Dreamscape Pricing Hearing - August 21st, 1997

From Reno Project

The context of this meeting was that Fujitsu Software Corporation announced new pricing for the Dreamscape. The meeting was held in conjunction with MarvL's "Au Fait Today" newspaper, in the Temple Street Turf "Au Fait Today" at 1PM WAT and another session was held at 6PM WAT. This is the transcript of the 6PM session.

Oracle Teresias: OKay! Everyeon here pretty much knows why we are here, but I would like to restate it for the public record.

Acolyte Moonlight: ACK

Oracle Teresias: Recently, FSC announced a pricing plan which was $4.95 for the first five hours and $1.95 per hours thereafter.

Oracle Teresias: I will continue with this part while MarvL returns.

Rowenae: Carry on oh robed one <<grin>

Oracle Teresias: These hearings are to give the members of the Dreamscape an opportunity to speak their opinions directly to a member of FSC Management.

Oracle Teresias: The first part of these hearings will be conducted through an organized effort of the Au Fait staff to present views.

Oracle Teresias: The second portion of the hearings will be a random pick option from a list of avatar who wish to speak.

Oracle Teresias: I would like to thank the Au Fait Today for helping out so much today with these hearings.

Oracle Teresias: I would liek to thank everyone for attending.

Oracle Teresias: I will noe turn this part of the meeting over to Rowenae.

Rowenae: Thanks Teresias <<grin>

Rowenae: We have a list of people selected from email submissions

Rowenae: Please don't ESP me to be put on the list

Rowenae: If you have submitted an email it will be considered by MarvL

[Thu Aug 21 18:13:08 1997]

[There are 124 ghosts.]

Rowenae: anyone else will get a chance during the random pick in the next hour

Rowenae: No Dennis .. we can't change the channels to the ballgame <<grin>

Rowenae: Ok .. the first presenter is Jal

Jal: Hiya <<grin> <<wave> <<bow>

Rowenae: Hiya Jal <<grin><<wave>

[Jal, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 129 ghosts.]

Jal: No macros for me, as I speak from my heart, so here it goes <<grin>

Jal: My name is Jal <<grin>

Jal: I speak for myself and Sweet Suz (My RW Spouse)

Jal: We have been here since Dec 95

Jal: Previous to PA2 Gathering <<eg> We spent 40-60 hours per month inworld

Jal: Our Cserve bill was approx $20/week

Jal: Expensive, but heck, it was a new toy, and was fun

Jal: Since PA2 we have learnt the ISP Loophole,

Jal: Now we spend just over 100 hours / month

Jal: and pay squat <<VEG>

Jal: As for the new pricing, I hope you toss it, The city will become a ghost town

Jal: I come here to play games, help newbies, and host

Jal: Suz has a Shop (Which is how I afford to eat) <<g>

Jal: What ever the new plan is, please make sure it favors heavy users

Jal: IE your plan $5/5 hours = $1 / hour

Jal: then 1.95 after 5

Jal: Do not penialize your heavy users, instead reward them

Jal: Make ISP and WA very possible

Jal: As many of us IMO hate Cserve and their rates

Jal: I have to pay LD charges to connect to Cserve

Jal: So I was paying LD + 1.95/hour

Jal: With my ISP I get better service and a local phone number

Jal: The loophole bug is just a bonus for me

Jal: But Please let me keep WA in my dreams, and set me free from Cserve

Jal: I would possilbe like a 2 tier billing system, with ultimate Flat rate

Jal: How ever you work it, keep it affordable

Jal: You tend to make more $ being inexpensive and lots of users

Jal: compared to no users who spend way too much to play here

Jal: <<bow><<bow> HUGGGSSS from Suz and I

Rowenae: Thank you Jal <<grin>

Jal: Hats off to you <<grin>

FSC Management Rep: thanks

Rowenae: Our next presenter is Megret <<grin>

Rowenae: Are you ready Megret?

[There are 138 ghosts.]

Rowenae: Earth to Megret <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: Megret, if you cannot deghost, please try again. <<grin>

Rowenae: Okay ... maybe Megret has changed her mind

trekpuzzle: shoot sorry

Rowenae: We can move on to the next list

Rowenae: next on the list is Paycheck <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: Try again, Paycheck.

Rowenae: Can you deghost Paycheck?

Paycheck: there we go <<g>

[Paycheck, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 138 ghosts.]

Rowenae: Hiyas <<grin>

Paycheck: ok...

Paycheck: here goes

Paycheck: Greets <<wave>

Paycheck: My avatar name is Paycheck, and I joined the Dreamscape in

Paycheck: approximately July of 1996. I spend about 50 hours in Worldsaway a week.

Paycheck: I am outraged at the new ISP pricing structure.

Paycheck: I am very pleased with the WA world in itself, and I must say

Paycheck: it is the ONLY reason I have stuck with Compuserve until now, and have

Paycheck: payed CSi's high rate. If not for WA, I would have ditched CSi a long

Paycheck: time ago.

Paycheck: I thought that the move to the web would be GREAT, because a new ISP

Paycheck: plan would allow me to ditch CSi, and stick with my unlimited web usage

Paycheck: plan with my ISP. However, due to the HORRENDOUS suggested pricing plan

Paycheck: I am unable to ditch CSi, and I cannot afford to pay:

Paycheck: 1) My ISP plan. $20

Paycheck: 2) CSi Super Value Plan $25 +$2 each hour after 20 hrs.

Paycheck: 3) Additional WA hours past my 20 hours, which would amount to $60

Paycheck: Thats $80 a month for my online life - WAY too much. Im sure other avatars

Paycheck: have had the same thoughts, regarding ditching CSi, because WA is the only reason

Paycheck: they stick with it.

Paycheck: Someone suggested in the web forum that a $500 flat rate per year is

Paycheck: reasonable. I COUGHED and stared wide-eyed at the screen, realizing that

Paycheck: there are worlds that are FREE, including Active Worlds, etc.

Paycheck: And the Realm, the most popular alternative to WA, is $50 a YEAR, not $500

Paycheck: as someone suggested for WA pricing. That works out to be about $42 a month.

Paycheck: Thats almost DOUBLE CSi's super value plan, and CSi is a COMPLETE online

Paycheck: service, with news, e-mail, forums, etc. etc. etc. So PLEASE dont dare even

Paycheck: come CLOSE to a $500 a year figure with your new pricing plan, because

Paycheck: it's just as CRAZY.

Paycheck: I simply refuse to pay that kind of price for a virtual world. It's NUTS!

Paycheck: I am perfectly capable to pay a flat monthly rate per month for WA of $15,

Paycheck: and I think that is fair. I could do at most $20, but that would be

Paycheck: pushing it.

Paycheck: Yes, WA is a GREAT virtual world community, but its not better enough than

Paycheck: the Realm that I am willing to pay this much for it. Either a flat month rate

Paycheck: comes into play, or I, among MANY MANY others will hit the road for good.

Paycheck: And as for a Flat Rate ruining tokens?

Paycheck: Tokens are already ruined. They lose more value each day as more and more

Paycheck: are added through the ATM, and it makes it impossible for Newbies to buy

Paycheck: anything that is not in vendos. Plus, trading items is more interesting

Paycheck: and more fun than buying them. When a Skull Head from 1995 can sell for

Paycheck: 200 000 tokens ???? SOMETHING is wrong.

Paycheck: And I also have 1 question:

Paycheck: Will those of us who used your software properly, but due to YOUR bugs

Paycheck: with the Virtual Keys / RPA loophole, have to pay for the hours that we

Paycheck: spent inworld during that time ? I accessed everything legally - I did not

Paycheck: intentionally deceive you, it was YOUR software that caused the problem.

Paycheck: I didn't even know there was a loophole until I noticed I wasnt getting

Paycheck: billed a week or so later.

Paycheck: As I hear it, when you put a wrong price tag on a product, and the customer

Paycheck: takes it to the cash register they pay that price for it - whether it's higher

Paycheck: or lower than its supposed to be.

Paycheck: Well, the price of your service during the loophole was FREE, so I among many

Paycheck: others expect to be charged $0 for YOUR software bugs. If you DO charge, there

Paycheck: will be a lot more unhappy customers out there.

Paycheck: And please remember the VERY first rule of commerce - The customer is ALWAYS right.

Paycheck: Thank you. :-Þ

Rowenae: Thanks Paycheck <<grin>

FSC Management Rep: thank you

Paycheck: and 1 more thing, asked to be added

Paycheck: by a friend of mine

Paycheck: KIDS are ALL OVER this world

Paycheck: thats right, KIDS

Paycheck: and they spend their parents money here

Paycheck: and many parents dont understand that this is a commuity

Paycheck: not a game

Paycheck: and if sudden HUGE charges

Paycheck: are laid upon their credit cards

Paycheck: this world will lose

Paycheck: a LOT of the kids here

Paycheck: Added by Hoss, Duckolyte Wing <<bow>

Paycheck: And, as for Acolytes

Rowenae: Thanks Paycheck and Hoss <<grin>

Paycheck: they will have to pay your high rates as well

Paycheck: and if THEY cant be inworld

Paycheck: because of the cost

Paycheck: who will keep this world in order ?

Paycheck: Thank you <<bow>

MarvL: Could Mufasa, Feletia, EAFW ESP me please

Rowenae: Megret is next <<grin>

Megret: I believe you wanted me next?

