Word Games: What will work within WorldsAway? - July 11, 1995

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********** 7/9/95 12:53 PM  Forum CO
       Sabertooth           | Greetings All!
       Lee Abraham          | ::sneaking in::
       Ken Sims             | Hi Malcolm, Hi Lee
       Lee Abraham          | Hiya Saber and Ken!
       Ken Sims             | Hi Toothie <G>
       Lee Abraham          | Hi Malcolm!
       Lee Abraham          | Hi Marv!
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Howdy Lee, Saber, Ken, MarvL!
       MarvL                | Hi Lee. Watch my nice notice.
                            | © 1995 WorldsAway GO:TRA-39/S8 User Uploads
                            | This is a scheduled, unmoderated conference
                            | It will be edited and saved in our library
                            | Word Games: What will work within WorldsAway
       Lee Abraham          | :MUCH better Marv!
       Sabertooth           | Heya Malcolm!
       MarvL                | How bout that alliteration??
       Ken Sims             | Gotta go move clothes from the washer to 
                            | dryer, back in a minute
       Lee Abraham          | Ohhhh..... wonderful alliteration! 
                            | Marv, I LOVED the Dixie deal!
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | LOL!  Ooooo...Ahhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh...murmer 
                            | murmer murmer.  <G>
       Lee Abraham          | ::grin::
       MarvL                | Jumping right into the middle of the puddle, 
                            | has anybody been thinking about 
                            | movements /S
       Lee Abraham          | Uhhh.... what *kind* of movements? <eg>
       Ken Sims             | I'm back
                            | Actually, I was wondering, Marv, if you had 
                            | come with anything for...
                            | my Cicely after I gave you those hints.
       MarvL                | Botticelli. You thing of some sort of 
                            | movement, like swimming, and then ask a 
                            | question 
                            | like "Would it make you all wet." where 
                            | swimming is a possible answer.
                            | Not yet, give us another hint
       Ken Sims             | Hey, Lee, I think Marv missed your point (but 
                            | I got it <G>)
       Lee Abraham          | ::chuckling at Ken::
       Ken Sims             | Okay, the original was something like:
                            | ???? = The two of them said, "to be or not to 
                            | be"
       MarvL                | Lee: Of course I know about Sex! <g>
       Ken Sims             | Lee, he still missed it.
       Lee Abraham          | ::rolling eyes:: ME? Did I say something 
                            | about sex? <eg>
       MarvL                | © 1995 WorldsAway GO:TRA-39/S8 User Uploads
       MarvL                | MarvL DON'T give away free hints. You got to 
                            | ask.
       Elysia               | TAAAAAADAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       MarvL                | Hi Elysia!
       Ken Sims             | Hi Elysia
       Elysia               | hiya!
       MarvL                | © 1995 WorldsAway GO:TRA-39/S8 User Uploads
       Ken Sims             | Marv, while you're thinking about mine ...
       Elysia               | hey when'd we get that?
       Ken Sims             | for yours: Tricky: a grown man would not be 
                            | caught doing this?
       MarvL                | Nope, not simpering
       Ken Sims             | I don't consider "simpering" a movement.
                            | Tricky: does it have a kind of peanut butter 
                            | named after it?
       Lee Abraham          | Hi Elysia!
       Elysia               | heyla!
       MarvL                | OK, not shilly shalling
       Ken Sims             | What kind of peanut butter is named after 
                            | "shilly shalling"?
                            | (Am I doing this right?)
       Elysia               | SKIP!!!!
       Ken Sims             | Shhh!
       MarvL                | Good!
       Elysia               | and i don't even know what is going on.
       MarvL                | Think of a movement word that starts with "S" 
                            | and then force me to guess what it is.
                            | Botticelli, You get a Yes/No answer if I 
                            | can't think of something.
                            | Oh Lee, Yoo Hoo, Your question please??<g>
       Lee Abraham          | Huh? I'm just watching thank you : D
       Elysia               | sorry
       Ken Sims             | I'm still confuzed
       Lee Abraham          | You and me both Ken. My brain doesn't work 
                            | like that. :D
       Elysia               | are you trying to guess or do you have to be 
                            | forced?
