Habitat II

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Habitat II
Developer(s): Fujitsu Limited
Publisher(s): Fujitsu Limited
Platform(s): Windows, Mac, Sega Saturn
Released: March 1996


In 1993, Fujitsu had shown interest in bringing Fujitsu Habitat to the west. The plan was to backport Fujitsu Habitat to Windows computers. However, the source code for Fujitsu Habitat revealed major architectural problems and so minimal progress was made on bringing this to fruition. It was instead decided that development efforts would be better focused on writing something from the ground up. The original creators of Habitat, Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer were both onboard and had already done this once before.

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WorldsAway was built from the ground up with localisation in mind for the Japanese audience. Habitat II was planned from the start as a way to transition from the FM Towns, over to more modern computers. The Elysium world was custom made by Fujitsu in Japan specifically for Habitat II.


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