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This is a complete version history for the Fujitsu Habitat client. Several different architectures were supported and these are the FM-TOWNS, the FMR, PC-9801 and Macintosh (Pre OSX).

At least for the FM-TOWNS version, the visual/audio data was stored on the CD and the client software itself was stored on floppy disk. After a certain point, instead of printing new CD's, Fujitsu would issue new floppy disks to update peoples clients (according to one of the former development team of Fujitsu Habitat).

As information regarding the Fujitsu Habitat client version numbers is scarce, the list is most likely incomplete.

Fujitsu Habitat Version History
Version Number Release Date Archived FM-TOWNS FMR PC-9801 Macintosh
Beta Possibly October 1989 No Y N N N
V1.1 L05 11th December 1989 No (but we know somebody with a CD of it) Y N N N
V1.1 L11 1990 No (but we know somebody with a CD of it) Y
V2.1 L10 September 1990 Yes Y
V2.1 L11 March 1991 No Y Y Y
V2.1 L12 Unknown No Y Y
V2.1 L13A Unknown No (but we know somebody with a CD of it) Y