Hotel Silicon - Valet Lapin Interview for Valet Appreciation Day 1998

From Reno Project

Valet Lapin Interview for VAD. This interview took place during Valet Appreciation Day 1998.

VAD Willow: Thankyou for taking the time to talk with me Valet Lapin

Valet Lapin: Should have worn my Gabriel head.

VAD Willow: we are interviewing the valets to provide hotel citizens with some idea of what the valets do to contribute to their hootel experience

VAD Willow: lol

VAD Willow: your comments will be posted on the VAD website

VAD Willow: only 5 questions

Valet Lapin: Well Ill try to answer what I can.

VAD Willow: how long have you been a valet?

Valet Lapin: Only for about 5 months.

Valet Lapin: Yes I know.

VAD Willow: could you please tell us what your valet duties are both inworld and behind the scenes?

Valet Lapin: In World the same as any other Valet.

Valet Lapin: Provide help in the form of answering questions.

Valet Lapin: The whole gambit of questions...

Valet Lapin: From how do I glue this down?

Valet Lapin: To who do I contact for an IBill problem?

VAD Willow: what about your activities on behalf of residents behind the scenes?

Valet Lapin: Valets also from time to time have to deal with problems and issues.

Valet Lapin: There are a number of things that all Valets do behind the scenes...

Valet Lapin: From helping to resolve arguments, disagreements....

Valet Lapin: To providing prizes to hosts.

Valet Lapin: Alot is never really seen,

VAD Willow: it seems that each does something different than the other such as administrative work

Valet Lapin: Paper work

Valet Lapin: Informing each other what if anything has occured on our shifts.

Valet Lapin: Communication type things...

Valet Lapin: Like I'm providing so and so with x number of prizes for this day etc.

Valet Lapin: Or avatar y is having this occure when he does this...

Valet Lapin: Passing info on to the

Valet Lapin: techs via the Concierges

VAD Willow: yes we are trying to make citizens aware of the many efforts valets do that they do not observe

Valet Lapin: Well to be honest with you.....

Valet Lapin: I personally don't feel it is anything special.

Valet Lapin: I mean that I do.

Valet Lapin: who are here almost always...

VAD Willow: well, could you estimate how many hours per month on average you devote to inworld and behind the scenes activities for hotel?

Valet Lapin: those are the interesting ones

Valet Lapin: Not as many as I hoped I could.

Valet Lapin: Duty as in handling pages range from 6 to 10 aweek

VAD Willow: and how much time would you guess inworld?

Valet Lapin: Other things like meetings, doing things Ive promised people etc

Valet Lapin: most likly another 5 to 6

Valet Lapin: Only about 15 hours per week latly

VAD Willow: Can you share with us either a most humorous or interesting valet experience you have had?

VAD Willow: hehe

Valet Lapin: Well.....

Valet Lapin: It was early one morning about 5AM WA Time....

Valet Lapin: there where only about 6 people on the Where is everyone

Valet Lapin: I couldnt find any of them

Valet Lapin: So I figured they where all in the turfs.

Valet Lapin: I was going through some web pages and got a page

Valet Lapin: Which makes a sound....

Valet Lapin: I normally have my speakers off

Valet Lapin: and it scared the heck out of me

VAD Willow: lol

VAD Willow: rather eerie

VAD Willow: at that hour of the day

Valet Lapin: So far mostly I have only had to deal with informatiinal questions.

VAD Willow: please share with us your hopes for the future of Hotel?

Valet Lapin: People, for the most part dont create issues with each other.

Valet Lapin: Well....

Valet Lapin: I would like to see more people here.

Valet Lapin: I think thats the first stepping stome....

Valet Lapin: At one time, before I became a Valet....

Valet Lapin: There where always about 100 inworld.

Valet Lapin: They make me a Valet and wham!

Valet Lapin: people leave

Valet Lapin: dont come in

VAD Willow: do you think it was personal?

Valet Lapin: lol

Valet Lapin: No

VAD Willow: j/k

VAD Willow: hehe

Valet Lapin: but....

Valet Lapin: I have noticed these black helecopters latly

VAD Willow: lol

VAD Willow: thanks so much for taking time today

Valet Lapin: Thank you

VAD Willow: we hope you can be here for part of Valet Appreciation Day this saturday

Valet Lapin: I hope so too!

Valet Lapin: My mother picks this weekend to come visit however.

Valet Lapin: But I hope to be in for a few hours.

VAD Willow: yes, real world does get in the way sometimes

Valet Lapin: There are some Valets that I think are really deserving of appreciating...

VAD Willow: please tell..

Valet Lapin: and I think the people know which ones

VAD Willow: do you interact often with the other valets?

Valet Lapin: At times

Valet Lapin: Early mornings Im usually the only one here.

Valet Lapin: When I can get in during the afternoons I sometimes catch a Valet or two.

VAD Willow: well, thank you so much

VAD Willow: I will look forward to seeing you again

VAD Willow: it was a pleasure meeting you too

Valet Lapin: Hope some of that will be useful.

VAD Willow: yes, it is helpful

VAD Willow: thankyou

Valet Lapin: Bye and thank you for considering me to interview.

VAD Willow: bye