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Bob Jones was the name of a shared account that was used during the beta period of WorldsAway on the CompuServe forums to help keep conversations on track. Members had no idea of how WorldsAway was going to be, outside of some limited press materials such as the Director demo that ended up being somewhat different to the final release. They would often let their imaginations run wild, to the extent where things were being derailed. Bob Jones was created by Scott Moore (Oracle Teresias) to help inform the members of what was going on in an anonymous way and keep the conversation on track.

This is an archive of these posts. They take place in 1995 and range from July 11th, 1995 until August 17th, 1995. It appears that the account was also used to handle some customer service tasks after the beta period also.

In addition to public posts, there are private emails featured here from Bob Jones to prospective members. To protect peoples privacy, CompuServe ID's and real names are censored.




This document provides Member Support an introduction to the Bob Jones CIS account, it's purpose and use.  Includes the public letter of introduction to be posted to the WorldsAway CIS Forum.

To provide external customers with some information regarding the world, the client software and the server software within the limits of the FOSSI Proprietary Information Agreement.

External customers are debating how they think the world should work in the forum.  Since they have no knowledge of any aspect of the world, these discussions tend to reduce to the picking of imaginary nits.  

Because these discussions diverge so far from what is being implemented, they are of little use to Cultural Technologies.  By allowing certain questions to be answered, it is hoped the customers will engage in discussions closer to what is being implemented and, in turn, provide valuable customer feedback to development prior to the release of the product.

A bogus account (xxxxx,xxxx) is being used to provide this information to prevent regularly used accounts from being flooded with questions.  It will be publicly posted that this is a bogus account, that private e-mail will not be answered, but publicly posted questions will.

Information provided through the Bob Jones account (xxxxx,xxxx) will be the responsibility of the judgement of the account holder.  The account holder will consult the appropriate World Development, Engineering, Marketing, etc. groups for advice on material that may be questionable for release prior to any possible release.

- This is not a Customer Service, it's a development service.
- This is mainly for use during the time that the world is not in general release.
- The account will be acknowledged publicly that it is a bogus name.
- The account will be used by one person. 
- Anything Bob says publicly may be discussed freely by the Sysops.  No additional information a subject, however, should be provided.
- Currently, the Bob Jones account (xxxxx,xxxx) is held by Scott Moore.

Message posted to WorldsAway Community Forum:

Hello all!

You may have seen some of my postings around the forum.  It's been decided that I be sure to formally introduce myself to you all.  I'm Bob Jones (xxxxx,xxxx), part of the World Development Team at the Cultural Technologies Division of Fujitsu.  I've been chosen as a information liaison and this account is here to help provide you with some information prior to the actual release of WorldsAway.  

We don't want to stop the free flow of ideas you have been generating in the forum, but we figure a little extra info about what we are planning here and there might help focus some of the discussions and, thus, help us in world planning and development.  We are really trying to make this your world and incorporate ideas as we can.  Keep them coming; we are listening!  Mainly, I plan to keep doing what I started: planting a few seeds and interjecting little tid-bits of information now and again.

A word of warning, Bob Jones is not my real name, he is here for forum use only (and will not be used for any other reason).  Others may take over answering questions at another time and we want to make sure you have a consistent point of contact for information.  I will do my best to answer direct questions, but I must stay within the limits our Proprietary Information Agreements and not give away any fun surprises.  Also, because the product is still under development, what I tell you now may change later.  I will try to keep you up to date if anything I tell you has changed.

Please do not send private e-mail to this account, it will be ignored.  Instead, post your questions to the forum so everyone can benefit from the answer.

Bob Jones
WorldsAway Development Staff Member
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies

PS: I'm sorry, but I can't give out any dates at this time.


Reply to WA Planner #11054

>> In the demo, I noticed a scroll bar on the portion of the screen where the text balloons will be. Does this mean that we will be able to scroll backwards? <<

This is harmless enough.  At this time, the dialouge section is scrollable.  I don't expect it to change, however, it may.

>> If so, approximately how many lines of text will be available? <<

This, I am afraid, is not available at this time.  I know this will be changing as we fine tune the system so I would hate to give you an answer now that would be wrong later.

Bob "Scrolling along" Jones
Reply to Wa Planner #11076

>> After following the threads in this forum, are there any ideas which are likely to be implemented? <<

There are lots of ideas to be implemented.  Some have been started in the forum, some are already thought up on our end and develop parallels in the forum (great minds think alike).  As for telling you which ideas, we plan to implement.  That would spoil yours and our fun when you discover things in the world.

Bob "Walks between Raindrops" Jones

PS: I don't see why anyone would be be so interested in chicken and rice, but that's what we eat here...everyday.
First reply to WA Planner #11036

Wow!  That's an awful lot of questions.  There are others with questions also, so I am going to answer a few at a time over the week, okay?

As for telling you what I can and can't talk about.  This is mainly to help with discussions about the world, what it will kinda be like and some specifics to help your discussions about what you want to see in the world.  This helps us get refined ideas from the forum.  Development topics such as software code specifics are definitly out.  Business topics such as PR and Marketing are not likely to be answered either.  That information will come through press releases.

I mentioned it elsewhere and will repeat it here, that I plan to maintain a FAQ to refer common questions to.

Now on to your questions!

>> Can you give us any feel for some of the design parameters? <<

That's really vauge.  If you have a more specific question, I might be able to help.  

>> Anticipated visitors per day? <<
>> Peak number of visitors? <<

This is something that I cannot discuss.  It is information which is not released.

>> How many region, areas, pages? <<

We call each screen a Locale and all I can tell you about the number of them is that it is growing all the time.  Even when everyone is let in, the number will continue to grow.

Bob "More Coffee!" Jones


 >> I've been told that there will only be two types of bodies in the program; dragon and human. Will and can there be more? <<


I am not allowed to say what type of bodies will be available in the world.  Initially, the offering will be limited, but can grow over time.

Bob "two left feet" Jones
Dear Mr. xxxxxxxx,

Thank you for your inquiry July 12th, regarding legal issues surrounding Fujitsu's WorldsAway product.

I just happened to catch your mail as I was clearing out my mail box.  I recommend you post questions to the forum (it may be done so privately) in the future.  I am unable to keep up with private mail in addition to forum mail.  I appreciate your cooperation.

Our legal department is aware of the legal implications regarding the use and support of this project.  I regret to inform you that they do not feel they need additional assistance.  Thank you for the offer.

I would like to welcome you to the forum and encourage your efforts regarding the in-world legal issues.  Your posts have been level-headed and insightful.  They have been a source of inspiration to the World Planning Team.  Although we have no intention of forcing any legal method upon the population, we do intend to guide some to ensure it is a workable system.

If you have further questions, feel free to post them in the forum privately or publicly, so others may benefit from the answer.

Bob Jones
World Planning Team
Fujitsu Cultural Technology
This is a continuation of MarvL initial question post (#11036):

>> What design areas have slowed down completion of the Alpha? <<

I am very sorry that I can't discuss any problems we may or may not be having.  I am sure you understand that every project has it's own set of problems, but such information is not allowed to be released at all.

>> Is there any sort of testing sequence that you can share with us? << 

Internally?  No.  Externally?  Well, I can tell you that we have the mind-set that once the world is open to the public for any reason, it cannot be pulled or destroyed.  We feel that the external testers (those who signed up from this forum) will be developing the first inkling of a society.  Since we _want_ to foster a society, we don't want to disrupt the world.  It is very important that the world is maintainable before the gates open even a little.

>> Are there particular areas that should be pounded on during the Beta? <<

EVERYTHING!  If you can break it, go for it (and tell us how you did it please).  Just take it a little easy on the support folks in and out of the world, they are here to help you and are doing their best. 

