Conference with the WorldsAway Development Team - October 4, 1995

From Reno Project
Hunter Brown /sysop: Welcome to a live CompuServe Convention Center Conference with the WorldsAway Development Team.
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: October 4, 1995 4:00-6:00 PM Pacific Time
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: Sorry.. that's 4:00 to 5;00
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: Previously on June 14, our development team held a conference detailing the work behind the scenes of the then upcoming release and launch of WorldsAway. This conference will focus on WorldsAway 1.0, which is expected to be released later this fall. Tonight, well discuss what work and progress has been made between the now available public pre-release version 0.8 and the upcoming version 1.0
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: If you have not yet had a chance to experience WorldsAway, we invite you to download our software and get more information from our menu (GO AWAY) here on CompuServe.  The newest settlement on the Cyberspace frontier -- WorldsAway: Theres More To Life On-Line!
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: I am Hunter Brown, SysOp of the WorldsAway Community Forum and a Member Support representative for WorldsAway. Ill be moderating this conference.
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Hunter Brown /sysop: My co-moderator is Mary Madaras, who is also a SysOp of the forum and a Member Support representative for WorldsAway.
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Hunter Brown /sysop: Our featured speakers tonight are:
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: Ron Lichty is the Director of Engineering for Cultural Technologies. His engineering career has focused on interface development and multimedia. He was previously Director of Engineering at Berkeley systems and manager of Apple's Macintosh Finder engineering team. Before turning to programming, he was a nonfiction writer and graphic designer.
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: Karen Williams is an in-world Object Architect. She implements ideas for objects and organizes the design, coding, and testing of objects within the world. 
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: Norman Morse is also an in-world Object Architect. Norman was technical lead of the Worlds Away design team for the first year.
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: We will be accepting your questions from a queue and will answer them in order as we receive them after a few initial questions Ill ask of our speakers.
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: If you are using MacCIM or you are in Terminal Emulation, to ask a question type: /question. For more help in Terminal Emulation, type /Help.
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Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: Oklay
Hunter Brown /sysop: Welcome Ron, Norman and Karen.. Thanks for Coming..
Karen Williams: You're welcome.
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: First question.
Hunter Brown /sysop: .
Hunter Brown /sysop: What has been the primary objective and goal of WorldsAway 1.0?
Ron Lichty: Our goal for WorldsAway 1.0 has been to get WorldsAway onto 8-meg systems,
Ron Lichty: to improve stability for users of systems of every size,
Ron Lichty: to improve the speed on all systems,
Ron Lichty: to deliver additional body styles,
Ron Lichty: and to provide the support in the client for ongoing objects to be 
Ron Lichty: sent to WorldsAway users, starting from the release of version 1.0.
Ron Lichty: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: Okay... looks like we want to go on..
Hunter Brown /sysop: This is from George Perry
George Perry asks: How rich do you envision in-world objects can become?  Are there plans to allow members to create or personalize their own spaces or homes?
Karen Williams: We're currently working on turfs,
Karen Williams: which will give users their own private homes.
Karen Williams: You'll be able to decorate it (by painting the walls,
Karen Williams: or by adding tables, chairs, etc.), have privacy,
Karen Williams: etc. 
Karen Williams: /ga
Norman Morse: The future of Objects may well include items such as 
Norman Morse: Bricks or Legos(No copyright violation intended)
Norman Morse: Which will allow you to build new structures in the world 
Norman Morse: by using basic building blocks.
Norman Morse: /ga
Karen Williams: In addition, you'll soon be able to sit down on chairs,
Karen Williams: and to have pets. 
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: okay next question.....
Karen Williams: (Soon is a relative term.)
Jens Stark asks: What about support for connections to CIS via TELNET ? Right now, it is impossible for customers connectiong to CIS via Internet to use the product.
Hunter Brown /sysop: Ron is answering this one..
Ron Lichty: As you know, WinCIM 2.0 supports Winsock connections and TCP.
Ron Lichty: WorldsAway 1.0 will support both WinCIM connection methods: Packetnet and TCP.
Ron Lichty: We intend to use the capabilities of WinCIM 2.0's TCP support; but to answer your question specifically, we're not sure fully of those capabilities yet.
Ron Lichty: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
Angel Gambler asks: I think the question everybody wants to ask here tonight is:  When are turfs going to be avaliable and what are the features of having them?  i.e. is there going to be a 2 person limit or anything?  Will we have personal keys to enter them?  etc...
Karen Williams: Turfs will be available by the end of the year at the latest.
