Habitat Summary Report Apr 21 1987

From Reno Project
From chip Tue Apr 21 17:35:15 1987
Received: by moth; 21 APR 87 17:35:15 PST
From: chip (Chip Morningstar -- "Software Without Moving Parts")
To: aric, chip, farmer, nancy, sda
Subject: Today’s summary
Status: R

Task summary for Tuesday, April 21

Format: Number in left-hand column is priority. Next column to the right is
status: ’T’ = testing, ’W’ = working on it, ’ ’ = pending, ’I’ = just an idea
right now. Next comes the initials of the people responsible for the item,
then the item itself.

Currently active official task list items:
2 j c make book help give title (#77)
2 j create program to generate book of records (#21a)
3 W c implement Ghu (#54)

General items on internal list:
1 T c flipped doors put you in wrong spot on region entry (off by 8 to right)
1 W a Hook up Beach, Back-40, and Really Quite Confusing Desert
2 T a change ’patterns’ on the two wands in the magic shop. add ring/moonwalk
2 T a teleport for tavern at end of road (or magic teleporting bush)
2 c Mailbox and Dropbox help are not appropriate
2 j checkpoint avatar/contents on turn to ghost (head & hand)
2 j max occupants for region
2 T r multi-object FIDDLE
2 ? Publish first Rant, and populate newstands
2 T c Supply Pawn Machine Values
2 T c Vendo help not yet working
2 T c generalize ground HELP to flat, trap, super trap
2 T r Generate online map of populopolis and put at Ymporium
2 T r Lefty’s needs key numbers, and for containers to be in correct states
2 T r Merge tokens even if you have a full pocket (requires C64 work)
2 T r fix library (remove reading rooms)
2 T r make paper pink
2 W a weapons free zone in the city limits
3 c describe graphics chars in manual
3 r Check prices in all vendos
3 r add more fortunes to fortune machine
3 r c ghost/avatar only door restrictions
3 r make clone recurse
3 r spray cans run out (host destroys) after n uses
3 T c add chores for vendo SELECT, magic
3 T c check customizer text
3 T r spray cans work on heads
4 ? camera object
4 a customizer: 4-5 selections of heads -- host chooses vector to send
4 j change host flag for ghost (Y hi-bit) so avatars’ XY pos are maintained
4 r Give objects the power to PROMPT the user (’What is the secret word?’)
4 r a magic GO
4 r c g book binder machine
4 r c g xerox machine
4 r make host send avatars word balloon color in customizer byte
4 T c put game pieces into background on put or throw
? ? Batch process: Close all unlocked doors
? ? Batch process: Remove curses, immunities
? I ? Turn to fly on teleport
? I ? teleport to Auditorium, and you arrive as a ghost. good for meetings? I ? traps that spring monsters
? I ? wands that identify everyone in the room

Playtest 4.7 problems 4/15:
1 T r Touch typing not keeping up
1 T r garbage chars in typed text
1 T j *you have mail* going to everyone in region
1 T r Janet got hung (Awaiting tape & log)
1 T r j c Cathy could not get in the first time (investigate)
1 T r word balloon in wrong place.
2 T a Club has width (collisions), floats in hand
2 T a Cratinabox is messed up
2 T a Yellow room bookcases not restricted.
2 T a You can Exit a region thru a closed door (wall was sky)
2 T a sign in front of arcade is a sky!
2 T c Countertop help should be more explicit
2 T r Club does not work as a weapon
2 T r del should erase AND backspace in text mode.
3 T r Ugly key in lefty’s
3 T a Change counters into tables
? j r Check mailer with full sheet (Awaiting Tape)

playtest 4.7 problems 4/16:
1 T r Janet never got past Habitat logo
2 T c Ghosts can’t pass through arcade doors
2 T r a Game pieces in arcade DO on ground leaves afterimage
3 r Get pointed info BEFORE throttle wait
4 ? You can enter a region thru a closed door
4 c j Doors should know which region you came from
4 T r Game pieces make noise when set down
? ? Quantum would like changes in keyboard routine
? ? Screen Flash (what is this ?)

playtest 4.7 problems 4/19:
2 c r couldn’t put down wand after auto-teleport
3 T a c check widths on plants and trees
3 T a dnalsi island teleport booth address field is wrong

playtest 4.7/4.8 problems 4/20:
1 T c Fix form
2 r what if an avatar dies while waiting for a reply?
2 r Capture The Flag Entry: Frame-Rate sucks & needs T intersect
3 r paper state did not change when erased (was originally blank)
3 a in turfs, user can walk over chest legs
3 r Teleport Put chore CBB
3 r Book interface: put cursor at bottom. Better cursor graphic
3 a Add ’exit->’ signs to arcade door-rooms
4 r Make clicking cursor also face front & back.
4 r Map shift-0 into ’)’ for touch typists