but I suppose that depends on one's definition of

Actors, NPCs
NPC stands for "Non-Player Character."  NPCs, or actors, are and will
be used in the Dreamscape for storylines, to facilitate plots, to
introduce new items.  These actors may or may not be FCT employees. 
They may simply be avatars spreading rumors.

The FCT staff does use our service.  Some reveal themselves, some do
not.  So do CIS employees.  I'm sure people from other companies with
competing services use WorldsAway without revealing themselves as well.
FCT monitors the product, not individuals.  In this respect, it is no
different than the any CIS Forum.

Strange Occurrences
One post mentioned the possible spontaneous appearance of the heart
decoration on the altar in the Tabernacle.  This is no mystery--it was
placed there on Feb. 13th by an Oracle while decorating for the
Waking-World wedding (along with the extra vases).

Things like this happen *all the time.*  It isn't a secret, it's just
perception.  The Dreamscape is a roleplaying world.  That is, for the
most part, people are doing things they wouldn't normally do, such as
changing heads.  We have elves, we have ducks, we had a "flashing"
statue for goodness sakes! :)  There isn't anything stop someone from
logging in and saying, "The sky turned pink yesterday!"  And we
wouldn't want to stop them, either.

Monitoring the service
WorldsAway is many things to many people.  One of those things is a
business.  In order to run this business properly, FCT requires tools
to measure their success or failure.  These measures come from
statistics such as average login time, number of active users, etc.

Server tools also allow the Oracles to tell how many people are
on-line, who is on-line, and where they are.  These tools are used on
an as-needed basis.  This is not any different than any other on-line
service--it is simply a necessity for running such a service.

But is it private?
Yes, mostly.  As an entertainment service, WorldsAway provides a medium
for interaction and communication.  FCT has endeavored to provide a
secure environment for that interaction, and we continue to ensure that
it is as secure and private (where appropriate and reasonable) as

WorldsAway Dreamscape Team
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies


message to the members
Dear WorldsAway member and citizen of Phantasus,

In our continuing efforts to provide you the best possible customer service,
we want you to know that all messages in this forum are read on a daily
basis by the members of the forum staff. Thanks to the electronic medium
through which we communicate it is much easier for you to provide us with
feedback. FCT and the WorldsAway Dreamscape Team are very appreciative of
the suggestions and concerns we receive.  

We created the Help Desk and Install Support message sections as a direct
link from you to our entire team via the forum staff. The In-World Events
and Discussions & Issues sections are provided for you, our members, to
converse with one another about the in-World issues which you feel are
important. These messaging sections should be considered a direct extension
of your lives in the Dreamscape. 

We feel it important for you to know, that though our presence may not
always be felt in the sections we have provided for you (In-World Events and
Discussions & Issues), the forum staff does read all forum messages on a
daily basis. 

From all of the posted forum messages WorldsAway Member Support creates an
extensive weekly summary which is sent out to the entire Dreamscape Team. We
do this for your sake and for our own. In addition to their own excursions
into the Dreamscape and forum, this weekly summary provides the team an
opportunity to keep readily in with touch your concerns and suggestions.
Your feedback helps to keep us on track as we continually work to improve
our products and services.

Additionally, the forum staff pulls suggestions and concerns from the
message threads and from the WATEAM [75371,3500] account on a daily basis.
These messages are forwarded on to the departments best able to benefit from
them. A backup of the messages is also stored in a "suggestions" database.
Through these avenues we provide you with a direct link to all areas of the
WorldsAway Team. 

We encourage you to continue to provide us with your suggestions and
concerns for our products and services. It is with your help that we can
continually improve upon the Dreamscape, the Community Forum and our future
endeavors. Though you may not always "hear" or "see" us, know that we are
here, listening and learning from what you say, working behind the scenes to
bring you your virtual home. 


WorldsAway Dreamscape Team
Turfs Letter 3
Dear WorldsAway member and citizen of Phantasus,

Since early February, Turfs have undergone extensive testing and refinement
to bring you turfs worthy of calling home. In our last post regarding Turfs
testing (now saved in the "WA Official" library #6), we stated that we were
planning for an additional month of external testing to ensure that turfs
are suitable for release. Additionally we stated that at the end of that
month we would update you on the status of the public release of turfs. 

Thanks to the dedication of our testers we have been able to determine
necessary fixes and desired enhancements. Throughout the last month we have
continued to test and receive feedback from the testers, Member Support, the
Oracles and the World Design Team.  With their input, it has been determined
that turfs are very close to being complete. 

