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October 30th

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Fujitsu Limited

Sega Enterprises

Fujitsu and Sega to Collaborate in Multimedia Network Services

-Sega Saturn will be used to enable simple access to PC communication services

Tokyo, October 30, 1995-- Fujitsu Limited and Sega Enterprises announced today that the two companies will work together to launch new multimedia network services for customers of Sega Saturn, 32-bit game machine. Through this collaboration, for the first time, customers will be able to access personal computer communication services using a television game machine.
Collaboration between the two companies will consist of two steps. In the first step, beginning in March 1996, Saturn users will be able to:
1) Access NIFTY-Serve, the PC communication network that has over 1.2 million subscribers,
2) Access Fujitsu Habitat, the graphical on line communication service on NIFTY-Serve.

In the second phase of collaboration, starting in the second half of 1996, the companies will launch new network services designed especially for customers using the Saturn machine. These include:
3) Network-based entertainment services, including role playing games,
4) On line shopping services,
5) Edutainment and other educational services.

The Sega Saturn is one of the world's leading 32-bit game machines. Saturn was introduced in November 1994 and will have an installed base of about two million units through the end of this year. Adding network capabilities to the Saturn game machine will make PC communications services easy to use, even for people without any experience using computers.

NIFTY-Serve offers electronic mail services, bulletin boards and hundreds of different forums where people who share a common interest can communicate and exchange information. Also available on NIFTY-Serve is Fujitsu Habitat, a graphical on-line communication service. Habitat was originally developed by Lucas Films of the United States. Habitat is a Cyberspace Service that allows users to represent themselves in the form of an animated character and interact with other subscribers in a visual environment, that consists of a virtual community with public spaces and shops.

Fujitsu Limited is cooperating with Compuserve of the US to provide an upgraded version of the Habitat service, called WorldsAway, to Compuserve subscribers worldwide. The new technologies used in WorldsAway will be added to Habitat for the Japanese domestic market by Spring 1996, at that time, the upgraded Habitat services will be accessible from a Saturn machine.

Fujitsu and Sega will work together to develop new types of multimedia network services, including multi-player role playing games, on line shopping and edutainment services. The goal of this cooperation is to combine the two companies capabilities to make multimedia services available and easy to use for ordinary customers using a Sega game machine and their television.

Contact:  Fujitsu Limited, Public Relations     Sega Enterprises

          Masatoshi Tsuda, Michael Beirne       Public Relations Department

          Tel- (81)3-3125-5236                  Tel- (81)3-5736-7037


February 27th

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Newest addition to Fujitsu's WorldsAway Family

Tokyo, February 27, 1996 -- Fujitsu Cultural Technologies today announced plans for a new product called WebWorld [TM] -- a customizable animated virtual world for the world wide web that enables real-time interactivity among users visiting the same web site.

WebWorld features add lifelike interactive capabilities to existing websites. Custom WebWorlds will enable companies to promote their products and services through the virtual environments and communities linked to their web sites.

The user gains access to the virtual world by activating hyperlinks from the company's current HTML Web pages. Once the WebWorld browser is launched, the user enters an animated, graphical landscape that is themed and customized to reflect the company's business. The user navigates the virtual landscape in the form of an online, animated persona called an "avatar."

Through his or her avatar, the user can move around, communicate, make transactions, handle objects and, most importantly, interact in real time with other users who are logged on at the same time.

"Browsing the web no longer needs to be a solitary experience. WebWorlds will bring real community to the web," says Fujitsu Cultural Technologies executive director, Tony Christopher. "With a WebWorld, a company can design a unique, online experience for its customers -- the "experience" of these worlds will become a new form of promotion for companies' products and services."

WebWorld functionality is based on the same technology used to create WorldsAway, the online virtual world developed by Fujitsu Cultural Technologies and introduced last quarter on CompuServe. Fujitsu Cultural Technologies will provide a complete range of services to help companies design, develop and host their WebWorld servers.

The WorldsAway avatar can "talk" to other avatars in real time through text-based chat, as in traditional chat services, but is additionally capable of a wide range of expressions, gestures and movements that enhance communication.
Users may personalize their avatars' looks and colors to create their unique identities. Objects in the virtual world also support personal expression and enhance in-World experiences--for example, giving flowers and candy, sharing a drink at the bar or carrying a cellular phone.

"One of the highlights of a WebWorld visit will be the 'cool stuff' available in that world -- the promotional novelties -- that an avatar can own, win or give to other avatars," says Tony Christopher.

WorldsAway virtual worlds are "scaleable," meaning they can grow to accommodate an ever-increasing number of users. The technology allows new objects and environments to be added at will -- for example new art can be temporarily added to the virtual world to mark, holidays and special promotions.

"The WorldsAway technology, as applied in a WebWorld, is a powerful new tool for marketing and promotion in an increasingly interactive world," says Sophie Kim, head of marketing for Fujitsu Cultural Technologies. "We've seen phenomenal growth with WorldsAway -- in just 2 months it has become one of the top services among CompuServe's over 3,000 service offerings. WebWorlds will bring that same powerful element of interaction and community to the web."

WebWorlds is introduced by Fujitsu's Cultural Technologies division established in San Jose, August 1994. The division was formed to develop and market multimedia technologies that extend, enhance and facilitate network computer-based interaction between people.

Founded in 1935, Fujitsu Limited is the world's second-largest computer manufacturer and an international leader in telecommunications, semiconductors and other electronic devices. The company offers a broad line of information processing systems, ranging from the world's fastest supercomputers to the smallest palmtop computers. The Fujitsu group of over 400 technology, software and services companies posted global revenues of more than $36 billion in the fiscal year ending March 1995.

For more information, please contact:

Diane Bancroft- Fujitsu Cultural Technologies
Tel: 1(408) 456-7923 Internet e-mail:
Internet Server:

Michael Beirne- Fujitsu Limited, Public Relations
Tel: 81(3)3215-5236 Internet e-mail:
Marunouchi Center Bld., 1-6-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100 Japan
Internet Server: (Japanese Home Page) (English Page)

Editors Note:
WebWorlds can be accessed starting in the second quarter 1996. Watch the WorldsAway World Wide Web page at for further announcements."

CompuServe members can access WorldsAway using the command GO AWAY from the CompuServe Information Manager(R) (CIM) software. This will bring users of CIM (WinCIM version 1.4 or higher or MACCIM(R) version 2.4.2 or higher) to the WorldsAway menu page. From that menu, individuals can download the WorldsAway software by choosing the WORLDSAWAY SOFTWARE icon. WorldsAway software can also be downloaded from the WorldsAway World Wide Web page at:
After `installing the WorldsAway software, users enter WorldsAway by choosing the ENTER WORLDSAWAY icon on the WorldsAway menu page.
To join CompuServe, call 800/239-2247.



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