Karen Williams: There won't be a two-person limit to ownership or to enter them. 
Karen Williams: If you own a turf, you can either allow people in or lock them out.
Karen Williams: The first implementation won't have keys.
Karen Williams: You can hold parties, but the owner has to be present for anyone else to be in the turf.
Karen Williams: The maximum occupancy is just like any other locale -- six people plus ghosts.
Karen Williams: To get to the turf, you take an elevator, which takes you directly to the turf (in the first implementation).
Karen Williams: Anyone can come in if you leave the turf public, but  to get rid  of unwanted guests, you just leave and everyone leaves with you.
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
MarvL <busy> asks: Can you provide some insight on what *Avatars can run their own businesses.* might mean.
Norman Morse: Well, we leave these important issues to be decided 
Norman Morse: by Oracle Vaserius The Wise (Trust VAZ!)
Norman Morse: and by the members themselves through their
Norman Morse: suggestions to acolytes and oracles.
Norman Morse: There are no Technical limitations to owning your 
Norman Morse: own business, just In-world ones. 
Norman Morse: One possibility which you may see soon, is the distribution
Norman Morse: of various newspapers through newstands throughout 
Norman Morse: Khymer.
Norman Morse: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
Josephine asks: We would all like to customize the avatars features, especially the head and hair style and color.
How far in the future is that ability?
Karen Williams: Currently, the capability  exist to color heads. Just pester Vaserius to add  hair spraycans to the vendroids.
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next questions
George Perry asks: I imagine the WorldsAway team is watching the development of Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML) on the web.  How do you think a system like WA fits in with this upcoming technology?
Ron Lichty: We, too, are watching development of VRML.
Ron Lichty: as well as other technologies for displaying 3D landscapes, characters and behaviors -- and scripting their interactions.
Ron Lichty: We're even experimenting with various combinations of technologies looking for what might make a product.
Ron Lichty: Don't look for an 8-meg 386/68030 version any time soon, though.  :-)
Ron Lichty: /ga
Norman Morse: Not to contradict my boss, but you've got to remember
Norman Morse: That one of the primary goals of WorldsAway is to create
Norman Morse: a set of Tools for building Virtual Communities. 
Norman Morse: Sometimes we can become so enamored of the "latest"
Norman Morse: in 3D or VRML or Virtual Reality, that we forget the basics
Norman Morse: of creating an interesting world with interesting objects
Norman Morse: which allow people to interact in a new Social Dimension.
Norman Morse: I hope we don't move to 3d to fast.  We need a lot more
Norman Morse: work giving the oracles the tools they need to keep everyone happy!
Norman Morse: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: okay..  next question
Raistlin asks: What kind of objects will be featured in WA version 1.0?
Norman Morse: Well, with 1.0 we've reworked a lot of client internals.
Norman Morse: These changes will allow us to remote-update many changes to the world in the months following the release.
Norman Morse: With 1.0 we will include two new avatar bodies. One Female and one Male, for those of you who don't like to 
Norman Morse: be shaped like everyone else.
Norman Morse: In the future, After the release of 1.0 we expect to release
Norman Morse: an implementation of Turfs, and perhaps (with luck)
Norman Morse: the document and binder objects.
Norman Morse: /ga
Karen Williams: There will also be spraycans to spray on objects (non-avatars), and pets of various sorts. 
Karen Williams: Plus, your avatar will be able to sit down.
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
John Onusko asks: Can the ghost/avatar max be set by the owner of the turf?
Karen Williams: Not in the first implementation.
Karen Williams: That kind of stuff is dealt with by our server guy.
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
fabulous robin m. asks: Will we be able to edit avatars or to upload ideas for avatar looks and objects?
Norman Morse: Well, We don't allow you to modify your avatar very much.
Norman Morse: Mostly you can change your body, head, or colors.
Norman Morse: If you get a really cool drawing of an avatar with all the 
Norman Morse: perspectives and emotions, then I suggest that you 
Norman Morse: upload it to the forum, and "request" that the Great Vaserius incorporate this cool addition into the world.
Norman Morse: Please upload stuff, we'll look at it, and if we like it we'll
Norman Morse: use it!
Norman Morse: /GA
Karen Williams: We collect your suggestions from the forum, and keep track
Karen Williams: of them  for future ideas.
Karen Williams: We've been talking about finding a way to let people
Karen Williams: design their own heads, but we use a system that
Karen Williams: would be hard to just hand to people.