>> Is there some sort of homework that we can do before the Beta? <<

Empty your mind of all expectations.  It's a brand new world with physics and interactions which may not match the world you are used to.  For lab work, I would suggest spending lots of time with five-year-old children.

Bob "empty-headed" Jones
Dear Mr. xxxxxx,

Thank you for your post voicing your concerns about my intention in this forum.

I understand your frustration at not getting the information you would like about the world.  This is largely why I have come into the forum: to answer questions I can answer, or at least let everyone know what questions can't be answered.  Until this time, we at Fujitsu didn't have a good way to filter the information to keep vital competitive information from leaking out.  I am that filter.  Since I am close to world planning, development and support, I will be able to handle questions in a way that attempts to satisfy both Fujitsu and our customers.  Until my official announcement, I only able to hint at information and so very little information was released, but I hope to change that as much as I am allowed.

For future reference, a FAQ is being built up as I get questions starting from the time I made my official announcement.  I regret that I am unable to  always cruise the forums and answer any questions not directed to me.  My work in this forum is in addition to the duties I have to get the world closer to release.  If you have specific questions, please post them to me in the forum.  At the very least, I will let you know if I not allowed to release the information.

Bob Jones
World Planning Team
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies


Reply to Fair Witness #11038

>> As such, the IDs should be associated with the HEADS, not with the avatars. <<

Thank you for the suggestion, I will pass it on.

>> Will there be a Who command that IDs everybody on the screen for everybody that is watching?<<

I am afraid I can't give out information on some commands as their nature is in such flux that I could spend most of my time correcting what I have said.  It's better that I don't answer at all.  There will be a way to identify the Avatar name of someone on screen, but I can't disclose the specifics right now.

>> How will be verify who we are dealing with, to detect spoofing? <<

Via the name of the Avatar.  We are making sure there are no loopholes in the use of names which would allow fool-proof spoofing (that which would be undetectable by even careful observation).  

>> Finally, do you actually _have_ Alpha access to WorldsAway <<

Yes...  I'm part of the World Planning and Development Team.  
Can I test things?  Yes. I can specify things even.  
Will I test things for customers?  I am afraid you will have to wait to get into the world and test things for yourself.  
Will I tell you about the world?  No.  Somethings can't be discussed at this time and others are suprises.

Bob "Not in the face!" Jones
Response to #11399


As with any product which has not yet been released, there is going to be a lot of information which simply cannot be discussed.  Much of this has to do with preventing competition from getting information which they may use to their advantage.  Some of it is in such flux that I hate to give out incorrect information which would only serve to upset those who based expectations on it.  

I apologize for the inconvenience this causes our customers; but I would rather be able to tell you that I can't answer certain questions because they are a company secret, not decided upon or a surprise than allow customers to build false expectations which we might not meet or, worse, ignore you altogether.  

Although each group on the project has their own limitations on what information can and cannot be released, I draw the line on what gets out to the forum.  This is especially true when it comes to the content of the world.  It's as though you can play NetHack, but don't have the list of all the little things it will do.  There is a reason they are called spoilers.  I would rather err on the side of not  satisfying your curiousity now than spoil any fun for you later.

I hope that gives you some idea of where I am coming from.  I hate being ignored and prefer to at least know what I can't know now.  

Now, thanks for your questions, I'll answer as much as I can.

>> How will turfs be available?  Will we have to rent them or buy them, or are they allotted one-per-avatar?  Will it be possible to expand them?  <<

Turfs will be pregenerated for Avatars.  We want Avatars to be able to do their own interior decorating, but there will probably be some basic starters to work from.  We haven't decided on the best model for owning a turf.  We want Avatars to have a place to call home, but don't want to use up our server real estate with empty turfs.  Multiple turfs per Avatar something I haven't heard anyone discuss which means no one has thought of it yet or there are no serious objections.  There would probably be an economic model for expanding turfs too.

Two notes on turfs: I'm not sure when to expect them, so they may not be there on day one and don't expect to be able to do MOO style customization to your turf.

That leads us to your next question:

>> If we want to build, say, a business location, a church or something huge and complex for adventure gaming purposes, is there an in-world system for the construction of such places, will we have to ask the oracles to go through "in-house" (as Lee Abraham calls it) to see about user-designed areas, or is it just plain out impossible? <<

We are not allowing ourselves to say anything is impossible.  It's mostly a matter of can we implement it in time and does it best serve the world.  Direct user customization is not entirely out of the question, but is not likely to happen (at varying levels) for a long long while.  Any additions to the world would be handled by the World Planning Team (along with the artists, engineers, QA, Member Support, etc...).  That doesn't mean we won't listen to what you want.  If a lot of people want new construction, it has a greater chance of happening than if only a few people want it.

The short answer is, at the beginning, requests for construction will have to go through the Acolytes and Oracles (who will pass it on for review).  We can't predict how this will change once the world is released.

>> What ideas are there for environment alternatives to Kymer?  Is it possible for a user to have an avatar in each environment, or is one the limit, even in other environments? <<

Unfortunately, this falls smack into the category of what we don't want the competition to know what we are up to.  We have thought of LOTS on this subject and are excited about some of the possibilities.  Since it's something that literally doesn't exist, however, it's very difficult to talk about.  If other such environments were to exist, you might have different Avatars in each environment or you might use one Avatar to go through different environments (and since they might be so different, we have joked about virtual passports and customs).  In the mean time, we are trying to get one world into existence.

>> Here's a basic one: precisely what actions is an avatar capable of?  Picking things up, putting them down, walking, talking, using items, spec-ing and ESPing all leap to mind.  Are there others? <<

Yes.  We want to focus on maximizing the use of expression.  One of the important features are gestures and facial expressions.  Most of them are described and shown in the demo on on the Compuserve CD.  I can give you a short list of examples: jumping, waving, showing (pointing), smiling, frowning, scowling.  What else can an Avatar do?  For acting on an object, these are tied to what the object is allowed to do: doors can be opened, closed or passed through; boxes can be opened, closed, carried.  I can't speak precisely because we are making sure there is room for the Avatars to grow.  How?  We aren't sure, some of it might be up to you.  We do know it's important to design everything with room to grow.

Bob "green thumb" Jones

>> It is there any intention of having a minimum age limit for participation in WA itself? <<

We don't want to exclude families from participating in WorldsAway so we do not have an official minimum age limit.  We advocate parental discretion to know and regulate what their children are doing on-line.  If there is to be an area considered adult oriented, there would be a minimum age required to conform with current laws (at least US laws).

Bob "only this many years old" Jones
This is the final installment of MarvL's list of questions (#11036)

>> Can you PLEASE either change the *Enter WorldsAway Now+*
to say *Under Construction*, or even better, provide a status screen
with a timeline and a progress report.  <<

This is not something I personally can control.  Please check Rena's update on this subject in message #11487

>> Is there any portion of the Client Software will be useful offline? <<

Currently, the client is only the gateway and environment repository (image and sound data) for the world.  In the future, we may incorporate more functions which might be useful off-line.  On the other hand, we don't want to fall victim to "featuritis" so we are focusing on making the client do what it is supposed to do best, connect you to the world.  In light of that, it may be a while before we incorporate off-line utilities into the world.  We also need to see how the world is being used before we code a bunch of things.

>> Will we be able to use Off Line Readers to get at the Precedents,
Napkin Backs, Art Work, etc. Or will everything have to be online? <<

Access to the world is currently only through the full graphical client and there is not an off-line reader in the client.  Right now everything will have to be on-line, but, so far, both clients will allow cut-and-paste input.  It's not the hands-off solution you may have been looking for, but it'll save a little time.