Megret: I'm Megret, speaking both for myself and for Megret's Inc., an S-Corp

Rowenae: Hi Megret <<grin>

[There are 139 ghosts.]

Megret: that officially makes soap and does a great deal of desktop publishing.Un-officially Megret's Inc. is a refuge for victims of domestic violence

Megret: who have "fallen between the cracks" of the regular system.

Megret: ***

[Megret, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 138 ghosts.]

Megret: As Megret, I've been on world since December 23rd, 1995.

Megret: My average time on world has grown in direct proportion to

Megret: my physical confinement in the real world. From June 1996

Megret: to February 1997 I hosted a minimum of 4games/events per week,

Megret: worked on the Scheduling Committee under Acolyte Sabertooth,

Megret: worked "behind the scenes" at several all-world events, and sold

Megret: WAR raffle tickets. My average time on-world has grown from

Megret: 10-15 hours per week in January and February of 1995 to my

Megret: all-time high working as an unpaid beta-tester 50-60 hours per week,

Megret: and reporting, by their request, not just through the normal

Megret: channels, but directly to 5 different individuals in QA,

Megret: including (since he has now left FSC to return to school

Megret: I feel comfortable naming him) Andrew Keim.

Megret: I am now totally and permanently housebound, and, until three

Megret: weeks ago, spent 40-55 hours per week on Kymer. Personally, my

Megret: "world" *IS* the internet, and Kymer was my "home" in that world.

Megret: Not only did I spend time ON world, but many hours of preperation

Megret: time off line for my trivia games, the German "Wort Speil", and even

Megret: more hours writing the documentation that was used in Beta with over

Megret: 3000 hits to the "Granny's Help for New Avatar" pages.

Megret: **Personally** I need a flat rate that is equivalent to CSi's

Megret: flat rate.

Megret: ***

Megret: The situation with Megret's Inc. is quite different. Kymer *does* have

Megret: something that I have seen on no other virtual world: it's developing areal culture; we play games, but for many "citizens" of Kymer the world

Megret: itself is NOT the setting of a game. It truly is a world wide "city" that

Megret: has all the problems, and problem people of the "real world" --

Megret: yet purely in terms of physical safty, it is, given certain precautions,

Megret: totally safe. Thus it is a tremendous asset in the initial assessment and

Megret: counseling of victims of Domestic Violence. This is the real world

Megret: purpose behind the "Golden Hinds" -- people of ANY age can "show"

Megret: a trained counselor someone that looks the way they feel,or someone

Megret: that looked and sounded "scary", or someone they "hated" on sight.

Megret: We discovered that talking about the "cartoon" images was often

Megret: the start of breaking the silence that virtually all survivors of abuse

Megret: maintain. Thus, at any given time, Megret's Inc may have 14 to 30

Megret: "communal avatars" -- avatars that can be used by anyone in our

Megret: safe house, or in counseling sessions.

Megret: ***

Megret: Being an S-Corp, means (very un-officially) we lose money or

Megret: make a marginal amount -- whatever our stockholders need in any

Megret: given quarter to optimize their taxes. Anything OTHER than a flat

Megret: rate is too unpredictable for Megret's Inc to continue to use Kymer.

Megret: This may be a good thing for Kymer... But it would be a great loss

Megret: to our program.

Megret: ***

Megret: Two final things:

Megret: First, NO ONE in Megret's Inc uses, has used, or will use

Megret: the name "Megret" on Pride, nor Megan, Meg, Meggie, Maggie, etc.

Megret: here on Kymer.

Megret: And finally, while I am greatly encouraged that FSC Management is

Megret: holding these hearings, I hope they realize it will backfire unless

Megret: it becomes a true, and hopefully on-going dialog. The Oracles

Megret: are NOT enough - the WA address can't continue to be a dead letter

Megret: office. I hope and pray that this is the beginning of a true dialog.

Megret: Thank you for listening to me.<<bow>

Rowenae: Thank you Megret <<grin>

[There are 144 ghosts.]

Megret: And thanks ESPers<<grin>

FSC Management Rep: Thank you for taking the time to speak your mind

Rowenae: Next up is Vixen - Alliance Leader <<grin>

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: aloha all<<bow>

Rowenae: <<wave>

[VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 144 ghosts.]

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: 143 ghost...gawd I love this community

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: With this so called new value pricing plan, many will lose the dream,

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: too many will not be able to stay as only a few can *afford it*

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: We built this community, everyone working together to do so,

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: we have all put so much of ourselves into the dream.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: many cannot or will not pay the asking rate

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: many will leave because their friends will no longer be here.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: I, myself have invested much time and money to be here, trying to give back to the community that makes me happy.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: I lead a group called the ALLIANCE, we are 38 strong, but many will leave because in short, many cant afford this rate.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: many others will leave to when thet find their friends no longer exsist on this world.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: Im sorry FSC but your idea of value and our idea of value differs.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: We the Alliance had started out as the bad guys,

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: but this community had challenged us to do good.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: and here we now stand trying to give back to the community that believed in us

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: We give of our time and efforts, as well as many of the citizens here,

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: but with this value plan we simply cannot.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: we are not rich people behind the aveys,

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: many of Kymers citizens simply cannot afford these rates.

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: its sad but reality sets in at this point,

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: interupting the dream

VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER: thank you<<bow>

Rowenae: Thanks Vixen <<grin>

FSC Management Rep: thank you

Rowenae: Next is Tigereye

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: greets<<wave>

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: before I start my macro, I'd just like to point out that every single person who has deghosted and talked

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: said that they would LEAVE WA if these prices were to be put into effect

[Tigereye's Temporary Avatar, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 146 ghosts.]

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: <<ahem>...

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Greets, in this world I have had many names,

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: and I'd like to speak on behalf of all of them.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Tigereye, Tigereye's Temporary Avatar, Sweet Spirit Tigereye, and Carthusian.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: We/I've been inworld since November 11th 1996, and I spend on average 40-50

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: hours inworld each week.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Yes, I hate the prices...I'm among the 90 or so percent who do.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: (Those of you who are wondering: People who like it are CSi and FSC

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: empolyees/staff who insist it's for the better of the world because then all

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: the 'cheap shmoes' won't be able to come here, preserving the world for the

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: rich, and culturally 'colourful' -YES, Colour...I'm canadian<<grin>)

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: *

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Now to my point...

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: I'm not trying to kill this world by advertising a new one,

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: but I'm trying to expand the horizons of WorldsAway technology in the way of a

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: New WorldsAway World. Click my link to read more about it.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Me and 3 other associates are working on what Fujitsu has been trying to sell

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: We're going to raise enough money to purchase our own WorldsAway world and

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: administer it for a much cheaper price..which will be possible since we won't

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: be taking any profit from the world, all money made from the world will be put

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: towards making it a better place..New art, new locales, new server upgrades.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: *

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: If you like the idea of a completely profitless world, at a low price,

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: please. We need your support to open it up. Click my link and support the

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: NEW WORLD! Send your YES vote today. at $15 a month for UNLIMITED access,

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: how can you go wrong?

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: *

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Also, I'd like to say that I love this world, and I'd hate to see it die.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Our world's goal is not to be a replacement for this world, but a partner to

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: it. A mutual friendship, so please don't take this as saying "Screw this world

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: and come to ours, it's cheaper".

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: *

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Also, I agree with Wyld Karde (I think it was him) who pointed out that the

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: ones who are affected by the plans the most -ISP users- have no voice here.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: But then again...how else COULD you have done it? Well, you could have thought

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: it out more and planned the talks in the betaworld which is accessible by all

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: internet members and all CSi members.

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: *

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: Thankyou for listening to my long and fat macro. You may now return to your

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: regularly scheduled ranting and raving about prices, and finding new ways

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: to say "We love this world, please don't ruin it" while boring the cloud from

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: the recycled sentences of other avatars<<bow>

[There are 143 ghosts.]

FSC Management Rep: thank you

Rowenae: THanks Paycheck ... I think <<G>

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: btw...I was dared to do this...and I think I'm gonna

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: ok

Tigereye's Temporary Avatar: bye<<wave>

Rowenae: Next up is Yhtak

Rowenae: Yhtak .... come on down <<jump>

Rowenae: Try again

Rowenae: it's a bug

yhtak: tada

Rowenae: whew <<grin>

yhtak: sorry

Rowenae: Not your fault <<grin>

[yhtak, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 141 ghosts.]

yhtak: well i dont know macro from micro but its my 15 mintues so bear with me...

yhtak: grin...

MarvL: Alicia, I can't ESP you, No the queue has 20 people in it.

yhtak: even wore a formal head...

yhtak: i have been a user for a year...

yhtak: my bills are huge...

yhtak: in excess of 500 a month and i pay ever dime of it...

yhtak: i dont rely on freebie accounts etc...

yhtak: i as others have...

yhtak: have put up with technical glitches...

yhtak: adnlags...

yhtak: in hopes that we were part of building a community that indeed represents the face of computing tomorrow...

yhtak: our reward was to be a caring fujitsu to address our needs...

yhtak: and to give a fair pricing plan...

yhtak: while i know there is actually no difference inthe plan now i feel there needs to be a flat rate...

yhtak: and i add my voices to those who say that...

yhtak: but i have other concerns as well...

yhtak: if we are to pay whatever rates we now need to have our issues addressed...

yhtak: overt racism and prejudice inworld...other avis who continually forever and ever harass us and ...

yhtak: prevent us from enjoying ourselves...

yhtak: worldsaway employees seem to have their hands tied...

yhtak: through whatever reason...

yhtak: and if you want to keep us...you gotta make us happy...

yhtak: i dont come here out of ANY loyalty to fujitsu...

yhtak: i come here because of the people...

yhtak: and if they go...

yhtak: i go as well...

yhtak: smile

yhtak: they deserve a fair deal

yhtak: and i own stock too...grin

yhtak: byeeeeeeeeeeee

yhtak: did i mention i want a tut head?

