Meeting with Tim Lavalli - July 12th, 1998

From Reno Project

These meeting minutes were originally taken from the Silicon Soup newspaper from Hotel Silicon. The avatar named Benjamin was Tim Lavalli, aka Brother Echo.

[Entering Locale: manager interview]

Benjamin: Well lets start when Judy gets here

Judy Jupiter: Greetings

Judy Jupiter: <grin>

Benjamin: Hi

Benjamin: my only request is that we not go over the ground covered on Thursday

Benjamin: other than that, its all open

Benjamin: all worlds including RW

Benjamin: Sidney would you like to start?

Sidney: It may be a challenge to find more ground. Although you did leave Hotel as a topic for today

Sidney: Ok, should I start with Hotel?

Marianne G: Hey JJ <wave>

Benjamin: well and I also kept MY items until today

Judy Jupiter: Hi Marianne

Benjamin: <grin><grin><grin><grin>

Benjamin: sure Hotel

Sidney: Ah, the baby is off my shoulder... No more excuses for my typos <grin>

Benjamin: DS was the original and began with great attention

Judy Jupiter: lol

Sidney: Hi, everybody <grin>

Benjamin: CC is of course the current launch

Benjamin: HS on the otherhand has a strange history

Benjamin: which I am sure you know

Marianne G: That's for sure <grin>

Benjamin: Beta (Hallway) to Hotel (free) to Hotel (paid)

Benjamin: there are plans for Hotel

Benjamin: but they are clearly AFTER Club Connect

Benjamin: thats both good and bad news

Sidney: Ok, Hotel was promised commercial content, computer room, etc., as was reported in Soup last April. Have those plans been shelved?

Benjamin: commercial content--yes

Benjamin: computer/tech focus I think not

Benjamin: that area seems just too too done on the web

Benjamin: there is a plan right now to convert Hotel to a Futures World

Sidney: Um, just to be clear, yes will be shelved or yes will be done sometime? <grin>

Benjamin: and the point person on that is working to line up partners

Judy Jupiter: may we just throw in questions matching the topic?

Benjamin: my best and most honest guess it that Hotel will get the same type of focused attention that CC is getting

Benjamin: but not until fall

Benjamin: sure

Judy Jupiter: Is there a new theme planned for the "future" Hotel?

Sidney: I don't mind

Benjamin: the sheer volumn of art keeps that dept too busy

Benjamin: the Futures aspect will mean

Benjamin: business, tech, commercial futures

Benjamin: as well as cultural, social and goverment

Benjamin: Future of the WW worlds

Benjamin: not future as in Sci-Fi

Judy Jupiter: <grin>

Benjamin: although I am holding out for a Sci-Fi section

Benjamin: and Futures Art style

Judy Jupiter: Are the plans to build a new, low ToS world put aside for now?

Benjamin: the point person has been both a think tanker staffer

Marianne G: Speaking of social and cultural, the Hotel has a 'different' makeup then the other two dream worlds.... is this 'change' to reflect their different society they have there now?

Benjamin: and a researcher

Sidney: Welcome MarvL

Benjamin: I low TOS idea is not on the horizon at present

Judy Jupiter: Hi MarvL

Benjamin: HI MarvL

Sidney: Would you like me to email yo uthe transcript so far?

Marianne G: MarvL, nice to see you.... I'll save and send you transcripts if you like <grin>

Benjamin: just yakking about Hotel

MarvL: Thanks! <grin><grin>

Benjamin: its the first topic

Benjamin: more on that BTW?

Judy Jupiter: The current population in Hotel seems not to be very high, what will you do about this?

Judy Jupiter: yes please, a last one<grin>

Benjamin: I have just this week given the Concierges some more leeway to make Hotel a lot more entertaining

Benjamin: until we can effect the changes

Benjamin: the key problem there is the economy

Marianne G: Sidney, you going to get MarvL, since you have his ICQ and I don't?

Benjamin: building any reasonable economy on a base of what Hotel has been (object wise0 is quite a challenge

MarvL: Get me?? Very few people do that <grin>

Marianne G: As in get the transcripts to you <grin><grin>

Benjamin: but I hope Hotel will be more stable now and in the future

Judy Jupiter: okay<grin>

Benjamin: but in all honesty, the big focus will be this fall

Marianne G: About the question I asked, are these changes being made to reflect the current society that is in residence there?

