Hotel Silicon - Valet Jadi Interview for Valet Appreciation Day 1998

From Reno Project

Valet Jadi Interview for VAD. This interview took place during Valet Appreciation Day 1998.

VAD Willow: thank you Jadi for taking the time for this interview

Valet Jadi: you're welcome

VAD Willow: we are interviewing valets so hotel citizens can learn to appreciate all they do for us

Valet Jadi: ok

VAD Willow: this interview will appear with other valet interviews on the VAD website

Valet Jadi: k

VAD Willow: first question: How long have you been a valet?

Valet Jadi: about 4 months

Valet Jadi: I think about 4 months

VAD Willow: Can you please tell us what your duties are as a valet, both inworld and behind the scenes?

Valet Jadi: Well, we are suppose to make this a place where all of the people in hotel have fun

Valet Jadi: a place where everyone can go to chat and play games

Valet Jadi: pass the time

Valet Jadi: we try to keep the peace

Valet Jadi: answer questions

Valet Jadi: help newbies

Valet Jadi: help in games

Valet Jadi: hosting

Valet Jadi: make ourselves seen

Valet Jadi: so if anyone needs help

Valet Jadi: we are there for them

VAD Willow: are there some other things you do behind the scenes for hotel?

Valet Jadi: Well, I guess that depends on which valet you ask

VAD Willow: that is true

Valet Jadi: but some do more than others

Valet Jadi: I do the wedding page

Valet Jadi: and do wedding ceremonies

Valet Jadi: others do alot more

Valet Jadi: or less

Valet Jadi: I can't speak for the others

VAD Willow: As an average, about how many hours a month would you guess you devote to hotel related activities inworld and off?

Valet Jadi: wow

Valet Jadi: I have never added all of that up

VAD Willow: everyone has the same responsde to that question, take a few minutes to guess if you can

Valet Jadi: I am in here, and with the people in here more than I am involved in my RW life

VAD Willow: a guess?

Valet Jadi: I have no idea hours per month

Valet Jadi: alot

VAD Willow: ok

VAD Willow: can you please share with us either a very interesting or humorous valet experience you have had?

Valet Jadi: Well, I don't think I can pinpoint anyone thing in particular...but I always have fun doing my music trivia...some of the answers make me laugh so hard

Valet Jadi: and then just now doing the first pfi game I have ever tried to do

Valet Jadi: how embarrassing

VAD Willow: do any come to mind without mentioning names?

Valet Jadi: ACK!

Valet Jadi: It is probably alot of what you and everyone else finds amusing

Valet Jadi: just some of the things that people say

Valet Jadi: the kids make me laugh

Valet Jadi: they are great

Valet Jadi: the kids are the best

Valet Jadi: so funny

VAD Willow: and the last question...what are your hopes for the future of hotel?

Valet Jadi: but nothing in particular

Valet Jadi: sorry lagging

VAD Willow: no problem

Valet Jadi: I hope hotel continues to be a place to meet friends and have a fun time together

VAD Willow: We thankyou very much for taking this time to talk with us and for all your efforts on behalf of hotel citizens

Frenzy: Thank you Jadi We really appreciate you as one of our Valets and thank you for also being a friend

Valet Jadi: welcome

Valet Jadi: thanks Frenzy

Valet Jadi: thanks Wil

VAD Willow: yes you try to be a friend to everyone here

VAD Willow: thankyou