Rowenae: LOL

FSC Management Rep: thank you

Rowenae: Thanks Yhtak <<grin>

Rowenae: Just a note

Rowenae: if you're called and you can't deghost

Rowenae: keep on trying

Rowenae: seems there's a slight bug ...<<grin><<grin>

Rowenae: Next up is Feletia

MarvL: Earth, Air, Fire, Water could you ESP me

Feletia: Thank you <<bow>

Rowenae: Hi Feletia <<wave>

[Feletia, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 140 ghosts.]

Feletia: I appreciate having a chance to speak here this evening.

Feletia: I have been a CServe member for a long time

Feletia: since 1989, if memory serves

Feletia: but did not enter Kymer until September of 1996

[There are 140 ghosts.]

Feletia: because I have been living in a place where CServe requires a LD call

Feletia: and only then - with the help of CS forum, I might add -

Feletia: discovered the ISP 'loophole'.

Feletia: I found the pricing plan announcement very curious

Feletia: it did not seem to follow any logical rules of good business

Feletia: and to announce the plan without providing any rationale for it

Feletia: was, I think, a bit thoughtless on the part of FSC.

Feletia: If compared to the cost of CServe, which, as has been said,

Feletia: contains many services besides WA,

Feletia: there seems little sense behind the announced pricing plan.

Feletia: It becomes more curious if one considers how pricing is handled

Feletia: by almost (almost said virtually) every other virtual world.

Feletia: And, has already been said,

Feletia: those who might wish to access WA from the Net have no voice in this

Feletia: and perhaps will never have a chance to enjoy the Dreamscape

Feletia: because the cost will be immediately prohibitive.

Feletia: And now, since CServe has announced that they will introduce a flat rate

Feletia: *expressly* to increase their member base, I might note,

Feletia: will this not require FSC to rethink the announced plan?

Feletia: I would appreciate it if some response to these questions

Feletia: is provided.

Feletia: Thank you very much. <<grin><<bow>

Rowenae: Thanks Feletia <<grin>

FSC Management Rep: thank you

Rowenae: For everyone who is ESPing

[There are 143 ghosts.]

Kyla - ALLIANCE: <<wave>

Rowenae: the the current presenters are being chosen from emails

Rowenae: the next hour will be random pick form other avatars <<grin>

Rowenae: SOrry Kyla .. go ahead <<grin>

MarvL: We have ten minutes left, we will probably not get past Ropes or Heretic

Kyla - ALLIANCE: Hello family <<grin>

[Kyla - ALLIANCE, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 140 ghosts.]

Kyla - ALLIANCE: Greetings to all my friends, FSC,

Kyla - ALLIANCE: and Oracle Teresias.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: Thank you for hearing the community on this issue.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I wish we saw more of this joint effort and communication

Kyla - ALLIANCE: between the community and FSC/WorldsAway team.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: My little speech is mostly reiterating what others have expressed.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I have been here since February of 1996...

Kyla - ALLIANCE: and I fell in love with this world.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I spend more hours here than I care to count in public. <<g>

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I love this world because it is unique and special...

Kyla - ALLIANCE: different from any other chat service or virtual world I have seen.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: The sense of community... the economy.. the beauty..

Kyla - ALLIANCE: all are unmatched.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: The creators of this world have made something

Kyla - ALLIANCE: worth loving and fighting for, as evidenced by the

Kyla - ALLIANCE: community's response today and since the pricing plan announcement.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: But, it is only a matter of time before smart programmers see this jewel,

Kyla - ALLIANCE: and create competitive worlds... with competitive, flat rate pricing.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: The cost to users must be of high consideration...

Kyla - ALLIANCE: it makes good business sense.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: Please don't price us out of here.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I have never been attracted to going to the Realm because I was so happy

Kyla - ALLIANCE: here...

Kyla - ALLIANCE: but if the pricing plan is not reasonable, I will go...

Kyla - ALLIANCE: if not to the Realm, then somewhere.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I, and most here, will have no financial choice.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I don't want to be a transient here...

Kyla - ALLIANCE: so cutting my usage is no real solution to me.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I am an active member of the community...

Kyla - ALLIANCE: and I can't continue that being here only an hour or two each week.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: I'd rather leave.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: A monthly or yearly flat rate of some sort can surely be agreed upon.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: Please consider the heavy users... they are the heart of this place.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: If you price us out of this world, soon all that will soon be left

Kyla - ALLIANCE: will be the Elite few who have sponsored accounts...

Kyla - ALLIANCE: and transients who pop in and out.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: All sense of true community will be lost without the "regulars".

Kyla - ALLIANCE: The lifeblood of this place will be gone.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: Please... Don't destroy what you have built.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: Lastly, I think we have all heard that CIS is going to

Kyla - ALLIANCE: go to unlimited access for $24.95/month.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: We would all also like to know what

Kyla - ALLIANCE: this will mean to us... and when we can expect some answers.

Kyla - ALLIANCE: Thank you for letting me speak. <<bow><<bow>

Rowenae: Thank you Kyla <<grin>

Rowenae: Next is Niners <<grin>

Niners-ALLIANCE: I'm Niners and I have been here seems like forever <<g>

Niners-ALLIANCE: ***

Niners-ALLIANCE: Thank you for giving the community an oppotunity to voice their opinions..

[Niners-ALLIANCE, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 141 ghosts.]

Niners-ALLIANCE: ****

Niners-ALLIANCE: These are my views on pricing issues, FSC on one hand has asked us to be

Niners-ALLIANCE: loyal and patient, and as a *whole* community, i think we have been...

Niners-ALLIANCE: On the other hand we are repaid for our loyalty and patience with a rate

Niners-ALLIANCE: plan that is creating more problems and almost a full exxodus from what had

Niners-ALLIANCE: been *our* dream.

Niners-ALLIANCE: ****

Niners-ALLIANCE: FSC wants the community to think about their overhead, programing time, etc.,

Niners-ALLIANCE: well, I would like FSC to also think about *Our* the communities, time and

Niners-ALLIANCE: effort also...Most of us here are adults, we work, have kids that we are

Niners-ALLIANCE: responsible for, homes to take care of, in the same way FSC has their

Niners-ALLIANCE: overhead. We cannot afford to pay the rates that FSC is asking for..

Niners-ALLIANCE: ****

Niners-ALLIANCE: One option might be to offer the Avies that have been and are already exist

Niners-ALLIANCE: here, an unlimited or Mega-Hour usage plan, at a special rate, and for the

Niners-ALLIANCE: others that will be coming in something on the same line, but not at the same

Niners-ALLIANCE: rate...

Niners-ALLIANCE: *****

Niners-ALLIANCE: That might not be the best idea but its a way to repay the loyalty the

Niners-ALLIANCE: community has shown to FSC, and at the same still let FSC make a profit.

Niners-ALLIANCE: *****

Niners-ALLIANCE: The other is finding Corporate sponsoring, example, say Dominos Pizza, they

Niners-ALLIANCE: pay for

Niners-ALLIANCE: there advertising to be carried in WA and, for every pizza sale that comes

Niners-ALLIANCE: from WA, FSC gets a $1, something along that line, there are other ways for

Niners-ALLIANCE: FSC to make there profit from WA, there has to be a way for all concerned,

Niners-ALLIANCE: to come out of this situation happy...

Niners-ALLIANCE: ****

Niners-ALLIANCE: I just hope we find it before the dream dies!

Niners-ALLIANCE: Thank you

Niners-ALLIANCE: <<bow>

FSC Management Rep: Thank you

Rowenae: Thanks Niners <<grin>

Rowenae: Ropes is next <<grin>

[There are 140 ghosts.]

Ropes: Hi everyone<<wave>

Rowenae: Hi Ropes <<wave>

Ropes: I entered the Dreamscape first in dec. '95

Ropes: I spend about 50 hours a week here.

[Ropes, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 142 ghosts.]

Ropes: I host Bingo and I run a shop,

Ropes: which takes lots of time and effort.

Ropes: I also spend some time with my Homepage

Ropes: where I kinda advertize for WA.

Ropes: Like many others too, btw. and guess what....it's free advertisement.

Ropes: Almost everything I wanted to state here was said already in the first hearing

Ropes: So I only want to call your attention to the europeans.

Ropes: We have to pay for our phone lines too,

Ropes: and you can believe me it's a huge bill every month.

Ropes: I think everyone can imagine, how we managed to come here in the past.

Ropes: Now after the conversion it's going to be different,

Ropes: since the loophole is gone.

Ropes: If there are no drastically changes with the current pricing plan

Ropes: many of us will be forced to leave.Ane as I know from talking to american people lots of them too.

Ropes: The only way for most of us to be able to stay into the Dreamscape

Ropes: is a flat rate. Of course I know $10 per month for unlimited access is a

Ropes: dream, but $2 per hour can't be paid by the majority.