We are currently checking what we hope to be the final software release to
ensure that no new problems have been introduced, all known problems have
been resolved, and all approved requested enhancements have been included.
We are allowing one month for this testing period. If we feel, however, that
turfs are ready sooner we will release them. While we regret the delay in
bringing turfs to you, we do not regret the decision to deliver the highest
quality product we can.  

In our continuing effort to keep you informed of what has been accomplished,
we present the following list as a sampling of what features have been
tested and approved: 

   - Ability to inquire about different apartments.
   - Ability to add additional owners to the lease agreement. 
   - Paying rent (and paying in advance).
   - Turf owner can remove a specific guest.
   - Ability to read the lease before renting a turf.
   - Turf owner can set the number of avatars (max 6) allowed per turf room. 
   - Turf owner can enter full turf room.
   - Turf owner can allow owners but not guests in a specific turf room.
   - Turf owner can prevent new guests from entering turf.

Here is a sampling of some of the additional features which are holding up
the release. We feel these features to be integral to the function of turfs
in the Dreamscape. When turfs are released we will provide a full list of
features and functions. 

   - Ability to allow up to 16 owners of one turf.
   - Ability to remove an owner from a multi owner lease.
   - Ability to color walls of your turf with spray cans.

Watch the forum Newsflash for the announcement of the availability of turfs.
We have grand plans in store! If you have any comments, feel free to post a
message addressed to SYSOP in the Discussions and Issues section of the
WorldsAway Community Forum. Thank you for your continued patience and
interest. We are working hard - it will be well worth the wait.


WorldsAway In-World and Forum Staff



May 22, 1996  
Dear WorldsAway Dreamscape Community, 
There is a rumor spreading in the Dreamscape Community regarding avatar 
security and hacking. We have indeed discovered a (now closed) security 
loophole which would allow an avatar to be used by someone other than the 
owner of the corresponding CompuServe account.  
This loophole is only possible through TCP/IP or Winsock connections. 
Correspondingly, as we are working to fix the problem, we disabled TCP/IP 
and Winsock connections to the Dreamsape. Direct connections known as  
X.25 lines remain available and very secure between our server and  
Currently, there is NO way into the Dreamscape other than through our 
direct lines from CompuServe. The server is now set up only to accept 
users from these direct CompuServe lines and NOT from TCP/IP protocols. 
This is why you cannot connect to the Dreamscape with Winsock enabled in 
your Session Settings. Using CompuServe as your bridge provider, Winsock 
essentially enables your computer with TCP/IP protocols to communicate 
with other systems on the Internet.  
In looking through our records, we know exactly what happened, and we have 
a good idea who did it. We are currently tracking the perpetrator down and 
are investigating legal action.  
Members whose avatars may have been compromised will be reassured to 
know that you will not be billed for any of the time your avatar was logged 
into the Dreamscape during the break-ins. As our server records indicate 
which avatars were compromised and which items may have been lost, we can 
restore any items missing consequential to this security compromise.  
We are working hard on finding a solution to logging into the Dreamscape 
using TCP/IP Winsock protocols that are indeed secure. This will, however, 
take time as we work with CompuServe to find better encryption and 
security measures between our two services. Presently, the fix should not 
take too long. We will post information as soon as it becomes available.  
Please be assured that we want to offer you the best possible service we 
can. The Dreamscape is a happy and fun place. We are working to keep it 
that way.  
The WorldsAway Team 
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies, a division of 
Fujitsu Open System Solutions, Inc.



WorldsAway TurFAQ

I do not believe this was an official communication from the WorldsAway team.

*       WorldsAway TurFAQ         *
*       Created June 9th, 1996    *

This is a list of the ten most frequently asked questions about turfs not necessarily offered in any type of order. Also remember to view the TurfGuide documentation in the "WA Official" forum library section.... 

Q1: What's a turf?

A1: A turf is your own private living quarters in the Dreamscape, a place to call your own. They can be rented at the Manger's office in the turf building. You can invite or remove guests, display your posessions or paint the walls! Invite your friends up for a visit!

Q2: When will furniture be available?

A2: Furniture will be up for sale pending a couple of things.  The most important is secureing the furniture against theft. As of the creation of this FAQ, it is not available yet...

Q3: How do I add someone to my lease?