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
Hunter Brown /sysop: Reminder
Hunter Brown /sysop: in-world questions...
Ron Lichty: (Someday we'll have better tools for doing heads)
Hunter Brown /sysop: like on prices and the Economy....
Hunter Brown /sysop: are up to the Oracles.
Hunter Brown /sysop: If you think the Token based economy is not a good idea, tell the Oracles..
Hunter Brown /sysop: Now... some more technical questions:
Raistlin asks: how many rooms will be available in turfs?
Karen Williams: Initially, probably only one.
Karen Williams: Later on,  each "apartment complex" will offer
Karen Williams: different types of turfs, with different numbers of rooms
Karen Williams: and different "looks", which will of course have different
Karen Williams: prices.
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
JoeB. asks: would the quailty of the graphics go down with the new version of wa world?
Norman Morse: No, they'
Norman Morse: ll be the same high quality graphics you've been used to.
Norman Morse: They'll just be a bit smaller (due to compression we've implemented in 1.0) 
Norman Morse: And will allow the client to run in 8 meg better!
Norman Morse: /GA
Ron Lichty: Our new compression algorithm is pretty terrific for all users;
Ron Lichty: it preserves every pixel in the original,
Ron Lichty: but results in a much smaller disk footprint,
Ron Lichty: (installation will be under 15 megs!)
Ron Lichty: uses much less RAM regardless of what's available on your machine,
Ron Lichty: and results in WAY faster load times of graphics from the disk,
Ron Lichty: which means faster region transitions and other discernable improvements.
Ron Lichty: We are also using other improved algorithms for both
Ron Lichty: speed and memory improvement...
Ron Lichty: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
Jens Stark asks: Will client security be improved ? ( i.e. checksummed procedures, obfuscated code )
Norman Morse: Yes!!
Norman Morse: Our final Bastion of security is the Server!
Norman Morse: We've designed our system so no matter how you hack
Norman Morse: the client, it will reward you nothing.
Norman Morse: So, I don't think we will be obfuscating code soon, 
Norman Morse: we don't believe it will be that usefull to hackers.
Norman Morse: All our object code goes thru a grueling security check
Norman Morse: which leaves no mercy!
Norman Morse: -GA
Ron Lichty: Norman's right; we are constantly working to improve client security, within a framework of server-provided secure environment.
Ron Lichty: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
Feu Des Astres asks: Will these modular remote updates be limited in size to reasonable D/L times?
Norman Morse: No, there is no technical limitation on download size.
Norman Morse: However:  We plan to use a bit of common sense
Norman Morse: and only release new objects which require remote updating slowly, so that you don't log in after going for 
Norman Morse: a three week vacation only 
Norman Morse: to find that a remote update will take 20 minutes!
Norman Morse: -GA
JWFriendly asks: Great job on the World design so far :)  ::pat on the back::  I'm really looking forward to the future of WorldsAway and I was wondering if any thought has went into creating additional gestures and emoticons? :)
Ron Lichty: As a matter of fact, we've given a great deal of thought to creating additional gestures and emoticons (some in response to suggestions from users, perhaps from some of you),
Ron Lichty: and we are developing plans for our ongoing development of expressiveness,
Ron Lichty: but we have no plans to announce at this time.
Ron Lichty: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next question
ÐAMIEN- asks: I have a friend who is not able to enter any new forums such as WA community forum, because of Win 95 and Wincim 1.4 conflict, is there anything that can be done before release of Wincim 2.0 ?
Ron Lichty: Sorry for the slow response.
Ron Lichty: We're all arguing here about who should tell you politely that
Ron Lichty: 1) we have lots of users who have used Win95 and Wincim 1.4 successfully
Ron Lichty: 2) you'd get a more intelligent response from the WinCIM support forum (than from us on this issue :-)
Ron Lichty: 3) one user has reported a problem with WorldsAway and the Win95 Plus kit
Ron Lichty: with the font mangling it does and our emoticons.
Ron Lichty: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next...
Piemur asks: In regards to Turfs, will they be strictly rentals, or will we be able to buy them outright?
Karen Williams: Initially, they will be strictly rentals. 
Karen Williams: Later, you may be able to buy them.
Karen Williams: The final answer on this  is up to Vaserius the Wise.
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: Okay..
Hunter Brown /sysop: Just a reminder.. we'll go ahead and finish up our question queue
Hunter Brown /sysop: but no more questions will be taken.
Hunter Brown /sysop: next...