       Ken Sims             | Force him, force him! <GGG>
       MarvL                | Think of a movement word, Run, Jump, Skip, 
                            | Swim etc. Pick one that starts with "S"
       Elysia               | unlike jump & run <g>
       Lee Abraham          | A movement word with S? You do NOT want to 
                            | know what I'm thinking! <G>
       MarvL                | Ask me a question that could be answered 
                            | using YOUR word.
       Elysia               | but nothing direct
                            | like its a movement that starts with s?
                            | <g>
       Ken Sims             | Lee, I still think he never caught on! <G>
       MarvL                | Try me, we even allow scatological questions
       Lee Abraham          | ::chuckling at Ken::
       Ken Sims             | Alright!
                            | I'm still waiting to hear how you justify 
                            | shilly shalling as an...
       Elysia               | i'll just sit over here and pretend i've 
                            | heard that word before  <bg>
       Ken Sims             | answer to my question about peanut butter.
       MarvL                | Have you ever seen somebody shilly shally??
       Lee Abraham          | ::grinning at Elysia:: I'll join you in your 
                            | pretend game. <wink>
       MarvL                | Hint Elysia, you flush afterwards.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Is is something that kids like to jump off of 
                            | on the playground?
       MarvL                | Nope not swinging
       Jerry Johnson        | also slide
       Elysia               | are we all playing or just them?
       MarvL                | Lee, you undoubted were thinking of a 
                            | concerto.
       Lee Abraham          | Right, Marv! ; D
       Jerry Johnson        | I figured we might as well jump in and get it 
                            | going
       MarvL                | So far, just them, you have to ask questions 
                            | too.
                            | © 1995 WorldsAway GO:TRA-39/S8 User Uploads
       Elysia               | ok still a movement right?
       Ken Sims             | Can it also mean to pass over something?
       MarvL                | Jump right in: Bottecelli, Movement with an 
                            | "S".  Nope, it is not swarming
       Jerry Johnson        | try slink
       MarvL                | Jerry, ask me a question ABOUT slink. Force 
                            | me to guess it.
       Elysia               | Can you do it being still?  <and get that 
                            | thought out of your heads right now>
       MarvL                | If I can't, then you get a direct Yes/No 
                            | question
       Jerry Johnson        | How does my wife walk across the floor?
       MarvL                | Nope, it is not snuggling
                            | Does she sway, just a little?
       Elysia               | that wasn't what i meant but ok
       Jerry Johnson        | Oh yes
       MarvL                | Keep on trying to corner me, Elysia.
                            | I, of course, will dodge like crazy.
       Elysia               | working on it
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Tricky:  Would you have to squeeze by
                            | Mr. Wipple 
                            | before you could clean up afterward?  <G>
       Ken Sims             | can you do it with a rock?
       Lee Abraham          | LOLOLOL Malcolm!
       Elysia               | Do you have to move to do it?
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | <EG>
       MarvL                | Yes/No on Mr. Wipple. I don't think he is a 
                            | Nun.
       Elysia               | Is it a kind of court order?
       MarvL                | Rock, it is not splashing.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Hi everyone!
       MarvL                | Hi Mary
       Jim                  | hi all :-)
       Lee Abraham          | Hi Mary!!!
       Elysia               | heyla!
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Hi Mary!  How ya doin?.
       Ken Sims             | Hi Mary
       Sabertooth           | Heya Mary!
       Jerry Johnson        | Hi Mary
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Hiya, got in here as fast as I could today, 
                            | but still late for your conference--
       MarvL                | Elysia, it is not skating
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Great to see everyone!! :)
       Lee Abraham          | Mary, Marv's got a game of Boticelli going 
                            | here.
       Jerry Johnson        | does it have a forward motion
       Jim                  | Hi Mary
       MarvL                | Actually, your question should have been 
                            | narrower., Elsyia
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Ah, OK, I'll try and guess too
       Ken Sims             | Is it also a kind of tracer?
       Elysia               | man.....i know it don't i?