Bob "typing cramps" Jones


 >> Will we be able to have more than one active name? Could I switch between say Sabertooth and, say, BLD Saber, a club affiliated name I also use? This being separate from the question regarding whether more than one avatar per account will be allowed.  <<

Actually, names can get tied to Avatars-per-account depending on how the names are treated.  Name changes will be allowed and we are considering name ownership for a time period.  That means if I change my name, no one else will be able to pick that name for a certain period of time.  The time period is not written in stone right now so I'm not willing to throw numbers around.  

Bob "He-who-must-not-be-named" Jones
 >> > both clients will allow cut-and-paste input.

I suppose that this ALSO implies that the only way to get information OUT of WORLDSAWAY will be with screen prints????  That would be a major el yucko, and would really hamper our efforts with news sheets, quest instructions, precedents, and a host of other features.  <<

Yes, it does imply the _possibility_ that there will not be an automatic method for downloading information from the service.  The reason we have not focused tightly on off-line reader or automatic anything is that we want to encourage participation and social interaction, not solitary activities such as large amounts of reading, solo adventures and video games.  I understand your reasons for wanting both upload and download capabilities.  Please understand that, in light of what we are trying to achieve, we may not be able to get everything we want (as opposed to need) by the release.

To answer to the specifics, I really don't think it will hamper your efforts to cut text from one window and paste it into another to create a book, newpaper or napkins.  We understand that  people might want to have multiple copies of pamphlets and we have taken that into consideration.  We are trying to create in-world solutions for in-world issues.  If we must rely on out-world soutions, then we are missing the point of creating a submersive environment.

Bob "book worm" Jones
 >> In the demo reference is made to running ones own business, a newspaper in particular. Can you give us some feel for how one sets up a business. Decoration, Vendos, *behind the counter* areas. Anything you can give us would be helpful in thinking about the possibilities. <<

I can give you some idea about the possibilities.  PLEASE, remember that these are only possibilities and not what will exactly occur in the world.  Owning a business would probably involve some method of ensuring us you were going to maintain the business, that it would attract customers who would, preferably, spend lots of time in the world (in your business).  Running the business would probably mean we provide you with some part of the production or distribution (maybe not) and a safe place to keep it all.  An example:  You might want to run a specialty shop (Jimmy's Used Heads),  we could provide a counter area where you could meet the customers and take their orders.  Then you go to your back room through a locked door, get their item and return to the public area to make the exchange.  We provide you the place, you collect the product and resell it.  Another example: Same physical setup, but there are vendos in the back room for new items.  We provide you with the vendos and stock them with cheap prices and you sell them at your own price.  There are some other possibilities, but they involve revealing things about how items such as vendos work and I can't do that now.

As for decorations, we might take your suggestions, but would probably have our artists do the work (which means it would have to be a REALLY popular place to get our artists to do specialty work) or it could be pieced together from art already available in the world.  It's more likely that we will have shop space already in place and you simply move your business in (but are stuck with the decor).

>> Can you give us a least some idea of the schedule you are looking at? <<

In my initial post, I mentioned that I don't have dates.  I still don't have dates.  We must stick with what is in the press releases and beta test info.  If we get changes for the dates, I will press the appropriate people release the information officially.

Bob "11th Hour" Jones
 >> Any chance for local text logging? i.e. like conference room and group logging feature of WinCIM. <<

There is a chance, but I can't say how good it is right now.  Let's just say that I really want it, but I don't always get what I want.  I wish I could give you a definite answer on that one.

Bob "It's big; it's heavy; it's wood" Jones

PS: I'm not ignoring your other quesitons.  I'll answer them tomorrow.
 >> As such, the IDs should be associated with the HEADS, not with the avatars.<<

Don't attribute that quote to me, MarvL made the suggestion, I simply said I would pass it along.

It is going to be this way, or similar to Club Caribe.  Chances are good that most things will be similar to Club Caribe because we know they worked, but I am not dismissing any suggestions out-of-hand.

That question got a vauge response because it opens a whole can of worms revolving around IDing Avatars, to what depth the ID will be allowed, who will be allowed to ID who, how do multiple Avatars per account affect this and we haven't even throwing how to handle names.  Obviously, I don't want to give blanket answers to these issues; because they intertwine so much, I would have to reveal a whole lot more than I am willing to.

Bob "wet binky" Jones


 >> 1. There's been talk amongst us about having a "safe" area within which certain behaviors are unacceptable. In particular, this would probably be the area surrounding the docks where newbies debark from the Argo and would mean disabling the ability to "take" directly from another avatar. Have you given this any consideration? Will there be such an area? <<

We expect the world to be pretty much "safe" at first (but there may be bugs that change this).  This is not a moral position.  We are trying to avoid forcing social behaviors through the code.  Some actions are being made "safe" until such time as we feel we could manage a service where such actions were allowed.  I am afraid I can't list those actions at this time.  For now, expect anything and also expect that the creators and maintainers will do everything they can to make sure there are a lot of happy customers in the service.  If there is demand for an "unsafe" area, we will look into the creation of such an area, but we need to be able to crawl before we walk and walk before we start hunting prey.

>> 2. With regard to the types of businesses that will be possible in world, will there be any means to control access to a specific region? What I'm getting at here is, if you are, say, a theater troupe, will it be possible to sell admission to the performance such that only a "ticket holder" would have access? This might also apply to lectures, seminars, games, etc. to name a few. <<

See my reply to MarvL for a general dicussion on the possibilities of businesses.  To answer your specific example, it would be possible to make a key look like a ticket and let you sell the tickets at your own price.  The only way into your theater space would be through a locked door (using the ticket/key to get in).  Our Oracles, however, might encourage you to put on a few free performances first.

>> 3. We've all seen the turf in the demo. Will we lease or buy these? No doubt they will be relatively costly, either over the long run or upfront, has any consideration been given to smaller less involved and cheaper means for an avatar to store possessions such as a locker? <<

I mentioned before that Turfs could follow an economic model or renting, buying or leasing.  I can't tell of the specifics yet.  If turfs aren't available right away, we have thought other alternatives to allowing storage or stuff.

Bob "homeless" Jones


 >>  Hmmm, somehow I seem to be missing this connection between my question about whether a body form is an object like a flashlight and ID's or any of that other stuff you mentioned?  <<

There's a really good reason for that: I didn't proof-read my answer so it turned out confusing.  Let me try to fix that.

The first part was meant to be a rhetorical question, IS it going to be this way (names attached to heads) or similar to Club Caribe (names attached to bodies)?  The proper answer is that if it worked well in Club Caribe and Habitat, chances are real good we will do them a similar way in WorldsAway.  I think that answers the question a little better without forcing a definite yes/no (because, after all, a brilliant idea could come along, change what we are doing and make me out to be a liar).

I would like to take some space and explain one important concept to all forum members: WorldsAway is NOT Club Caribe v3.0 or Habitat v2.0.  Even with the history of these two services leading up to WorldsAway, it is very much it's own entity.  We are taking the ideas which worked and trying to make sure they are used because we have had the advantage of having Randy Farmer's and Chip Morningstar's wealth of vision and inside information to guide us.  This is not a simple port-the-code-and-fix-the-bugs process.  The bottom line is just because something worked a particular way in Club Caribe or Habitat does not necessarily mean it will be the same in WorldsAway.  Until now no one has been allowed to even confirm or deny what the differences are; I am trying.  I realize I may have come on too soon and am not able to give all the details everyone wants to know and even I would like to give, but it would be cruel to talk up a product which is going to have bugs I hope our soon-to-be beta team will root out.

I thank you for the immense amount of patience and loyalty shown while waiting.  I thank you for all the suggestions which have been floating around the forum, we are collecting them to see which ones we might try to get in.  I thank you for giving me the opportunity to try to answer questions.  We want this service as much as anyone and we want it to be the best service of its kind.

