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Oh!FM Towns - November 1991

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Page 13

Page 13

Page 13

Currently, only the second half of the page has been transcribed by one of Fujitsu Habitats former Oracles. More coming soon!

Japanese transcription

これからの Habitatについて, 富士通Habitat担当の福田課長にうかがいました。
編集部:まずは現状のHabitat について
福田:おかげさまで、建国以来Habitatの人口も順調に伸びていまして、この8月には約4千人になりました。 最初のころは熱狂的なユーザーが目立ったのですが、最近は落ちついた感じでコミュニケーション手段として定着してきたと思います。
福田:現在はCD-ROMから固定データを読み出しているのですが、これをもっと可変的に・・・。具体的にはNAPLPSを取り込もうという予定しています。今は背景などもスタティックでずっと同じままなのですが、季節の移り変わりがあるとか、もっとアクティブにアニメーションや絵や音の強化を進めていきたいと思っ ています。
福田:来年春~夏ごろ提供予定のものでは・・・。最近は物持ちのアバタさんが多いので、カバンを早いとこサポートしなければと思っています。そのほか、一軒家の一般アバタへの開放、ダンジョンのマ ップの自動組み換えなどが予定されています。後はツール関係ですね。 ログ機能が付く予定です。これはアバタの会話、動作などをディスク記録でき、後でビデオのように再生できるものです。
カメラマン: それがあれば撮影がどんなに楽になるか (笑)。
福田:それと、オンラインマルチプレイヤフライトシミュレータ 「エアーウォーリアーズ」の開発を進めています。 この暮れのイベントで、みなさんにテスト版をお見せする予定です。 ご期待ください。
彼等が富士通 Habitat開発/サボートチーム (Habitatホストマシン (FACOM A) を前に)

English translation

Interview with Fujitsu / Habitat in the future
We asked Mr. Fukuda, Fujitsu's Habitat Manager, about the future of Habitat.
Editor:First of all, what is the current status of Habitat?
Fukuda: Thanks to your support, the population of Habitat has been growing steadily since its founding, reaching about 4,000 people this August. In the beginning, we had a noticeable number of enthusiastic users, but recently, I think it has become a calmer and more established means of communication.
Editor: What are your plans for Habitat in the future?
Fukuda: Currently, fixed data is read from a CD-ROM, but we'd like to make this more variable. Specifically, I'm planning to incorporate NAPLPS. At the moment, the backgrounds are static and remain the same, but I'd like to enhance them with more active animations, pictures, and sounds, such as seasonal changes.
Editor: What about on a more familiar level?
Fukuda: We are planning to provide it in the spring or summer of next year.... There are a lot of avatars who have a lot of stuff these days, so I think we need to support bags as soon as possible. In addition to that, there are plans to open up houses to general avatars and automatically reconfigure dungeon maps. The rest is tool related. We'll be adding a log function. We're going to have a log function that will allow you to record your avatars' conversations, movements, etc. on disk and play them back later like a video.
Cameraman: I can't imagine how much easier it would be to shoot with that.
Fukuda: Also, we're working on an online multiplayer flight simulator called Air Warriors. We're planning to show a test version to everyone at an event later this year. Please keep your eyes peeled for it.
Editor: Thank you very much for your time.


(Photo subtitle)
These are the Fujitsu Habitat Development/Sabote team (in front of the Habitat host machine (FACOM A))

This is not in the article, but from left to right in this photo are: Tadayuki Tahara, Kazutomo Fukuda, TBC