Ropes: Before I will have to limit my hours here I will leave,

Ropes: and I know of many people feeling the same way.

Ropes: Everyone was talking about our community,

Ropes: did you realize the community is what this place makes special?

Ropes: FSC has built a frame for us, but WE built the community

Ropes: Without the people here it's only a dead and boring place.

Ropes: I also doubt 2$/hr will attract many newcomers to join.

Ropes: Is it really economic to force people to leave,

Ropes: or to prevent newcomers will join?

Ropes: I don't think FSC is looking for making a non profit pricing structure,

Ropes: so I look forward to your decision.

Ropes: Thanx for listening<<bow>

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Rowenae: Thanks Ropes <<grin>

Rowenae: We have one more email presenter

Rowenae: And there he is <<grin><<grin>

Heretic - Patchling: Greetings<<bow>

Rowenae: Greetings Heretic <<grin>

[Heretic - Patchling, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 137 ghosts.]

Heretic - Patchling: Most has already been said, but I am too lazy to fix my Macro, so here goes...

Heretic - Patchling: My name is Mischa, and I am usually inworld for 30hrs+

Heretic - Patchling: a week or more for the past 18 months.

Heretic - Patchling: While I don't have to fear CSi charges anymore(due to a sponsored account), I

Heretic - Patchling: am concerned for my friends around here..and I'd like them to stick around.

Heretic - Patchling: I'll come right down to the point(s) and those are:

Heretic - Patchling: *

Heretic - Patchling: 1) How can FSC justify a pricing plan that would more likely apply to

Heretic - Patchling: a grown-up, large Online Service than a little virtual world that is still

Heretic - Patchling: under development and isn't nearly finished (the locales, etc. etc.)?

Heretic - Patchling: *2) Why is it that FSC has to be so "special" and cannout announce a flat rate

Heretic - Patchling: pricing plan, such as most of the other worlds?

Heretic - Patchling: It should be said that this platform is probably one of the smallest in

Heretic - Patchling: existance, and other, far more progressed virtual worlds are emerging every

Heretic - Patchling: week, and they have gotten the drift from their users and customers.

Heretic - Patchling: ** A rational, justified, Flat-Rate a month **

Heretic - Patchling: (Especially when it's so small as Kymer and underdeveloped)

Heretic - Patchling: *

Heretic - Patchling: 3) I think, and that's me only, that FSC should first fullfill all it's

Heretic - Patchling: promises it has given in the past ( the demand for furniture, new locales,

Heretic - Patchling: fixing of the loophole, etc. etc. etc.) before making attempts to get money

Heretic - Patchling: for a service that still resembles a beta testing place.

Heretic - Patchling: You wouldn't charge for food that hasn't been served yet.

Heretic - Patchling: You wouldn't charge for an operation that hasn't been performed yet.

Heretic - Patchling: You wouldn't charge for a car that hasn't been delivered yet.

Heretic - Patchling: *

Heretic - Patchling: And, most likely, you don't charge for something that is still under

Heretic - Patchling: development *and* owes much of its development to its Users.

Heretic - Patchling: *

Heretic - Patchling: While I understand that a flat rat might produce enermous amounts of tokens,

Heretic - Patchling: I am sure that the economy will not be greatly affected, since right now a lot

Heretic - Patchling: of users using the loophole keep their 2nd avatars parked and accumulate a lot

Heretic - Patchling: of tokens with it.

Heretic - Patchling: *

Heretic - Patchling: FYI: I'm a developer on another Graphic ortiented Virtual World, so I know

[There are 137 ghosts.]

Heretic - Patchling: what I am talking about. And we'll charge FLAT once we're completely

Heretic - Patchling: *Finished*.

Heretic - Patchling: *

Heretic - Patchling: That'd be all.

Heretic - Patchling: Thank you for giving us the opportunity voice our concerns<<bow>

Rowenae: Thanks Heretic <<grin>

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Heretic - Patchling: P.S. No matter the cost...I won't leave.

Rowenae: That's it for email presenters

Rowenae: Now we move to random pick

Rowenae: But first I'll turn this meeting back over to Oracle Teresias <<grin>

Oracle Teresias: Yes, learning from this morning. we are asking that all those who wish to speak, ESP Moonlight.

Acolyte Moonlight: If you wish to speak, please send me (Acolyte Moonlight) a single $

Acolyte Moonlight: character. <<grin>

Oracle Teresias: We will pick randomly from that list and call the speaker down.

Oracle Teresias: LEt's have a moment for Moonlight to receive the ESPs. <<grin>

[You are now on duty.]

Rowenae: should I do a little dance to keep people amused ? <<grin>

<Page from Acolyte Serena in Apt Proto 2 - Room 2: Acolyte paged from the Help menu.>

<Page sent.>

<Page from Acolyte Serena in Apt Proto 2 - Room 2: Acolyte paged from the Help menu.>

<Page sent.>

Rowenae: No Born .. this is a family oriented meeting <<grin>

Rowenae: Same to you Vix <<grin><<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: Okay! <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: Egyptian Goddess1 -- come down, please!

Rowenae: Ready?

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

Egyptian Goddess1: wow, thank you<<grin>

Rowenae: Hiya EG <<grin><<wave>

Egyptian Goddess1: nice to see you again Teresias

Oracle Teresias: Thank you. Glad you are here.

Egyptian Goddess1: Im kinda lagging, so forgive me.

Egyptian Goddess1: When you all announced the new rates, my poor Visa began whimpering

Egyptian Goddess1: and both it and myself needed several shots of tequila to calm down.<<grin>

[Egyptian Goddess1, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 139 ghosts.]

Egyptian Goddess1: after that, I began thinking about why I was so upset

Egyptian Goddess1: I love this world. I've been here well over a year and come in almost every day

Egyptian Goddess1: I don't love it cuz of the pixels I can buy, or the heads I can wear (contrary to popular belief)

Egyptian Goddess1: <<g>

Egyptian Goddess1: but because I have made friendships that I cherish

[Thu Aug 21 19:10:26 1997]

Egyptian Goddess1: I love my friends in here, and if Im forced to leave because I can no longer

Egyptian Goddess1: afford to be here, it will mean a great emotional loss to me. The money matters, of course

Egyptian Goddess1: but these relationships matter to me more.

Egyptian Goddess1: I will have no choice, if you don't do a reasonable flat rate, Im a single mother with a small child

Egyptian Goddess1: and rw responsibilites come first

Egyptian Goddess1: the people here built this place, please remember that

Egyptian Goddess1: and the regulars like me love it here

Egyptian Goddess1: now, that said, one person made a good point tonight

Egyptian Goddess1: you need to be more open to us, listen to us, and also be one of our dear friends

Egyptian Goddess1: not someone we only see at special events and meetings like this

Egyptian Goddess1: we would like to like you and consider you a part of our family, as well

Egyptian Goddess1: you have to allow us that

Egyptian Goddess1: also.....before I leave

Egyptian Goddess1: can we please get a paint wheel back? Im dying to paint<<grin>

Egyptian Goddess1: thank you for listening to me<<bow>

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Acolyte Moonlight: Thank you. <<grin>

Rowenae: Thanks Egytian Goddess <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: Wert P Gumby -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

Wert P Gumby: :::scratching head::::::

Wert P Gumby: okie dokie, bear with me I am typing this while I think

Rowenae: fleas?

Wert P Gumby: first, I wanna state for the record I would love to pay a cheaper rate....

Wert P Gumby: now that is out of the way....

Wert P Gumby: sorry, had to turn ESP off

Wert P Gumby: I am surprised at the number of people protesting the price rate....

Wert P Gumby: we have been paying the rate since day one....(well atleast slightly less)

Wert P Gumby: I have been here since Sept 95 and have had an average of 300-400$ a month bills

Wert P Gumby: and have paid them ALL

Wert P Gumby: I find anyone who is using a ILLEGAL backdoor to escape paying has no right in bitching about the price....

Wert P Gumby: FSC has every right to charge what they feel is "what the market will bear"

Wert P Gumby: we have shown them over the past 2 years we will pay that price....

Wert P Gumby: I dont see anything has changed to provoke such a reaction in world...

Wert P Gumby: except NO MORE FREE RIDES.....

Wert P Gumby: and those people seem to be bitching the loudest....

Wert P Gumby: let me restate my first state.....


Wert P Gumby: thank you....<<bow>

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Acolyte Moonlight: Thank you!

Rowenae: Thanks Wert <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: By the way ....

Acolyte Moonlight: When in avatar form, we ask that you first state your avatar name, the date you first arrived in the Dreamscape and the approximate number of hours you spend in the Dreamscape per week. Thank you. <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: X-Ploress -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: Wendy, please ghost. <<grin>

Rowenae: Wendy?

Acolyte Moonlight: Thank you!

X-Ploress: good evening everyone<<grin>

Rowenae: Hiya X <<grin><<wave>

X-Ploress: thank you for this opportunity<<grin>

X-Ploress: well!.. <<S>...

X-Ploress: first of all.. just listening to everyone..

X-Ploress: makes me think ...of what WA is.. and has been..

X-Ploress: for a year and four months ...to me

X-Ploress: I see..most everyone here.. has been here as long if not longer than

X-Ploress: myself..

X-Ploress: <<grin>..as I see you all speaking...