A3: To add someone, both an owner and the person to be added must be present in the Manager's office. Click on the desk and select:
"Add Owner to lease". Enter the turf name and person to be added.

Q4: How do I get someone off my lease?

A4: There is no way at present to remove an owner from a lease. One way to resecure the turf would be changing it's name. Without the new name, the previous co-owner will find it difficult to locate.

Q5: How do I add my alternate Avatar to the lease since we can't both be inworld at the same time.

A5: One possibility is to have a trusted third party added to the lease who can then add your other avatar for you. Be careful who you
add to your lease!!

Q6: What happens if I break the lease? Do I get money back?

A6: If you break the lease, the amount returned is proportional to the amount of time you have used the turf. For example, if you used a 30 day lease turf for 15 days, you get back roughly half your rent paid. To break the lease, select the "Break lease" option in the managers office from the desk menu.

Q7: Where is the turf building?

A7: The turf building is located two locales left from the Magic Shop locale, in the Northwest corner of Phantasus. 

Q8: What is the name of my turf?

A8: You name your turf when you buy it. It's very important to write your turf name down when purchasing the lease, there is no way to get the name if it is forgotten! The turf can be renamed in the manager's office if need be.

Q9: Where can I buy something for turf?

A9: There are Vendroids at the Vmart, Nu Yu, Bar-L, Starway Cafe, Meditation Park and the Visitor Center right room. All of these sell
items that can be placed in turfs from heads to knicknacks to paint.
Turf paint is found all the way in the back of Vmart at several locales. Try some on the walls and floor!!

Q10: How much do turfs cost?

A10: Turfs are priced from 195 tokens to 995 tokens for 30 days. The rent depends on the size of the turf. A one roomer is economical at 195 but the 4 room is spacious at 995.


Here are a few more added that were also frequently asked and warranted mention:

Q11: How do I use the elevator?

A11: Click on the elevator door and either select home or other from the menu. You will have to type in the destination turf name for turfs other than "Home".

Q12: My turfmate, Kiz, robbed my whole turf. What can I do about it?

A12: First thing would be to contact an Acolyte to report the theft.
Remember, your turf security is up to you. Be careful who you add to the lease!

Q13: Are they working on turf walls? My fireplace is gone and there's a "soon to be completed" sign here.

A13: This is an indication your software has become corrupted in some way. Speak with a forum sysop in the event of this problem and also review the tekfaq document in the "WA Official" section of the forum library.



Fern Day Issues
Dear Dreamscape Customers,

This is a letter to discuss the most recent and unfortunate events which occured on Fern Day.  

The terrible problems we experienced with our servers on what was quickly turing into an extremely festive occasion was as emotionally draining for us as it may have been for you.  The Dreamscape was unavailable from 2:00 AM WAT - Noon WAT and from 2:00 PM WAT - 8:00 PM WAT.  We have been working continuously to find the source of the problem and make the Dreamscape available to you.  Unfortunately, at this time, we have been unable to determine the exact source of the problem.  We are still investigating the situation and have implemented some changes which should keep the service stable.  We deeply regret the inconvenience and imposition on the fun promised.

The Oracles have every intention of getting as much out of Fern Day as we hoped.  To this end, we have extended the Fern Day Festival to Noon, August 2.  We encourage you to come out as often as possible during the next (Posting time to Noon 8/2 hours to celebrate Fern Day as we had intended to celebrate.  We hope that those who had initially captured the spirit of Fern Day will regain it and sponsor or participate in the variety of games which were spontaneously popping up.  At Noon, there will be a closing ceremony at the Main Doors of the Temple and soon after, the vendos will be removed from the streets.  Even after this, we hope you will enjoy the ferns you have and the good memories which we will all share.

The Oracles and the Forum Sysops thank you for your generous patience and support in this matter and wish you a very happy Fern Day!  We would also like to thank the Acolytes and the Forum Staff who helped out so much during the times in which the Dreamscape was unavailable.

Most sincerely,
Oracle Uni
Oracle Vaserius
Oracle Teresias
WorldsAway Community Forum Sysops
WorldsAway Team



Oracles Announce Meditation Park Opening
Oracles Announce Meditation Park Opening

Phantasus, Kymer, Oct. 25, 1996 -- The Dreamscape Oracles, the caretakers of the Dreamscape, today announced the opening date for Meditation Park.

Meditation Park is an area of the city of Phantasus, just West of the Temple of Morpheus.  Initially opened to hold "Winter Wonderland" in 1995, it was nominally expanded to hold a Spring themed area in early 1996.  