Judy Jupiter: For Hotel, right?

Marianne G: as it is a tad different then the one in the other two worlds

Benjamin: well I think it has been made clear that a rowdy, open, gamer type of world is not in our plans

Marianne G: Three, actually, if you count Pride <grin>

[This is scenery.]

Benjamin: so the "freedom" that some love in the old Beta Hotel is not likely to be encouraged again

Sidney: (emailed transcript to MarvL)

Benjamin: in a paid format

MarvL: In Pride there is a clear lower age limit. Are there age limits in Club Connect?

Benjamin: CC is meant to have an adult focus

Benjamin: since it is about "all the relationships in your lief

Benjamin: life

Benjamin: but one of the xoom neighbourhoods about to come in is their families

Sidney: And along with that, what about the different age limits for valets (21), acolytes (18) and guides (16?)

Benjamin: the age for helper policy was very nebulous until recently

Benjamin: I have had to make a policy on that just this week

Marianne G: I didn't know there was one <grin><grin><grin> geesh I'm out of the loop

Benjamin: and although not one will be released

Marianne G: good thing I pass

Benjamin: from this point forward the age limit is 21

MarvL: Could you rework the come in is their families?? That's going to be hard to edit <react>

Benjamin: unless and until I heard a very compellinbg argument to set it lower

Benjamin: sure

Benjamin: xoom is bringing in I believe six of their "neighborhoods" they are

Benjamin: Women's Circle

Benjamin: Single

Benjamin: Gay& Lesbian

Benjamin: New Age

Benjamin: Families

Benjamin: Graphic Arts

Benjamin: yep six

MarvL: I'll save my Graphic Arts question for the technical part of the interview <grin>

Marianne G: So part of the relationship in life, will include that relationship within Families?

Benjamin: you can see what those focus on by going to their web site

Benjamin: right

Marianne G: As sponsored by the Xoom Partnership?

Benjamin: well I think you can talk about your family without being in their suite <grin><grin><grin>

Judy Jupiter: Since I haven't been here last time, may I ask for the date of the official opening of CC?

Marianne G: do you have that web site URL by any chance?

Benjamin: 24th

Judy Jupiter: thanks


MarvL: It's in our recent article, MG <grin>

Marianne G: Easy one <grin><grin>

MarvL: All four of them are, actually.

Benjamin: OK JJ are you next?

Judy Jupiter: I don't mind though <g>

Benjamin: Marianne

Benjamin: whomever

Marianne G: Going back to something you said before.... you said you cleared it for them to provide more entertainment in Hotel.... Anything in particular they have lined up?

Marianne G: or that you had in mind that you had to realease them to provide?

Benjamin: Well that Mystery event was a big success

Marianne G: With the chefs <grin>

Benjamin: and they just had a Girl's Paint Party

Benjamin: but I did preveiw some more new locales for there

Marianne G: And plan a Boyz I understand <grin>

Benjamin: and they will get a Barnes&Noble

Marianne G: New locales, but not, as stated before, till the fall?

Benjamin: no some new ones sooner than that

Marianne G: So these were already in the works?

Sidney: What will be the theme of the Hotel B&N?

Benjamin: a couple this month I beleive

Benjamin: yes I did an art check just yesterday

Benjamin: good question Sidney

Marianne G: More cracks in the walls <grin>

Benjamin: I am sure the Virtual Business list will go up there

Benjamin: and some of the sci-fi

Sidney: One of my pending questions was what the cracks in the wall mean <grin>

Benjamin: but I just send a request for that type of foucs to our Hotel person

Marianne G: I figured it was from the Hotel expansion <grin><grin>

Benjamin: well the cracks appeared about the time those three semismologists began to arrive

Benjamin: hint hint hint

Benjamin: Dr Irv Quake

Judy Jupiter: omg what is a semismologist?

Marianne G: Great, they built on a fault line <grin><grin><grin>

Judy Jupiter: oh

Judy Jupiter: got it<grin>

Sidney: Probably a misspelled seismologist <grin>

MarvL: So Hotel MIGHT fall apart after all <react>

Judy Jupiter: LOL Sid

Benjamin: well for one thing its misspelled

Benjamin: fall apart hmmmmmmm

Benjamin: define apart <grin><grin><grin>

Sidney: Probably something to do with version 3.0 and distributerd objects.

