Habitat VersionHistory

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This is a complete version history for the Habitat client, based on internal documentation. It is unknown just how many versions were released outside of the internal Lucasfilm/Quantum Link test group. For reference, Club Caribe used the final Habitat client release and nothing changed clientside besides the intro text being modified and a new title screen being added. Club Caribe did however have some server side changes that were made.

Release dates are exact if a day is given, but if only a month and year is listed, it's a rough guide.

After the release of 6.4, things were stable enough that the development team decided to make the next version a beta version rather than an alpha version and the beta version numbering started from 1.0.

Client Version History

Habitat Version History
Version Number Release Date
4.7 April 1987
4.8 April 1987
4.9 April 1987
5.0 April 1987
5.2 May 1987
5.2a May 1987
5.3 June 1987
5.4 10th June 1987
5.5 June 1987
5.7 July 1987
5.8 July 1987
6.0 3rd August 1987
6.2 August 1987
6.3 Unknown
6.4 October 1987
Beta 1.0 December 1987


According to internal e-mail, version 5.7 was the alpha version of Habitat that was released to people outside of Lucasfilm and Quantum Link[1]. It was released to 50 avatars, most of whom had never been in Habitat before[2].