Through the efforts of artisans and Temple Stewards, a new permanent Meditation Park has been built on a theme of the Four Seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn of four to six locales for each season for a total of 22 new locales for the enjoyment of the citizens of Phantasus - the largest single addition to the Dreamscape to date.

The new Meditation Park represents a new standard in design, art and attention to detail for the Dreamscape.  In addition to the rich new areas, a number of new heads, nicknacks, accessories and activated nicknacks will be available from stylish, non-obtrusive vendos throughout the park.  The vendos currently in the park will be held in temporary storage until retail space for them can be opened.

The date firmly set for the opening of Meditation Park is Friday, November 1 with the "ribbon cutting" taking place at 10 AM WAT. 

The Oracles invite everyone to attend and participate in the exploration of the newest and largest outdoor area of Phantasus.



Letter from Oracles
Subject: Letter from Oracles

It is a very rare occasion that an Oracle will post in the "Waking World" forum.  On behalf of all the Oracles, we feel that what needs to be said, will be best said as a direct public letter to everyone.  Please feel free to translate this to any language and distribute it as you wish.

Meditation Park was a great effort put on by a good number of people behind the scenes.  As with any undertaking, some unexpected things can happen.  This is a letter to point out some of unexpected events and the results.

Meditation Park is made up of many small pieces going to create the whole of what you experience.  Some of these pieces are objects placed in the locale so we can walk around them and are made immobile so they will remain to enhance a locale.  Several items were accidentally left portable when Meditation Park opened, which allowed people to "get" them.  These objects were: The hands of the Three Graces Fountain, the bowl and falling water of the Three Graces Fountain and the animated Juicer from the Autumn area.  Additionally, it turns out that a Temple Steward left behind an ornate key in one of the Park areas.

Several people did find these objects and were quite pleased with having such extremely unique items.  The real purpose of this message is to thank each of those people for returning the items to the Oracles so we may all enjoy them.  Because we figure we deserve what we got by not keeping an eye on our own objects, each person was thanked and rewarded for their honesty in returning the items.

- A hearty thanks goes to Eddie Thorn Knight, who found the water and returned them to Oracle Uni.  In return, he received a specially engraved Guitar and the warm appreciation of the Oracles.

- Thanks also go to Sythia who found a key and found the hands of the Three Graces had come loose.  Upon returning the hands and key, she was returned the ornate key which was then engraved, "Key_to_the_World".

- Shadow Pet found the Juicer and as a reward for it's return, she received 5000T and the Juicer was renamed "Shadow_Pet_Commemorative_Juicer".  We thank her for her integrity in returning the Juicer.

- Additional thanks go to Swifty and Acolyte Michael who were instrumental in bringing these people together with the Oracles so the items could be returned.

I would also like to take some space to thank everyone who cooperated and assisted others in working the vendos and who helped others explore the park.  It is in these tangible ways that we can see how the community has grown and grown together since the foundation of the Dreamscape.  It is all of you who make and shape the community and I thank you for your care and generosity.

Oracle Teresias
Dreamscape New Year's Celebration
Dreamscape New Year's Celebration

Phantasus, Kymer, Nov. 4, 1996 -- The Dreamscape Oracles, the caretakers of the Dreamscape, wish to remind everyone that the Dreamscape's New Year Holiday Celebration is fast approaching! On November 15th, confetti will fly and the countdown will fall to rejoice in the one year anniversary of the release of WorldsAway 1.0. 

One year ago, on November 15th at 5:00PM WAT, WorldsAway 1.0 was officially released and for everyone involved, it was a time of celebration.  Members of the community at the time suggested that the occasion be marked as the Dreamscapes own New Years.  We didn't forget and now, it's time for a city-wide celebration!

What a year it has been! Our pioneering community experienced the delight of new friendships, new clubs, new games and events, new bodies, new heads, new items, new locales, as well as the growing pains of crashes, killer ferns, turfmate disputes and social controversies. 
We immersed ourselves in mysteries (dancing eggs, teleporter fly heads, flashing statues) and magic (ghosts fallen from ghost clouds, avatars in love, and the exquisite beauty of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall in Temple Street's Meditation Park).  We played BINGO and TRIVIA, named constellations, entered dance, poetry and story contests, looked into our deeper self for star readings, whispered hopes to Santa Claus, shared our hearts with frenzied fuzzies, cyberpartners and designer bears. We are newbies and guildmembers, athletic and stocky, communityolytes of every hue.