Bob "nickname" Jones
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies
Subj:  WA Planner in the Forum		Section: News & Promotions
  To:  xxxxxx x. xxxxxx, xxxxx,xxxx	Thursday, July 20, 1995 3:14:18 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		


You are right that I have been too vague on what I can and can't directly answer.  There are 
gray areas in any category I might mention and I don't want to discourage anyone from 
coming up with a question that I could answer. I ask your patience, the questions will get 
better answers as we get closer to release.  The secrecy will open a little with each round of 
beta testing until everyone can get into the world.  Perhaps I came on too soon, but I felt that 
the complete lack of even acknowledging user questions (except by Member Support) had 
gone on too long.

I am purposefully erring on the side of too secret partly because of Non-disclosure Agreement 
purposes and partly that being in the forum is in addition to my world planning work; I regret I 
don't have enough time to spend spilling my entire brain out to the forum.  I can trickle it out 
in a manageable way by answering questions.  If I can't answer a question directly, would it 
be satisfactory if I take you through some of the thought process and trade-offs involved in the 
question?  I'll warn you that there must be limits to this, too, because there is a level at which 
this is why Fujitsu is in the business in the first place (intellectual property).

In the mean time, I'll try to break things down a little to give you a better idea of what might 
and might not get a direct answer.  I don't want anyone to limit themselves with these 
categories.  If you have a question, ask!  It might be something that falls between the cracks 
and get a direct answer.

Content (What's actually in the world): Most of what won't be answered here is "fun stuff".  It 
won't take long to get used to where things are and get maps of the world so we want to 
maximize the experience of exploring the world and not let our competitors know what we are 
planning.  We also don't want to set up expectations which will only get trashed when they 
aren't in the world.  That would leave us with a lot of unhappy customers.  I am directly 
involved with this process so I am able to deal with the touchy issues (and will always try to 
tell you that it's touchy), but still try to give a better feel until I can actually blurt out the direct 

Technology (How does it all go together):  There is a lot of details here that can't be touched 
because it is a business secret.  That should be no surprise.  How things will work with all 
the clients and the sever, in more top-level terms, probably will get a better answer.

Support (in- and out-world): Out-world support questions are best left to Member Support.  I 
can give some indication of in-world support philosophy, but hard-and-fast structure isn't in 
place yet (it one of the things to be tested in beta).

Public Relations (Release dates, future content):  I cannot answer anything in this area.  
Along with Member Support, I will pass along suggestions or questions and will try to get 
them to get official press releases together.  If it's not in a press release or it doesn't come 
from their mouths, I can't talk about it.

Comparisons (Club Caribe, Habitat, competitors): In general things which worked in the 
previous two will probably be used in WorldsAway, but we are not required to do so.  What 
has been learned of Club Caribe and Habitat and applied to WorldsAway has not been 
confirmed or denied by anyone except me.

I hope this helps some.  As I said, I think it will get better with time.  I am collecting this first 
round of questions and answers into a single FAQ which I will maintain and your questions 
are contributing to that.  Thank you for your feedback, I do appreciate it and will take it into 
consideration as I continue to improve my procedures of answering questions. 

Speaking of feedback, you mentioned that you have suggestions.  We would love them!  
There has been a collection of suggestions built from the forum, but we will take more.  We 
can't make any promises on when or how they will be implemented, but we have seen some 
great ones so far (already got some of yours too).  Anything from object functions (though 
you don't have to write the code) to games to play in the world will be gladly accepted.  

Bob "empty cup" Jones
Subj:  WA Planner in the Forum		Section: News & Promotions
  To:  xxxxxx x. xxxxxxx, xxxxx,xxxx	Thursday, July 20, 1995 3:31:37 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		


I agree with your observations regarding the text transfers.  Unfortunately, I can neither 
confirm nor deny that they exist in the current version of the product.  I can put out the idea 
that it may not be part of the client at all, but that one possible implementation would be to 
tie such a function to the text object in question.  This would mean that the function you want 
for the purpose you want gets tied to the object which needs it and gets released when that 
object become available in the world.  You could say we are taking "object orientation" rather 

Bob "download syndrome" Jones
Subj:  WA Planner in the Forum		Section: News & Promotions
  To:  Jens (ICoPH), xxxxxx,xxx		Thursday, July 20, 1995 4:28:27 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		


I am familiar with PropHatism.  We don't intend to discourage any "religions" that may be formed.  However, don't 
expect special privileges because PropHatism was one of the first in the forum.  Special meeting places, vendos and 
items may be provided in time, but we'd first like to see how any religion grows on it's own without "divine" intervention. 
 Naturally, the more popular any movement proves to be, the greater the mark it will leave on the world and the greater 
chance that the service will attribute more material marks (location names, special temples, special magic, etc.) to 
that movement (note that I have now included more than just religions).  

Also keep in mind that Morpheus is presented at the resident "god" presiding over the Dreamscape (I'll refer new 
members to _The_Way_to_Kymer_; 2KYMER.TXT in the "What's Hot" Library ).  Is Morpheus a jealous god?  That is a 
question to ask the Oracles once you get in the gates, though the answer may be even less direct than I have been 
(they are a mysterious lot).  In other words, it's something some people will be engaged in once in the world and I don't 
want to spoil it for them now.

Bob "Alter boy" Jones
Subj:  questions on avatars		Section: Find An Avatar
  To:  xxxx, xxxxxx,xxxx		Thursday, July 20, 1995 5:19:48 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		


Questions like this can be directed to me (76712,2212).  Since I caught this in the forum, I'll answer as far as allowed 
by proprietary information restrictions.  I lumped some of your questions together to prevent repeating answers.

>> Or do I have the wrong idea here?  Are the avatars just text descriptions pasted on a screen? <<

Not at all.  Avatars are a third-person animated view of you.  

>> Will there be prebuilt avatars?  Will there be anything else?  Can i not be a person (a dragon? a building?)? <<

There will be prebuilt Avatars.  Since we plan to use animation there is quite a bit of work which goes into building an 
Avatar body.  The types of bodies are being kept under wraps as they may change from anything I state here publicly.  
We do intend to increase the body type from the initial offering so there may not be much variation initially.

>>  Can I draw my own on, say, coreldraw? If so, how many frames of animation do I need to draw?  Or will there be 
special "Avatar makers?"   [A]re theyjust different "building blocks" pasted together?  Will I be nose #3, mouth #8, 
build #10?  <<

Direct user extensibility (adding to the world) is not going to be likely for a long time.  We do want body-type, 
head-type and colors to be user controllable, but there are some catches.  First, it has to be all put together.  Since we 
are still in Alpha, a lot is changing and, I regret, not much can be confirmed right now.  Even if we know we want a 
particular body in the world, between conception of that body type and it existing, it must go through artists, animators, 
programmers, and world planners.  If a new body or head is put into the world, there may be a limited number of them 
so not everyone will have the same possible choices.  Initially, there may not be "Mr. Potato-Head" style head (sorry if 
you miss the reference, it's the easiest I could think of), but we aren't discounting the possibility that there might be a 
series of such heads down the road.

>> Are there size restrictions? <<

Initially, it is very likely that everyone will be the same size.  If size changes are allowed, there will certainly be 
restrictions on the limits.  Too large will cause most of the Avatar to not be seen and will slow framerate to an 
unacceptable level (not just for the one user, but for everyone in that locale (screen)).  Too small and the pixels won't 
be able to represent an Avatar to the quality standards of our artists.