Benjamin: well as long as you mentioned 3.0

Sidney: distributed, rather.

Benjamin: MarvL you want to try a couple of your questions

MarvL: Several of the more vocal avatars have shot themselves in the mouth with their dire predictions about Hotel Silicon.

MarvL: OK,

Benjamin: yes and some of the staff love those rumors

Benjamin: in fact we all do

Marianne G: Apart - Into pieces or parts, Seperated or away from in place time or motion

Marianne G: So.... we talking 2 pieces or more?

MarvL: What review procedures to you use to ensure consistent enforcement of the TOS for the various worlds?

Marianne G: You DID say to define Apart

Benjamin: OK then Hotel will not fall apart

Benjamin: Any use of powers is reported to me

Benjamin: or my designated manager

Judy Jupiter: Will there be Avatars involved in the new plans?

Benjamin: but the ddebate that follows some of the obvious uses are to me really boring and not worth engaging

Benjamin: consistency in total requires either a police state or anarchy

Benjamin: and we of course are interested in neither

MarvL: Have you considered simply posting some of the "actions" in the official record, and allowing us to refer folks to precedent?

Marianne G: Do you believe that some act up just to 'see' if there will be a reaction?

Benjamin: I will take both of those

Benjamin: posting could be an option

Benjamin: the problem I have is making RULES

Sidney: There was mention in the May WA Manager interview and again in June of a TOS-free zone or a low-TOS zone. Still possible?

MarvL: You can avoid RULES if you have precedents.

Benjamin: since nothing here happens in a vaccuum

Marianne G: Don't the precedents become rules in a way?

Benjamin: each use of power gets me emails on both sides

MarvL: That's really the whole point of common law. You proceed by analogy.

Benjamin: yes some do

Benjamin: and I think each of you could now tell me the common law in DS

Benjamin: right?

MarvL: And put all the lawyers out of work??? <react>

Judy Jupiter: LOL

Marianne G: Pretty much with no need to post them

Marianne G: Now THERE'S a dream world <grin>

MarvL: There we VERY much disagree, MG

Benjamin: well if there is a need then I would like their phrasing to come from the community and not me

MarvL: Rumors about what's permissible puts the Acolytes under WAY too much pressure.

Benjamin: I would comment as needed

Benjamin: well Echo always reminds me of his first rule to staff

Benjamin: "You can always talk to a customer

MarvL: Ummm, common law derives from enforcement, NOT from rules.

Marianne G: Well, I can say, that perhaps I've been lucky, but that has not been one of the pressures I've had

Benjamin: If there is a need for codification then I would be interested to read a draft

Sidney: (Holding tongue on a punchline to that rule)

Benjamin: but completely uninterested in writing it

Benjamin: which does not mean that my staff can or cannot be involved in such an endeavor

MarvL: Suppose someone were to write it. Would the current Acolyte Guide be available as a template?

Benjamin: sure that guide has been released before

Benjamin: in fact its being updated now for CC

MarvL: Oh really?? Where can I get a copy?

Benjamin: I will put that on my list

MarvL: But to focus on my question, when you DO review an action,

MarvL: is it available to the press?

Benjamin: if anything needs to be done I speak to the acolyte and/or the citizen as needed

MarvL: And leave everybody else in the dark?? How are we supposed to learn?

Benjamin: I would have to be convinced that publication would serve some purpose

Marianne G: We've covered DS, CC and Hotel, I'm sure there's questions more on each of them, but as manager of all of them, do you see them evolving as very seperate entities? And will they be able to keep their identity?

MarvL: Do you send the information to the other Acolytes?

Benjamin: there is no rule but when it is a new situation it goes to all staff otherwise no

Benjamin: The worlds are separate

Marianne G: MarvL, it's been my experience that when one has been voided, sent to the cellar, or whatever, it's become public knowledge fairly quickly WITHOUT publication

Benjamin: and will remain so in as many ways as we can devise

MarvL: OK, keep your eyes open for the possibility of sending one to the Papers, too.

Benjamin: well court records are public info

Marianne G: So you do STRIVE to present them as unique products?