Come share your stories of the Dream and party the New Years in! Spend the day playing games, joining in a parade, remembering the good ol' days or planning for the future.  Then, be there to commemorate the Dreamscape's exciting official anniversary moment, November 15th at 5pm WAT in front of the Main Temple Doors. Let's join together in the Happy New Year!


Kymer New Years Vendos and items
Dear Community Members of the Dreamscape, 

This is a letter to inform everyone the intentions for the Kymer New Years Vendos and items.

All changes, vendos, etc. will be taken out or reversed around Noon on Monday, Nov 18.  We feel this should give a lot of time for everyone to shop with a minimum of stress.

- Confetti and Champange Vendo in V-Mart Center.
- Food items in V-Mart Left
- Balloon vendo in Visitor's Center (center)
- Mask Vendo #1 at South Fountain Center and between Temple Street Turfs and the Magic Shop
- Mask Vendo #2 at East Fountain Center and at the first left locale of Starway Cafe.
- We reduced the Body Changer Price to 100T per change.  Last year on Nov 15, we introduced the Athletic and Stocky bodies.  For a week we cut the price so people could experiment with new bodies.  As New Years can be a time of new changes, we cut the price again for the weekend.

- Nicknack vendo at V-Mart Center
- Keepsake Vendo at V-Mart Left.

- Banners and Countdown clock will be removed at about 5PM Saturday, Nov 16.

- The Balloons are so neat we want to find a spot for them very soon.
- The food items will wind up somewhere (Maybe finally having food in Starway? <g>)
- We unfortunately found that the sashes have an "invisible" oritentation which will cause the same lost problems at the ponytail. For this reason we limted the sashes to Karnival Host as a thank you for their effort.  We will be fixing the sashes and adding a few versions for more events or general release.

I want to thank Sunray Ann for pulling the Karnival together.  She put in a huge amount of effort in organizing and making sure things happened when and where.

I would also like to thank the Acolytes for pulling extra duty today.  They answered questions and helped make sure everyone was having a good time.

Our server group deserves no small credit for working out the server problems of October in time to give us a (server) crash-free day!  May Morpheus grant us many more.

Various groups and individuals helped distribute masks to as many people as they could get to.  They ran around loading up and passing them out.  Because of their efforts, 2000 masks were freely distributed.

There are a host of names I could not possibly remember or even know.  It was to the whole of the community who worked together on this event.  Everyone should be very happy and proud of what they helped achieve.  I have not heard of any major incidents (yet) and we had record numbers of people on the streets of Phantasus.  This was truly a community owned event.  I thank you all for being a part of it.

Oracles Teresias, Vaserius and Uni



Dealing With Inworld Crime: How to Protect Yourself in Kymer

Dealing With Inworld Crime:  How to Protect Yourself in Kymer

-- Introduction --

We all would like to think of the Dreamscape as a place where we can escape all the burdens
and worries of the Waking World.  Unfortunately crime, one of those worries, is also part of our
inworld lives The intent of this manual is not to scare people off but to arm you with the
knowledge you need to protect yourself  The truth is: No one inworld has to be a victim. By
reading this document and understanding and applying everything stated here you will be doing
your part to ensure that Phantasus becomes a crime free city.

While you can trust many of the avatars in Kymer, you can't trust everyone.  If you ever have
any doubts about the intentions of a person, or if you need help of any kind, page an Acolyte.
Acolytes are the official helpers of the Dreamscape and can always be trusted.

You can also always feel free to ask around the community for advice. You'll find that the
reputation of a criminal spreads quickly. One's standing in the community is always a good
indicator of a person's intentions.  Also know that the majority of Kymer's population is made up
of friendly, helpful citizens who are always willing to lend a helping hand or help you to learn the

While most of inhabitants of the Dreamscape are friendly others choose to commit acts of theft
and harassment. However, all crimes are preventable.  Keep in mind that we all choose to live
the Dream in different ways.  Your version of fun may not be the same as someone else's.  Role
plays can go to far though.  The most important thing to remember is that there are real people
with real feelings behind the keys.  It's not just a game.

-- Inworld Crime: How to Avoid and Deal With It --

There are 3 primary types of inworld crime. Theft, cons, and harassment.  Many situations
inworld can be avoided and for those that can't this manual will seek to teach the tools that you
need to deal with them in the best possible manner.