X-Ploress: I was thinking of ..how I see you all..most everyday..

X-Ploress: we truly ARE a family here

X-Ploress: we have laughed..

X-Ploress: cried..

X-Ploress: loved..

X-Ploress: made wonderful friendships

X-Ploress: and.. I know...I have lost friends from wa..

X-Ploress: for various reasons.. including cost..

X-Ploress: Im sure we all have..

X-Ploress: and..its very sad..

X-Ploress: you see.. . thats what is so very important to us..

X-Ploress: meeting new people..

X-Ploress: from all over the world...

X-Ploress: its what we Love about this place..

X-Ploress: that we can come together..

X-Ploress: and .. share so many things.

X-Ploress: well...

X-Ploress: if pricing was going to get to me..

X-Ploress: I would be gone already..

X-Ploress: I have cut back..and returned..

X-Ploress: <<S>...some had even thought I left at times

X-Ploress: I would just like to say...

X-Ploress: it would be wonderful..

X-Ploress: if .. pricing was set..by what was in our hearts..

X-Ploress: but its not<<shrug>

X-Ploress: I can only hope..

X-Ploress: that maybe.. ...just maybe...

X-Ploress: there would be a flat fee..

X-Ploress: as Im sure others would like.

X-Ploress: thank you for listening..

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Rowenae: Thanks X-Ploress <<grin>

X-Ploress: <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: Thank you!

[There are 132 ghosts.]

Acolyte Moonlight: Ghosties, if you did NOT send me a $ character and wish to speak, please send me a $ character now.

Acolyte Moonlight: 37 people on the list, by the way.

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: Time Travler A -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: Hello!

Rowenae: Hiya TT <<grin><<wave>

Time Travler A: Greetings

[Time Travler A, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 135 ghosts.]

Time Travler A: I am a Time Travler

Time Travler A: I entered your world in 7 November 1996

Time Travler A: And I was selected to be a Beta Tester on 6 or 7 January 1997

Time Travler A: I am a regular user of the Internet so I have come across many other worlds

Time Travler A: Hold on a second

Time Travler A: I apologize I had to turn off my esp

Time Travler A: As I was saying I have encountered other worlds after i encountered Worldsaway

Time Travler A: I ask myself this question, and I ask it to you, with all due respect,

Time Travler A: If I were a new person and were looking at a price list of three virtual worlds

Time Travler A: Circle of Fire's Active Worlds

Time Travler A: The Palace

Time Travler A: and Worlds Away

Time Travler A: And if I looked at the price of these worlds which is

Time Travler A: Active worlds Free

Time Travler A: The Palace at 25 dollars one time fee

Time Travler A: and WorldsAway at 4.95 a month with 2 or so dollars after the first 5

Time Travler A: I thought to myself, what would a new person choose, they would probably go for the Free world

Time Travler A: I am concerned that the priceing scale as set will drive away the new people from the

Time Travler A: Internet

Time Travler A: Please re-consider and please factor in these other worlds...

Time Travler A: FSC has created the best world in the internet here

Time Travler A: Please do not let it go to a ghost town.....

Time Travler A: I thank the FSC team for this world, BTW,

Time Travler A: It IS the best of them all

Time Travler A: Thank You, Sorry for taking so long, I do not have a Macro Programme

Rowenae: Thank you Time Travler <<grin>

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Time Travler A: <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: Okay, folks - the software crashed. Please send me a single $ character again if you wish to speak. Sorry 'bout that. <<shrug>

Rowenae: Sheesh

Rowenae: <<grin>

Tantalus: BLAH!

Tantalus: BLAH!

Rowenae: Hi Tantalus <<grin>

Tantalus: <<grin>

Tantalus: I wanna speak my mind!

Tantalus: I'm funny

Rowenae: Can you please ghost?

Oracle Teresias: Thanks! (I swear I did nothing) <<grin>

Rowenae: LOL

Rowenae: I didn't see the book twitch <<shrug>

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: Siquette -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

Siquette: Thankyou and good evening<<bow>

Rowenae: Hiya <<grin><<wave>

[Siquette, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 137 ghosts.]

Siquette: Many have already indicated great reasons why

Siquette: we all frequent this lovely fantasy place

Siquette: I have three kids who all come in here...

Siquette: and they have learned entrepeneurial , communication, socialization skills

Siquette: here

Siquette: it is a sanctuary for many away from the stresses of RW

Siquette: and many friendships have formed and blossomed

Siquette: I feel very sad that sooooo many of us have dealt with all the

Siquette: difficulties here to create such a wonderful place for us all with very little reward from

Siquette: management folks

Siquette: lags, bugs, testing etc and many thought a flat rate would help

Siquette: many friends have got involved in the beta testing hallway place and will not be

Siquette: able to afford this pricing plan- and all this testing will be lost if this place

Siquette: becomes a ghost town

Siquette: I have met many great friends here- and there is such panic-

Siquette: and true anxiety over this pricing plan-

Siquette: since very little was discussed with regular users

Siquette: and questions , and rumors surface with little feedback<<shrug>

Siquette: please consider the many walks of life folks come from

Siquette: single parents, European folks with long distance bills to pay too

Siquette: I love this Kymer homeland to us all

Siquette: and the regular users have created this community

Siquette: please consider all the information carefully and not just let this

Siquette: be a 'bitching ground" or a place so we will falsely feel placated

Siquette: BTW thankyou for the creative genius in creating this wonderful place

Siquette: and thanks for allowing me to speak

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Siquette: It is entertainment as well

[There are 131 ghosts.]

Rowenae: Thanks Siquette <<grin>

Siquette: for others who cannot afford to go out<<bow>

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: Sparhawk -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

Rowenae: Hi Spar <<wave>

[Sparhawk, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 131 ghosts.]

Sparhawk: <<shutting off ESP>

Sparhawk: My name is Sparhawk

Sparhawk: I entered here first in late Dec 1995 - early Jan 1996

Sparhawk: I left in JUly of 1996 due to high costs on a personal account

Sparhawk: My re-entry this time is on a corporate account that I pay over the SVP price

Sparhawk: While this is by far the slickest world I have been in, I cannot afford

Sparhawk: to pay your proposed prices.

Sparhawk: I would recommend some of the items that others also

Sparhawk: recommended in the earlier session:

Sparhawk: 1. a demographic look at your community and see where the usage is

Sparhawk: and cater to the biggest portion of the population.

Sparhawk: I think you'll find it is that portion that cannot pay the rates you

Sparhawk: have proposed - or would have to reduce usage.

Sparhawk: 2. definitely look into the licensing of the software to

Sparhawk: businesses and recreational areas for different venues

Sparhawk: for us to see.

Sparhawk: You have the best people I have been graced to know - as population and as staff.

Sparhawk: Some more inter-communication like this would also go a long way

Sparhawk: to resolving problems before they flare as this one did.

Sparhawk: other than that - i have no more to say. I just would hate

Sparhawk: to lose my friends all over again over something like this.

Sparhawk: Thank you for your efforts and your time to listen.

[There are 127 ghosts.]

Rowenae: Thanks Sparhark <<grin>

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: ~Pãpêr §ky®~ -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

~Pãpêr §ky®~: Hello<<bow>

[~Pãpêr §ky®~, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 127 ghosts.]

Rowenae: Hiya Sky <<grin>

~Pãpêr §ky®~: First off.. I want to say... I have a SA, so cost isnt a personal issue for me

~Pãpêr §ky®~: secondly, I live both in Pride and here

~Pãpêr §ky®~: and spend an equal amount of time in both places

~Pãpêr §ky®~: which is approximately 50-60 hours a week

~Pãpêr §ky®~: with that out of the way....

~Pãpêr §ky®~: I love both places.... and see them as communities

~Pãpêr §ky®~: I have made many friends.... some I consider to be closer than rw friends

~Pãpêr §ky®~: for me, personally, I am a single mom... I come here to laugh and play... learn about others..

~Pãpêr §ky®~: socialize and try to make things better

~Pãpêr §ky®~: what makes this place so great is the people

~Pãpêr §ky®~: while I understand you must charge for this service....

~Pãpêr §ky®~: the current amount is way too much for most...

~Pãpêr §ky®~: and while I can stay no matter how much is charged... I will not stay without my friends/family here

~Pãpêr §ky®~: they are what make it a great place to be...

~Pãpêr §ky®~: Thank you for listening<<bow>

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: Spooks -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

[There are 122 ghosts.]

Rowenae: Hi Spooks <<grin>

[Spooks, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 121 ghosts.]

Spooks: Everythings been said 10x that comes from our hearts so I'll just do my brief macro and get out of your hair <<bow>

Spooks: Hello Everyone - Especially the representatives from FSC,

Spooks: Just a thought ...

Spooks: Since you [FSC] are anticipating a large influx of new members when Dream goes public

Spooks: - which should generate FSC a generous amount of revenue - perhaps offering those of

Spooks: us that are already 'private' members a special price plan in exchange for being *Dream

Spooks: Helpers* would work.

Spooks: FSC, regardless of whatever your final pricing plan decision may be, PLEASE take into

Spooks: consideration that your current members have literally made your Worlds for you.

Spooks: Pride wouldn't be the incredibly successful online communities they are now without us

Spooks: Thank you

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Spooks: <<bow>

[There are 124 ghosts.]