Benjamin: but we are not to that point yet

Benjamin: absolutely unique

Benjamin: the commercial content of CC will not be imported to DS

MarvL: But we are stuck with a VERY one-sided version of the story, because of current policy. The Acolytes can't even talk to the press about the incidents.

Judy Jupiter: So DS will stay an "ad-free-zone" ?

Benjamin: one-sided is true, I simply cannot however deal with the press here as fully open to all sides

MarvL: bite tongue <grin>

Benjamin: when words spoken by any individual are treated as absolute truth

Benjamin: I cite the Kari Peace stories

Benjamin: Silicon Soap in every article

MarvL: I'm not away of anyone who thought they were truth, let alone absolute <grin>

Benjamin: and anything that comes out of the mouth of <__> or <____>

Benjamin: but is it not the function of the press to question?

Marianne G: MarvL, you have to admit, he has a point there, and there are many readers who don't even look to see who wrote the article

Benjamin: why would you wait for FSBA to respond

Marianne G: or consider the source

Benjamin: we never ever do that!

Marianne G: or what agenda they may have

Benjamin: I would have to hire an inworld press person to respond to all the crap we hear

Benjamin: truthful and not

Marianne G: but getting back to other issues, Benjamin, you had a few items you wanted to discuss?

MarvL: Well, FSBA is getting MUCH better. The kiosks and so forth help a lot. Now it's up to us to demonstrate that this sort of interview is time well invested.

Benjamin: good leadin for one of my issues

Benjamin: if I might

Marianne G: Perhaps they will answer questions we have <grin>

Benjamin: Each and every member of my staff who does any customer service

Benjamin: is required to spend time inworld

Benjamin: in fact they only get to do cs if they have such a presence

MarvL: I'll bet you really have to twist arms, huh <grin><grin>

Benjamin: yet citizens wil write letters and ESPmails

Benjamin: about how much they personally have done for the community\

Benjamin: and yet they feel they can abuse my staff

Benjamin: this is not an ordinary product

Benjamin: you have to face the person you call an idiot or worse

Benjamin: and I expect my staff to be treated with respect

Benjamin: and not accused of banishing someone

Benjamin: or deleting an account

Benjamin: why would anyone thing we would toss them out

Judy Jupiter: But don't you expect your staff to treat your customers with the same respect?

Benjamin: we are running a business

Benjamin: thats busine$$

Benjamin: I expect my staff to treat eveyone with the respect they deserve

Judy Jupiter: Cu$tomer$ too<grin>

Benjamin: the customer is NOT always right

MarvL: Publishing the "actions", honest to god, will help a lot with that sort of nonsense.

Benjamin: I am beginning to see youjr point MarvL

Benjamin: take last week

Benjamin: 6 accoutns got deleted for no reasone we can find

MarvL: I would LOVE to point to a previous incident, and tell somebody that they are being boring and wasting our time.

Benjamin: 4 customers told us and got them back in 4 hours

Benjamin: 1 we cannnot find

Benjamin: the other customer put up a webpage they we had thrown them out

MarvL: Something like that would be a great article, actually.

Benjamin: and then they started to give away all their stuff

Benjamin: Note they we inworld

MarvL: We all know that computers aren't perfect.

Benjamin: were

Benjamin: well MarvL not everyone seems to know that

Judy Jupiter: Oh, I do <g>

Benjamin: oh and this happend from 2 AM to 9 AM WAT

Marianne G: Yes, but, if they don't read TOS, as proved by all the hacks that abound, you think they're going to take an article seriously?

MarvL: There's LOTS of that going around. <grin> Previous examples help to establish norms, however.

Benjamin: so you can see how stunned the staff was on that one

Marianne G: Which reminds me, is there ever going to be anything that can be done about hacks?

Benjamin: well perhaps we will write up a FSU

Benjamin: Frequesnt Screw Ups

Judy Jupiter: you read my mind

Judy Jupiter: <G>

Benjamin: with customers responses

Benjamin: hacks are a fact of life

MarvL: Well, there ARE the forums, .... aren't there <grin>

Benjamin: and some of the hackers we really appreciate becasue they come to us first

Benjamin: they love these worlds

Benjamin: you will see improvement in billng processes

Benjamin: that last statement is back on the record

Judy Jupiter: When will direct debit take place?