* Theft *

Theft is the most common type of crime, yet is also the easiest to defend against. An item (such
as a chest or head) becomes accessible to anyone in the locale after it leaves your hands.
Whenever you place an item on the ground, on a table, or on/in any other object in a public
locale that is capable of holding items (i.e. a table or a public Christmas Tree), you risk having it

Please never forget that not all crimes of this nature happen intentionally.  I have been witness to
several "thefts" where the person who took the item honestly didn't know that they were doing
anything wrong.  If you do get stolen from first try to contact the person via ESP and ask if they
were aware that the item they just took was yours.  Try explaining the situation.  If you don't feel
comfortable doing this Page Acolyte and tell us the name of the person who took your item and
we will try to contact them.  Often when someone did intend to steal they will immediately log
off. In this case report the name to the Acolyte on duty or write the name down and report it later
if there isn't one available.  Reporting helps the Acolytes to better assess and deal with situations if
they know that the person has repeatedly been exhibiting such behaviour.

Keep in mind that when you do decide to place a chest or object on the ground you are taking full
responsibility for your actions.  When you place an object on the ground you must keep in mind
that you might loose it.

To prevent theft, simply go to a locale that has limits on the number of avatars who can access
the room at a time.  These special rooms are located in the following buildings:

V-Mart -There are 4 "Changing Rooms" which hold 1 person at a time.  These rooms are ideal if
you have to get something out of a chest and don't want to risk placing it on the floor.  The rooms
are located on the first and second level of the V-Mart on the far right and left sides.  Be aware
that if you are prone to crashes this may not be a good place to set your valuables down in.  If
you crash with all of your items on the floor someone else can walk in and take them.

Temple -Alternatively you can go with a friend (or 2) to the Temple of Morpheus.  There are 4
special rooms --Air, Fire, Earth and Water. The Air and Fire rooms have a 2 person maximum
limit and the Earth and Water rooms hold only 3 people at a time.

By using these rooms when you need to place items on the ground, the chances of a theft
occurring are almost nil. If you don't have a friend to take into one of these rooms, page an
Acolyte and see if they can locate someone to help you. There are also single person changing
rooms located in the V-Mart on the far left and right sides where you can rearrange your items
without having to worry about other avatars walking in. However if you are prone to crashes you
may want to think about investing in a turf. If you take the proper precautions and lock your turf
it is the safest place to set down your belongings. If you crash you will return to your turf and all
of your items will still be on the floor. You won't have to worry about someone else walking in
and picking them up.

Turfs -The safest place to rearrange items or place them on the floor is your turf.  Turfs can be
purchased for 199 Tokens/month.  If you crash while in your turf your items will be there waiting
for you when you return.

* Turf Thefts *

While turfs are one way of avoiding theft they are also in a category themselves when it comes to
inworld crime.  Since a person's turf is their main storage unit it makes them an ideal place for
thieves seeking accessible items. The best way to protect yourself is though education.  Download
and read TURFGUID.TXT available here in the AWAYFORUM.  Learn how to set your turf
options so that you "lock the door" upon arrival.  This ensures that you won't have any
unexpected guests come calling.

Use a Welcome Room

If you use your turf for storage it's a good idea to keep all of your valuables in a room separate
from where you receive your guests.  Always be aware that if someone gets your address they
can come up and steal any items that you have left on the floor.  By having an empty "receiving
room" you have an area where you can entertain people without having to worry about your

As a rule of thumb do not give your address to strangers or publicly announce your turf name
and never use the default "Chez <avatar name>".  Both of these can lead to turf robbers getting
or guessing your address.  If you are holding a public function in your turf make sure that there
isn't anything on the ground that you would mind loosing.

* Scams and Cons *

Another type of crime in Kymer, closely related to theft, is the scam. People will try to sell
something to you that doesn't exist, such as a key to open locked doors or a method to get an
unlimited amount of tokens. Neither of these things exist.  If you ever doubt then Page Acolyte or
ask anyone on the street.  They will usually confirm your suspicions.

One simple rule: If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Protect yourself with
common sense.

The most important thing to remember to do in any transaction is to use a third party.
Someone you trust.  If you can't find a friend Page Acolyte or ask on the street for help from
citizens whom you recognize.  Acolytes are always very willing to act as the third party in an
exchange because it shows that both parties are being responsible and doing their part to
prevent theft.  Additionally there are several non-staff groups inworld who focus on preventing
crime and assisting in these types of transactions.  The Golden Knights (they have the title
Golden Knight or the initials "GK" in their names), Sunrays (Srk, or Sunray) and Duckolyte
members are all caring members of the community who will be happy to help you out.