Rowenae: Thanks Spooks <<grin>

[Thu Aug 21 19:59:48 1997]

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: Sidney -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

Rowenae: Hiya Sidney <<wave>

Sidney: Thank you! <<bow>

[Sidney, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 122 ghosts.]

Sidney: My name is Sidney,

Sidney: I first came to Kymer in the last week before it started costing money

Sidney: in the autumn of 1995.

Sidney: Several months later I got a sponsored account, so now price

Sidney: is not a personal issue, except as it affects the life in the community.

Sidney: I do need to say that I feel a little bit uncomfortable speaking here,

Sidney: as I now work for what might be considered a competitor of FSC.

[Open URL: http://www.sidney.com]

Sidney: But I am an engineer, not in management, and

Sidney: I have been a member of this community longer than

Rowenae: Sidney ... are you crashing?

Rowenae: Yep ..guess so <<grin>

Acolyte Moonlight: Teresias, it's 8pm.

Acolyte Moonlight: Do we continue?

[There are 120 ghosts.]

Oracle Teresias: I think we can have two more speakers.

trekpuzzle: may I speak it is very important to me<<shrug>?

trekpuzzle: very short

Rowenae: Trek you have to be randomly selected. Sorry

trekpuzzle: please<<bow>

[trekpuzzle, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 119 ghosts.]

trekpuzzle: 40 months dont mean nothingthen

MarvL: Trek 40 others avatars are equally important

Oracle Teresias: You are more than welcome to send you comments to dream@worldsaway.com. <<bow>

Acolyte Moonlight: The next randomly chosen speaker is: Black Label -- come down, please!

Acolyte Moonlight: <<grin>

[Black Label, MarvL, FSC Management Rep, Acolyte Moonlight, Oracle Teresias, Rowenae, and 121 ghosts.]

Black Label: FSC, Oracles, Acolytes, Friends..<<bow>

Black Label: afternoon all<<bow>

Black Label: ok...will I be short in this....!!I think everyone knows me here...no need to say where I come from.... but I'm

Black Label: with all my friends in this... and I do spend no hours....I do spend days...so

Black Label: as an potential user and much more....this...<<bow>

Black Label: Only a small message to add to all our friends comments.....

Black Label: send this message to FSC.!!

Black Label: FSC...Just keep on mind...da prolly the only accounts you will have left in

Black Label: kymer will be fake ones...so...u can charge anything high but you will be

Black Label: charging to fakes account or to an empty space.....I think you may consider

Black Label: this too, tnx for listening...appreciate your time<<bow>

Black Label: FSC...Keep da dream alive . . !

Black Label: FSC, Oracles, Acolytes, Friends..<<bow>

Rowenae: Thanks BL <<grin>

Rowenae: and Sidney has made it back

Acolyte Moonlight: Is Sidney back?

[There are 121 ghosts.]

Rowenae: Yep

Acolyte Moonlight: welcome back, Sidney! <<grin>

Sidney: Thanks for letting me back. I'll try to be brief <<grin>

Sidney: There are a few points I noticed haven't been emphasized today.

Sidney: I hope that FSC will realize the value of conducting focus groups

Sidney: and similar market and user testing before making decisions

Sidney: on pricing and policies.

Sidney: You don't have to be surprised like this.

Sidney: I also would like to point out that the people who are

Sidney: in the world now all have CompuServe accounts, and that

Sidney: makes them not a valid statistical sample for gauging

Sidney: the reaction of the wider market to anything that you might do.

Sidney: You have Hallway as a good source of other people for your focus groups.

Sidney: Third, CSi just announced their flat rates. I have no idea what

Sidney: you will be able to arrange with them contractually, and if

Sidney: that will lead to a pricing structure that lets you charge flat rates

Sidney: or requires WA to be a premium service with an hourly surcharge,

Sidney: but the most important thing to keep in mind is the need to

Sidney: test the possibilities on the existing customers and

Sidney: then keep all of us feeling informed as the new decisions are made.

Sidney: Fourth, please consider the synergistic effect of people participating inworld

Sidney: on attracting other people. It may be more profitable to run things in a way

Sidney: that encourages the helpers and the people who run events to

Sidney: spend time here, even if they do not pay high rates to do so.

Sidney: And finally, I did mention that I work for a "competitor". The people at

[Sorry, that avatar is not currently in world.]

Sidney: Au Fait Today know the details, and I won't go into them here,

Sidney: Actually, I'm crashing again so I won't even say what I was going to <<grin>

Rowenae: Thanks Sidney <<grin>

Sidney: Thank you <<grin>

FSC Management Rep: Thank You

Oracle Teresias: Thank you. <<bow>

[There are 106 ghosts.]

Acolyte Moonlight: Thanks, Sidney!

Oracle Teresias: At this point, I think it is a good time to wrap up.

Oracle Teresias: I wanted to make a few brief closing remarks and I have an announcement.

Oracle Teresias: First, I would like to again thank the Au Fait today for hosting the turf, advertising the event and organizing the presentatiosn from the previous hour.

Oracle Teresias: It has been a true pleasure seeing so many people band together for any reason. Regardless of definitions of community, this kind of response is what makes it feels like a community.

Oracle Teresias: We have had a lot of people who wish to speak and we have been unable to get to them all. Comments can still be sent to dream@worldsaway.com where management will read each letter sent. We encourage you to speak your mind.

Oracle Teresias: Finally, I would like to announce that FSC will have a confrence with limited questions and answers within one week and one day of these hearings. Details will be announced soon.

Oracle Teresias: Thank you for attending. May Morpheus grant you pleasant dreams.

MarvL: Also, your can seen letters to the editor of Au Fait Today, and we will PRINT your mind. aufait@concentric.net

FSC Management Rep: Thank You all

Acolyte Moonlight: The floor is open. <<grin> I think.

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: open?

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: well can i just do my macro rofl

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: been waiting all night rofl

Lady Shell 2: Teresias, thank you and the FSC rep for listening to us all <<bow>

MarvL: I think this is a pretty effective venue, Oracle Teresias

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: shell<<react>

Lady Shell 2: J <<grin><<grin>

yhtak: wild...you come say it

MarvL: I'm looking forward to future similar opportunities.


Lady Shell 2: well go J <<grin>

Oracle Teresias: As am I.


yhtak: there are lots of issues that have to be addressed...

Cherry Pie: VIX <<wave>

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: lol shell

yhtak: we need to have a REAL input into fujitsu for complaints

Oracle Teresias: Right now. I regret that I need to go - it's been a long, well, week.

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: gnit ter<<grin>

Cherry Pie: Thanks Oracle T...<<grin><<wave>

Lady Shell 2: Ter....if I can just say one thing

Lady Shell 2: briefly of course <<grin>

Rowenae: Good night Teresias <<grin><<wave>


Acolyte Moonlight: Good night, Teresias.

Lady Shell 2: oh well <<shrug> perhaps he is in the clouds

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: .Well, my name is MsJ and i didnt log the first day I was here..lol

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: All I know is it was over a year and a half ago....I came to WA in the middle

Rowenae: Free for all <<jump><<jump>

Lady Shell 2: I just hope they don't forget their customers

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: of a crisis in my life.... raising a child on my own.a separation after 13

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: yrs..and struggling every day...I eventually met many friends here (they know

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: who they are<<jump>.)

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: I wont dwell on the pricing thing we all have made that point..I as we all

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: will be hurting in the pocket....

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: but second to that, should the pricing force me to limit my time here..

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: I will be hurt in the heart deeply..

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: many friends here have helped me through many a crisis here... raising my son,Dylan, (D to y'all) has confined me to no RW social life..WA has become my

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: life...and as well as my pocket being hurt by this pricing plan, my heart will

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: be subject to the same hurt. I will lose the friendships, that have been there

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: for me when i needed them most......<<sigh>


Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: ...Thanks for letting me share...and Hope my Ritzy

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: is winning big in Vegas<<react><<react>

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: Hugggs to all my friends I love y'all deeply...........

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: hehe

Rowenae: Sidney you're blocking ESP

Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight: .

[VIXEN--ALLIANCE LEADER, Cherry Pie, Lady Shell 2, Duckolyte MsJ - Golden Knight, MarvL, Acolyte Moonlight, Rowenae, and 60 ghosts.]

Cherry Pie: yep, he is...<<grin>

Cherry Pie: Xopl <<wave><<grin>

Rowenae: Hi Xopl <<grin>

Lord Xopl - Patchlord: I didn't get to stab the FSC management rep<<sigh><<sigh>

Cherry Pie: wasn't supposed to, Xopl...<<grin>

Dagny: great meeting<<grin>

Cherry Pie: Dagny <<wave><<grin>

Rowenae: Not on the menu SIdney?

Lord Xopl - Patchlord: these items... I Saw The Future... well I am seeing the future.. an empty WA

Dagny: went really well..I thought

Rowenae: Hiya Dagny <<grin>

MarvL: Nice bio, Xopl

Dagny: Hi Row<<wave>

Lord Xopl - Patchlord: and I'm going to make WA empty of my presence for the rest of tonight. cya all later<<wave>

Rowenae: See ya Xopl <<grin><<wave>

Cherry Pie: \CAD <<wave><<grin>

Lord Xopl - Patchlord: thanks Marv

Cherry Pie: bye Xopl...<<wave><<grin>

Joyful Pilgrim 2: Hi

Silvia Whisper: Good evening all....