Sidney: Are you back on the record now?

Sidney: ok

Benjamin: I just submitted my final specs for DD

Marianne G: Yes, and will there be a big announcement when it is ready for the European customers?

Benjamin: but let me ask a question of you

Benjamin: on DD

Benjamin: its not about how many current customers want it

Benjamin: but how many have we never reached because we lack it

Benjamin: ????

Judy Jupiter: good question

Benjamin: that was the thrust of my report to management

Benjamin: current numbers are not the main issue

MarvL: I lived in Spain for four years. You can't even GET an apartment without signing up for DD.

Benjamin: its future customers

Benjamin: good point I will use it

Marianne G: Not to mention those waiting in the wings for it, I know a few of them.

Sidney: That certainly matches up with what I have heard from Europeans.

Benjamin: right

Benjamin: OK\

Judy Jupiter: How will people know there's a great virtual world available, charging flatrate and available by DIRECT DEBIT?

Marianne G: So, will there be a big announcement when it comes?

Benjamin: BIG

Judy Jupiter: Are there any marketing plans for Europe?

Benjamin: we actually have engaged a web PR firm

Marianne G: And will your partners program help to spread that message?

Judy Jupiter: Every European can do DD, but very few can do CC.<shrug>

Benjamin: partners will certainly stock CC

Benjamin: and I assume if you are in CC, someone will mention DS

Benjamin: right??!!!!

Benjamin: and then HS

Benjamin: and then....

MarvL: Will be be able to buy book in the Barnes and Noble store?

Marianne G: I'm sure the word will get out <grin>

Judy Jupiter: I meant credit card, when I said CC

Benjamin: books, magazines and software

Benjamin: right JJ

Judy Jupiter: and...

Marianne G: So... the partners will support Credit Cards, but maybe not Direct Debit?

Judy Jupiter: Will you provide the registration pages/forms in another language but English, when DD takes place?

Benjamin: German pages are coming

Sidney: (Hoping they don't announce a DreamDomain to add to the acronym confusion)

Judy Jupiter: That's great news<grin>

Benjamin: partners use our pages

Benjamin: so what we support they support

Benjamin: not a dream domain

Marianne G: No but they have a Comedy Central world planned <grin>

Benjamin: but perhaps free email

Benjamin: tied to your avatar name

Marianne G: Just kidding <grin><grin>

Judy Jupiter: LOL

MarvL: Can you confirm the rumor that the partners are providing some folks that will trained as Guides?

Benjamin: close

Marianne G: Now that's an Idea, free EMail tied to your Avatar name, that you can get while online and inworld.

Benjamin: we will attempt to select the next group of guides from those "hosts" the partners proide

Benjamin: provide for their suites

MarvL: I'm ready to ask about documents in general, whenever we get there.

Benjamin: easy answer but not satisfactory

Benjamin: 3.0

Judy Jupiter: Is there a marketing concept to attract *new* customers in Europe, when DD takes place?

Benjamin: same for your graphics question

Benjamin: yes JJ there is

Marianne G: Will those guides be working exclusivly for the partner they represent, or be a guide for the entire dream world they're on?

Sidney: As long as we are mentioning Guides, to back up a bit... What about current ones who are under 21?

Benjamin: Hosts work only for the suite, Guides work the whole world

Marianne G: I believe he said no one would be let go earlier

MarvL: Once upon a time we were provided with a wish list an a bit of a schedule. I such a document still available?

Sidney: Whoops -- meant to say that outloud

Benjamin: right

Benjamin: from Vaserius, Teresias, and all the ex-WA teamers I have about 60 such lists

[Time to find a pawn machine!]

Benjamin: documents as we have them are used in Japan

Benjamin: they are very buggy

Marianne G: We've noticed <grin>

Benjamin: and I have not ask tech to recode them

Benjamin: as any recoding in 2.x will not transfer to 3.0

MarvL: Your monthly Newsletter might be a good place for a "3.0" article.

Judy Jupiter: Now, that you mention Japan.... Will we ever get skirts on athletic female bodies in DS?<grin><grin><grin>

Marianne G: SKIRTS? Not on my Bod!