       MarvL                | forward, no it is not skiing
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Yes/no:  Um...(trying to keep this 
                            | polite)...is it S***ing?
                            | (That was a scatalogical reference)  
       Lee Abraham          | ::chuckling at Malcolm::
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | lol, uh, ok.....
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | That was hard to ask without being rude!
       MarvL                | tracer, No, the detective was not skulking 
                            | about
       Elysia               | Does it rhyme with pay?
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Mary:  Were playing word games tonight.  
                            | Right now we are doing the botticelli 
                            | thing.  MarvL, would you 
                            | resay the question for everybody?
       MarvL                | Neither Sh*tting nor S*tting. But you are 
                            | _wasting_ a good yes/no 
                            | No, it is not shashay.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | M:  Hmmm....I'll assume that was a hint.
       Elysia               | <hiss><growl>
       Jerry Johnson        | would you do it with a door
       MarvL                | Any Movement that starts with an *S*
       Ken Sims             | Does a person who does this also qualify as 
                            | the master of a vessel?
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Ok, thanks, Malcolm. You have to guess 
                            | something that can be 
                            | answered by a yes/no I guess?
       MarvL                | Only if he can sail well enough.
                            | No wouldn't slam it.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Mary:  You have to ask a tricky yes/no 
                            | question first, then if whoever is "it" 
                            | can't answer it, you can ask a 
                            | direct yes/no question.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Ok, now I remember, Malcolm!
       Elysia               | can you use it to keep from getting executed?
       MarvL                | Lee is spying, Leeeeee eee is spying!!!!
       Ken Sims             | Do radio signals do this off the ionosphere?
       Lee Abraham          | ::chuckle:: Actually trying to think of a 
                            | question ;D
                            | Can this movement also be a noun for a 
                            | woman's garment?
       Jerry Johnson        | must the movement be executed on water to be 
                            | effective
       MarvL                | executed, if you were lucky, you could 
                            | scamper away
       Elysia               | nooooo!!!!!!   <hiss>
       MarvL                | radio signals skip, already used, yes no if 
                            | you have a better answer
                            | Opps, did I slip??
       Elysia               | Is it something a court issues so that 
                            | someone doesn't get the chair?
       Lee Abraham          | LOL!
       Ken Sims             | I never saw skip used before
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Tricky:  Did alice do it?
       MarvL                | You can get soused on beer or by water.
                            | Elysia, keep after it, dodging is half of the 
                            | fun. Nah, stays went out with girdles.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Um, who was soused an answer to?
       MarvL                | You skip radio signals off of the ionisphere. 
                            | Better word earns a Yes/No
       Ken Sims             | I don't have a better word
       Jerry Johnson        | does it require a loud voice
       MarvL                | Jerry executed on water
                            | It is not SHOUTING
       Ken Sims             | Would one do it in a leisurely manner on a 
                            | Sunday afternoon (if the...
       Ken Sims             | weather were better than here) <G>
       Elysia               | well yall i gotta go someone tell me what the 
                            | answer turns out to be.<thank you, thank 
                            | you.....i am leaving the building>
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Tricky:  does it happen after you eat a 
                            | mushroom?
       Lee Abraham          | Is it another form of yelling?
       MarvL                | Nope but my grandfather often went for a 
                            | stroll on sundays
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Bye Elysia!!
       Jerry Johnson        | bye elysia
       Sabertooth           | Does it apply an edge to ice?
       MarvL                | Depending on the mushroom, the room might 
                            | spin.  Nope.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | take care Elysia!  See ya in a few weeks!
       Ken Sims             | Malcolm, I didn't think "upchuck" started 
                            | with an "s". <G>
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Ken:  LOL!  <G>
       Sabertooth           | Ken, spitting up does though. :-D
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Tricky:  Did Alice do it after eating the 
                            | mushroom?
       Ken Sims             | You have _your_ reaction to eating mushrooms, 
                            | I have _mine_! <G>
       MarvL                | More yelling, poor singing for sure, Nope!
                            | Ice Skating, nope.
