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Developer(s): Lucasfilm Games, Quantum Link
Publisher(s): Quantum Link
Director(s): Chip Morningstar
Producer(s): Steve Arnold
Designer(s): Chip Morningstar
Randy Farmer
Programmer(s): Chip Morningstar
Randy Farmer
Aric Wilmunder
Janet Hunter
Artist(s): Gary Winnick
Ken Macklin
Lela Dowling
Platform(s): Commodore 64
Released: (Beta): Q2 1986[1]
Closed: Summer 1988

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A publicity photo of the original Habitat programming team, taken next to a storage shed at Skywalker Ranch in 1987. Left to right: Aric Wilmunder, Chip Morningstar, Janet Hunter, Randy Farmer

Credits from the Habitat manual

Habitat was created by the Lucasfilm Games Division and Quantum Computer

For Lucasfilm Games:

Chip Morningstar was project leader, programmer and principal designer.  Randy
Farmer and Aric Wilmunder wrote the Commodore 64 software.  Gary Winnick
created most of the artwork and animation, with additional artwork by Ken
Macklin.  Chris Grigg created the sounds.  Additional technical contributions
by Charlie Kellner (the original cel animation system) and Ron Gilbert (the
original Commodore object memory manager).  Additional creative support was
provided by Noah Falstein, David Fox, Douglas Crockford, David Levine, Mary
Paterno, Chris Werner and David Martin.  The ``Official Avatar Handbook'' was
written by Jamie Williams and Chip Morningstar.  Production Manager was Nancy
Mohler.  General Manager of the Lucasfilm Games Division was Steve Arnold.
Thanks to Janice Morningstar, Pamela Farmer and Lori Wilmunder for
extraordinary support and understanding.  Special thanks to George Lucas.

For Quantum:

Janet Hunter was the primary Q-Link host system programmer.  Additional
technical support provided by Doug Coward, Mike Ficco and Ken Huntsman.
Project schedule coordination at Quantum was handled by Cathy Anderson.  Marc
Seriff was technical manager at Quantum.  The support and interest of Steve
Case from Quantum and Clive Smith from Commodore Business Machines were
essential in making Habitat possible.