Benjamin: I will ask for that to be addressed

Marianne G: Only if you have a choice <grin><grin><grin>

Judy Jupiter: LOL Marianne, you can still choose<grin>

Benjamin: I can say that the current 6 avies will not change in 2.x

Benjamin: any major code changes will not be done in 2.x

Judy Jupiter: When do you expect 3.0 to take place?

Benjamin: I would rather have it done right in 3.0

Benjamin: 3.0 is not RSN

Benjamin: it is not being done by the current WA team

Benjamin: we are 2.x only

Judy Jupiter: oh?

Marianne G: So, who's doing it?

Benjamin: but it is being worked on elsewhere

Sidney: I'm happy to hear a realistic answer <grin>

Benjamin: its my job Sidney

MarvL: A related question. What size population are you using as a design target for the 3.0 software?

Benjamin: I am not fond of RSN

Benjamin: good queston

Judy Jupiter: Does your comment include major staff replacements?

Benjamin: first we are not sure of the population size on the 2.x software

Benjamin: I hope CC will tell us that

Marianne G: Does the team doing 3.0 have previous experience? All new?

Benjamin: then I can spec the 3.0 size

MarvL: Meaning you haven't stressed the system as yet??

Benjamin: JJ I do not understand your question

Benjamin: Marianne , they work from our specifications

Judy Jupiter: You say that somebody else but your team will work on the 3.0 version,

Judy Jupiter: what will your team and you be doing then?

Benjamin: we have not stressed the system since 2.3 changes

Benjamin: we are 2.x only

Benjamin: but we review 3.0 when it is presented to us

Judy Jupiter: Okay

Marianne G: so after we go to 3.0 what happens then?

Marianne G: In other words, do I have this right....

Benjamin: first we approve it

Marianne G: is one team doing ummm maintaining the current product and small revisions

Benjamin: then WE do the transition work

Benjamin: right

Marianne G: and another team doing the major rework?

Benjamin: right

Judy Jupiter: good

Marianne G: Ok, got it <grin>

Judy Jupiter: thanks Marianne<grin> <g>

Benjamin: but it all has to pass by us

Benjamin: we are the super beta for the 3.0 folks

[You're broke.]

MarvL: Could you comment on the effort to connect to an addition ISP for alternate routing.

Marianne G: Now, when the coversion from 2.x to 3.0 comes, will it be as stressful to some as the conversion to the web was?

[You're still broke!]

Benjamin: the larger FSBA FAI system is bieng looked at and we are a part of that

Sidney: FAI??

Benjamin: yes it will be stressfu lto some but so is waking up

Benjamin: another of the F acronyms

MarvL: The publishable ones <grin>

Benjamin: the whole system ours and others in Silicon Valley are being looked at

Sidney: Fujitsu Across the Internet?

Benjamin: verionet <___________>

Benjamin: verionet has some <ahem. recurring issues

Lady Rayven: Sorry, that avatar is not currently in world.

Benjamin: OK more questions?

Judy Jupiter: May I ask a question about something totally different please?

Marianne G: I mean, is it planned to be a you sign on, download some stuff and you're upgraded..... or a world goes down for 24 hours

Benjamin: silly question Ben

Judy Jupiter: LOL

Marianne G: and hope you still exsist when it comes on

MarvL: Well, the whole internet looks like it was designed by a bunch of beavers. It sort of just growed <grin>

Benjamin: no idea Marianne

Marianne G: Ok, thanks

Benjamin: disturbed beavers

Benjamin: JJ?

Marianne G: They were on uppers at the time <grin>

Judy Jupiter: I thought about entertainment in DS and the other worlds aswell. All events have always the same games or contests. To provide something new, would the inworld staff be willing to work together on good ideas?

MarvL: Share with us some of your thinking on the "necessity" reintroducing rare objects.

[You have been removed from the locale by the owner and you are now a ghost.]

[Entering Locale: Elevator 2]

[Sorry, that object is no longer accessible.]

<ESP to Marianne G: what was this now`? LOL>

<ESP to Marianne G: did I say something wrong?<sigh><sigh><sigh>>

Marianne G: I think he just crashed

MarvL: Me thinks he crashed <grin>

<ESP from Marianne G: No, you didn't <grin>>

[Entering Locale: manager interview]

MarvL: I was shooting at Verio a few months ago too.