Josephine asks: Along with documents, have you considered allowing avatars to purchase maps which would highlight where they are; as well, perhaps as where events are occuring. (This being entered in by acolytes or Oracles.)
Norman Morse: We have some plans for a "map" object.
Norman Morse: We imagine that they can show you a "relative avatar density" over an area of the Dreamscape
Norman Morse: This will help you find out where the other Avatars are 
Norman Morse: gathering.
Norman Morse: We've also got plans for a "sign" class which will be usefull
Norman Morse: to point you in the right direction, and a Compass class
Norman Morse: which will point you towards the nearest Teleport booth 
Norman Morse: or body changer etc...
Norman Morse: /gga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next..
John Onusko asks: When will club oriented locales show up? Like the Varsity Club for OSU grads?
Karen Williams: I think that's up to Vaserius the Wise.
Karen Williams: /ga
Norman Morse: There is no technical reason why not (that I know of) 
Norman Morse: I'll have to ask our server guy.
Norman Morse: /ga
Karen Williams: Turfs will allow multiple owners, so that
Karen Williams: if you want to, you can have your turf be a 
Karen Williams: clubhouse. 
Karen Williams: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next
Jens Stark asks: Will all known bugs be fixed in 1.0 ?
Norman Morse: All currently known bugs will be fixed (I hope)
Norman Morse: However, we've noticed, that fixing bugs creates new ones.
Norman Morse: So I don't believe that you'll ever get a bug-free environment. (Unless we invent a RAID Bug killing object)
Norman Morse: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next
MarvL <busy> asks: Is peer to peer communications, using Windows for WorkGroups for example, being considered. This would facilitate various kinds of cooperative efforts such as Scheduling and Newsletters.
Norman Morse: I thought that was what we had?
Norman Morse: Do you mean documents?
Norman Morse: We'll get those to you real soon!
Norman Morse: (Maybe we'll even have napkins!)
Norman Morse: /ga
George Perry asks: How close is version 1.0 to being released?
Ron Lichty: Version 1.0 will be released in November, with objects to follow before the end of the year.
Ron Lichty: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next
Maria asks: Any idea when the software will be available on floppy or CD ?
Ron Lichty: That's a marketing question, not a technical question.
Ron Lichty: /ga
Karen Williams: And we've programmed the marketing department's DNA
Karen Williams: through their  computers  to turn them into weasels.
Karen Williams: /ga
Karen Williams: (OK, so  I stole that from Dilbert.)
Norman Morse: Anyone read Dilbert lately?
Norman Morse: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: next
Marianne G asks: I'm not even going to ask about Ponytails on FEMALE heads or Choke Machines, (but rumour has it there's a picture of my dream head in a magazine promoting WA); But, When turfs become available, would it then be possible to set them up to operate a business out of one?
Norman Morse: Zoning Laws are established by Vaserius the Wize
Norman Morse: ( Trust Vaz! )
Norman Morse: /ga
JWFriendly asks: With the new compressed version. (sorry I'm not a techy), will there be more sound support?  (i.e. birds chirping, music, crowd noise, laughs, )  Maybe they could be linked to gestures and emoticons? :)
Karen Williams: There will be more background sounds post-1.0,
Karen Williams: when pets are ready.
Karen Williams: /ga
ÐAMIEN- asks: Will there be a distinction between Night and Day? If so what time zone will it be set to? Or weather changes?
Norman Morse: No, there are no plans to distinguish between day and night (Yet)
Norman Morse: We are planning on introducing shadows into some images
Norman Morse: I don't know of any plans for time zones or weather.
Norman Morse: Although I believe different time zones could correspond 
Norman Morse: to different portions of the earth. 
Norman Morse: So that the German portion of Khymer would be in 
Norman Morse: a different time zone from the American.
Norman Morse: It really is, all up to Vaz.  We're just the utilities workers 
Norman Morse: providing the infrastructure which he uses as he wills.
Norman Morse: /ga
VIQer asks: When will we be able to have more than two avatar personnas?
Or will we ever be able to have more than two?
Ron Lichty: There is not a technical reason one way or another, but
Ron Lichty: there are economic and world reasons that may lead marketing, the world
Ron Lichty: committee, and the one and only great Vaserius (Trust VAZ)
Ron Lichty: to make this decision one way or another.
Ron Lichty: (Don't forget: You can always get another CompuServe account for such nefarious purposes  :-)
Ron Lichty: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: last question
Indigo asks: Are there plans for a mass ESP capacity?  It would help us.
Norman Morse: No, They are annoying!