The way a third party works is that the seller will hand the item being sold to the third party.  The
buyer will then pass the tokens to the third party.  Once the amount of tokens is confirmed the
tokens are passed to the seller and the item to the buyer.  The result is that no unwanted risks
are taken and no one gets ripped off.

If you are ever unsure then don't go though with the transaction.  Either wait until you have a
little more experience and knowledge or just buy from the vendroids. 

The same goes for offers from other avatars to buy items from you. When in doubt, sell at the
Pawn Machines. One is located outside the V-Mart, the other at the corner of Temple and
Gnarled Oak. They may pay less, but a  pawn machine won't rip you off. Of course con artists
don't make up the majority of the population. Most avatars are honest with good intentions. In
fact, you can find listings of used-item dealers/auction houses in the WA Yellow Pages.

Other cons to be aware of:
* I'll trade you your head for a better one.
* Charging entrance fees to get into public locales --such as the Bar
* People posing as crime victims and asking for token handouts.
* People pretending to be representatives of the WARaffle or any other raffle.

* Harassment and Disruptions *

Often the best way to deal with someone who you see as a potential trouble maker is to just walk
away.  A large percentage of the people inworld who cause trouble do it in an effort to get
attention. Many of these people will give up and leave if you simply don't give them the response
that they are looking for.

If the person was harassing you or using inappropriate language you can notify an Acolyte once
you have left the locale.  This removes you from the situation so that you will not be further
angered or upset.   The Acolyte will have a talk with that person so you should not feel as if
nothing will be done if you leave .  You personally will not be forced to deal with any more
headaches concerning that person.

If you think it's necessary and want to be able to communicate what exactly the avatar was
saying to you save the transcripts (File | Save Messages).  The Acolyte will often provide you
with an email address that you can forward the transcripts along to.

If you can't just pick up and leave the locale (for example if you and a number of other avatars
are playing a game) the second best thing you can do is ignore the person.  Again, when you
refuse to give the troublemaker the attention they desire you take away their fun and the very
purpose of their behaviour.

If a person ever follows you and you neither authorized nor welcomed the follow and wish to get
rid of them, simply click on their avatar and select stop following me. Ghost and leave the locale.

If a person is persistently following you and won't go away, you can always exit the program and
re-enter as your alternate avatar or page an Acolyte.

If you ever think a crime is of such a serious nature that you require assistance or you need
advice on how to deal with the situation, just Page an Acolyte by selecting the Page Acolyte
option from the Help menu. The Acolytes are here to serve you, the citizens of Kymer.

If you are unable to contact an Acolyte at the time of the crime take down all the important
details.  When you are able to contact an Acolyte they can provide you with their UID and you
can forward along the information for them to report.  Alternatively you can email the Acolytes at
the UIDs listed in the WorldsAway Yellow Pages.

--The Acolytes --

The Acolytes are the volunteer staff of the WorldsAway Dreamscape and can be identified by the
title Acolyte in their name and by their Tell Me About.

The Acolytes are:

Acolyte BLD Stalker           Acolyte Milen
Acolyte Brynne           Acolyte Moria
Acolyte Chameleon             Acolyte Nicci
Acolyte Data                  Acolyte Rosa Peace
Acolyte Electra               Acolyte Ravenwhyte
Acolyte Elizabeth             Acolyte Sabertooth
Acolyte Hindemith             Acolyte Serena
Acolyte Indigo           Acolyte Tulip
Acolyte JWFriendly            Acolyte VIQer
Acolyte Kari Peace            Acolyte Zippy
Acolyte Michael

-- When You Do Page Acolyte --

If you are within a large group of avatars when the situation arises and you agree that Acolyte
intervention is required ensure that only one person pages.  When an Acolyte receives pages en
mass it limits their ability to effectively deal with the situation.  Also, when more than one Acolyte
is on duty the pages rotate from one Acolyte to the next.  What this means is that if there are 3
Acolytes on duty and 3 different people page (from the same locale) each Acolyte receive one of
the pages from that locale and  will believe that only they received a page to deal with that
particular situation.

Tips To Remember When Paging:

* Only page once.

If an Acolyte doesn't respond to you immediately it could be because they are swamped or
scrolled up looking for information on a previous page.  Be patient, chances are we'll be with you
within a few minutes.  If a lot of time passes you can page again because sometimes pages do
become "lost" to a high scroll rate or simply missed.