Benjamin: well that was the strangest crash I have had

Marianne G: Good, have to have my seat, it shows off my ponytail

MarvL: Just cause it's not perfect, doesn't imply that it's not the best that's available.

Benjamin: I think JJ had a question

Marianne G: I noticed, you got up and left.... as if you were rushing to the bathroom, but if you rather not discuss it <grin><grin><grin>

Judy Jupiter: yes

Benjamin: I just forze with a red text box

Benjamin: JJ?

Judy Jupiter: I was thinking about the entertainment in here and the other worlds,

Judy Jupiter: and the games and contests are the same all the time,

Benjamin: no strippers! <grin><grin><grin>

Judy Jupiter: ROFL

Benjamin: wel actually CC has a new event

Judy Jupiter: not done...

Marianne G: You have to come to a CHAOS game <grin>

Sidney: We had fern dancers years ago

Benjamin: I forget what it is called

MarvL: Related: and support such as Acolyte prizes.

Judy Jupiter: Is the inworld staff willing to help out on that? I am thinking about something special though,

Benjamin: but I would like to see new games and have asked staff to support those attempts

Judy Jupiter: painting avatars

Marianne G: A table dancer won the last dance contest <grin>

Judy Jupiter: I have a new game

Judy Jupiter: a new host program

Benjamin: painting is very power-individual intensive

Judy Jupiter: They do it in Hotel too though

Marianne G: Actually, we had a paint party one CHAOS

Marianne G: And it is time intensive

Benjamin: yes and then they collapse for a day

Judy Jupiter: LOL

Benjamin: but they do it in Hotel and I let them

Judy Jupiter: Okay, so you say forget it Judy <g>

MarvL: There is a LOT of under the table information about color mapping and the like.

Benjamin: no send it to the inworld staff and they will consider it

Judy Jupiter: What if you have one of your staff, who is bored on their duty (since everybody is following the Tos now) doing it? <g>

MarvL: Could you provide enough technical information for us to turn it into an article?

Benjamin: oh yes we get requests all the time with the maps

Benjamin: well for one avie it means

Benjamin: 1- listening to them

Benjamin: 2- typing in 16 numbers correctly

Benjamin: 3- not using bad colors and bad art

Benjamin: 4- then listening to them say

Benjamin: well thats not what I wanted <grin><grin><grin><sigh><sigh>

Judy Jupiter: LOL

Judy Jupiter: that's the bad example <grin>

Marianne G: Can I get my skin just a shade darker <grin><grin><grin>

Benjamin: but I will talk to techs about the "paint tool

Judy Jupiter: That's great<grin>

Benjamin: it is on the list

Benjamin: the top list even

MarvL: You could sell an artist's pallete object for 2000T I'll bet <grin><grin>

Marianne G: Imagine the bad paint jobs we'll have to see then <grin>

Marianne G: by budding Picasso's

MarvL: It's a easy way to KNOW someone has bad taste <grin><grin>

Benjamin: yes I know Echo was very reluctant to approve the new black and white sprays

Benjamin: they are very flat

Benjamin: and the artists cringe so loud

Benjamin: Ok one more each

MarvL: Just testing something <grin><grin> Ya gotta read the paper <grin>

Sidney: (quickly scanning notes...}

Benjamin: yes

Benjamin: no

Benjamin: sure maybe

Marianne G: All I saw was him passing behind Sidney <grin><grin>

Benjamin: are we done

Benjamin: <grin><grin><grin>

MarvL: I'm ok.

Marianne G: MarvL you have one?

Judy Jupiter: yes

MarvL: Ahhh,

Sidney: MarvL, I could say the same about your question about the CC elevator... Read it in BoD <grin>

Benjamin: CC elevator will be fixed

MarvL: Will these interviews be a regular feature??

Benjamin: the home option needs to be reset for all old avies

Judy Jupiter: Sorry if I asked questions which have been asked in an earlier conference already

Benjamin: I would be willing to do this ---yes

Judy Jupiter: <grin>

Benjamin: I will even pay the rent on this turf <grin>

MarvL: Monthly, or event driven?

Benjamin: how about---need driven

Marianne G: That's two questions <grin><grin>

Benjamin: you tell me when you need me

Benjamin: if enough comes up in a month--then sure