       Lee Abraham          | "Singing" is not the word I meant. <G>
       Ken Sims             | Lee, shouting was already used.
       MarvL                | Alice both expanded and shrank
       Lee Abraham          | Ah, but there's another one ;)
       MarvL                | Lee, say it and ask a yes/no
       Lee Abraham          | I was thinking of "scream".
                            | Is it scream?
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | MarvL:  technical question....other forms of 
                            | shrank would be covered by that answer?  
       MarvL                | Good, what's your yes/no  
       Jerry Johnson        | does it mean to reguritate
       Lee Abraham          | You talking to me Marv? (I told you I'm not 
                            | any good at these things :D)
       MarvL                | Vomit starts with a "S", "Was Sick" is the 
                            | ephimism
                            | Malcolm, to our knowledge, Alice was not male.
                            | Lee has a Yes/No pending. Use it to narrow 
                            | down the category.
       Lee Abraham          | Is it something a person does when in a panic 
                            | situation?
       Jerry Johnson        | gotta run...get some sleep....seeya
       Lee Abraham          | Bye Jerry!
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | MarvL:  I meant things like Shrink, 
                            | shrinking, shrank, shrunk, etc.
       MarvL                | No, it is usually done very carefully, almost 
                            | secretly, Lee's Yes/No.
       Jerry Johnson        | <poof>
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Night Jerry!  Take care and come back next 
                            | Sunday! 
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Bye Jerry!
       Lee Abraham          | Hmmmmmm...... okay.
       Ken Sims             | Laundry's done, I'm outta here, catch y'all 
                            | in the forum.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | See ya Ken
       MarvL                | It is not any variation of shrink, shrank, 
                            | shrunk, nor Saran Wrap.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Take care Ken...nice seeing ya here!
       Lee Abraham          | See you Ken!
       MarvL                | Mary, It is not Sysoping either. Ask some 
                            | questions!! <s>
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | LOL, I'm not thinking in the right grain or 
                            | something, I can't think of 
                            | any guesses yet, MarvL!
       MarvL                | Are you Sitting, Smiling, or Scratching????
                            | We are playing a Word Game called Botticelli.
       MarvL                | Think of some Movement that Starts with an 
                            | *S*, then ask me a question ABOUT it and 
                            | see if I can guess.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | MarvL: is it something that a secret agent 
                            | would be found doing? (not 
                            | sure if that was asked already)
       MarvL                | If you like, we can Suspend the Botticelli 
                            | for a while and try other things. 
       Lee Abraham          | I think what we might want to do, Marv, is 
                            | figure out how this game could be played
                            | within the WA environment.                                                                                     
                            | I've some ideas due to my experience 
                            | in hosting word games in Caribe. :)
       MarvL                | I accused Lee of spying. But Stalking would 
                            | work just as well
       Lee Abraham          | LOL Marv!
       MarvL                | OK, Botticelli will work, what else will be 
                            | effective.
       Lee Abraham          | Botticelli would work but just modified 
                            | slightly.
       MarvL                | For instance.
       Sabertooth           | I was thinking Skulking.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Great Lee--I'm looking forward to hearing 
                            | more about what you found that worked well
                            | and what was fun to play!
       Lee Abraham          | The modification I'm thinking of is having 
                            | each player take a turn at the question.
       MarvL                | We already did skulking
       Lee Abraham          | You'll be dealing with a room containing 7 
                            | avatars. Actually, the host plus 6.
                            | As you could see in here playing it live, 
                            | there were a lot of questions 
                            | you had to answer almost at once.
       Lee Abraham          | Was pretty hard to keep up.
       MarvL                | Just piling on works ok. *IT* is the one that 
                            | has to scramble.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Yeah, that may be a good idea to give each 
                            | player a turn at a time
       Lee Abraham          | So, what I would do if I were hosting a game 
                            | like this would be to have players pick  
                            | numbers, to determine who would go first, etc.
                            | Well, within the environment itself, you'll 
                            | have a game host and players, right?
       MarvL                | We can try for more order, but the avatar 
                            | balloon will help a lot.
       Lee Abraham          | It would have to have more order in order to 
                            | work within the environment itself.