>>   If I have any say, I Would rather see the avatars as freely built as possable.  If I wanted to see some people I 
could just move to the city.  On the other hand, I CAN'T see and converse with a flaming dragon every day.  This won't 
be reality, and I would like to be aware of that when I walk down the street.  <<

We are working toward a wide variety of heads to let each person have a unique Avatar (and not have to rely on just 
color combinations to provide that uniqueness).  Unless you moved to Haight Street (SF), Venice Beach (LA) or a 
similar area in a large city, it won't be the quite same as just moving to a city.  But (speaking from past experience) if 
you lived on Haight Street, you wouldn't need WorldsAway for a un-real experience.

While waiting, take a look at some of the screen shots or download the demo (Member Support is going to have to 
help you with the specifics).

Bob "body thief" Jones


Subj:  Fair Witness 			Section: I Wanna See...
  To:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		Friday, July 21, 1995 3:24:08 AM
From:  Sabertooth, xxxxx,xxxx		#11760

LOL! Wet Binky...NOT! Your responses are greatly appreciated. You've told us more than we've 
heard in months aside from the (only) two conferences that have been held with FCT 
representatives which never answered as many questions as you already have. You write with 
alot of personality too. I think we shall know if it is not you that replies.

 >  WorldsAway is NOT Club Caribe v3.0 or Habitat v2.0.

Absolutely. Those of us from Club Caribe are well aware of the limitations of that system and 
that WorldsAway has been redone from the ground up. We, more than any, eagerly await the 
opening of the gateway with considerable anticipation for the new experiences that await us 
there. We have generally scrutinized every bit of information available about WorldsAway and we 
see the differences as well as the similarities on the outside. What we do know and what we try 
to bring to the forum is a feel for what a habitat is about. As a matter of fact, I'd say, as a group, 
we've said from the start that WorldsAway is unlike an other online place that anyone has ever 

You also have to understand that there has been no other information regarding what 
WorldsAway is about besides the materials you (FCT) have provided which has long been dog 
eared pages on my desk. Others have either left the materials unread or have read them to 
death as I have and ask 'What is this about?'. We try to tell them based on what we know. We 
try hard to say that WorldsAway is not Club Caribe and we would be disappointed if it was in 
many respects. OTOH, you could do alot worse than Club Caribe and much of what's out there 

 >  This is not a simple port-the-code-and-fix-the-bugs process.

Well, I hope you didn't fix one bug. Randy had said they worked very hard to keep the moonwalk 
bug in the original Habitat. ;-D I do understand the distinction that you're making though. 
Basically, I might paraphrase as outward appearances can be deceiving.

 >  I realize I may have come on too soon

I think I could make a case to argue that point. Suffice it to say we are happy you are here now.

Sabertooth 76645,3012 (using PowWow 3.03 OffLine Viewer)
Subj:  WA Planner in the Forum		Section: News & Promotions
  To:  Jens (ICoPH), xxxxxx,xxx		Friday, July 21, 1995 4:52:15 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76245,1565		

>>  most other topics are actually off-limits  <<

No. Yes. A Bit.  It doesn't mean you can't ask, it means your chances of getting a direct answer are less than other 
areas.  The thing is, there are things scattered withing each grouping which I can give specific, but they are rather 
disjointed so it's just as hard to do a linear brain dump.

>> Talking about object properties - we wouldn't mind to write code... Just tell us how ! <smile>  <<

If we ever release an API we are satisfied with, you'll get to know.  As I have been saying, anything like that on the user 
level is a long way away.  

Although, as I get into more about how the user interface works as we get closer to release, by which time you will see 
it for yourself (plus I will go through the demo again and see how much it shows there), I am sure we would be able to 
discuss things such as general features or algorithms for an object.  Hang on to the idea; we may not be able to let 
you write code, but might be able to let you get _real_ close.  If it enriches the world and doesn't create a lot of 
additional work load for us, I'm all for it.  (Then again, I'm all for naked Avatars but we won't get to have those yet either. 

Bob "red faced" Jones


Subj:  WA Planner in the Forum		Section: News & Promotions
  To:  xxxxxx xxxx, xxxxxx,xxxx		Tuesday, July 25, 1995 3:30:56 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		

>> here're some more questions for that FAQ <g>, even % likelihoods would be useful.<<

>> 1. Can doors be locked against uninvited visitors ? What about the lover's beach's alcoves ? <<

If turfs become available, they will be controlled by the owner of the turf.  That may be in the form of locks but not 
necessarily since we don't have to work within real world things.  As for private public places (got that?), don't expect 
them in the beginning as we want to make sure that every locale created is used by a lot of people.  As with anything, 
if there is high demand, we will certainly try to meet the demand.

>> 2. Are there door-bells ? (I think someon'es already asked for telephones) <<

We've definitely considered that (including variations such as "knock").

>> 3. Might there be a Who's There function for apartment or region, and would it be suppressable ? <<

We like that idea but I won't say how or when it might be implemented.

>> 4. Can teleport operation by hidden from specs and other onlookers ? <<

No.  If you walk into a teleporter and disappear, everyone watching will know what you did.  Will they know where you 
teleported to?  Maybe, there are some public addresses which might get listed.  But they won't be able to watch you 
as you try to choose where you are going.

(A note about teleporters where the demo infers something wrong:  At this time, teleporters only send you to another 
teleporter, not to anywhere in the world.)

>> 5. What % of Dreamscape can be explored without spending a token (eg. as a bum) ? <<

That we'll let you work out for yourself when you get into the world.  Maybe you could write "Kymer on 5 Tokens a 

Bob "thumbing it" Jones



WorldsAway forum members,

I wish to sincerely apologize for not keeping up with messages for the past week (7/21 - 7/31).  Unfortunatly, my duties working on the world required my full attention.  I regret any inconvienence or loss of faith this may have caused anyone.  I collected the questions which were posed and will be catching up with them in the next day.  

Please forgive me if I don't answer your question as it may have slipped through the cracks.  Please repost them and direct them to me, Bob Jones, 76712,2212 (no e-mail please).

Bob Jones
World Planning and Development Team
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies
Subj:  WA Planner in the Forum		Section: News & Promotions
  To:  xxxxxx x. xxxxxxx, 75612,3562	Tuesday, August 01, 1995 8:18:43 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		

>> There is a subtlety here that is misleading. Outside of the US a general RSA algorithm in in use. In the US the 
patent on that particular algorithm in under contention so an alternate is used.  <<

>> So the limitation is actually in the US, and not the other way round. The US algorithm can be read by the 
Worldwide version, but not vis versa. The conclusion then, would be to us the US version. <<

You are right that it is a subtlety: I was referring to illegality of packaging the PGP (or any "unbreakable") 
encrypter/decrypter within our client software and distributing it outside the US.  It's the same reason you shouldn't be 
able to find actual PGP encoders anywhere on CIS.  Although there is a version that is licensable for use outside the 
US, I do not believe it covers open distribution.  I apologize for not making it plain the first time.

>> Also, I am proposing that the *Authenticator* place a digital signature on the inworld document, and that anyone in 
world can authenticate that signature inworld. That would all take place in San Jose. The fact that somebody could so 
a screen capture or download and independently verify the signature, is gravy.  <<

>> But, so long as we stay inworld, a tamperproof document number, copy number, and date would be entirely 
sufficient. And if there were problems, we would only need to have an authentic original somewhere inworld for 
comparison. <<

Thank you for the suggestions on documents, I add them to our document list for review by the whole team.  
Regardless of whether we build an Authenticator into the Napkins or not, there is nothing to prevent encoding a unique 
number, copy and date and placing it on any document which can handle text.  The keys can be exchanged between 
approved Avatar Authenticators (who would have to pay you for such license) and they may acquire the encryption 
software the same way everyone else can, by ftping to MIT.

