Hotel Silicon - Valet Kenn Interview for Valet Appreciation Day 1998

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Valet Kenn Interview for VAD. This interview took place during Valet Appreciation Day 1998.

Valet Kenn interview for Hotel Silicon's Valet Appreciation Day 1998.gif

Willow: hi kenn

Valet Kenn: Which is a darn good thing <grin>

Willow: lol

Valet Kenn: hi there <wave>

Willow: thanks for coming

Willow: we will be summarizing your answers

Valet Kenn: no problem... I'm almost awake <grin>

Willow: and putting them on the valet page edd has made for us for VAD

Frenzy: have a seat, Mr. Valet<grin>

Valet Kenn: oh, the condensed version huh?

Willow: lol, yes

Willow: i will only ask you the 5 questions that have been approved by CC

Valet Kenn: sure <grin>

Willow: well, i discussed them with her

Willow: ya know what I mean

Valet Kenn: opky doky

Willow: ok

Willow: How long have you been a valet?

Valet Kenn: I have been a valet since hmmm about the 1st of June, this year.

Willow: What are your major duties as a valet?

Valet Kenn: This would vary from Valet to valet?

Willow: yes that is why it is a good question

Valet Kenn: All valets are expected to do a set of common functions...

Willow: we would like the comminity to become aware of the many services valets perform on their behalf

Valet Kenn: we assist avatars in various ways, through the page choice in the help menu item

Valet Kenn: Each of us also seem to specialize in areas that we have an interest in

Valet Kenn: My particular interest is gaming....

Valet Kenn: Bingo and so on....

Willow: we have certinly seen you asisting hosts with your games

Valet Kenn: and software utilities that the citizens of Hotel and other worlds can use

Valet Kenn: so, besides doing the things that all Valets do, I focus on those areas as well.

Willow: can you name a few?

Valet Kenn: I have a number of host programs.

Valet Kenn: The ones most people will recognize are:

Valet Kenn: Bingo, Roulette, Trivia, Phrase Fill-In, NameList, and Nobody's Perfect

Willow: you are saving this Edd, correct?

Valet Kenn: I also have furnished player cards for Bingo and Roulette

Valet Kenn: Utilities include what I am now calling my Manager series

Valet Kenn: Usually something like Kenn's something manager

Valet Kenn: Kenn's Macro Manager for instance

Valet Kenn: Others include a Message Manager

Valet Kenn: Oh! I forgot!

Valet Kenn: My newest host program....

Valet Kenn: Kenn's Raffle Manager

Valet Kenn: This was originally written to handle Cherry Pie's Raffle, but can be used for a Dreamscape like raffle.

Willow: Then approximately how many hours a month would you say you devote to Hotel residents, on screen and behind the scenes?

Valet Kenn: on screen and off?

Valet Kenn: wow.

Willow: yes

Willow: about how many of each?

Willow: per month

Valet Kenn: Well, checking online time....

Valet Kenn: about 120+ hours a month for online time, in Hotel

Valet Kenn: and if you consider programming as an offline activity

Willow: yes

Valet Kenn: add another 80 or so..

Valet Kenn: so, couple hundred?

Willow: wow, I had no idea

Valet Kenn: and that is only in Hotel <grin>

Willow: that will be a good thing for resident to know and appreciate

Willow: what would you say has been one of your most interesting online valet experiences?

Valet Kenn: We aren't always seen

Valet Kenn: but we are often here.

Valet Kenn: Anytime I can help any avatar with a problem is fulfilling for me.

Willow: does one stand out in your mind?

Valet Kenn: all my times are interesting <grin>

Valet Kenn: hmmm.. thinking (and lighting pipe <grin> )

Willow: lol

Willow: they are connected no doubt

Valet Kenn: My most interesting times, onscreen, is working with new hosts

Willow: much patience is required for that one

Valet Kenn: Yes, but if I do my job right

Valet Kenn: and the new host is willing

Valet Kenn: they can become GOOD hosts very quickly.

Valet Kenn: Hosting is work, if you do it right.

Willow: our final question is, what are your hopes for the future of Hotel?

Valet Kenn: tamping tobacco

Willow: lol

Valet Kenn: I would like to see a growth in our numbers, with new people made to feel they are a part of our community

Valet Kenn: I would like to see a continued growth in games that we all can participate in, and have fun.

Valet Kenn: And we do a good job with events, all of us...

Valet Kenn: I trust that will continue.

Willow: We really appreciate your time today Kenn

Valet Kenn: Glad I could stop by.. thank you <bow>

Willow: thankyou very much

Frenzy: thank you Kenn...and thank you for being such a wonderful Valet for us

Valet Kenn: very welcome ...

Willow: excellent

Valet Kenn: see you all soon <wave>

Willow: thanks again

Metal Edd: Bye kenn <wave>