       MarvL                | Plus, taking turns can slow the game down if 
                            | somebody stalls.
       Lee Abraham          | In Caribe, we had a screen above the scene of 
                            | only about 6 chat lines which scrolled fast.
                            | Well, so you have a timer .... count to 25 or 
                            | something like that. Player must ask the 
                            | question within that time or lose a turn.
       MarvL                | I'm thinking more along the lines of sitting 
                            | around a table in the Coffeehouse.
       Lee Abraham          | If the player loses the turn, it moves on to 
                            | the next player.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Yes, fast scrolling could make it tougher to 
                            | keep track...
       Lee Abraham          | I understand, Marv. But I think you'll find 
                            | that even that way, you'd want to be able to 
                            | keep up with things.
                            | I was realizing as we were playing this that 
                            | the player has to write down in real life 
                            | what all is being asked/answered.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | brb...afk
       Lee Abraham          | With too many people all talking at once (or 
                            | close to it), that would be really hard to do
                            | if the text scrolls and we can't scroll back.
       MarvL                | Well, slowing it down should be easy, getting 
                            | it to move FAST enough to be worth the 
                            | money was my concern
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | So that they can keep track, Lee?
       Lee Abraham          | ::nodding at Mary::
                            | That was the problem in Caribe that we game 
                            | hosts had to get around ...
                            | the inability to scroll back.
                            | So we had to design our games around that.
                            | *especially* word games.
                            | Marv, there could be a set amount of time per 
                            | game.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Maybe a small macro would help in displaying 
                            | what the game was and how to play it. 
                            | For newcomers would help
       Lee Abraham          | Say a half-hour per word/phrase/whatever.
       MarvL                | I just uploaded a library file BOTTICEL.TXT, 
                            | I agree.
       Lee Abraham          | If this is an informal game where there are 
                            | no prizes, there would be no need to change it.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Yea, I think an overall time limit would be 
                            | good
       Lee Abraham          | But, if you're hosting the game for prizes, 
                            | then there would have to be a time limit.  
                            | No one guesses, no prizes.
       MarvL                | The length of the games varies wildly, 
                            | depending on the category.
       Sabertooth           | Lee, I do see a scroll bar on one of the 
                            | GIF's so I bet we can scroll back some text.
       Lee Abraham          | Saber, I saw that too and was hoping it meant 
                            | what I thought it meant!
       MarvL                | The BOOBY prize, is that you get to be *IT*.
       Lee Abraham          | LOL!
                            | Need to remember though. I' m looking at this 
                            | game as a staff person would.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | back
       Lee Abraham          | The staff person is the one who holds the 
                            | prize pouch ;)
       MarvL                | Movement, by the way, first came up as a 
                            | HINT, fer chr*st's sake, in Cicely.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | What do you mean by movement, MarvL? 
       MarvL                | Execute, move   was one of Jake's Cicely's.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | OIC!! :-)
       MarvL                | He was suprised when I say it wasn't narrow 
                            | enough.
                            | If you are going to score Boticelli, use the 
                            | number of WRONG guesses as the criteria.
       Lee Abraham          | Well, I don't see any need to keep score. The 
                            | first person to get the right word would be the 
                            | winner. That's how I did 20 Questions in Caribe.
       MarvL                | Agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       Lee Abraham          | Also did a form of "I Spy" in there too. Same 
                            | thing.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Hmm, then maybe you wouldn't get as many 
                            | guesses if there were 
                            | negative points for guessing, too
                            | OH, I Spy would be really fun in the 
                            | Dreamscape I bet!
       MarvL                | The questions might be more skillful
       Lee Abraham          | Yeah, it was! I'd take my group to a really 
                            | colorful place in Caribe and play that one.
       MarvL                | How did you play I Spy? Can we try it here?
       Lee Abraham          | I'd pick something in the room itself. And 
                            | say, I spy something blue.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Hmm, you'd be pretty limited in here by just 
                            | the icons, but yeah we could play it
       Lee Abraham          | Then the players would try to determine what 
                            | blue item I was spying.