Bob "jailbird" Jones


Message to forum beta testers
You have questions, we have answers we hope will satisfy.  I regret that I have not been able to attend to the forum as I have in the past and hope to change that starting now.  Since this is being posted in the beta test section, we are all under the NDA and you will see more concrete answers than you got before.  The World Planning Team got together to answer some of the questions which seemed to be causing most of the concern.

If you have further concerns or questions, please address them to me, Bob Jones 76712,2212, and as always, e-mail won't be replied to but it won't be ignored.

Bob Jones
World Planning Team
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies

Let's start.

Q1 - There are questions all over the place in the forum, yet no one
is answering them.  Are we being ignored?!?!

A1 - No!  Are we being helpful or forthcoming with information?  No.
This Q&A is our first step in rectifying that.  Your comments *are*
shaping the product, and although we haven't, until now, been answering,
we have been listening.

Q2 - Why aren't we opening new areas?

A2 - It isn't because we're "hiding" anything.  It's simply because
we can't.  There aren't any art resources for additional locales
in this release.  All of the art currently in the world is being 
used.  With the next release, more art will be added, and we will 
begin opening new areas.

Q3 - When is the next release?

A3 - We are currently planning one update before the end of beta.

Q4 - Why are there so few objects?

A4 - Part of the answer is the same as Q1, above--The art resources
aren't there.  The other answer is that there aren't a lot of
object classes supported with this release.  The objects you see
in vendroids are knickknacks.  They don't really do anything except
look neat and act as status symbols ("I've been here long enough to
afford the EPROM.")  We know this is a somewhat false economy, but
establishing a proper economy is being worked on.

Q5 - Why put a trophy in a vendroid?  Shouldn't you hold it back as
a unique item for a reward in a game or other event?

A5 - Probably.  However, while we work out the bugs, we wanted to get
as many objects as possible into the world.  (See also Q1.)  There will
be unique objects available with the upcoming release.

Q6 - How do I know who the staff are?

A6 - The Oracles are Cultural Technologies staff.  They can be 
identified by the title "Oracle" (as in "Oracle Vaserius").  "Oracle" is 
a reserved word and cannot be used by anyone other than an Oracle.  

We are in the process of hiring additional Oracles.  

Acolytes are not Cultural Technologies staff--they are recruited from 
the community.  Acolytes can be identified by the title "Acolyte" (as in 
Acolyte Chameleon). "Acolyte" is a reserved word and cannot be used by 
anyone other than an Acolyte. In the next release, Acolytes will also 
be able to be identified by a unique object.

(note - some Acolytes may choose not to change their name to include the 
title.  In that case, they can only be identified when they receive and 
respond to a page.)

Q7 - Why aren't there more Acolytes?

A7 - As mentioned above, Acolytes are recruited from the community.  
Because this takes time, there have been fewer Acolytes at the beginning
of Beta.  We are now actively recruiting additional Acolytes.

Q8 - Why aren't there more events?

A8 - We understand that this is an entertainment service and the
entertainment of the community is our priority.  However, during 
this beta test period we are trying to desperately to balance our time 
between in-world involvement, bug fixes, world design and development, 
and all of the things it takes to make WorldsAway successful. 

So, honestly, the reason is we've been swamped getting ready for the 
next release.

What we have been doing is encouraging beta testers to run their own
events.  We have been giving out tokens and heads for prizes, and 
helping as much as we can.  With the increase in additional Acolytes,
we hope to meet your expectations.

Q9 - Why do teleporters always leave a "trail"?  That won't work for 
private areas when we get them!

A9 - It's true teleporter leave a "trail" when used to teleport to
public areas (i.e. Oak, Fountain, and Orchid).  However, they do not
leave a trail when an avatar teleports to a private area (unless it's
a bug).  Yes, there are private areas in the world--The Oracle and 
Acolyte areas.

Q10 - I see a lot of chairs, but I can't sit down anywhere!  Why?

A10 - Currently, all seating objects are immobile knickknacks--they are
placeholders until we get some bugs worked out of seating.  Immobile, 
that is, unless of course there's a bug, in which case an avatar can 
walk off with it.  Fess up!  Who stole the desk from the Visitor's 

Q11 - I look like everyone else!  How can I customize my avatar
(beyond a new head?)

A11 - Currently, there is no way to customize your own avatar.  However,
there are a few avatars in the world who can customize them for you.
(Ask someone with different colors than you, and they can direct you.)
Customizing colors is a long, drawn out process, but these avatars are
getting to as many beta testers as they can.

Q12 - Performance is terrible on my system!  Some people can't even run
WorldsAway.  What were you guys thinking?

A12 - It's true, the current release has some pretty high system requirements.  However, all aspects of performance are being worked on 
and resolved.  It is a requirement for the product to run *and perform
well* on an 8 meg machine.

Q13 - What's going to be in 1.0?  What objects will there be?

A13 - Here is a partial breakdown of what is going to be available
in WorldsAway 1.0:

What's in now:
   Male Avatar
   Female Avatar
   Oracle Avatar
   Talk, Think, ESP, Page
   Get/Put/Give to
   Heads: ##
   Head Expressions
   Real Estate: Fountain, NuYu, VazMart, Visitor's Center,    
                TempleRegistry, Partial Temple
   Book of Names
   Head Machine
   Body Machine
   Teleport Booth
   Doors with locks
   Container: Pocket
   Pawn Machine
   Batch Token accrual

Proposed additions up to and including 1.0:
(will require new client and resources)
   Additional Male Avatar
   Additional Female Avatar
   Additional Heads
   Additional KnickKnacks
   Containers: Chests
   Limited Event-driven Robot (not pets)
   Real Estate: New interiors
   Automated, hourly token accrual

Proposed post 1.0 remote updates (ASAP):
(Should not require new client and resources)
   All "additionals" from above.
   Magic Wands
   Self-customizable avatar & head colors.
   Spraycans (for customizing Turfs)
   Complex Event-driven Robot
   Documents (unlimited pads of paper, books, etc.)
Subj:  WA SUGG: Staff names		Section: Beta Testers
  To:  xxx xxxxxxx, xxxxx,xxx		Thursday, August 10, 1995 10:23:48 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		

>> I still think though that Acolytes need to have that "Acolyte" in front of their name. If they're going to do the job, they 
deserve to have the title to go with it. <<

Thank you for your suggestion and for voicing your concerns.

Right now, the name changes aren't as smooth as we would like them to be.  There is a bug which will not allow you to 
flip between names (this will be fixed in the next release).  So the Oracles are warning the Acolytes about the pros and 
cons of choosing one or the other and letting them decide for themselves.  Once the name changes work properly, 
then Acolytes will be able to add the title to their name when they go on duty (or permanently as they see fit).

Also, the Acoytes will be given a unique object to distinguish them from other Avatars and to signify they are on duty.  
This won't happen until the next release, though because we didn't get good art in and the art we had in wound up 
looking goofy.

More more information please see my post "Concerns Addressed".

Bob "asbestos" Jones



Please join us in the Visitor's Center tomorrow, Saturday the 12th, 
for our first round of "The Hunt."

The game will begin at 3:00 PM, PDT (7:00 PM EDT).  Prizes will be 
awarded!  We hope to see you there!

Oracle Vaserius and Oracle Teresias.

Rules for: The Hunt - Basic Variant

There will be 4 rounds of The Hunt.  Each round begins in the Visitor's Center, and will consist of 5 avatars and 1 referee (an Oracle or Acolyte).  One person will be chosen by the referee to be The Hunter.  The remaining avatars will head out into the world to hide.  When they have found a spot they like, they must ESP the referree and let him know where they hid.  When all 4 ESPs have been received, The Hunt begins!  The Hunter and the referee head out into the city and search for the prey...

