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Job listings for WorldsAway were shared in newsgroups on USENET. Using these job listings, you can view the timeline of how the project was staffed and some of the requirements those roles would’ve had. They are an interesting set of historical artefacts to browse through.

January 14th, 1994 -

F. Randall Farmer


Attention computer games and online professionals:
Cultural Technologies, a new division of Fujitsu OSSI located in
northern San Jose, California, has salaried and contract positions
available for an exciting graphical interactive networked
entertainment (cyberspace) project. We need several key technical
positions filled immediately, and even more in marketing and member
support in the next few months.

We'll be translating a successful Fujitsu network product for the U.S.
telecommunications environment. Come join this dynamic team to create
a groundbreaking new off-ramp on the information superhighway!

All of these positions require professional work experience.

Available now:

Professional PC or Mac games programmers: should have 3+ years
experience in games programming in C. Must have implemented interfaces
and animation engines, have a working knowledge of sound effects and
audio, telecommunications, OOP and multiprocessing, and know what it
means to have fun on networks. These positions are available for
salary or on-site contract.

Professional Lead Computer Games Cel Artist/Animator: should have 5+
years in the computer games industry. The Lead Artist will select and
direct an assistant artist, assist in establishing an artwork and
animation development environment, investigate and define the graphic
style of the product, and draw images/create animation for thousands
of objects. Experience with Animator or SoftImage a plus. A sense of
humor is required. This position is available as a 6-9 month contract,
and the work will be on-site.

Professional Assistant Computer Games Cel Artist/Animator: should have
2+ years in the computer games industry. This position will support
the Lead Artist, and has similar qualifications. This is 6-9 month
on-site contract.

Professional Japanese to English translator: we require a fluent
English speaker with a technical translation background. The work will
entail translating software comments, technical documentation, and
interface help messages. Experience translating entertainment products
a plus. 3-6 month contract.

Professional Games & Technical Writer: should have 3+ years in the
computer games industry. This 6-month contract position will include
both technical writing and creating an entertaining customer

FAX Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions Inc., HR dept. at (408)-456-7050 or
E-Mail your resume to

Principles only. Please include salary history and references.
Qualified applicants only. Equal opportunity employer. M/F/H/V

F. Randall Farmer,
Producer, Cultural Technologies

October 28th, 1994 -

Paul Taylor


Customer Support Reps, Fujitsu O.S.S.I.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates
to provide non-technical customer support for
a new multimedia communications product.

Responsibilities include on-line customer
interaction, problem resolution and follow-
up, and other electronic support activities.

The ideal candidate will possess excellent
communication, interpersonal and problem
solving skills. Two years customer service
experience and use of interactive Windows
and/or Mac applications required. On-line
service experience a plus.

Full and three-quarter time positions are
available. Afternoon and evening shifts, some
weekend and holiday work required.

Please submit electronic resume and salary
requirements to:

For fax replies please use 408-456-7888,
or you can write to us at:

Fujitsu Open System Solutions, Inc.
Attn: Alice Melillo, HR Manager
Cultural Technologies Division
3055 Orchard Drive 
San Jose, CA 95134