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This is a complete version history for the Habitat II client. Mac and Windows released usually happened in tandem.

Beta versions and incremental updates will likely be missing unless we get more detailed info to fill in the gaps.

The Sega Saturn version is listed separately. It only received two CD pressings and I'm not entirely sure if it was able to be remotely updated or not.

PC and Mac

Habitat II Version History
Version Number Release Date Windows Mac Confirmed Released Installer Archived
V1.0 L10A 1996 Y Y Y Windows only
V1.0 L14 1996 N/A Y Y N
V1.1 L10 1996 Y N/A Y N
V1.2 L10C 1998 Y Y Y Windows only
V2.0 L11A 1998 Y Unknown Y Windows only
V2.0 L14 1999 Y Y Possibly internal only N

Sega Saturn

It is not known how the version numbers for the Sega Saturn client worked yet. It may be possible with digital archeology to guess at a possible version equal to the Windows build by examining the magazine folder contents. We can also guess at a rough version based on the time of their release.

Habitat II Sega Saturn Version History
Version Number Build Date Release Date Title Saturn Game Code Archived
V1.004 1996-07-02 1996-07-27 Habitat II GS-7105 Y
V1.003 1997-10-03 1997 Pad Nifty 1.1 & Habitat II GS-7109 Y