As The Hunter locates his "prey," he must say out loud, "I've found you, <avatar name>!"  If the hunter does not say this, he hasn't found you, so don't say anything until he does!  

As the avatars are found, they may head back to the Visitor's Center to play in a later round (avatars that haven't played yet get precedence).  
The last avatar to be found is declared the winner!  The Hunter and the last avatar will each receive a prize.  The prize is an object not previously available in Phantasus.  We're not telling what it is, but if you ask around, you may be able to get a hint...

You may not Dematerialize!

You may not change your name or colors, but you may change your head or body.

You may not change locales once you ESP the referree about your location.

If you get logged off the system, please ESP the referree when you log back on and let him/her know what happened.


Message to forum beta testers
"It's funny 'bout dreams.
Strange as it seems,
there is always one more time."
	- B. B. King

And there is always one more time for me to post the latest round of Q&A.

If you have further concerns or questions, please address them to me, Bob Jones 76712,2212, and as always, e-mail won't be replied to but it won't be ignored.

Bob Jones
World Planning Team
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies

Let's start.

Q1 - Why are there only two people in the world who can change 
     colors? I can never find them!  Are they CT staff?  If not,
     How did they get the ability to change colors?

A1 - Charlotte-N and Yul Brenner are currently the only 2 avatars 
     in the world who can change colors.  They are both CT staff.  
     The "Oil of Okay" is not an object that can be found in the
     world--it is actually a development tool.  The reason avatars 
     are asked to not move, and the reason it takes so long, is 
     because Charlotte-N and Yul Brenner actually have to program 
     in the changes.

     Neither Charlotte-N not Yul Brenner are Acolytes.

Q2 - Well, why don't you let someone else use the "Oil of Okay"
     to change avatar colors?

A2 - Quite simply, because it's a tool that can crash the server.

Q3 - Well then, why don't you get off your duffs and create a way
     for avatars to do it safely?

A3 - It is one of our top priorities.  The stabilization of the 
     client and reduction of the system requirements are our highest

Q4 - The teleporter eats my token if I type in the wrong teleport

A4 - That's true--it's a bug in the teleporter.  It charges the token
     and activates the teleporter before checking to see if the address 
     is valid.  However, the teleporter remains active, so if you then
     type in a valid address, you aren't charged an additional token.

Q5 - Last time you said there would be more "art resources" added.  
     What does that mean?  You don't have all the art done already?

A5 - The art resources are the actual image files used in the
     construction of world.  The original art files are complete
     (and have been for some time).  However, the original art must
     be processed into a form usable by the client and server.
     It is these processed files that weren't added to the last
     release.  They were left out in order to save space.

Q6 - So, does that mean the next release will be larger?

A6 - Yes.  In the current testing version, the .ZIP file is   
     approximately 7 MEG.  The installed size is about 29 MEG.

Q7 - What are some of the bugs that are being addressed?

A7 - Here is a partial list of fixes and changes for the next release:

BUGFIX: fixed crash during return from prefs dialog before logging in.

BUGFIX: Sped up region transitions a lot by not purging
		resources that are common to both regions.

BUGFIX: It should now be much easier to select a token
		carried in your avatar's hand.

BUGFIX:  Walking is now much smoother.

BUGFIX:  Avatar correctly holds an object during walking animation.

Macintosh Client Changes:

CHANGED: sped up menus by 30%.

BUGFIX: no longer has problems with spaces in disk volume names.

BUGFIX: fixed some minor memory leaks.

BUGFIX: cleaned up font.

CHANGED: Fixed ESP to match the new ESP mods for Windows.
            (see Windows Client Changes)

Windows Client Changes:

BUGFIX: Other user events are blocked while popup menus are up.

BUGFIX: Sped up menus a bit.

BUGFIX: Fixed ESP lists.  Send To field no longer changes as you get
		ESP'ed to.

CHANGED: Assertion errors no longer give you the option to continue.

CHANGES: Popups no longer cause timeouts if they are left up.

Server Changes:

ADDED: Login time accumulates Tokens.

BUGFIX: Changing regions should have avatar only walk on one axis.

Network Server Changes:

BUGFIX: Fixed crash due to weird X.25 PAD parameters.

Object Class Changes:

ADDED: Gesture menus now have word names as well as emoticons.

BUGFIX: No more zero value tokens.

BUGFIX: Pocket dialog title is more correct now.

BUGFIX: Wear and Remove ordering fixed in avatar menu.

BUGFIX: Try to put an object in a full pocket and you'll get an
		appropriate message.

BUGFIX: Vendroids/head machines/bodychangers should be much cleaner
		now, and work better. Sounds should be correct.  Timing 
            should almost match actions.

ADDED: Simple event-driven robot (Parrot on Argo).

CHANGED: Some of the parrot's comments are now different.

CHANGED: 'Tell me about...' on immobile knick-knacks should no longer
		say that you can pick them up.

BUGFIX: Fixed bug where machine seemed to eat all an avatar's tokens.

BUGFIX: ESP is now case insensitive.

CHANGED: Token payment is every one hour off online time.

World Database Changes:

CHANGED: Individual pieces of art are slightly smaller due to handling
		flipped artwork.

CHANGED: Reprocessed all artwork.

CHANGED: Added Chests to Vendroids.

ADDED: Lots of artwork for later addition of new regions.


Subj:  On Being an Acolytes		Section: Testers' Chat
  To:  All Concerned Avatars		Thursday, August 17, 1995 10:40:54 PM
From:  Bob Jones, 76712,2212		

Hi all, it's Bob Jones again and I swear I am not making this up.  Yet another late night repainting the 
NuYu and I dozed off.  When I woke up, I had scribbled this message on my notebook in my sleep.  It 
can only be those Oracles trying to speak to the waking world....

Bob "Nodoz" Jones

What is an Acolyte?

Phantasus is filled with many wonderful people.  People who help others.  People who run events and 
sponsor activities with their own money.  We are truly blessed to have such a caring community.  Within 
that community, however, it is necessary to have several layers of support.

Acolytes are those avatars who take an active role in orienting new arrivals, helping other avatars, and 
supporting and motivating the community on an ongoing and consistent basis.

In truth, avatars become Acolytes by *being* an Acolyte.  In fact, those who are Acolytes would continue 
doing the same kinds of things even if they weren't made Acolytes--and they do so out of a desire to help 
others and to make Phantasus a more enjoyable place to live.

The title "Acolyte" brings with it a wealth of responsibility--and not much else.  Beyond being able to 
receive Pages from other avatars, Acolytes have no special powers.  On the other hand, they are 
expected to be "On Duty" at scheduled times, to work the Help Desk, and to sponsor (and help with) 
activities and events.  Sometimes Acolytes have access to special or unique items--but not for long.  
Usually they are simply "showing off" the prize for an upcoming event.

Acolytes are not a special club or "clique."  They are, however, organized and do hold a title.  However, 
that title doesn't give them anything they didn't already have or earn.  The Acolytes do have a private 
place to go in order to organize themselves, find out who is on duty, etc.  All of the Acolytes "benefits" 
are geared toward helping others.  A common misconception is that Acolytes have advantages over other 
avatars.  This isn't true.

Acolytes must mediate disputes.  They handle conflict resolution and more.  As the code of conduct of 
the community evolves, it is up to the Acolytes to provide the first level of support (or enforcement).  An 
analogy might be Oracles are judges while Acolytes serve as agents of the court.

Do you want to be an Acolyte?  If so, asking to become an Acolyte isn't the way--acting like an one  is.  
Through a continuous display of the efforts described above,  the Oracles will come to recognize those 
who fulfill the role of Acolyte.  Although it may not happen immediately, given time and help from the 
Acolytes and the rest of the community, it will happen.