Cherry Pie: Hiyas SW...<<grin><<wave>

Silvia Whisper: I would like to ask if anybody knows *mom* or Gaia GK <<shrug>

Silvia Whisper: If you do...please have them contact me. I have something for one of them from someone who has left...Thank you<<bow>

Dagny: Ok..bye guys...great job..thanks to all of you who worked so hard to put this together

Cherry Pie: Gaia is around sometimes...

Cherry Pie: thanks to everyone who came and participated...<<grin><<grin>

Dagny: we are worldsaway<<grin><<wave>

Rowenae: Thanks all <<grin><<wave>

Joyful Pilgrim 2: I will say that I was very proud to be part of Au Fait Today tonight

Acolyte Moonlight: Good night everyone. <<grin>

Cherry Pie: nighters Moonlight...<<grin><<wave>

Darkstarzzz: Just thought Id pop in

Cherry Pie: hiyas Darkstar...<<grin><<wave>

Darkstarzzz: Hey, ouch, my legs on fire!

Cherry Pie: Piemur <<jump><<jump>

Piemur: Hiya gang <<wave>

Cherry Pie: hehehe move your rear...<<grin>

[Rowenae, Piemur, Darkstarzzz, Time Travler A, Joyful Pilgrim 2, Cherry Pie, MarvL, and 7 ghosts.]

[There are 7 ghosts.]

MarvL: Dark, are you aware that Clover's Auction is no longer active??

Piemur: Yet another item I *CAN'T* wear on this head<<g>

Darkstarzzz: Yeah, just to lazy to delete it

MarvL: Hi Piemur

Time Travler A: Really???

Rowenae: LOL Piemur

Cherry Pie: yep....the frog heads do not go well with headgear...

Darkstarzzz: There

Time Travler A: What happened to the Auction???

Darkstarzzz: She shut it down

MarvL: Clover wasn't having fun any more.

Darkstarzzz: Its all about Ts now<<shrug>

Cherry Pie: that is a great reason to stop...it's supposed to be fun...

Joyful Pilgrim 2: That is very true

Rowenae: Hmm ... the old Holly in the Eye trick <<grin>

MarvL: Thanks, TT <<grin>

Darkstarzzz: Whos turf is this?

Piemur: Place won't be quite the same without her auction on Monday night

Time Travler A: No Problem sir

Cherry Pie: it is Au Fait's turf

Time Travler A: Yes

MarvL: This is sponsored by the lovely lady in red <<grin>

Darkstarzzz: Pie there is the Gk auction on Sundays

Cherry Pie: Pie as in Piemur or Cherry Pie?????

Rowenae: <<grin>

Darkstarzzz: Green guy

Piemur: So, when did CIS announce they were going flat rate? I just woke up a little while before this started

Cherry Pie: <<checking> nope, not me...<<grin>

Rowenae: Last night some time

[There are 4 ghosts.]

Darkstarzzz: What!!! Whats that all about?

Rowenae: is when I first heard about it

MarvL: Sidney saw it somewhere, and posted it in the forum.

Cherry Pie: it was in forum last night...but they will charge for premium services....

Time Travler A: Jp talked to Compuserve and they said Worldsaway is suppose to remain the same when they go flat right JP???

Cherry Pie: as in, what, TT?

Joyful Pilgrim 2: Well we were talking about the test flat rate

Joyful Pilgrim 2: The other had not been anounced at the time

Rowenae: Yep .. that may not apply when it becomes official

Rowenae: Or rather .. goes into effect

Time Travler A: Well I hate to say it, That may be the last straw for me

Joyful Pilgrim 2: But they said that if it did not have a $ it was not a premiun service

Cherry Pie: yep, I am afraid so...that's why I think it is even more important that we get a flat rate from FSC

Piemur: If WA is considered a "Premium Service" then even I'll be cutting back on my usage...

Piemur: ...and thats not all that much compared to some as it is

Time Travler A: I will not leave, but I will reduce my time in here by 67Percent

MarvL: They have MY permission to keep right on charging me $24.95 per month, total <<grin>

Cherry Pie: you know WA is a premium service, Piemur....

Joyful Pilgrim 2: Not yet it isn't

Time Travler A: Actually Compuserve said it was not

Cherry Pie: on AOL they are even starting to charge for games...

Cherry Pie: yep, JP..but I am sure it will be....

Piemur: <<sigh> I've got over 500 msgs waiting to be read in TAPCIS *NOW*...

Cherry Pie: hmmmm I hope Cserve still thinks that way...

Joyful Pilgrim 2: Actually I suspect you may be right

Piemur: ...prolly be another 500 by time I make another run in the morning<<g>

Cherry Pie: poor frog...<<grin>

MarvL: Wait till your bio hits Au Fait Today, Piemur <<grin><<grin>

Entering Locale: <<--- Community Hearing <<----

Entering Locale: Elevator 3

Lady Shania White I: could leave CSI and revert back to only our ISP's.

Lady Shania White I: We have 6 children between the 2 of us who come into WA also.

Lady Shania White I: ***

Lady Shania White I: As for a flat rate, I say bravo!! Make it affordable and they will come!!

Lady Shania White I: Of course, I would like to see a change in the number of avatars per account

Lady Shania White I: as well, with the 8 of us that use Kymer.

Lady Shania White I: I would suggest as a sample plan, perhaps $10/month with a limit of 4 avatars

Lady Shania White I: and as an incentive to pay for a year in advance, a discount of $20 or a total

Lady Shania White I: of $100 / year.

Lady Shania White I: With a mere 300 avatars on a yearly plan, that would give you a yearly

Lady Shania White I: guaranteed amount of $30,000.

Lady Shania White I: However, I am very certain that you would easily bring in more than 300

Lady Shania White I: avatars.

Lady Shania White I: That would give you a monetary basis that you could basically count on, as

[Quackers, Lady Shania White I, Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster), and 4 ghosts.]

Lady Shania White I: well as any new accounts that you would surely accumulate with a flat rate.

Lady Shania White I: Shain, just this evening, cancelled all of his accounts as he fears that there

Lady Shania White I: will never be a resolution to this matter.

Lady Shania White I: I, however, will wait and see.

Lady Shania White I: I am hoping that perhaps you will entertain the idea of advertising, like on

Lady Shania White I: a billboard that would link an avatar to that persons web site.

Lady Shania White I: I, for one, would like to do my shopping while I'm here (I build custom

Lady Shania White I: systems and purchase many of my parts from various web sights)

Lady Shania White I: As an incentive, offer the advertisers an introductory rate to entice their

Lady Shania White I: advertising.

Lady Shania White I: Also, as one of the previous avatars mentioned, a fee paid back to FSC for

Lady Shania White I: every order from a Kymer citizen would be advantageous.

Lady Shania White I: I am sure that if we all work together, we can come up with many ways to

Lady Shania White I: supplement the income that FSC needs to keep our community running at a

Lady Shania White I: fair cost to all of us.

Lady Shania White I: ***

Lady Shania White I: That said, I hope that you will strongly consider the community that each

Lady Shania White I: and everyone of us has strived to create in our many different ways.

Lady Shania White I: From being bingo hosts, shop owners, etc. to just being there for the new

Lady Shania White I: avatars that need some help.

Lady Shania White I: I, myself, cannot afford to continue paying the fees that we have been paying

Lady Shania White I: already. RW matters definitely come first and with our (Shain and I's) plans

Lady Shania White I: for the future, Kymer will definitely be the first cut made (as I said, he

Lady Shania White I: already has).

Lady Shania White I: Thank you for your time and here is to hoping that you will find a suitable

Lady Shania White I: price structure that we all can live with.

Lady Shania White I: Goodnight and fare thee well Kymer, may you live long and prosper and not

Lady Shania White I: become the ghost town that most of us see you emerging from the dust as. <<sigh>

Lady Shania White I: <<bow>Thank you for your time!

Lady Shania White I:

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): well said

Lady Shania White I: Thanks Sini..

Quackers: very well said

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): would have liked to have seen that down there...

Lady Shania White I: Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance..

[Quackers, Lady Shania White I, Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster), and 4 ghosts.]

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): as i said.. the rep didn't care about family and community

Lady Shania White I: Thanks Quackers<<bow> Appreciate it..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): wb hon

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): nice trip?

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): lol god

Lady Shania White I: That's true.. and being a business person myself, I know that if you

Lady Shania White I: don't have a clientelle.. there IS NO business..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): yepper

Lady Shania White I: WB Alecia<<jump>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): ok here goes

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): Greetings everyone<<bow>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): I wish to start by saying thank you FSC rep for being here.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): We know your here to listen to us, but we hope something will

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): acutally come of this, and our efforts are not wasted.

[A£e©ia o(GuildMaster), Quackers, Lady Shania White I, Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster), and 2 ghosts.]

