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This is a complete version history for the WorldsAway client. Mac and Windows releases usually happened in tandem, up until WorldsAway 2.4 which was the final true build for the Mac client.

Beta versions and incremental updates will likely be missing unless we get more detailed info to fill in the gaps. The reason for this is that typically, it seems like incremental updates were pushed over the air via the client autoupdater, rather than an upgrade installer. It's possible upgrade installers were also offered, but as of 2022, these have not been located.

Client Version History

WorldsAway Version History
Version Number Release Date Date client side Tcl was compiled Windows Mac Confirmed Released Installer Archived
0.8 Y Needs confirming Yes but check date
0.81 Y Needs confirming Possibly internal use only
1.0b3 8/14/95 Y Needs confirming Y
1.0B10 Y Needs confirming Possibly internal use only
1.0 11/15/95 Y Needs confirming Yes but check date
1.0.8 Y Needs confirming Y Y
1.1 Y Needs confirming Y
1.11 August 1996 Y Y Y Y
1.12 Y Y
1.2.0 Y Needs confirming Y
1.2.1 February 1997 Y Y Y N
1.2.2 Y Needs confirming Y
1.2.3 Y Needs confirming No
2.0 July 1997 Y Y Yes but check date Y
2.0.1 July 1997 Y Y Y N
2.0.2 August 1997 Y N Y N
2.0.3 August 1997 Y Y Y N
2.1 September 1997 Y Y Y Y
2.1.1 Y Y
2.1.2 Y Y
2.1.3 Y Y Y
2.1.4 Y Y Y
2.2 January 23, 1998 4:00:51 AM Y Needs confirming Y Y
2.2.1 Y Y
2.3 October 27, 1998 6:16:57 AM Y Needs confirming Y Y
2.4 Friday, April 16, 1999 11:19:40 PM Y Needs confirming Y Y

Resource Update History

If a release date and list of features exists for a resource update, they will be listed here. Please note, only public facing updates are likely to be mentioned here. It’s quite possible that other changes were made to things that end users were not aware of.

April 21 1998[1]

  • When selecting “Where is everyone?” from your avatars status menu, the total number of users online is now displayed.
  • The Turfs List feature is added.
  • The ability to manually add an avatar to the friends list was added. Previously, you had to have encountered an avatar and been in the same region as them in order to add them.

May 12 1998[2].

  • ESP Mail is introduced.