Club Caribe

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Club Caribe
Developer(s): Lucasfilm Games, Quantum Link
Publisher(s): Quantum Link
Director(s): test
Producer(s): Scott Gries
Designer(s): test
Platform(s): test
Closed: October 1994


Club Caribe was the release version of Habitat, which Lucasfilm Games created for Quantum Link. Scott Gries was the original producer for Club Caribe. Gries also went by the name Celebrindl. Scott joined Quantum Link in October 1986, and became a Habitat beta tester shortly after. By December 1987, Scott had started working at Quantum Link and a year or two later, became a games producer. Scott's first task was the conversion of the former Habitat world into what would become Club Caribe. Scott built the bulk of Club Caribe which was designed and created by him using the GHU tool, the conversion of some former Habitat regions and some substantial help from the former Habitat team like Randy Farmer and Janet Hunter.