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): I understand that FSC thinks it is in thier best interest financially

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): to impose this pricing plan.But I do not believe that the far

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): reaching effects have been thought out completely. If this plan is

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): put into effect there are several things that will happen right

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): away and the effects will be felt immediately.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): 1...People will leave in droves, that is already happening.<<shrug>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): 2...The things that generate the economy here will shut down..shops,

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): bingo..games,all will be gone.<<shrug>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): 3...The things that generate entertainment will be gone, poetry

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): readings..trivia games..parties, all gone.<<shrug>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): 4...Newbies who come in will be on thier own..Helpers groups? Gone.<<shrug>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): 5...The thriving economy we have now?..Gone<<shrug>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): FSC may have brought Kymer to us..but it's the people of Kymer

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): that made it what it is today. The people who chose to come here and give

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): thier time and energy to make a difference and trust me it's not

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): always fun and games. Without them you would have a very boring product.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): And that is what will happen if this plan is imposed.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): You may as well take out the turfs and vendos, no one will be

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): able to afford them.<<shrug>Nu Yu? Take it out<<shrug>Pawn machines?

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): Well leave them in for awhile as people will be pawning everything

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): they own<<shrug>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): What you will have without all of the above is a boring uncontrolled

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): environment.Where ..yes you will get your profits...but they

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): will come from a high turnover rate and the few people who can

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): afford the rates. People will come and either get bored and leave

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): or when they see thier first bill they will leave.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): When I first arrived here in that ever so famous bland yellow..

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): I was greeted by Grippen and he bought me my first head.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): Later I met Veriman who helped show me around. And I was amazed

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): that a place with such wonderful people exsisted.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): And now it's going to be destroyed all for the sake of money.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): As Kymer is now, anyone can come in and be whatever they want,

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): weither it be simply to enjoy chatting with friends, run a shop,

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): or getting more involved in the community.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): The very core of what makes people want to stay here will be gone.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): To put it in a buisness sense,FSC will have a less than desirable,

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): basically throw away product.If you have the thought that the new

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): people who arrive will rebuild? They won't, they won't be able to

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): afford the time it takes to achieve what we have now again.

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): OOPS

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): So we urge you to at least try a flat rate. Most people would be

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): willing to pay a fairly good size rate per month as long as they

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): do not have to watch the clock and know what thier bill is going

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): to be each month.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): Please don't kill what the people of Kymer have helped you to build.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): Thank you<<bow>

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): bravo

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): <<bow>

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): hiyas niki

Lady Shania White I: good job A!

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): but no one said those things

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): shame only we heard it

Quackers: excellent, Alecia

Lady Shania White I: Well all, I'm off to my turf.. this whole thing has worn me out..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): lol, yes, someone did

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): but it wasn't heard either

Lady Shania White I: I hope that someday in the future we all will meet again..

Lady Shania White I: Sometime, someplace..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): someplace else<<shrug>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): oh god Lady<<sigh>

Lady Shania White I: I will only be here until this months fee is used up..

Quackers: bye all <<wave>

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Q<<wave><<bow>

Lady Shania White I: Bye Quackers.. have a great life<<wave>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): bye Q

Quackers: you too <<bow>

Niners-ALLIANCE: Ale?

Quackers: take care, all

Lady Shania White I: Thanks.. I will try<<bow>

Niners-ALLIANCE: wots the matter?

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): lady is leaving wa

Niners-ALLIANCE: Shania?

Lady Shania White I: It was nice to have known each and every one of you!!

Niners-ALLIANCE: why?<<sigh>

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): aren't we all?

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): all my friends r leaving

Lady Shania White I: Yes, and Shain has already left..

Niners-ALLIANCE: awwwwww<<sigh>Why?

Lady Shania White I: Has a few days left on his secondary account and then that's it..

Lady Shania White I: Well Niner's we just can't afford it..

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): the pricing..they aren't goin to change it

Lady Shania White I: We've been maintaining 4 seperate accounts and 2 ISPs

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): christ the rep had a macro

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): Thank You

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Thank You

Lady Shania White I: For Shain and I and our 6 children

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): Thank You

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Thank You

Niners-ALLIANCE: niether can any of us, but wait and see what they dowith the pricing

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Thank You

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): Thank You

Lady Shania White I: Well, I will check back periodically..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): they're not going to do anything

Lady Shania White I: But, Shain and I are getting married in the RW and buying a home..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): congrats, shania

Lady Shania White I: Can't continue to pay out the money we've been payin.. <<sigh>

Niners-ALLIANCE: Yes COngrats

Lady Shania White I: Thanks Sini<<bow>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): well thats one good thing hun

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): i hope you two are very happy

Niners-ALLIANCE: ill miss you<<sigh>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): I wish u both all the luck in the world

Lady Shania White I: Yep.. one thing I'm thankful to CSI for.. met him in the Inet New User's a couple of years ago..

Lady Shania White I: I'll miss you too Niners<<sigh>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): this sucks

Lady Shania White I: Please take care and watch out for the storms down your way..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): yep

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): has the finalpricing decision been made ?

Lady Shania White I: I'll miss all of you..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): all but officially

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): we will miss u too lady

Lady Shania White I: I feel like I'm leaving so many members of my family..

Lady Shania White I: Nothin' much that can be done..

Lady Shania White I: It is all in the hands of FSC

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): luckers to ya lady <<bow>

Lady Shania White I: Thanks Niki<<bow>

Lady Shania White I: Hiya Jed up in da clouds..

Lady Shania White I: Yep.. we're leavin' Jed..

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): will u maybe go to another world?

Lady Shania White I: Have been waitin' all this time for the new rates.. only to see them

Lady Shania White I: increase instead of decrease..

Lady Shania White I: Yes, we are checkin' out other worlds and have been..

Lady Shania White I: to quite a few..

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): good maybe I will see u in one of em

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): cause I won't be staying here either

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): no point

Lady Shania White I: Well, regardless of where we go, we will keep the names of Lord Shain and Lady shania

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): nope<<shrug>

Lady Shania White I: That way we can find our friends from here, hopefully, again..

Ice Breaker: huuumm creo que se tiltio

Niners-ALLIANCE: como?

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): with those names I'll know ya lol

Lady Shania White I: Yes, Jed, even with unlimited plan..

Lady Shania White I: We would still be putting out over $100 per month..

Lady Shania White I: Have to keep 4 accounts to have the avies we need for our kids.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): damn

Lady Shania White I: I was offered the unlimited plan by CSI a few months ago before it

Lady Shania White I: became the norm, which I'm told was just in the last few days..

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): 2 days ago

Lady Shania White I: And, yes, it does help to cut down on the costs.. tremendously..

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): will start oct 1st

Lady Shania White I: I guess Shain and I just feel betrayed..

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): we all do

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): don't blame ya

Lady Shania White I: We were both beta testers, went through so dang many downloads, bugs, glitches, etc.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): FSC dod not make this place

Lady Shania White I: And for what.. nothing, nada, zip

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): the people here did

Lady Shania White I: Yes, that's very very true Alecia..

Lady Shania White I: WE, the PEOPLE, made this community.. not FSC

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): hell they should pay us

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): rofl, that's askin a bit much

Lady Shania White I: And although I feel it is by far the best virtual world, I can

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): not that i'd mind <<EG>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): well do the fsc reps welcome newbies?

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): nooooooooooooooo

Lady Shania White I: deal with less perfect worlds for a better rate.

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): do they run the games?

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): noooooooooooooooooo

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): games?

Lady Shania White I: Geesh.. the rep didn't even know how to put her head back on.

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): oops

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): do they write programs like bingo?

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): sorry ian... guess i never did come back

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): noooooooooooooooooooo

Lady Shania White I: Only knew how to bow and say Thank you

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): i fergot to say hello to ya's ale - sin - niners <<bow>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): yup

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Thank You

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Thank You

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Thank You

Lady Shania White I: Thanks you<<bow>

Lady Shania White I: oops.. Thank you even

Lady Shania White I: lol

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Thank You

Lady Shania White I: That's all she did..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): she probably wasn't even there

Lady Shania White I: oh.. and changed her facial expression a few times..

Lady Shania White I: Prolly not..

Sidney: Thank you, for whatever people are thanking people for <<grin>

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): macro designed to go off every time someone bowed...

Lady Shania White I: Or was prolly tappin' her fingers sayin' "Geesh, isn't this over yet?"

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): lol, yep

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): a couple people asked her questions and there was no responce

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): Thank You

Sidney: Thank you, and good night <<bow><<wave>

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): well, i think i've done my share of bitching for the evening

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): its time for this avie to go to bed

Lady Shania White I: Nighters everyone.. Shain is callin'.. time to go night night..

Lady Shania White I: Hope to see you all again..

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): night Shania

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): me too

Lady Shania White I: Thanks Jed.. you too..

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): goodnite lady

Lady Shania White I: Nighters and was wonderful knowing you all!!

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): u too hun

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): nighters sin <<bow><<wave> nighters lady

Lady Shania White I: My email address is: lincryst@juno.com for all who want to write.

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): juno?

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): I have juno also

Lady Shania White I: Yes, at least it is free.. lol

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): lol yup

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): <<kisses>

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): nite babe

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): <<kisss>

Lady Shania White I: Night all<<wave>

Veriman SrK Duckolyte Wing: Lady ... you are leaving us?

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): hello vermain

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): nite hun

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): gots ta go

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): yes she is

Lady Shania White I: Yes, Veriman..

Veriman SrK Duckolyte Wing: Hi Niki <<bow>

Lady Shania White I: I will Jed, you too!

Xx §inisteR xX (GuildMaster): we all are Ver... sooner or later

Niki (¤¤¤Guild Cmdr¤¤¤): <<bow>

A£e©ia o(GuildMaster): I know ya do see u tomorrow baby

Veriman SrK Duckolyte Wing: I am sorry ... but I believe I understand