Norman Morse: There is a way to send a message to every Avatar from 
Norman Morse: the server, but it is reserved for system shutdown etc...
Norman Morse: For performance reasons, we don't want to allow avatars
Norman Morse: to send a lot of Broadcast messages.
Norman Morse: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: Okay...
Hunter Brown /sysop: This concludes our Conference
Hunter Brown /sysop: Final Words?
Norman Morse: Closing Remarks:
Norman Morse: Remember, we're listening!
Norman Morse: We want to give you your own Virtual Civilization, so 
Norman Morse: let us know what you need and want, and we'll do the 
Norman Morse: best we can.
Norman Morse: Also, most important of all:  Trust Vaz!
Norman Morse: /ga
Karen Williams: The sysops  have pointed out that we didn't use  
Karen Williams: smiley faces enough. If we sounded grim,
Karen Williams: I'm sorry. We're having a good time.
Karen Williams: /ga
Norman Morse: Rena reminded me.
Norman Morse: I forgot to mention prop-hats.
Norman Morse: I know *** Nothing **** !!!!
Norman Morse: /ga
Hunter Brown /sysop: If that's it?
Hunter Brown /sysop: I'll open the floor.
Hunter Brown /sysop: objections?
Hunter Brown /sysop: the no's have it
Hunter Brown /sysop: here we go
Hunter Brown /sysop: thanks for attending..
Hunter Brown /sysop: a Log will be placed in the Forum. WA Official Library
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Thanks everyone for all your great questions!
Hunter Brown /sysop: % The floor is now OPEN
CaribeLynx: Thanks All!
Raistlin: :-)
Eärendil: Thank you all! :-)
Jens Stark: GREAT CO ! Thanks !!!!!
Raistlin: :-)
Mary Madaras /Sysop: We hope to answer more if you have them in the forum!
George Perry: Thanks for an informative conference!  : )
Angel Gambler: Thanks, guys!  :)  :)
Raistlin: ues!
Indigo: :D
Karen Williams: You're welcome.
VIQer: :DD
JWFriendly: Thanks so much! :D
Shaker: Thanks, all!
Maria: Thanks all ! :-)
Indigo: We are grateful.
Elwing: :-)
Marianne G: Thanks, nice confrence :D
VIQer: I'll be back next time!
Raistlin: :-)
Ron Lichty: You're welcome. We're committed to
Angel Gambler: <planning to get right to work on a winged avatar>  <g>
John Onusko: Does vaz really exist?
Piemur: Thanks Karen, Norman, Ron!
JWFriendly: :::applause:::  <clap> <clap>
Josephine: May the great Vaz smile on all our wishes!!!
Ron Lichty: 1) a great product; and 2) listening to y'all!
Holger: Had a great time, thanks.
Rena Keslar: Who's Vaz?
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Yes, of course Vaz really exists!
VIQer: Trust Vaz eh?? That was written on a wall somewhere!!
Eärendil: May the Great Vaz just get the ESP bug fixed!!!! <g>
Karen Williams: Vaz is really six elves.
Norman Morse: Vaz exists!!  Of course!
JWFriendly: In the Temple. ;)
Nicci: LOL E!
Mary Madaras /Sysop: He just IS.
MarvL <busy>: Hunter: Have you fiddled around with the Voting capability here in the convention center? Could we may try a fake vote or something just to see how it works??
Nicci: <G>
JWFriendly: VAZ = Oracle Vaserius :)
Piemur: Eärendil...and give us the power to sit!
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Sure MarvL!
Piemur: <My feet HURT!!>
Piemur: <G>
Raistlin: who do I talk to about getting special staffes for my Order of Necrolytes??????
Angel Gambler: <g>, Piemur.
Mary Madaras /Sysop: We *can* vote in here
Karen Williams: Talk to Vaz. He'll talk to the artists.
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Raistlin---ask some of the Acolytes if you can
Eärendil: LOL
Jens Stark: What about releasig the "head specs" `? Worth a try, isn't it ?
Sabertooth [Helper]: Cool! But I couldn't decide on 1 or 4
Angel Gambler: That was great!  ;)
Jeff Crilly: Where was "all of the above"
Mary Madaras /Sysop: LOL, good one Hunter!!!
Rena Keslar: Actually, don't bug Vaz. Post messages in the forum and we'll see that they are passed along. This way it'll all be recorded rather than trusted to word of mouth! <smile>
Karen Williams: Not really, Jens. Some of the professional artists couldn't
Karen Williams: do it right.
