WorldsAway Manager Announces New Radio World - 16 November, 1998

From Reno Project

These meeting minutes were originally taken from the Silicon Soup newspaper from Hotel Silicon. The avatar named WA Manager was used by several different staff members, such as Tim Lavalli or Sheryl Knowles. It's unknown which person was speaking at this time.

For those of you who were unable to attend the meeting with the WA Manager regarding New Radio World (NRW) and the future of Club Connect and Hotel Silicon, below is the transcript:

WA Manager: I know you have all heard bits and pieces of what is going on with Club Connect.

WA Manager: Let me bring you all up to date.

WA Manager: We will be adding New Radio World to our server here.

WA Manager: A bullet train system will open as soon as next week to add more cities.

WA Manager: I believe first will be Silicon Valley, which will contain Hotel Silicon, then near the end of this month Detroit will come on-line.

WA Manager: We intend to add cities as radio stations in those cities that partner with us.

WA Manager: Washington DC is a definite, as is San Francisco.

WA Manager: We are talking to at least a dozen other stations in the USA, Canada, and Europe is coming soon.

WA Manager: Club Connect remains as it is, with even more partners being added.

WA Manager: Each new City will have a train station, an apartment building with new furnished apts. and of course vendos! as well as some locale flavor for each city.

WA Manager: So I know there are questions so let me try to answer some of them.

Question: How big will the cities be?

WA Manager: well I saw Detroit today it was about 20 locales, maybe 25

Question: Will there be more/different heads in each city?

WA Manager: more heads in all cities, I cannot comment on the specifics.

Question: What will the new cost be?

WA Manager: $9.95 a month for all parts of this world

Question: How will the trains work? and where will the bullet train be located?

WA Manager: trains work like trains, but if you have ever used a teleporter in that other world.....<grin>

WA Manager: all the cities are connected. No transporting items from HS to CC, but you can transport items between cities.

Question: Will we get 2 avatars? per acct.

WA Manager: 1 avatar per account, multiple accounts on one credit card are allowed

WA Manager: checks are accepted in NRW and CC , 6 months at present, also 6 month discounts will be offered to credit card users.

WA Manager: HS questions will be answered in HS

Question: If we have accounts in both CC and HS... and we convert, will they be separate?

WA Manager: two accounts remain two accounts but we all know how to combine them if not we will provide instructions.

Question: Can furniture be teleported via the Bullet Train?

WA Manager: you can carry anthing on a train

Question: Will we be able to bring things from Silicon Valley to CC when you connect them?

WA Manager: OK hold on let me say this once for everyone this is ONE server

WA Manager: all the cities are on ONE server just as all of Dreamscape is on another server

WA Manager: so taking a train is no different than walking

Question: Will CC lose any of it's locales or turfs or anything, or will it all stay as it is?

WA Manager: CC may have some reconstruction to add one or more new places, if anything is removed it will be relocated to another city.

Question: Can the ignore avatar option be reinstalled?

WA Manager: will take ignore up with technical staff

Question: Will each city also get an apt manager?? or will here be the central place to get apts? will the apartments be furnished?

WA Manager: each city has its own apartment, complete apt setup in each city

Question: Any idea of the location of the bullet train?

WA Manager: yes the station is down from here <grin>

Question: Is there a plan to direct NRW toward an economy base with rare items, or will that still be avoided?

WA Manager: the economy will be encouraged

Question: Will we still be receiving 100 tokens per hour? or will it be reduced? and what is the token cap here?

WA Manager: 100 a hour 500 a day

Question: Do you have a date when this will take place?

WA Manager: Silicon Valley within a week, Detroit right after that, then SF & DC

Question: How will the staffing of the world change with the expansion?

WA Manager: all of the staff from HS have been offered positions here, and we will be adding more guides.

Caretaker Michael: And, all guides work "server-wide", there are no SV guides or CC guides. We have one team of guides for all cities and areas. For those who are interested in becoming a guide - send an email to me, CT Michael ( Include info about yourself, why you want to become a guide, etc. and be patient.

Question: Will there be more vendos with greater variety of stuff?

WA Manager: yes to more vendos, each city will have a head vendo, an accessory vendo, a knick-knack vendo, and sprays.

Question: Will NRW have RealAudio broadcasts?

WA Manager: yes to realaudio and streamworks

Question: Are you getting more negative or positive feedback from people on these changes?

WA Manager: I would say its 75% positive

Question: When will avatars in HS be converting to CC?

WA Manager: one week

Question: Can the number of avatars per locale be changed?

WA Manager: and yes we can control the number of avatars but the reason we limit the locales is to stop the screen from scrolling, but auditoriums and bars have more.

Question: Can you explain the reason, for this change?

WA Manager: <ahem>

WA Manager: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Question: Is it true that the price might eventually be lowered? (the ghost disbelieves this possibility)

WA Manager: yes the price might well go down, it will not go up.

WA Manager: I have a note here that I was supposed to read to you from some wild haired guy

WA Manager: no yes maybe never and YES!!

Question: How do you, the WA manager, feel about the changes personally?

WA Manager: its like a root canal only no drugs.