"In your training do not be in a hurry, for it takes a minimum of ten years to master the basics and 
advance to the first rung. Never think of yourself as an all-knowing, perfected master; you must continue 
to train daily with your friends and students and progress together in the Art of Peace."
       - Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969)
         Excerpted from The Art of Peace translated by John Stevens.

- Oracles Vaserius and Teresias



Dear xxxxxx xxxxxxx <xxxxx,xxxx>,

I am Bob Jones, one of the World Planners for Fujistu's WorldsAway product.  I have become aware of some behavior two avatars attached to this account are exhibiting.  On two occasions Aurocle Zeus and Daisy have been left standing in public areas for over 11 hours each.

We realize this behavior comes about from the ability to use a free account supplied to you as a CIS employee.  We would like to point out that such behavior has detrimental effects on the world and the experience of our customers:

- They occupy space, preventing six avatars to gather in that locale.
- Even though no one is at the keys, they have a very real presence in the locale.  Daisy was left in the Observation deck and disturbed many who would otherwise have a moment to themselves (for 11 hours).
- The large number of tokens earned have a serious effect on the economy which could have ripples through out the service.
- It generates calls for help because many think the avatars have crashed and are stuck on the system.  This requires time and energy away from servicing the needs of others.

We kindly ask that you review the effects of leaving an avatar standing in a public locale so you may realize that you should not continue it's practice.  Instead, we invite you to interact with others in the world and enjoy yourself as you earn those tokens.  If others may be using your account, we ask that you pass our message on to them.

Thank you for your regard in this matter


Bob Jones
World Planning Team
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies


Subj: Copy of: Mysterious Places! Post Deleted
From: Bob Jones, 76712,2212
To: Clover, 73071,1252

Dear Clover,

I am writing to you regarding your post "Mysterious Places!".  I understand you had an exciting time having a peek at some secret locales within the world.  Unfortunately, Loki should not have taken you to any of these places and by doing so violated his Non-Disclosure Agreement as an employee of Fujitsu Cultural Technologies.

Loki is a developer and, as such, does have many powers to aid him in his work.  Such powers are to be used in private; your tour last night was an abuse of those powers.  Those locales are either currently under construction or are special development areas where the public is never allowed to go.  The locales under development were to be introduced via story lines within the world.  Your tour and subsequent post jepordize weeks of story planning and effort which has been going into the unveiling of these locales.

We deleted your post in the WorldsAway Community Forum to protect the secrecy of those locales.  It is not something which is done lightly.  We respectfully request that you honor our secrets.  We realize you were given no indication that these places were to be kept secret and you are not in any kind of trouble.  We hope you will understand the secrecy needed and that by keeping these secrets safe, you are enhancing the world.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this incident or the deletion of your post, feel free to send e-mail to me or contact our WorldsAway Communty Forum WizOp, Rena xxxxxx.  Thank you for your continued interest in WorldsAway.

Bob Jones


Subj: Copy of: Mysterious Happenings!
From: Bob Jones, xxxxx,xxxx
To: Clover, xxxxx,xxxx

Dear Clover,

Thank you for your letter concerning the fly head.  I will have to make an educated guess that you received the fly during a teleport.  If that is what happened, I understand your frustration.

This was not, however, an intentional act made by anyone.  Anytime someone teleports, there is about a 1 in 1000 chance that their head will be replaced with a fly head.  It is random and indiscriminate.  I regret that this happened at a time to make it seem it was a malicious act.  I have been assured by Oracle Teresias that, if you give him the fly head, he will return it to it's original state.

If you did not receive the head during a teleport, please send my a few more details about how you discovered that you had a fly head so I may get the proper assistance for you.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, you may contact Oracle Teresias or alert one of the Acolytes that you wish to speak to him.  He will catch you in the world as soon as he can.  Thank you for your continued interest in WorldsAway.

Bob Jones
World Planning Teammember
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies



From: Bob Jones, 76712,2212
To: Rosaleah, xxxxx,xxx

Dear Editor,

In issue 12 of the Kymer Clarion, Santalus mentioned that he didn't see a resource update prior to the Starway Cafe opening and that there might be other locales already built, but not opened yet.  I wanted to let everyone know that the updates they see are what we call "resource updates".  That almost always means "art".  Art consists of  the building blocks used to "decorate" a locale.  Just because the art may exist, waiting to be used, it does not mean the locales have been built yet.  In the case of the Starway, most of that art was already installed when you downloaded the software.  It's just that the actual locales had not been built and decorated.

As the world expands, there will be more resource updates.  To keep the size of each update small (around 250k), we will expect to have resource updates approximately every two weeks after the release of version 1.0.  They should not be taken as a sign that something is definitely going to happen; they are more like maintenance.  These will be regular updates which might correct art problems or add small pieces of art to the world.  Don't worry that we are slowly taking over your hard-drive, one of our industrious developers has devised an excellent compression method which we hope to implement soon so we don't out grow our welcome on your systems.

I hope this has helped those with a few update questions.  As for the rumors about the Oracles being to the ends of the Jungle, well, I think you will have to ask them yourselves.

Bob Jones
WorldsAway World Planning
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies


FROM:	Bob Jones, 76712,2212
TO:	xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxx,xxxx
DATE:	11/5/95 1:44 PM

Re:	Copy of: Notification of Barring from WorldsAway

Dear xxxxxxxxxx, 
I regret to inform you that this account has been barred from accessing Fujitsu's WorldsAway 
Service.  This action took place at 6:45PM PST on Nov 1, 1995 because of continued 
harassment and offensive language used since this account has been in our service. 
WorldsAway provides an opportunity to explore and experiment with our social skills while 
enjoying the entertainment found there.  This exploration, however, should not come at the 
cost of our other customers enjoyment. Numerous complaints have been reported against 
your account operating under the names of xxxxxxxxxx, Junior Seau, O.J. Simpson, Sex 
Machine, The god of love and Lord Vader.  During the past month, many have tried to accept 
you into our community, but the repeated harassment hurts many of our other customers.  
We hope you will see that it is possible to have fun and stay within the Terms of Service. 
We do not wish to exclude you from our community and, so, this barring will last a minimum 
of two weeks.  Within that time we request that you send a letter expressing how you would 
change your behavior if you are allowed back in the service.  At the end of the two weeks, we 
will take your letter into consideration and will inform you if you will be allowed back into 
WorldsAway.  Your letter should be sent by Nov. 18, 1995 to Bob Jones (76712,2212). 
Should you have any questions regarding this action, feel free to write to the address given.  
We thank you for your interest in WorldsAway and hope we may see you in world again. 
Bob Jones 
World Planning Teammember 
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies


FROM:	Bob Jones, 76712,2212
TO:	xxxxxx xxxxxxx, xxxxx,xxxx
DATE:	11/27/95 2:24 PM

Re:	Copy of: WA Access Termination

Dear xxxxxxx, 

In response to your e-mail communication regarding WA Access Termination, dated 
11-16-95, I have considered your request and I thank you for your honesty.

Regrettably, however, due to the problematic history of this account activity, the Oracular 
decision enforced on that account must stand.  We cannot ascertain who engages a specific 
account.  Therefore, any action taken by us in response to problematic history of account 
activity must be levied on the account itself, not on a specific avatar nor on a specific account 
user.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause your friend, but trust you will understand 
our position. 

We appreciate your good intentions and declaration of personal responsibility in contacting 
us about this matter and suggest that the account holder, if dissatisfied with the 
consequences of our resolution, might take it up with us, at a later date, as a separate issue. 
 Any further questions or concerns may be directed to Bob Jones, 76712,2212.  Thank you 
for your interest in WorldsAway.

Bob Jones
Fujitsu Cultural Technologies