Jens Stark: Karen, THAT bad ? <smile>
Karen Williams: Animation is a real skill.
John Onusko: Can I write my own objects with the document object?
Jens Stark: Yes, it is... So is coding ! <ducking>
Feu Des Astres: I've been a member of a 3-D VR community now for seven years.  WA is still very interesting!
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Does everyone get the statistics of the vote?
Jens Stark: No ! Tell !!
Karen Williams: John, *can* you write your own objects? :-)
Rena Keslar: OOooooooh. Jens! Low blow!
Norman Morse: John, all we need is a server TCL thread :-)
Raistlin: CREATE A NEW VOTING BALLOT!!   I enjoy it   :-0
Jens Stark: Karen, some are willing to try ! <g>
Piemur: shows up fine here
Jeff Crilly: I have a TCL book!
Elwing: No, where does it show..?
Angel Gambler: Statistics?  Ut oh....
Jens Stark: <g> So do I !
Hunter Brown /sysop: 68.97% Yes,  0% No,  3.45% Maybe,  27.59% Hunter Mary Rena
Feu Des Astres: LOL!!!
Piemur: on Conference |Vote Results
Raistlin: for the record, I said the sysops!!!
John Onusko: Can you input the tcl book into a document object?
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Ok, everyone: press the tally icon button to get the vote results.
Josephine: I got the results just now!
Marianne G: Ok, who's the Maybe?
Mary Madaras /Sysop: It's the lower right hand icon, or hunter can "end the vote" like he just did
Elwing: I see .. thank, Piemur
Holger: ok !
Elwing: That's really good to know..
Mary Madaras /Sysop: and show everyone the results!
JWFriendly: Should we move this over to our Forum? :)  "Avatars Lounge"? :)
CaribeLynx: LOL
Angel Gambler: Wow...this place has got all sorts of fruity features, doesn't it?  <g>
Sabertooth [Helper]: Sounds good JW!
JWFriendly: (after the vote of course)
Jens Stark: I'll be with you there in a minute. Some mail to write and off I go ! <g>
Elwing: How does one arrange to use a conference room?
Jens Stark: [F6] See you all later !!!
JWFriendly: Elwing.. in our forum?
Holger: see you, Jens !
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Here it is!
Ken Nichols: PleasAnNice 1/exit
Raistlin: no?
JWFriendly: VAZ = Oracle Vaserius
Ron Lichty: Bye.
Jens Stark: <poof>
Piemur: I'm off to get ready for work, see you all inworld in a 1/2 hr or so
Karen Williams: I'm out of here.
Raistlin: somebody  said no...
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Special thanks to our speakers tonight! Thanks Ron, Norm and Karen!!
Norman Morse: I'm gone too.
Elwing: Absolutely..
Nicci: Bye Everyone! Hhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuggggggssssss!
Rena Keslar: Bye everyone. Meet in the Avatar's lounge if you'd like to keep talking.
Norman Morse: See Ya LAter Dudez!
Holger: see you, Karen, Ron, Norm.
Holger: Bye Nicci.
Elwing: F3 F3 F3 :-)
CaribeLynx: Bye All!
VIQer: Bye all!!!
Elwing: To all ..
Angel Gambler: <F3>
Elwing: Later..
VIQer: See you in the Dreamscape!!!
Holger: sure, VIQ !
Raistlin: VOTE:do you a:want to become a necrolyte
Beavis: later dudes
Raistlin: b:want to get outta here
Raistlin: c:trust vaz
John Onusko: what's tcl?
Beavis: and why would I want it?
Mary Madaras /Sysop: well, have you been able to try the WA 0.8 yet Beavis?
Rena Keslar: Let have a vote to get Hunter to stop making votes!!!!! <g>
Mary Madaras /Sysop: I think you'll like what you see so far....
Holger: LOL Rena !
Mary Madaras /Sysop: I vote that!
Holger: ROFL
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Glad you could join us, Holger--any questions you felt weren't answered?
Holger: about 45 % for that !
Rena Keslar: Leaving. See you all later!
Angel Gambler: <F6>
Holger: well...There were mostly all kinds of questions.
Holger: They did really great, I think !
Hunter Brown /sysop: See ya all in the forum...  BYE BYE
Angel Gambler: I'm heading to the forum....see y'all!
Rena Keslar: buy buy!
Mary Madaras /Sysop: Ok, that's good, Holger
Mary Madaras /Sysop: bye and thanks tons, Hunter and Rena!
Holger: ok. FORUM now.. see you there !