                            | And I'd tell them whether they were hot, 
                            | cold, freezing, boiling .... whatever :D
       MarvL                | Fine, I spy something Red, Yellow, Green 
                            | (WINCIM)
       Lee Abraham          | Remember, I was dealing with a LOT of kids!
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Is it the Library book icon, MarvL?
       MarvL                | Nope, even more obvious than that.
       Lee Abraham          | Is it the Quotes icon?
       Sabertooth           | It could be the stop light icon too.
       MarvL                | Right!  Stop light for GO:
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | I think you got it, Saber!
       Lee Abraham          | Ah yes!
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | It must be the worlds away gif.  <G>
       MarvL                | I spy should work real well, especially for 
                            | the Tour Guides with the Newbies.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | See, so it can be done in any type of visual 
                            | environment--
       Lee Abraham          | Yep, it's a fun game and helps people learn 
                            | the environment.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Yes, to get the newbies used to their new 
                            | environment faster
       Lee Abraham          | Trying to think of some of the other word 
                            | games we played ... 
                            | Nancy used to do quite a few of them too.
       Sabertooth           | Only problem doing it here is you can 
                            | customize stuff like the toolbar.
       Lee Abraham          | Right, but in the environment itself, the 
                            | colors will be stationary.
       MarvL                | You could also play Simon Sez quite 
                            | effectively, especially for Newbies.
       Lee Abraham          | Ah yes! We used to play that in Caribe too!
                            | We'd use the movement commands.
                            | CCG Fox used to do that one. Was fun!
       Sabertooth           | Simon sez works great in world with the 
                            | gestures.
       Lee Abraham          | Whoever followed the series exactly would be 
                            | declared the winner.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | LOL, yes, you're right about the gestures, 
                            | Saber!
       MarvL                | Simon says, make an obsene gesture. <g>  
                            | Gotta teach em the basics.
       Lee Abraham          | The trick with the games in the environment 
                            | is to first look at what the environment
                            | allows and then being creative with it.
                            | LOL Marv!
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Ack! They'll learn those fast enough, Marv!! 
       Sabertooth           | LOL, MarvL! I think they'll pick that up fast 
                            | enough on their own. GMTA, Mary!
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Yeah Saber!
       Lee Abraham          | ::chuckle:: I'm looking forward to seeing 
                            | what other gestures we'll be able to have,
                            | in WA, that we didn't have in Caribe.
       MarvL                | We could of course teach them wrong. The 
                            | equivalent of *Hi! Wanna Fight??*
       Sabertooth           | :::nodding to Lee:::
       Lee Abraham          | I even figured out a way to play Bingo in 
                            | Caribe, using the notepaper.
                            | Another staffer figured out how to do a 
                            | "Rolling for Tokens" with notepaper and the 
                            | dice. That was similar to Wheel of Fortune.
       MarvL                | The Vanna White thing should work ok too, but 
                            | it might be Copyrighted.
       Mary Madaras /Sysop  | Great ideas, folks! I'll be back in a few 
                            | minutes--sorry!!
       Lee Abraham          | That's why we called it "Rolling for Tokens"
       Sabertooth           | See ya Mary!
       Lee Abraham          | See ya Mary!
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | see ya in a few Mary!
       Lee Abraham          | And actually, as long as it's not named 
                            | Wheel of Fortune, there are many ways to 
                            | use the same concept.  QLink had a whole
                            | Puzzler game exactly like WOF.
       MarvL                | Trivial Pursuit, Name my Line, all of those 
                            | should work.
       Lee Abraham          | ::nod::
                            | I remember someone doing a "Name my Line" 
                            | kind of thing in Caribe.
                            | But we won't be limited to just word games.
       MarvL                | Over in GO:MPGAMES, the You Guessed It! group 
                            | has two games. Fictionary, where you 
                            | make up a word, everybody makes up a 
                            | definition.
       Lee Abraham          | That sounds like a game which could be 
                            | adapted in WA!
       Sabertooth           | That's very true, Lee. The other sort are 
                            | more my cup of tea.