* If you are with others inform them that you have paged.

It's also a good idea to say "I'm going to page" before you do.  This is especially useful if you are
paging for a trade so that both people involved don't page.  When this happens usually two
different Acolytes are reached and both show up at the scene of the trade. Informing others that
you are paging also cuts down on multiple pages.

* Try to have as much information as possible ready when the Acolyte responds.

Have the exact name of the person, the actions which have lead to you sending a page, how
long it has been taking place, et cetera.  Any information that you think will be valuable in
helping the Acolyte to deal with the situation quickly and effectively.

* When trying to locate an Acolyte/Avatar.

If you need to check for an Acolyte ESP them directly as you would to find out if anyone else
was on.  If you are trying to get in contact with a specific Acolyte you'll find that the majority of
us are listed in YELLOW.TXT, the WA Yellow Pages and you should feel free to email us.  The
Acolytes have no means of checking who is inworld beyond those which are available to every

* Use the forum to your full advantage.

The forum is a very useful for finding out information about Dreamscape happenings. If you have
a question about the last resource update or about an event happening inworld you can usually
find it here.  The Acolytes depend on the forum as their source of information too.

* Remember that it can get hectic while on duty.

With only one or two Acolytes on duty sometimes it can get very busy inworld. Try to keep this
in mind when paging.   Sometimes the questions add up and it can be nearly impossible to deal
with everyone at an ideal response rate.  We always appreciate your patience and

Along with the Acolytes and Oracles, there are many caring and concerned members of the
community who will always be more than happy to lend you a helping hand. With a little work,
we can all help each other. If you look out for others, you will earn respect and esteem in the eyes
of the community.

-- Using the Forum to Inform Others of Inworld Crime --

Be sure to keep informed by frequenting the WorldsAway forum. The Kymer Clarion and other
publications and numerous forum posts in the "Discussion and Issues" and "Inworld Events"
message sections are invaluable sources of information.

When using the forum the most effectively way is to post the avatar's name and a summary of
what happened.  Please remember that due to the fact that transcripts can be edited they aren't
accepted in the forum.  Chances are you will get your message across to many more people if
you give a personal summary of what occurred and what people should look out for you will
succeed in effectively educating other citizens.

Remember, the key to stopping crime is education.  Setting up people through "sting" operations
or blasting them with slander doesn't accomplish anything in the long run.  Most trouble makers
do it for the attention and the effective way to combat this is to take away their spotlight.

-- Remember Your Agreement --

Everyone wants to have fun in WorldsAway and you do have the right to portray any type of
avatar you wish to play. Whether it is just an extension of yourself or if you choose to role-play
your avatar's personality is up to you. You have to keep in mind, however, that you can't expect
your rights to infringe upon the rights of others. If you are having fun at the expense of other
avatars you are doing yourself a disservice.

WorldsAway is a service and people pay to ensure that they won't be subjected to behaviour
which has been deemed inappropriate. When you download the WorldsAway Client you are
asked to read and agree to a set of rules referred to as the Terms of Service (TOS). If you
violate these agreements inworld there will be consequences for your actions.

The best way to mesh with the community is to have a basic understanding of the morals of
our society. Treat everyone in a fair manner, the way you would expect to be treated, and you
can't go wrong. Also keep in mind that you have no idea who is watching or exactly how old the
people you are interacting with are. If you ever have any doubt it's always best to play it safe and
refrain from actions which you consider to be borderline inappropriate.

It's often easy to forget that there are real people behind the keys and without the added
communication of voice infliction and body language it is very easy for miscommunication to
occur. Always try your best to put yourself in the other person's shoes and don't force someone
into a situation where you can tell that they are uncomfortable. Treat everyone with the same
respect that you would show for them in real life.

It's not as complicated as it may sound. It is extremely easy to blend into Kymerian society and
soon you'll be just another avatar on the street. Everyone is fairly easy going, warm and
welcoming. There are of course exceptions but keep exploring and you'll find that you make a
few friends in no time flat. Never be afraid to ask questions either. Many avatars love to help out
and it's a great way to get a conversation started.

For additional information on the Terms of Service and the Guidelines for Community behaviour
consult the following documents: GUIDE.TXT, WAGUIDES.TXT, and TERMS.TXT.

Any questions or comments or questions can be directed to Nicci at 104706.725.
DATED:  February, 1997.