       Lee Abraham          | Like Khai's theme hunts, Saber? <G>
       Sabertooth           | Yep. And the spec races and MAD and the WAVE 
                            | and Simon Sez...etc.
       Lee Abraham          | Spec races MUST be included in WA! Absolute 
                            | must!
       Sabertooth           | Absolutely Lee!
       MarvL                | I'm looking forward to LipSync contests.
       Lee Abraham          | LipSync contests?
       MarvL                | Sure. A *.WAV clip, and who develops the best 
                            | routine. It shouldn't be hard to download a
                            | *.wav  clip and execute it on command.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | Hmm...I was just thinking a guess that tune 
                            | contest would be cool if we get uploadable
                            | midi capability.
       Lee Abraham          | Ah, that would be great for the future 
                            | planning since it would need development
                            | team support.
       MarvL                | You could probably even practice offline.
       Sabertooth           | I think that would be great for a four tops 
                            | kinda thing. Kinda like a wave to music.
       MarvL                | Barbershop quartets.
       Lee Abraham          | Sounds neat!
       Sabertooth           | I wonder just how much consideration they've 
                            | actually give general midi spec for inworld.
       Sabertooth           | It would take up alot less space than a *.wav.
       Malcolm (MoPH)       | S:  Well, it's been hinted enough times.  If 
                            | they are reading these things 
                            | (and I'll bet they are), they should 
                            | know it's something we want.
       MarvL                | I noticed in Cribe that they had a backgammon 
                            | board out, How did that work.  Why play 
                            | backgammon online???
       Lee Abraham          | Because people liked playing backgammon in a 
                            | 2-person region where they could be alone.
                            | All those arcade rooms were only 2-person 
                            | regions.
       Sabertooth           | Backgammon and chess wasn't it?
       Lee Abraham          | And checkers.
       Sabertooth           | ah, checkers.
       MarvL                | Backgammon????? Is _that_ what they said??
       Lee Abraham          | Actually, the Arcade really didn't get much 
                            | use for the games themselves. Most folks 
                            | used those rooms as private chatting places 
                            | since only 2 people could be inbody at once.
       Sabertooth           | :::Nods agreement with Lee:::
       Lee Abraham          | They also used those rooms to trade items ... 
                            | no third party could come in and swipe stuff.
       MarvL                | Did people have private houses?
       Lee Abraham          | No, not for the first 2 years.
                            | Then private condos went in -- very expensive,
                            | only the elite could afford them.
       MarvL                | That is a good idea, couple of months of 
                            | serious play to be able to afford one.
       Lee Abraham          | But it was one way of responding to those 
                            | who'd accumulated a lot of tokens
                            | and needed some place to spend them.
       Sabertooth           | <----wasn't wealthy except in value of 
                            | friends.
       Lee Abraham          | I think the condos went for something like 
                            | 50K tokens.
                            | Not many people could afford them.
       MarvL                | At ONE token per day???
       Lee Abraham          | ::nod::
                            | But that was also long after the stock market. 
                            | ... the stock market was what really
                            | blew the economy.
       MarvL                | Sounds like real life.
       Sabertooth           | There was always chaining. :-)
       Lee Abraham          | And chaining too, yes. :D
                            | But then emember, those condos went in a good 
                            | 2-1/2 years after CC was released.
                            | That was  a LONG time for those who worked at 
                            | accumulating tokens.
       MarvL                | You ever notice how things slow down to 1200 
                            | baud when we talk about CC??
       Lee Abraham          | Yep, sure do.
       Sabertooth           | Yep, you could win prizes and get tokens 
                            | other ways too.
       Lee Abraham          | And that's sad, because there's a lot of good 
                            | stuff that we can bring from Caribe to here.
       Sabertooth           | Feels cozy that way.
       Lee Abraham          | ::grinning at Saber::
       MarvL                | Are there any other topics we should cover 
                            | before we put the wrap on the conference??
       Lee Abraham          | Not that I can think of.
       Sabertooth           | Up to you MarvL, we'll probably chat anyway.
       MarvL                | OK. I'll go ahead and cap it.
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